Sunday, November 30, 2008

call CSI quick

I love the local news. Not just because of great lines like "now here's a story thats a little fishy" and it is about a sushi restraunt. No, it's because they always ask the opinion of Local Idiot, the dumbest creature on planet earth.

Now which act do you think was attributed to the "tough economy" tonight?

A) coupon clipping

B) shopping less

C) kidnapping someone and burning their face with a hot knife to extract money from them

It's as if Local Idiot thinks some previously successful accountant woke up today and said "gosh, my 401(k) isn't doing so hot, I guess I'll go kidnap and burn someone for a few hundred dollars."

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Newsflash: criminals oppose punishment

Local Inmates React to ICE Deportation Program
A government program sends foreign nationals who commit crimes back to their home countries.

More than 10,000 criminal illegal immigrants have been deported this year from the Pacific Northwest, according to officials.


But for a lot of Jackson County immigrants they've lived here most of their lives and now say they will have little if anything when they get back to their home countries.

Rafel Avina says he's just here because we wants to stay close to his five kids.

"That's why I stay here," he says. "If i was like anybody else, I could run and be free, but I got kids."

{{Starts to sob}}

[ICE agent Neil Clark] says both Villa and Avina have been arrested and convicted for meth related charges.

I really believe that our news agencies are so out of touch that they think we will feel sorry for a meth user/dealer with five kids who is here illegaly. They do a good job of not asking the follow ups like:

1. Which American job were you stealing while you were here?

2. Did you even have a job or were you on welfare?

3. If you had a job, whose SSN did you use?

4. Do you feel bad about stealing someone's identity? Ruining their credit and messing up their tax return?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our new economy?

Peddling for a pretty penny
Every day last winter, Thomas Sexton left his high school guidance counselor's office at 1 p.m. and went to the nearby Albertsons in South Eugene. He stood outside and asked anyone coming in or out, "Excuse me, do you have any spare change?"

Panhandling is a last resort for most, but a study by the Public Broadcasting Service and published online found the practice can be a lucrative activity that often earns thousands of dollars per year in large cities.

Begging may not be a career, but the homeless said it should be treated like a job.

"Back then," he said, "it was all for drugs."

Besides paying for food and cigarettes, his panhandling money is currently going toward a big splurge - a night in a hotel.

The death of shame in this country is amazing. Imagine waking up and saying to yourself: "I'm on welfare and I beg for money... I should do an interview with the local college newspaper!"

That the Daily Emerald has a sidebar for "What makes a panhandle successful" makes me wonder if they are trying to tell their students something. They actually have this as a tip:

Be professional: Treat panhandling as a job. For most people who are begging, it's the only option they have. If you are in this situation, be professional and work hard because it's likely the only job you have and it's probably your only income.

Monday, November 24, 2008

State flying their own "jet"

Flying your jet to congress to beg for tax dollars not only shows incredible stupidity, it also shows a lack of need.

The fact that the state of Oregon has ONCE AGAIN posted the job opening for "Art therapist" shows stupidity and a lack of need for more of our money.

Let me say it again because it's coming: NO NEW TAXES. Not on "the rich," not on cigarettes, not a new fee on car registration. They don't need more of our money!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Art is a luxury we can't afford right now

The Percent for Art legislation, passed in 1975, guides the acquisition of Oregon's State Art Collection which includes more than 2,500 original art works.

Oregon Revised Statutes sets aside "not less than 1% of the direct construction funds of new or remodeled state buildings with construction budgets of $100,000 or greater for the acquisition of art work which may be an integral part of the building, attached thereto, or capable of display in other State Buildings".

This art, titled "Keystone" sits outside the public safety training academy. It's time for the legislature to focus on public safety with our scarce tax dollars, not worthless bronze sculptures.

You are going to hear a lot about the need for new taxes in the next session, just remember, they will use your money to buy stuff like this.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eco nut enjoys yoga in prison

The latest from Tre - 11/18/08
Greetings from Herlong, CA. This place is positioned in a valley with mountains surrounding in all directions. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets have blessed me while sitting barefoot in the grass they only recently planted. Up until about a month and half ago it was all dirt and rocks.

