Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A day in the life of a liberal

[This will be a new series where my liberal alter ego, Danny, will describe his daily life and thoughts as a liberal]

So as I was driving to work this morning I saw a man by the off-ramp begging for food. I just can't believe that we live in a society where people are starving. If those greedy Republicans weren't obsessed with tax cuts then maybe this man would have some food.

I then proceeded to Starbucks to buy my daily $4 Mocha-Frapachino-Latte and drank it while being upset with society for not having a conscious.

Monday, October 30, 2006

All about Jim

Area activist works to curb illegal immigration
Jim Ludwick just might be the busiest man in the Willamette Valley.

Most days, Ludwick, the president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, is up at 6 a.m. checking on his horses, placing calls to politicians in the nation's Capitol, sending e-mail alerts and connecting via the Internet with other organized and budding groups opposed to illegal immigration.

The Statesmen Journal does a profile of Jim Ludwick and talks about OFIR.

Pictures the capitol

A real force to be reckoned with, a man with a passion for the issue of illegal immigration and someone that I consider a friend: Rick Hickey (VP of OFIR)

The media can't ignore us anymore:

And uh, this is for those of you who came here illegaly from Mexico and need a little help understanding the geography...

(I'm just picture happy lately, I can't help it)

Many more pictures can be found at (frequent commentor) bjdorr's site

Happy Halloween!

Ok, this is kind of cheating because I didn't do the pumpkin this year but here is my Lars O' Lantern in progress from a previous Halloween:

Here is the pattern if you want to do one yourself: (guranteed to scare a liberal off of your porch!)

Click to enlarge, print, tape onto pumpkin, poke holes (no, not through the eyes you libs), and cut

Go to the capitol or listen to Lars!

Rally at the capitol today starting at 11:00am. Huge list of speakers including Derrik Kitts, Jeff Kropf, Mike Erickson, Kim Thatcher, Jared Thatcher, Linda Flores, Ruth Bendl and many more!

Also Lars will be broadcasting live from the location and will have such notable guests such as Glenn Spencer, Sheriff John Trumbo, Col. Al Rodriguez and many more!

Listen at 750 KXL (or one of the other statewide affiliates) or check it out online.

My message for today: ILLEGAL ALIENS GO HOME!

Friday, October 27, 2006

OFIR billboard is up

Thank you OFIR and all it's supporters! Sign is at Market and Lancaster in Salem and will get moved periodically.

Good way to start the week



Minuteman of Oregon

Lars Larson "LIVE" from 11 am - 3 pm on Statewide Radio

The rally will be on the steps of the State Capitol building, Monday, October 30, starting at 11:00 AM.

Lot's of notable speakers will be at the rally and folks such as Glen Spencer will be calling in to the Lars Larson show!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

ATTN: conservative readers

RE: the below post

Why would I encourage liberals to vote for Keating? (albeit in an obviously tongue-in-cheek manner) The same reason that Kulongoski wants you to vote for Mary Starrett.

I like Miss Starrett as a person. I agree with many of her positions. But a vote is wasted on her and every time an angry conservative insists that he will vote for Mary, somewhere there is a liberal giggling like a schoolgirl. (yes, even the liberal "men" giggle like schoolgirls)

So please, come to terms with our candidate, Ron Saxton.

Maybe you just got your property tax statement today. (I did) Maybe you are looking at your phone bill, your electric bill, etc. Notice the taxes. Do you want another tax on your car insurance bill? Do you want new mandated spending on unions, errr, schools, with no idea how to pay for it? (oh wait, the idea is to take more of your money, they just haven't said that yet)

Do you want illegal aliens to feel welcome here? Huh? DO YOU?

Then vote for Saxton.

