Friday, June 30, 2006

Judged by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character

Groups outline plans to get Latinos registered to vote
"We want to keep building momentum for comprehensive immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship for the 12 million undocumented immigrants currently in the country," said Aeryca Steinbauer, the coordinator of CAUSA, an immigrant-rights group in Woodburn. "Fundamentally, it's about what kind of nation we want the United States to be," she said. "I don't think we want a nation of second-class citizens.

Don't worry, I don't want anyone to be a "second-class citizen" either. I want you to be a first-class citizen... back in Mexico if that's where you belong.

"Right now, our immigration system excludes millions of people from equal participation in the electoral process and equal rights."

Right now our OLCC exludes millions of people from equal consumption of liquor. How unfair.

I think it's pretty shameful to think that all Hispanics are going to vote for your candidates or amnesty. My wife thinks that illegal alien rapists (I know, I could have just said "illegal alien" and we can pretty much assume rapist) should have their penises cut off before being deported. Rest assured, that's one Hispanic who will not be voting with the CAUSA bloc.

who votes for who

I saw in the paper yesterday that Howie Dean is still trying to convince Christians to vote for the party that hates God and everything he stands for. Since I don't think he will be too successful with that I figured that I would point out some slightly smaller demographics that the dems have a lock on:

Terrorists: Seriously, if you are a voting terrorist which party do you support?

Pot smokers: Like dude, we go to the polls and vote democrat.

Serial killers on death row: Please, I don't want the same fate as my victims.

Child molestors: It's only a matter of time before the D's add this to the LGBTQ acronym.

Communists: When we don't feel like voting third party.

Portland criminals: We are enjoying the get out of jail free card... actually the "don't go to jail cause it's not even open" card is pretty swell too.

Transgender folks: (also known as people who take hormones and mutilate their bodies so they can pretend to be ugly members of the opposite sex) The democrats treat us like this is the most normal thing in the world.

Socialists: We dream of a country where we call all be equally poor.

People who have sex with animals: Again, we are waiting our turn to be added to the "gay pride" acronym.

Tax cheats who have renounced their citizenship and are on the FBI's most wanted list: We may be a small constituency but hey, the Clinton's pander to us with pardons.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Doing business with criminals

New Product for Undocumented Immigrants
Banco Popular and Equity Home Mortgage are pleased to announce a new product for the Hispanic market. Undocumented immigrants now have a legal way of getting a home mortgage to buy into the American dream. All they need is an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) issued byt the Internal Revenue Service, a steady income for at least two years, and a good credit rating.

RE/Max is also involved in this sham. These shameless companies see criminals as a market segment. No ethics whatsoever.

But I actually hope that these lenders sign up 8 million illegal aliens for home loans this week. I really do. Then I hope that all the illegal aliens are unable to work or get deported and these companies are left holding the bag. This is absolutely disgusting.

Contact Info:Equity Home Mortgage, LLC
Phone: 503-968-8590
Fax: 503-598-8647

RE/MAX International Inc.
Phone: 303-770-5531

Lars made us proud

Lars show audio archives

The file is the top 6/29/06. The interview with Secretary of Commerce Gutierrez starts at 1:08:00. (drag progress bar to that time)

Lars tore this guy up. He had the facts, the numbers, the logic. Gutierrez had "we need the workers."

Lars didn't let him get away with any of the usual lies, the usual distortions, the usual distractions.

The Bush administration wants amnesty. Gutierrez try to give it some window dressing and Lars sent him packing. This is one of the best interviews I've heard in a long time. I can almost gurantee you that when Gutierrez hung up the phone he was sweating and went straight to a bottle of hard stuff.

Listen to this audio then let Gutierrez know how you feel:
(keep in mind that he thinks that "enforcing the law" is "extreme")

Secretary of Commerce Bio

New tool for locating a main democrat constituency

Oregon Sex Offender Inquiry System
ORS 181.592 authorizes the Oregon State Police to make information about registered sex offenders available to the public. ORS 181.592(4)(c) authorizes the release of information on certain sex offenders to be posted on a public web site.

Not only will this website allow Secretary of State Bill Bradbury to redistrict according to sex offender locations (I suspect they vote heavily democrat) but we can be informed homeowners and protect our children.

Thank you to Representative Jerry Krummel for all his hard work on getting this done!

Meth cooks decry lack of ephedrine

Oregon cherry growers decry lack of farmworkers
Some Oregon farmers contend that the U.S. government's decision to place National Guard troops along the Mexican border is contributing to a shortage of workers to pick ripe fruit.

