Saturday, March 11, 2006

So many good emotions

Governor shifts stance on aiding [illegal] immigrants
At a time when immigration is a sizzling political issue, Gov. Ted Kulongoski has ordered state agencies not to participate in the Mexican Consulate's information events.

Kulongoski says he made the decision because the events are not open to all. But the reversal of his previous support for the consulate's gatherings is causing critics to accuse the governor of a politically motivated flip-flop.

Not everyone agrees with the decision.

Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner says the Bureau of Labor and Industries will send a representative to today's Carousel in Medford. The bureau falls under Gardner's authority as an elected state official and not under the governor's office.
Gardner said it is not his agency's job to assess someone's immigration status.

DAN V GARDNERBOLI, Portland (971) 673-0763

Dan Garner joins the Hillsboro Police Chief, Judge Price, Kulongoski and many others now shamefully attached to my version of the Mexican flag.

But other than his boneheaded move we have another pretty solid victory under our belt. But there is more work to be done. While they are retreating we need to be chasing after them! Don't let this lull you into thinking that we can let up the pressure, remember, the status quo is that criminal aliens can still come here, still get drivers licenses, still get social services, still get jobs and much much more!

Some background links:
Kulongoski letter in support of the Carousels (from January 31, 2006)

Previous Protest that got results

Me celebrating the last event that was cancelled

I would repeat my call from that last link that you email Mexican consul Fernando Sanchez Ugarte (put his name in the subject line) and simply put this in the email body (he'll know what it means): "No Carousel? Daniel told you so."


Robert said...
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Robert said...

Good for Dan Gardner. I support him 100% in his efforts toward assisting our immigrants in getting the proper information they need.

Robert said...

I just sent Mexican consul Fernando Sanchez Ugarte an email telling him to keep up the good work on the carousels that they have been doing around Oregon.

Telling him "no carousels, daniel told you so" makes no sense because they have been having them every week. Even the one in Salem that you said wasn't going to happen happened.

Tim said...

Purely a political move by Teddy. If he gets reelected state support for the carousels will be reinstated the same day.

Dan Garder looks, as my grandfather used to say, a few cans shy of a six pack.

Eric W said...

Just a thought...
If I went to a carousel meeting and told them I had a new name, like Manuel W, would they give me a card too? That way I could start a new identity as Manuel. It could be the start I need to get different credit, drivers license, avoid the law enforcement agencies, etc. Would that work? I bet it would....

Rick Hickey said...

Daniel & fellow Bloggers, thank you, we did it!
This is a message of Hope for all who want our laws enforced, YOU have made a difference and will have another chance to do so again.
America is a Nation of Laws & Immigrants, We respect both or we would have Chaos, the same thing they are fleeing.
If our Attorney General cares more about persons that are here in violation of the law, than Legal Immigrants & Oregonians, then we need the Fed's to investigate his office.
Robert, Aiding & Abetting a Illegal Alien is a Federal crime, why do you think that is OK?

Sue K. said...


MAX Redline said...

Too bad there are so many fools like "Robert" around. But we keep moving. Gaining back ground, one rock at a time.

Anonymous said...


As Dan Gardner was once(once was enough) my state rep, may I tell you he is fully in your corner, not only will he allow these crooks in your neigborhood, but he will support the placement of (4) killers and an arsonist in your neigborhood too.

These people are legal residents, they just happen to come directly from the state hospitals "criminally insane" ward after being sent there by a court after being judged "guily, but a wee bit nuts", for the crimes of murder, arson or rape.


Please take your sick, insane, dangerous views on this issue to mars on the next mission going there!

Bob H. said...

The first step we need to take is to stop the banking industry from profitting on these illegal activities. If only immigrants here legally were allowed to send money back to Mexico we could make an immediate impact on this invasion. The problem is were dealing with the pimps and whores of the banking industry. We need to go after every aspect of this problem.

Scottiebill said...

With Teddy the K and his "concession", I guess it is better late than never. But, we had better watch him, and CLOSELY. He flips and flops like a trout out of water. If he gets reelected, and that's a HUGE "IF", then watch him say "I don't know what you're talking about!" or some such thing. But, Ron Saxton, when he takes the oath of office of Governor, will start making things right again.

Robert, Gardner, and all the other criminal-adoring idiots need to reassess their thinking. Criminal actions are ILLEGAL, Robert. What part of "illegal" do you have trouble understanding???