ATTN: liberal readers

“Well here we are with a few weeks left until election day and I’m about to travel throughout the Valley to set the record straight. Ted Kulongoski is a weak and vacillating politician who has attempted to woo the progressive community with empty words about the war in Iraq, the environment, good government, and his ‘vision’ for Oregon’s energy independence. These are empty political words indeed. I have watched as he has made a mockery of these vital issues. I doubt if any voter believes Kulongoski, if reelected, will follow through on his empty political promises. I certainly don’t. It is important for a leader to be truthful and committed to what he says. Oregonians deserve better. Ted it is reality therapy time.” ----- Joe Keating Green Party candidate for governor

Vote your concious liberals. Don't let Kulongoski fool you. He's a tool of the military-industrial complex. He's not a liberal! Only Keating will create the socialist utopia that you so desire. You must vote for Joe Keating!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Because in Portland, you need your guns

Multnomah County Judicial Race Information

A Message From OFFPAC

James E. Leuenberger is running for Judge of the Circuit Court, 4th District, Position 28 in Multnomah County.

While OFFPAC rarely makes suggestions or endorsements in judicial races, we are happy to do so in this case.Jim is a dedicated and passionate defender of Second Amendment rights and we believe he would make an excellent Judge.

Primary Info

If you live in Multnomah County, we urge you to cast your ballot for Jim Leuenberger.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No on 44

I have been asked what my argument against measure 44 is. It is simply that I do not like government "negotiating" in private sector dealings. It's like Vinny "negotiating" with a baseball bat.

While in this case the "negotiating" may not be coercive in nature (even though they can condemn your property, seize your assests, audit you, fine you, or just target your industry *cough* pay day lenders *cough*) doesn't mean that this still isn't government interference.

Here is the "about us" page on the OPDP. They "negotiate" lower costs for state agencies much like companies do for their employees by purchasing in bulk as one entity. This is free market. But once you let everyone have these "negotiated" lower costs when they should be individual purchasers then you have stepped outside the market. Let supply and demand determine price not artificial demand made by government. Or maybe we should let government "negotiate" prices on LCD tv's at a bulk rate...

Actually my best argument against measure 44 (and all government drug plans) is this: WAL-MART! Can you really beat a $4 prescription?

No on 46 & 47

Two measures could reshape how campaigns are financed
Oregon is one of five states with no limits on campaign contributions or spending, but voter approval of two measures on the Nov. 7 ballot would give Oregon some of the strictest limits in the nation.

I'm voting NO on both of these speech limiting measures. I am a big fan of "grassroots" politics (small protests make big changes as you day laborers now know) but I also realize that at the grassroots level we can't get most politicians to even give us a sideways look.

Special interest groups, groups that are really a collective of people who agree on the same issue, have more clout because money is pooled. I can give $20 to a candidate who won't ever see my name or I can give $20, along with thousands of other Oregonians, to OFIR who will then give it to a candidate who will remember that their supporters oppose illegal immigration.

The passage of 46 and 47 could limit things like voter guides (because in the eyes of many politicians an informed voter is a scary voter) and would limit advertising. Just think of McCain/Feigngold. Did that really do anything helpful?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Vote NO on all bonds

After my post below (read it while you fill out your ballot...) I opened up my phone bill. I notice this every time but really take a look:

Federal Excise tax

OR Universal Serivce Surcharge

E911 Emergency tax

Service Assistance Program

City tax

Federal Universal Service Fee

That's six taxes on just my phone bill. Don't give them another cent!

Vote like me

My endorsements and votes for the upcoming election are as follows:

Measure 39 - YES

Measure 40 - YES

Measure 41- YES

Measure 42 - NO

Measure 43 - YES

Measure 44 - NO

Measure 45 - NO

Measure 46 - NO

Measure 47 - NO

Measure 48 - YES

Governor - Ron Saxton

Supreme Court - Jack Roberts

Metro - Tom Cox

Judge District 1 - Ron Grensky

Judge District 2 - Debra Vogt

Judge District 16 - William Marshal

Judge District 18 - Don Haller

Judge District 20 - Charlie Bailey

I like my current Rep Jerry Krummel and soon to be Senator Larry George.

There aren't any R's in the house or senate that I really want to throw under the bus at this point (taking suggestions if you have any) so I'd say vote Republican in your district. Any statewide races that I left blank are done because I just don't have any good info one way or the other on the candidates, leave a message if you have something for us. (please provide a source link or some evidence) Some notables that I really like:

Kim Thatcher and Jared Thatcher come to mind. I'll also stress that Tom Cox for Metro is a very important vote as is Jack Roberts for the Supreme Court.