Though cherry growers can use machines to harvest their crop, the hand-picked fruit is more desirable. More stems are left on hand-picked fruit, adding to the presentation of maraschino cherries dropped in cocktails and placed atop ice cream sundaes.

Boo hoo. I hope that you cherry pickers who are whining experience a plague of locusts on your farms. And I personally and not willing to trade the "presentation" of a cherrry for the rape of children (and puppies and nuns), the importation of meth and other drugs, the bankrupting of our state and federal funds, the endless bi-lingual nonsense we see and the identity theft.

You want a cherry with the stem still on it? Pick it your damn self.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where we went wrong (thank the Moose)

The VOZ newsletter

An old copy of a newsletter for day laborers. Right hand side story is about how Portland Police trainees now go "visit" the day laborers to practice their spanish and listen to the illegal aliens tell horrible stories of when the police actually enforced the law and kept them from working illegaly. Terrible.

RE: Flag burning

Those "patriotic" democrats can't seem to understand why we would want to protect the symbol of our country. They insist that flag burning, while reprehensible, is very rare so this shouldn't be an issue.

Speaking of rare, how many pregnancies are the result of rape and incest? So then why do democrats (remember, they ignore "rare") insist on making that the focal point of every abortion debate?

NOTE: A google image search of "portland flag burning" gives you THIS. Not all that uncommon in Havana on the Willamette I guess.

What do you call a spineless creature that lives on the beach? A Senator.

Smith, Wyden Win Substantial Funds For Oregon Agriculture Projects
U.S. Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) today announced that Oregon should receive substantial funds for agricultural projects under the Senate's agriculture appropriations legislation.

The Solutions to Environmental and Economic Problems (STEEP) III project will receive $634,000

$361,000 for research at the National Laboratory for Molluscan Broodstock in Newport

$400,000 for expanded research on Sudden Oak Death

$300,000 for the Medusahead Challenge, the consortium of land owners and managers in eastern Oregon to implement a strategic plan to combat the spread of the Medusahead weed

It's very ironic how everyone describes other state's worthless projects as "pork barrel spending" but when it comes time for money to flow into our state it suddenly becomes something that we "won."

I mean, I am really interested in molluscs too but I'm not sure we need a taxpayer funded National Labratory to study them.

The $361,000 mollusc

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Want to get promoted?

Performance evaluation requirements for affirmative action and diversity
Some examples of the kinds of performance measures that can be used to evaluate a manager’s performance in the area of diversity development are listed below.

Manager seeks out and attends diversity development training.
AKA indoctrination.

Manager is effective at recruiting, hiring, promoting and maintaining a diverse workforce.
Better hire that black gay guy who is in a wheel chair.

Manager integrates diversity development into performance planning and evaluation. The manager holds staff accountable for participating in activities that support these efforts. The manager holds staff accountable for behaviors that are exclusionary and offensive.
NOTE: This is the crux of the matter right here. "Behavior that is offensive." I find two guys kissing offensive, you may find the Bible offensive. It's subjective. But in reality it's not, we all know what "offensive" means in this context. The Politburo have drilled it into our heads.

Manager creates and maintains a work environment that is respectful and accepting of diversity. The manager sets clear expectations for expected behaviors and clear methods for reporting inappropriate behaviors.
This really is Soviet style stuff here. Heaven forbid the guy in the cubicle next to you hears you tell someone that you are opposed to illegal immigration (WARNING: offensive) you will be reported to the authorities and given re-education.

Manager assures culturally competent client services.
We habla your language and no habla to ICE.

So you want to get promoted working for the state? Toe the line, parrot back the appopriate phrases, excuse behavior that is disgusting or criminal and insist that things that are holy are forbidden.

Almost listened to Air America

Limbaugh clowns about Viagra stop
Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh is joking about his police detainment at the airport yesterday for carrying Viagra in his luggage.

"I've been racking my brain. I'm trying to figure out how Bob Dole's luggage got on my airplane," Limbaugh clowned as he opened his national program today. "I told the doctor, I said, 'Look, I'm worried about the next election, not ... .' A misunderstanding. Now, things are what they are."

I almost tuned in to Air America to hear the endless running of viagra jokes. Seriously though, this was just plain stupid. Why he wouldn't take care to follow all the laws in this area is beyond me. (NOTE: We should all take care to follow all laws in all areas)

And for the record, I'm disapointed in his (and Dole's) use of Viagra. I mean c'mon, Republican men are supposed to be just that: men. Virile, potent, dominating men.