A yoga class is offered 5 days a week as well as Pilates and other fitness/wellness modalities. There is even a wellness library.

On the recreation yard (which is where I spend most of my time) there is a huge dirt walkin' path (twice around is a mile). In the center are 2 baseball/softball fields, a full soccer field, 3 basketball courts, 6 handball/racquetball courts, a volleyball pit, horseshoe pit, exercise bars and equipment and 2 bocci lawns (my Italian ancestors will be very pleased). There is an indoor rec. hall with a basketball court, many cardio machines, a ping pong table, fitness rooms (where we do yoga), an arts and crafts room and best of all... a music/band room.

Yoga classes... $0
Cardio machines... $0
Three basketball courts... $0
Realizing that this is a letter from a prison inmate who was convicted of domestic terrorism... priceless.

My only consolation is that he can't get vegan meals.

Criminals sue, win

The federal government plans to give legal status to certain unauthorized immigrants who applied for a 1986 amnesty program but were either unfairly excluded or never received a response to their request.
It's not known just how many unauthorized immigrants will qualify, but the number is thought to be about 10,000, said Sharon Rummery, a CIS spokeswoman in the San Francisco regional office.
"It's about time there was a resolution for the over 10,000 immigrants who were in immigration legal limbo because of the inefficiencies of the immigration office," he said. "Hopefully this will be the beginning not only for those who were not allowed to apply in 1986, but also any future legalizations for the millions that still have not be able to adjust their immigration status."
In completely unrelated news...
But at least this proves that amnesty is a sweet deal that wouldn't result in complicated litigation that makes citizens out of criminals decades after the fact.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The elephant gun in the room

Attacks on campus
Mid-morning on Wednesday, many University students found the alarmingly titled "Campus Crime Alert" waiting in their e-mail inbox. As requested by the University's Department of Public Safety, the message was sent out to all residence hall occupants and publicized the attempted abduction of a female student that occurred late Sunday, Nov. 9.

A former music major, Knowles often walked past Pioneer Cemetery on the way to the music building and rarely saw patrols near the area. Larkin, the DPS officer, cautioned, "At night, I would avoid the graveyard at all costs." Two of the recent incidents have occurred around the cemetery.

DPS suggests that students walk in large groups along well-lit paths that are frequented by other people. Larkin also urges students to call an Assault Prevention Shuttle, a DPS escort or even a taxi for late-night trips home.

Why are students over the age of 21 not encouraged to carry a firearm to protect themselves? I'd love to see what happens to the on campus crime stats the month following an attempted rapist getting shot.

I know the school is very busy teaching queer theories but maybe take an hour break for a CHL class sometime.

Friday, November 14, 2008

When the economy gets tough, the tough hire family coordinators

Multnomah County (home of the unopened jail and naked bike riders) now hiring...

Family Involvement Coordinator - Bilingual Spanish
$35,934.48 - $44,244.72 annually
A 4% bilingual pay premium will be added in addition to the base pay.

The Family Involvement Coordinator is responsible for the day–to-day operation of the Family Involvement/Parent Education portion of the new 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) grant that will serve Lynch Wood Elementary School.

Conduct home visits, as needed, to help remove barriers and enable families to access needed services. Develop strong referral system within 21 LCC coordinators to serve both parents and children. Develop and maintain sound, accurate record keeping & documentation systems including use of a database.

In a nutshell: Through the government school you will find Spanish speaking families, go to their homes to make sure they are getting all the welfare they can and then make a database tracking that information.

At least in this case I probably can't complain about government "tracking US citizens" with that database...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Diversity is never having to be around a white person

Diversity still an issue on campus, some students say
Each day, University senior Josué Peña-Juarez carries more with him than meets the eye. He walks tall, brown glasses over his dark eyes, smile on his face as he immerses himself into everyday University culture.

The San Diego native grew up primarily speaking Spanish at home and received a bilingual education at school. Peña-Juarez said he constantly felt comfortable, surrounded by other students of color and other native Spanish speakers.

"We moved in the middle of winter," Peña-Juarez said. "I was forced to speak English; there was no one who looked like me. There was no one to speak Spanish with, so I spoke English." Peña-Juarez identifies most with being Chicano, in terms of social, political and cultural consciousness, he said.