Scottiebill said...

I forgot to mention SecState Guillermo Bradbury. He is also a huge fan of the illegal alien criminals here. One would think that, for a person in such a high position of authority in Oregon, he would have some sense of comprehension of "illegal", criminal", and "aiding and abetting". But, in his case, as well as Teddy the K and Robert, such words are beyond their comprehension and certainly not in their vocabulary.

Thomas said...


Folks, don't feed the trolls and eventually they'll go away. Oops! That makes it sound as if I am stifeling dissent,[which, as I was told by a bumper-sticker, is patriotic] and acting as a shill for the VRWC.
I admit it - I don't think on my own; each morning I recieve my instructions from my Rovian Master, but I've noticed my checks have been arriving late. Anyone else having that problem?

Speaking of bumper-stickers: why do the LLL's have the sticker that reads: If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention and show no outrage over what is taking place in their own country, right under their noses?

Just askin'.

The Gentle Cricket said...

"I support him 100% in his efforts toward assisting our immigrants in getting the proper information they need."

Perhaps you didn't read the post from a few weeks ago in which a legal immigrant (aka a citizen) was denied help.

Noone here is against legal immigration, Robert. Immigration made our country great. Illegal immigration is bankrupting our economy, raping our children, and pumping huge amounts of illegal drugs into our country and our state and our elected leaders bend over backwards to make them feel at home (home being Mexico, where the Matricula cards are issued). If this problem is not resolved, good luck getting a passport or boarding a plane with your Oregon ID in 2008. By then the only purpose an Oregon ID will serve is to cut cocaine or grind up your ice.

God Bless you Daniel and all of your supporters. Keep up the great work and clearer heads will prevail.

MAX Redline said...


Great post! You sometimes flirt with greatness.

dchamil said...

If Teddy the K flops when the people flop, he's doing his job. More power to him!

Anonymous said...

Crick is dumb. Sorry but she is.

Gunslinger said...

At work today I had to see a drivers license of a customer, he had a little flip open thing, one side. ODL, opposite that was a matricular card. It was a nice example.

Scottiebill said...

Cricket: The only information the illegal aliens need is turned to the south and told to start moving in that direction until they cross into the next country south of us. For Robert, that means Mexico, not California.

The Gentle Cricket said...

Thanks scottiebill...I live in California. I'm glad to have them stop through, as long as they keep moving south.

rickyragg said...

Dan Gardner and Mel Brooks

Separated at birth???

Tony said...

Dan Gardner says he is not responsible for checking people's immigration status?

He is the ONLY state agency charged with this responsibility and legally authorized to do so:

ORS 181.850: Enforcement of federal immigration laws. (1) No law enforcement agency of the State of Oregon or of any political subdivision of the state shall use agency moneys, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting or apprehending persons whose only violation of law is that they are persons of foreign citizenship present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.

(4) For purposes of subsection (1) of this section, the Bureau of Labor and Industries is not a law enforcement agency.

By the way, note that it does not say any state agency can't help enforce immigration laws...only LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies. But BOLI is specifically exempted in case there was any confusion.

Get off yer ass, Gardner, and start checking the other gardners.

Anonymous said...

Have a heart people. Maybe if you did, you would look at things a different way.

Tony said...

Bullshit. Don't tell us we lack compassion. Wanting people to come legally and not die in the desert, not get raped by so-called coyotes, not die in speeding cars with their lights off to avoid capture, wanting people to come legally and fully access the benfits of society instead of living in 3rd world squalor in a 1st world country, that is compassion.

Wanting to continue the status quo is heartless.

It is also brainless. To continue this madness all in the name of "they want nice things too" is really stupid. Really really stupid. To the point of anyone holding the view that things are cool now is mentally deranged.

I also dont want the bad stuff - the social service costs of jails, law enforcement, education, health care, meth, etc. I don't want a gazillion sex starved macheezmo hombres with their eyes set on 14 year old blonde girls coming over the border.

I dont want muchas drogas like meth and pot and tar heroin being brought into my country. I dont want the rest of the state to look like Woodburn with its trash, crime, and kitschy 3rd world appeal.

Don't call us uncompassionate. You just dont have the nuts to do the right thing. I hope you dont have kids or for sure they will be the type that run around the wal mart screaming with cotton candy stuck to their faces, and later become delinquents because nobody ever spanked them and said NO!