I can understand a limp-wristed liberal needing some help in this area (perhaps during "Sexy Tuesday" with Planned Parenthood, a great place to catch something itchy) but not a conservative.

What about Bob

Some of you may have heard Lars today talk about a Bob Lawrence from the Portland Public Schools. It seems that this "public servant" can't be bothered to tell Lars what the all funds budget for the school district is, even though it's a public record.

Maybe you could find out, give Bob a call.

Contact: Bob Lawrence, 503-916-3411

Try living there

Just something I find funny. Dumb Americans (probably a lot of college kids) who think that socialist countries are just the greatest.

Strange how everyone, including poor people, are trying to get to America for the economic opportunities yet the Chavez lovers insist that Venezuela is the place to be. Needless to say they haven't actually been there themselves but their professors all insist that it's a liberal utopia.

Oh, and don't buy CITGO gas.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Smith voted like a democrat

Our View: Kill Reid-Kennedy Amnesty
The House Republican leadership declared war on the Senate immigration-amnesty bill last week, aptly renaming it “Reid-Kennedy” in honor of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) and liberal icon Teddy Kennedy (D.-Mass.).

When a reporter, noting the Senate is controlled by Republicans, challenged House Majority Leader John Boehner (R.-Ohio) on renaming the bill, Boehner didn’t miss a beat. “Two-thirds of the votes that passed the bill in the Senate came from Democrats,” he said, “so referring to it as Reid-Kennedy is appropriate.”

This single bill has the potential to do more damage to this country than any other in recent history. (Ok, the democrats "let's retreat in the war on terror" were more dangerous but c'mon, no one thought that those would pass)

If you stand with House Republicans against Reid-Kennedy, let President Bush know today by calling 202-456-1111.

I couldn't put it any better than this Mac Johnson column did back when the bill first passed. Read it if you haven't already.

Will this number go down?

Looking at the job hirings at Multnomah County you can't help but notice that 18 of the 23 openings are in the medical field. Most have titles like CLINIC MEDICAL ASSISTANT - BILINGUAL SPANISH and pay $30,902.40 - $38,022.48 annually.

But how did we get to where government spends most of it's time, and most of our money, on health care?

And how come you only need a high school diploma or equivalent to be a Community Health Specialist 2 Bilingual Spanish who makes $32,781.60 - $40,361.04 annually? How "special" can you really be in the medical field with a GED?

The answer to the first question: illegal aliens.

The answer to the second question: the illegal aliens need to be "recruited" and receive various "outreach." That job has nothing do do with anything medical other than to teach illegal aliens how to work the system to get free health care.

It will be interesting to see if the number of government health care workers goes down now that we have new mandates saying that you must provide proof of citizenship for medicaid/Oregon Health Plan.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Now it's "costly"

Medicaid enrollees will be asked to prove citizenship
Starting this week, recipients and applicants for such government services as Oregon Health Plan coverage and long-term elder care will have to prove their citizenship.

The requirement was imposed by Congress last year and takes effect Saturday.

Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski said Wednesday that while he is sympathetic to Congress' intent, carrying out the new requirement could prove costly and bureaucratic to the state and burdensome to Oregonians who are U.S. citizens.

When democrats start harping about things being "costly" and "bureaucratic" you know something is wrong. This is simply their initial argument against keeping illegal aliens from using social services that should be reserved for Oregonians. Next they will call the new mandate "racist."

...Kulongoski has instructed eligibility workers to help people track down their necessary documents, such as birth certificates, and to continue their benefits eligibility as long as they are actively searching for their citizenship proof, DHS spokesman Jim Sellers said.

Strangely, Kulongoski has not ordered the OLCC to mandate that bars/taverns provide alcohol to people as long as they are "actively searching" for their ID proving that they are 21.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Doctor of what? Being stupid?

Memo from DHS Director Dr. Bruce Goldberg: (he is accountable to the governor)

Date: June 21, 2006
To: All DHS staff
From: Bruce Goldberg, Director
Re: Medicaid Eligibility and Proof of Citizenship

As many of you know, a provision in the 2006 federal Deficit Reduction Act requires Medicaid applicants and recipients to provide documentation of identification and citizenship. This provision, which takes effect July 1, will not initially change our work processes. All DHS staff should continue doi ng business as usual until the department has provided specific guidance for implementation.

Staff from throughout the department are researching options for implementing the new documentation requirements in a way that will not jeopardize people’s health and safety. Once the specific implementation rules and procedures are developed, they will be provided to you along with directions for working with clients. No operational changes should occur until planning and training have been completed.