If you have any questions about why I am voting this way or how I arrived at my decisions feel free to leave a comment. If you have questions about a local race then leave the names and I'll see what I can find out. (stuff like county commissioners I can answer easily, mayor of timbuktoo I may not know the characters)

Your best friend when you aren't sure: see who the special interest groups support! If NARAL, the gun grabbers and the teachers union support a candidate then your can safely say that they are trouble.

Almost forgot! I'm voting NO on every bond measure I have. NO NO NO NO. I suport the police, I support the fire department but you know what, if the local governments would stop funding diversity councils, needle exchange programs and cultural centers then that money could go to public safety instead where it belongs. By giving them more of our earned money we give them an excuse to keep wasting the money that they take. Starve the beast.

Pictures from the email

tol‧er‧ance - a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own.

So where does vandalism and graffiti fit into the "tolerance" platform that the left always preaches? Where does attacking the Minutemen founder while he is trying to give a speech fit into tolerance? Where does shouting me down at carousels of information/day labor sites while I am trying to have a conversation with someone fit into tolerance?

Or is it the position of the liberals that tolerance is a one-way street?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Greedy capitalist and some worthy causes

You may notice the addition of some new buttons on my sidebar. Simply click on them and put in your credit card info and happiness will follow. No, seriously, I've decided to add a tip jar to my blog for various reasons. Feel free to donate in any amount or not. (But before you decide "not" think of me driving early in the morning to a day labor protest, using my own gas, missing my family... I was born in an orphanage and government is the answer to everything... oh wait, that's a Kulongoski ad, never mind.)

Second, I put the donation button up for Oregonians for Immigration Reform. I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to stand up with a unified voice (and unified dollar) to help elect politicians, get the message out (watch for a new billboard) and educate voters then please throw a few dollars their way.

I am also going to put up a button for the Oregon Minutemen. My friend Michael has been paying the expenses out of his own pocket and doing some great work. Let's help him out. (as soon as he sends me the HTML for the button)

So pay up...

Pictures from the email

When democrats say "make every vote count" they even mean the illegal votes!

Or maybe if you are registered democrat they want you to move to Mexico to vote...

Just think of this poster when after the election we hear liberals whining about people being "disenfranchised" because they aren't talking about our military men, they are talking about illegal aliens and homeless people who have heroin needles in their arms.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pictures from the email

Why we need interior enforcement...

This is also why I cringe every time I hear a Republican acting like he is going to be tough on illegal immigration but who only wants to talk about "border enforcement" for fear of upsetting those unethical employers who happily employ the illegal aliens who make it past the guards.

No security measure is perfect (or else we would have stopped prison breaks and bank robberies a long time ago) so it's important that we have a strong disincentive for criminal aliens to not even test our border security.

Thank you Allen for the pic!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Well when you say it like that!

And here I was thinking that illegal immigration was bad for our citizens, legal aliens, the American worker, the economy, our schools, our hospitals and our children. But after hearing this guy rant at us I've come to see the error of my ways...

Illegal Ranting (2.4mb)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Democrats are monkeys?

In all fairness they may not be democrats... they could be ordinary citizens talking about that "useless experiment" known as the tram!

Portland day labor protest: Part "will this never end"

No it will not end as long as I have more pictures, videos and tales to tell.

In this video you truly see the intelligence of the typical counter-protester. He claims that we are pawns of Bush and the Chamber of Commerce... both of whom love illegal aliens!
We are pawns (4.2mb)

This video was from our short walk to the Democrat building. It's especially funny because our "handlers" have to follow us wherever we go.
Signs and Commies (3.3mb)

For any of you who are new to this and are interested in our previous protests in Cornelius you can see the parent directory of videos HERE and I would suggest doing a search of "cornelius" in the blog search box in the upper left.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Portland day labor protest: Part ses

And we have video courtesy of Minuteman Michael whose dedication and politeness amaze even me! (also thank you to Greg for getting these up on the Deportgordonsmith.com domain)

Click the link to open movie:

Saxton for Gov (4.8mb)

Which leads into...