Imagine a University student saying that he only "feels comfortable" when surrounded by other white students. This MEChA intern is upset that diversity isn't engaging in enough discussion about diversity.

How about this: it's not "diversity" to only feel "comfortable" with a group of people who share your ethnic background. If you don't think that the University of Oregon doesn't discuss diversity enough at this point maybe the problem is you. The rest of us are sick of this overused buzzword.

Monday, November 10, 2008

You can't take what we already give you

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed...

"Take power" or "derive power from the consent of the governed." It's just tomato/tomato isn't it? Hail our new "ruler."

Very very very very right?

A booby trap for illegal immigration
Harder to see perhaps is something President Bush pursued that was savvy, farsighted, humane and very, very right.

The president from a border state tried, in vain, to get our nation to wrap its mind around the reality of 12 million illegal immigrants living in our midst.

Unfortunately, last year, a comprehensive reform effort fizzled in Congress.

And if we hold people accountable for breaking the law then the sun will stop shining, the oceans will dry up and and Dora the Explorer might get cancelled. The Oregonian makes bizzare statements about how "state tax revenues would decline by roughly half a billion dollars a year" unless we grant amnesty.

For the sake of argument lets pretend that I agree with that. What's their point? If you are a cash benefit to The State it's ok to break the law? How much economic activity is caused by meth?

Once you accept the premise that industry performance, employment numbers and tax revenue are more important than society living under a set of agreed upon rules then you open the can of worms labeled anarchy.

Which industry can't perform if they follow all the EPA rules? What about the business that could survive if they pay less than minimum wage? Do you want to lose those jobs, lose that industry and hurt tax revenue? Then let them break the law.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

He found a rationale?

Oh no, Obama's secret service detail is carrying... an "assault rifle!" But he hates those and said “It’s hard for me to find a rationale for having a 17-clip semiautomatic.” I guess "saving your life" isn't a good enough rationale. I suppose he just means that our benefactors in government get to have those. The rest of us can "hope" that we don't encounter any threats.

Due to the upcoming changes in the political landscape, order volumes have signifigantly increased.
We have been experiencing an overwhelming increase in customer inquiries...

Get those orders in now. Join the NRA and the OFF. The second amendment is not about duck hunting.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

For what it is worth

While us conservatives do not have good representation in Washington I will try to focus on what we can do to influence the debate. I will be posting more "activist" links and I hope that you all will take the few minutes to email/fax/call/etc on the issues that matter to you.

Today let's start with the NumbersUSA petion.
Obama Guaranteed He'd Support U.S. Workers!
Urge Him To Keep Illegal Aliens Out Of U.S. Jobs

Ann Coulter column

The Reign of Lame Falls Mainly on McCain
Last night was truly a historic occasion: For only the second time in her adult life, Michelle Obama was proud of her country!

This was such an enormous Democratic year that even John Murtha won his congressional seat in Pennsylvania after calling his constituents racists. It turns out they're not racists -- they're retards.

Republicans lost this presidential election, and I don't blame the messenger; I blame the message. How could Republicans go after B. Hussein Obama (as he is now known) on planning to bankrupt the coal companies when McCain supports the exact same cap and trade policies and earnestly believes in global warming?

Informative and witty. If you don't want to read another dry "why republicans lost" analysis then read Ann's column.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We're so shocked

The day after yesterday

There are still some results waiting to be tallied in Oregon but there isn't much for me to be happy about yesterday. Looking forward I plan to keep these ideas in mind:

1. I still have a voice that has been used in the past to successfuly voice opposition to things like amnesty. I will continue to use that voice.

2. I honesty believe that Obama's ideas are bad and will have negative consequences. We have one party rule in Washington so they will get all the blame.

3. I have a 2 month window to purchase all the firearms I want.

4. I think that in response to some of Obama's very extreme plans we will see the opposition party return to some of it's principles that made me choose to be a Republican in the first place.

5. People get the government they deserve. If Oregon wants to double tax income, ask governments permission so that you can build a new deck, pay teachers regardless of performance and refuse to lock up criminals, then I don't know what to say.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Roll call time

We can only hope that Obama supporters vote like he did many times: "present."