If you hear concerns from clients before then, please reassure them that DHS will work with them to identify and locate the documents they need to prove citizenship. No one will be denied access to these programs or rejected from these programs if they meet existing eligibility requirements. Our overarching goal in this transition is to ensure no harm occurs to anyone as we implement these new federal requirements .

Although the new federal regulations require more documentation, there remains some flexibility for handling situations where clients cannot provide such items as birth certificates, photo I.D.s or other identification materials. Because good health and access to health care is important to everyone, my goal is to implement these new requirements in a manner that meets the law without harming needy individuals.

As you know, Medicaid is health insurance that helps many people who can't afford medical care pay for some or all of their medical bills. As with other Medicaid program requirements, states must implement an effective process for ensuring compliance with documentation of citizenship in order to obtain federal matching funds. Effective compliance will be part of Medicaid program integrity monitoring.

I appreciate that this change is causing concern among staff and clients, and I tha nk you in advance for your efforts as we move through this transition.

DHS is willing to bend over backwards for the puppy rapers*. If this concerns you then perhaps you should contact Bruce:

And keep in mind that while Ted "The rule of law is the glue that holds together Oregon´s communal bonds" Kulongoski may put up with this nonsense from his department heads, our next governor, Ron Saxton, will not.

*Yes, I will continue to refer to illegal aliens as puppy rapers. See story.

Friday, June 23, 2006

A step back from Communism

Executive Order: Protecting the Property Rights of the American People
By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and to strengthen the rights of the American people against the taking of their private property, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. It is the policy of the United States to protect the rights of Americans to their private property, including by limiting the taking of private property by the Federal Government to situations in which the taking is for public use, with just compensation, and for the purpose of benefiting the general public and not merely for the purpose of advancing the economic interest of private parties to be given ownership or use of the property taken.

Bottom line: Kelo is null and void. I actually like the fact that he did it on the anniversay. Nice touch.

Of course, if you are religious and Janet Reno has any say in the matter the ATF will still come to your property and kill your family. And of course the puppy rapers* are still coming across the border. So we still have stuff to worry about, just not the government taking our house and giving it to someone to smash and then build a bigger house.

*From this point forward "illegal aliens" will be referred to as "puppy rapers" on this blog. See story.

Ding Dong Minetas gone

I was very pleased to hear that Norman Mineta will no longer be srewing up the transportaion department.

As a farewell shot I'll put a link to one of my favorite old Ann Coulter columns. Good riddance Mineta.

Arab Hijackers Now Eligible for Pre-Boarding
A few months later, after 19 Muslim men hijacked U.S. airplanes and turned them into weapons of mass destruction on American soil, Mineta was a whirlwind of activity. On September 21, as the remains of thousands of Americans lay smoldering at Ground Zero, Mineta fired off a letter to all U.S. airlines forbidding them from implementing the one security measure that would have prevented 9/11: subjecting Middle Eastern passengers to an added degree of pre-flight scrutiny. He sternly reminded the airlines that it was illegal to discriminate against passengers based on their race, color, national or ethnic origin, or religion.

And it's Willamette Week

The Mexican Connection
On May 5, two female FBI agents approached a farmhouse in Salem carrying a bottle of sparkling water, a potted plant and a greeting card from the local chamber of commerce.

When a Mexican woman answered the door, the agents introduced themselves as members of the local Welcome Wagon. The woman, who identified herself only as Ana, spoke little English and seemed eager for her visitors to leave.

Special Agent Michael Holeman, who was overseeing the investigation, later wrote in an affidavit that he believed the woman was "being held against her will and forced to grow marijuana."

A story worth reading and another reason to oppose an open border.

I'd love to ask him

First - on the rule of law. Show me a society where there is no rule of law, and I will show you a society where the weakest have no chance - and the strongest show no restraint. The rule of law is the glue that holds together Oregon´s communal bonds, and makes a functioning government possible. What some people have lost sight of is that the rule of law demands an orderly process, and an orderly process requires a unique role for each branch of government.

What we can´t do is pick and choose which laws we want to follow - or create new ones just for ourselves. That is a recipe for disaster.

This is governor Kulongoski talking about... gay marriage. It would be great to have this speech quoted back to him along with a question about his position on illegal immigration. How he would weasel out of that one I don't know... oh wait, yes I do, he would glare at whoever asked and then suggest that they be more "respectful."

Because as his employer we have no right to ask him tough questions.