The landscape (4.2mb)

This is a tolerant liberal calmly making his point. (his point, in a nutshell, is that we suck) The guy on the left says that he will "kill white kids of tourists" next time he gets deported to Mexico.

More videos coming.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Portland day labor protest: Part cinco

This is getting lengthy, make sure you scroll down through part uno!

Why so camera shy amigo? But that coffee cup is a clever disguise!

Having nothing to do with illegal aliens and everything to do with Portland:

This was plastered all over the place by the day labor site. And actually, if you read it, it may have something to do with illegal aliens after all... they just need the print a spanish version!

One of our liberal observers said that our flag waving was "a bit much" but I thought that it was just right.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Portland day labor protest: Part quattro

In addtion to forcing the illegal alien (so admitted) day laborers to move around the corner (and they still couldn't get anyone to pick them up) our group had some fun walking a few blocks over to a democrat call center/volunteer building.

Kulongoski: You can tell he's on the side of illegal aliens!

Democrats: We're the party that hates the most successful retailer ever! Actually, we hate all forms of success.

As we walked around, our green hat wearing communist friends ("legal observers" according to their hats) gave chase with their cameras. (scroll down to see more pictures of these guys)

This is so you democrats remember during your voter registration: illegal aliens can't vote!

NOTE: Want to help us elect representatives who feel the same way you do about illegal aliens and are willing to vote that way? Donate to the Oregonians for Immigration Reform PAC.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Portland day labor protest: Part tres

You will notice that the driver here, one of the few who dared to pick someone up, is covering his face with a piece of paper. If only there was some other way to identify him when we send these pictures to ICE and BOLI...

Oh wait, I got his license plate!! (which also, ironically, has the name "Dave Smith" on it)

I would recommend that everyone read the Fishwrapper version of our protest yesterday:

Protesters target day-labor site in Portland
Sign-toting, flag-waving Oregonians protesting illegal immigrants who work and use public services moved their protests to a day-labor pickup site in Portland for the first time Saturday.

Tensions rose when a few of the laborers threw rocks toward protesters but didn't hit anybody. A Portland police officer stationed nearby told them to stop.

"It was definitely a successful day," said Rick Hickey of Salem, vice president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform. "We had several contractors slow down and look like they were going to stop and pick people up, but they didn't. We spooked them."

There is also a part in the story that quotes the rantings of this man pictured here:

He was clearly an unstable person and screamed at us for quite some time while the illegal aliens clapped and cheered. I sincerely hope that this man becomes their official spokesman and does public speaking on behalf of illegal aliens everywhere.
NOTE: Audio and video will be posted soon.

Since a majority of Oregonians (and American citizens) agree with our position on illegal immigraton we think that publicity is our best friend. Rick Hickey (VP, Oregonians for Immigration Reform) gives an interview to Channel 8.

Alright, blogger having some problems uploading pictures again. Part quatro will (finally) have the pictures of our trip to the Democrat call center/voluteer building.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Portland day labor protest: Part dos

I arrived in the People's Republic of Portland a few minutes before our protest start time of 7am. I was the first one there... from our side. The boys and girls from the National Lawyers Guild were already there to counter-protest us.

The green hat wearing communists are a funny bunch, they studiously follow our every move, making sure the chronicle what we say/do on notepads. They are the only people who take themselves seriously.

Since I was first there I decided to walk over to their circle and engage in converstion. Perhaps because I wasn't carrying a little red book I was immediatly regarded with suspicion and no one would give me a green hat to wear.

I would be remiss if I didn't give my buddy (in the middle) some play here. He's a regular who says he knows me "unfortunately."

Shortly after I arrived we had the wonderful people from Oregonians for Immigration Reform as well as the Oregon Minutemen show up for the protest.

It was pretty quick (it's still dark) that we chased the day laborers off of their usual corner of Grand and Burnside and onto the opposite corner of the block.

This is where we had one of the few pick-ups for the day. Notice how it's similar to a "perp walk" where the participants cover their faces and want to get out of sight as quickly as possible. I wonder what the reason for this shame is?

Several of the local pastors/reverends came out in support of the illegal aliens. Here I was invited to pray with them all. I participated silently and respectfuly and I honestly respect sincerely held beliefs that you should help your fellow man. But none of these men or women were able to counter my citing of much of Paul's (not an insignificant writer in the bible) work.

