Sunday, November 30, 2008

call CSI quick

I love the local news. Not just because of great lines like "now here's a story thats a little fishy" and it is about a sushi restraunt. No, it's because they always ask the opinion of Local Idiot, the dumbest creature on planet earth.

Now which act do you think was attributed to the "tough economy" tonight?

A) coupon clipping

B) shopping less

C) kidnapping someone and burning their face with a hot knife to extract money from them

It's as if Local Idiot thinks some previously successful accountant woke up today and said "gosh, my 401(k) isn't doing so hot, I guess I'll go kidnap and burn someone for a few hundred dollars."


Anonymous said...

Funny, in Sherwood Miglavs is known as the "local idiot." Just ask around...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Daniel is the one who earlier this year was insisting that we were NOT in a recession, and ridiculing those who said that we were ...

So let's see, what's the news today? Oh, here's something interesting:

So clear were the signs of downturn in the US that the National Bureau of Economic Research, the most prestigious US independent economic authority, said the country had been in recession since December 2007.

Anonymous said...

ANON 12:40 AND 5:36

While you all make excuses for our country being you deny what happen in India cannot happen here?

Anonymous said...

Our country WAS stolen. On November 4th we took it back.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Our country WAS stolen. On November 4th we took it back.ANON 7:51


Like most drunk with power, you ignored the question:

Can an ATTACK like India happen here?

Anonymous said...

Hello dumbass. Of course it can. An attack worse than what India experienced HAS happened here already. And we could very well be attacked again. What a stupid question.

Thank God this country will now get "unstuck on stupid," stop sinking 10 BILLION dollars a month in Iraq, and get on with the REAL war on terrorism and REAL protection for our country.

Anonymous said...

And your reference to the "3rd Antichrist" says it all about you and where you're mentally "at."


I bet you still have all your Y2K stuff ready to go, right?

Now run along and watch the History Channel.