Titus 3:1 Remind them to be in subjection to rulers and to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work,

1 Peter 2:13 Therefore subject yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether to the king, as supreme;

Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

So I would contend that you don't have a very good understanding of the Bible or Chrisitanity if you think helping people means encouraging or supporting people who break our nation's laws.

My buddy in the red beanie was the source of many of today's great comments. (warning: many of these will be offensive) First he offered me the chance to take a picture of his genitals. I told him to whip it out and since it was cold outside I wouldn't make fun of him. He then suggested that since we were there he would go sell dope to white boys. Not sure if these are the same white boys that he was referring to when he suggested that when he was in prison some white boys gave him oral sex. He also told me that when he goes back to Mexico he would kill the white kids of tourists. Nice fellow but he needs to visit a dentist.

Since by now the illegal aliens relized they weren't going to get any work they decided to just hold hands.

Our signs:

Someone even made me a Deport Gordon Smith sign!

Thank you to senatorial candidate Jared Thatcher for coming along with Vice President of OFIR Rick Hickey. (seen here giving a tv interview)

NOTE: Can't seem to get up at 5:00am on a Saturday to stop illegal aliens from getting jobs? Want to make a difference? Please give money to the Oregonians for Immigration Reform PAC. This money will go to political candidates who reflect our views on illegal immigration!

That's where I will leave off for now, part tres will be done tomorrow. Lot's more pics, lot's more narrative. Come back for it.

Portland day labor protest: Part uno

Just got back from our very successful protest at the Portland day labor site on Burnside. I'll tease with a few pictures and captions and then do a more in depth post tonight after I get back from a Cub Scout function.

This is the typical scene when a trucks stops here. We have been able to keep the trucks from stopping, or causing them to drive away without picking anyone up, by simply taking pictures and giving information.

The illegal aliens with a "Hands across the border" show of solidarity.

The ultimate irony for people who are "looking for work" is that they are standing right next to this sign.

And we had some great signs!

More coming, including our trip to a Democrat party call center/volunteer building.

Friday, October 13, 2006

amnesty... mass deportion... or common sense

We are constantly told (most recently by Ted Kulongoski) that there is "no way" to deport 12 million illegal aliens from this country. (no word yet on whether or not we could arrest 12 million burglars, ID thieves, etc)

But the point is: WE DON'T ARREST THEM ALL ON THE SAME DAY. Just like we wouldn't need to deport everyone on the same day.

Please read the NumbersUSA page on Attrition through enforcement.

BIGGEST Day Labor Site in Oregon, Portland, Burnside & 6th St.

Saturday, Oct. 14th, 7-Noon

Build Homes? Yard Care? Friends, Family involved with building industry?

We should NOT compete with Workers NOT paying Taxes or Comp or Insurance or other Labor Laws.

STAND UP! For the American Worker & STOP Employers from Violating the Law.

Bring Camera's - Signs - Water. Salem Protesters - Meet @ Fred Meyer @ Market & Lancaster @ 5:30 am

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'll apologize in advance

Women's Center statement wasn't intended to be 'heterosexist'
In an article ("Community speaks out against abuse," ODE Oct. 6) the Women's Center made a statement explaining the importance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month on campus. We said, "College students are a particularly important demographic to reach out to because we are the next generation of husbands, wives, leaders and community representatives."

We realize that the statement could have been taken the wrong way. It wasn't meant to sound exclusively heterosexist in any way. We meant to include all relationship partners.

I too was offended when I first read that. I mean seriously, why didn't they include casual sex partners and carriers of HIV?

My only hope here is that one day liberals become so self-conscious about what they are saying that they shut up completely. Of course, these are the same type of people who insist that putting a crucifix in a vat of urine should be rewarded with taxpayer dollars... but heaven forbid they offend the bathhouse boys.

Maybe this on-campus celebration will be enough to appease the people who choose to be gay.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Stop accepting the Matricula!

Kulongoski whines about Saxton rightly accusing him of aiding illegal aliens in getting drivers licenses. But whining is all that Kulongoski will do.

DMV still accepts the Mexican and Guatemalan consular cards as primary ID.

Keep in mind that the Oregon notary will not accept a Mexican consular card because they know that it is not a secure or reliable form of ID.

The Saxton ad

(and not to brag or anything but Google puts me at number one for a search of 'Saxton ad')

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Must see TV

For any of you who haven't seen this Minutemen protest video yet... it's a must watch!

Minutemen Protest

Vote Saxton

Governor's Poll
For the next four weeks OregonLive.com will keep tracking polls on the governor's race.

Four polls, four weeks, a guide to who will be the state's next governor. Each week the question is simple: Which of the major candidates, Ted Kulongoski or Ron Saxton, gets your vote?

Not only do you select the candidate but you also get to give the Fishwrapper boys a quick editorial about why you chose Saxton. (two words: illegal aliens)

Deporting the sob story

Today is the day. After countless sob stories about the "hardworking" Diaz family today is the day. (NOTE: By being "hardworking" they are simply breaking more laws) Finally justice will be served and the criminal will be deported by midnight tonight. I hope that an American who is looking for work gets the now vacant job.

Who will be the next illegal alien that the Fishwrapper will hold up to make us feel guilty for enforcing our laws? Perhaps they can find someone from the Mail Tribune's "felony arrests" section. After all, three out of the eight are illegal aliens...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Bush & Mexico VS America

Mexico may take fence dispute to U.N.
Mexico's foreign secretary said Monday the country may take a dispute over U.S. plans to build a fence on the Mexican border to the United Nations.


Will Bush Veto the Fence Bill?
President Bush has not yet signed the Secure Fence Act.

We're approaching pocket veto territory here, aren't we? Under the Constitution Bush has 10 days to sign the bill into law--a deadline that would seem to be rapidly approaching.

Stabbed in the front and the back.

I can't escape the constant racism

Even football offers no relief...


It's basically NFL.com in spanish. No word on whether or not there will be an NFLAsian.com or an internet portal for any of the other ethnicities.

The NFL is pegged as "football Americano" on the site and during the commercials that run during the games. (The commercials feature kids running through an all Hispanic neighborhood.)

So this is American football and we live in America. Why would one race need their own version of the NFL website?

Let's actually do something about it

U.S. Official: North Korea Tested Nuclear Weapon
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President George W. Bush agreed Monday to push for "decisive action" against North Korea at the U.N. Security Council over the communist regime's claim it had carried out a successful nuclear weapons test.

Oh good. "Decisive action" at the UN. That means that in about 2 months they will issue a "strongly worded" memo saying that a whole bunch of countries want to give the North Koreans money, energy, food, and various other forms of assistance and oh yeah, pretty please stop making nukes.

For once I'd like to see us simply state that "bombing starts in one hour."

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hey, did you know that some Republicans are bad people?

The comments section here has turned into something very interesting. It now almost entirely consists of people who claim to be Republicans who are now insisting that Republicans are the most evil party on earth. (a list of Republicans who have molested children is then copy and pasted over and over and over and over)

Fine. I don't care if you hate Republicans. (whether or not you ever were one) And yes, you can provide a list of Republicans who have molested children. You could also provide a list of Democrats, teachers, doctors, lawyers, clergy, accountants, etc that have molested children.

People who molest children should be given life in prison without possibility of parole. Now which political party supports that idea?

Second, (not that I believe that you are Republicans anyways) you change the party from within. It's called a primary. It's called the party platform. There are lot's of things that I don't like about individual members of the R side. Some of their votes, positions, actions, behaviors, etc absolutely disgust me.

But as a whole the Republican party is in a better position to make the changes (or leave things alone) that will be better for my family and this country than any of the other political parties.

Like I said, I don't care what you want to do with your vote. I don't think that you ever voted the way I do in the first place. But let's pretend that you did and now you want to throw your vote away on a third party candidate, that's fine. I'm not sure why you keep telling me about it. I'm just going to laugh at you like all conservatives laughed at people who voted for Nader.

Friday, October 06, 2006

light-hearted friday

People for the Opressive Treatment of Animals: Animals put to work.
Unlike their annoying PeTA counterparts, PoTA, stands for the oppresive treatment of animals. And as a proud member, you should create an image depicting animals being put to work. Animals have had it made for too long. It's time they started paying their way in life, and paying it dearly. Your entry should be done in a way that suggests cruelty to animals, and would thus make PeTA howl. There will undoubtedly be some of you who find this contest offensive, but I assure you it's all in good fun. We're not condoning violence to animals - we're condoning pissing off and annoying PeTA people.

I occasionally like going to a sight called worth1000.com. Some very good photoshop work there and the POTA gallery is hilarious. (political drag is also pretty good) Take a look at the pictures.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Governor debate

Thank you Allen for passing this on.

Video of governor's debate the other night

Another whackjob holiday

World Can't Wait - Portland!
General Strike OCTOBER 5th at noon - South Park Blocks - Help us spread the word about the GENERAL STRIKE on October 5th. No work. No school. Be THERE. Help us drive the Bush regime out! At noon on October 5th at the South Park Blocks at SW Main and SW Park. Show the country that Portland can't wait to drive Bush out!

I guess that the jobless and homeless indymedia boys are looking for an excuse to riot again. They don't even give a nod to the concept of "peaceful protest" as they provide a "jail support" phone number on the bottom of the page.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One story, two columnists

Who Knew Congressman Foley Was a Closeted Democrat?
At least liberals are finally exhibiting a moral compass about something. I am sure that they'd be equally outraged if Rep. Mark Foley were a Democrat.

Perhaps GOP Should Take a 'Page' Out of Democrat's Book
Last week, we learned that Rep. Mark Foley, a Republican from Palm Beach, Fla., is a disgusting old chicken hawk possessed of such good sense that he aspired to seduce a 16-year-old male congressional page in writing—as if a Republican could possibly get away with that. About 15 seconds after that, Democrats began trying to figure out how to frame one man’s nauseating and criminal personal conduct as a national campaign issue. Hey, who says the Democrats aren’t the party of ideas anymore?

Read them both now!

For everything else there's mastercard

State officials have said that about $15 million in prison expenses and more than $2 million in social services spent in 2005 can be directly linked to illegal immigrants. Other items, like emergency medical bills and costs to public schools, aren't broken down by nationality.

That's the last paragraph from a news article on the Saxton/Kulongoski campaigns. Note the word "directly" in there. I wonder what the "indirect" cost in those two categories is?

Think of the imported drugs and resulting crime. Think of the illegal alien parents who use their newborn kids and cover to get social services. And then remember that the $17 million in direct costs only covers two very specific categories.

Can't imagine why this ad would be effective...

They were working in agriculture

Police piece together clues in apparent drug killing
Authorities Monday were still piecing together evidence from the scene of a gunbattle last month in northeastern Oregon that left one man dead, another wounded and led to the discovery of a marijuana plantation whose street value was estimated at $3 million.

But Zuniga Torres' death may have been more complicated. He had family in Toppenish, Wash., worked on a recent cherry harvest near Pasco, Wash., and had connections as far east as New Jersey, said Brauer. He apparently was an undocumented immigrant and did not have a police record or a car.

An autopsy disclosed he was hit five or six times by bullets fired by at least two gunmen, said Brauer. He apparently shot back, and a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol and at least three fallen shell casings were found near his body.

He worked on a cherry pick huh? You may remember when the cherry famers were crying about a lack of illegal aliens to hand pick their crops. (even though you can pick cherries with a machine but it leaves less stem)

Apparently in the off season our cherry pickers guard marijuana. Thank you agricultural lobby for your support of illegal aliens and the narcotics they provide.

Not a real issue, just a "card" to be played

Saxton plays illegal immigrant card in new TV ad
Republican Ron Saxton has launched a new TV ad putting illegal immigrants on center stage in the governor's race, saying so many have moved to the state that they now make up "Oregon's second largest city."

The TV spot was panned by migrant rights groups and by Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, who charged Saxton with "spreading false and unverified claims" about illegal immigrants voting in Oregon.

The Illegal Alien ad

It's funny how the illegal alien supporters won't give a nod to the fact that so many Oregonians are concerned about this issue. They act as though it's one or two politicians running with something that isn't important to anyone.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Not just tax dollars they mismanage

Let's say I gave some money to the Friends of Ron Saxton fund, I would assume that the money would go to elect Ron Saxton. I would assume this even more so if it was the Comittee to Elect So and So.

But if you are a democrat donor don't count on your money being spent that way. This is Ted Kulongoski's fundraising report.
(click to enlarge)

Yes, the Committee to Elect Dan Gardner is giving money to Teddy Kulongoski. Nice to know that democrats can't manage private money any more than they can tax money.

"This is money for schools? Let's use it for needle exchange programs and public art instead!"

"This is money for Dan? Let's use it for Ted instead!"

Kind of deceptive but hey, it's not my campaign contribution.

Oregon: defending against nuclear raioactivity and people driving their cars to work

Legislatively Adopted Performance Measures, 2005-07
(View as HTML with Google, search term highlighted)
Agency Mission: The Mission Of The ODOE Is To Ensure Oregon Has An Adequate Supply Of Reliable And Affordable Energy And Is Safe From Nuclear Contamination, By Helping Oregonians Save Energy, Develop Clean Energy Resources, Promote Renewable Energy And Clean Up Nuclear Waste.

Coming in a close second is...
OBM #70 - Percent of Oregonians who commute during peak hours by means other than a single occupancy vehicle.

I know that I view people who drive to work to be as big a threat, if not bigger, than nuclear contamination. And who among us wouldn't tolerate some rolling blackouts if ODOE needs to spend some money and manpower getting people out of their cars?

In the spirit of liberal conspiracies (Katrina, Halliburton, etc) I am starting to think that Kulongoski is part of a plan to tax and regulate business out of Oregon simply to keep people from having somewhere to drive during peak commute hours.

NOTE: using my Google search term site:oregon.gov "single occupancy" yields the same thing over and over: the folks in government are desperate to stop you from driving to work!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Bond, James Bond

Breaking down bond measures
It's hard to imagine opposing any of the five bond measures that will face Sherwood voters, given the importance of each issue: education, law enforcement, open space, libraries and fire safety.

It's not hard for me to imagine...

Nonetheless, there is a financial reality many voters will face. The combined impact of the five bond measures, if each passed, would be $2.86 per $1000 of assessed value on a home. The average assessed value of a home in Washington County stands at $192,000, meaning the average homeowner stands to shell out an extra $550 total for all five measures.

For those of us who don't get a step raise, merit raise and cost of living raise all at once this is a big deal. While we are asked for more taxe money, no wait sorry, it's a "bond" not a tax, the folks who spend our money continue to fund things like:

needle exchange programs, the Percent for Public Art Program, the Diversity Development and Coordinating Council, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and the Oregon Harm Reduction Program for Injection Drug Users.

We already give them enough money, it's not our fault they spend it on garbage.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday late night

In the good news department the Mexican Consulate website appears to be down... or possibly deport.

In the bad news department the anti-hunting movie "Open Season" is number one. How many kids were indocrinated this weekend into thinking that bears are cuddly and hunters are backwater rednecks who believe in UFO's.

Good news: saw Saxton's new ad during the evening news the other day. It's a great one!

Speaking of the news, the media is giving the pervert from Florida some special treatment. Here is the typical news story: "innapropriate emails with an underage congressional paige." HOW ABOUT HE WAS A HOMOSEXUAL WHO LIKED LITTLE BOYS?!?!?! But hey, don't want to offend the LBGTQAESDSDJSTGDRKTJAS crowd now do we.

Funny department: the pizza delivery guy absolutely loved the sign I have in my front yard: "Illegal Immigration is a Crime." I wear my opinions on my sleeve!

In the "only a liberal could see the world in this way" department: the Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs laments that "Hispanics comprise 10 percent of Oregon´s correctional-facility population, despite the fact that Hispanics make up eight percent of the state´s population."

Liberals see this statistic and think that Hispanics must be the victims of... well something. The rest of us look at this statistic as realize that it simply says Hispanics commit more crimes.

Oh, and stories about sotes in the USA limiting cold pills aren't doing much for me since this is the average ditch in Mexico:

Good night.