Teddy's Speech

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Suggested reading in Lane County

The following are some "resources" you can read as suggested by Lane County:

Dismantling Racism: The Continuing Challenge To White America.

Enter the River: Healing Steps from White Privilege Toward Racial

Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice.

White Awareness.

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Not that they are focused on skin color or anything...

Come here illegaly? Bring your own damn health care

Oregon Governor Directs DHS To Ensure New Medicaid Rules Don't Harm Vulnerable People
Governor Ted Kulongoski said today the state will make certain that no one who is eligible for Medicaid in Oregon will suffer harm from new federal Medicaid requirements, which will require nearly 500,000 Medicaid recipients in Oregon to show proof of citizenship when they enroll in the Oregon Health Plan.

Oregon Department of Human Services officials estimate as many as 70,000 Oregonians may be unable to immediately and readily provide proof of citizenship.

Disregarding Kulongoski's nonsense (which I almost always do) and the fact that we may have 70,000 illegal aliens getting taxpayer funded health care, this is a very positive story.

As I have said time and again, there is no need for "mass deportations" but rather an enforcement of our laws. When we stop giving illegal aliens all the goodies they will leave.

Governor's Press release
Oregon’s policy under existing federal law has been to accept a client’s declared statement of citizenship.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's not satire

Illegal alien rapes puppy
This South Florida community some 90 miles north of Miami is outraged after a suspected illegal alien allegedly raped a puppy.

Upon being seen, the Mexican transient said, "It's my dog," and, "What's the problem?"

No word on whether or not Oregon's Mexican consul will refer to this rape, as he has reffered to other rapes by his citizens, as a "cultural misunderstanding."

Also no word on Indymedia moving their naked protests from Schumacher Furs to the county jail where this man is being held.

Why they need to keep the kicker

State or Oregon is currently hiring for...

Bicycle Recreation Coordinator
$2,717 - $3,772 MONTHLY

Serves as the Oregon Bicycle Recreation Coordinator by:

communicating regularly and effectively to key state decision-makers, the role of bicycle recreation in economic development and citizen health. Determines the condition of bicycle recreation in Oregon; identifies opportunities for recreational bicycle development based on the Oregon Recreation Trails Plan.

Works with others to promote Oregon as a bicycle tourism destination.

Kulongoski needs your kicker. Without those much needed funds who will "determine the condition of bicycle recreation in Oregon?" When we are talking about essential government services, this is what we mean.

Kulongoski needs you to dig a little deeper in your pocket to help make this happen.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reading, writing, arithmetic... accident insurance coverage?


The district has a team of nine (9) well-trained bilingual/bicultural recruiters in the seven (7) schools and the Welcome Center. All recruiters are called Home/School Contacts and speak at least two languages.
Can we fire these nine (9) folks and hire teachers instead?

As school to home liaisons, they perform the following functions:

*Translate essential documents so that migrant families can read in their native language.

*Transport migrant students/parents to medical appointments at area hospitals, clinics, social service agencies and special meetings.

Woodburn has a full-time Parent Outreach Specialist who is trilingual/bicultural

The Mexican Mobile Consulate visits Woodburn twice a year to allow the community to catch up on paperwork and to answer questions. The PAC Board facilitates this activity. PAC parents assist during the Consular visit.

Parents are also encouraged to participate in a Spanish literacy program that is fashioned by INEA and run by parents from the Board. This program makes it possible for adults to complete their primary or secondary education that they began in Mexico.

**In an effort to serve more students than migrant funds allow, Title IA – School Improvement funds are added to the Title IC program.**
Watch the shell, watch the shell, watch the shell... hey, where is my wallet?


The majority of our students are Hispanic and speak Spanish, with the exception of a few families that speak an indigenous language such as Mixteco.
So we still call them minorities?

Support services are provided to migrant students that include home visits, medical and dental
services, interpretation and translation, advocacy for all migrant students, and assistance with
accident insurance coverage. Home school consultants also help families access local service
agencies as needed.


Migrant staff members tutor and provide academic assistance in core content subjects in students’ primary language. At the preschool level, staff members provide readiness classes for children and their parents. One staff member works with children in their homes, providing Spanish literacy instruction and working with parents to show them how to assist their children.
Keep em speaking Spanish... more money for the schools.

The Migrant Education Program helps families connect with community agencies such as the
Virginia García Clinic, Washington County Community Action, Kex’s Needy Kids Fund, Care to Share, The Christina Smile Dental Clinic, and the Oregon Food Bank among others. Scholarships
are provided for students to attend the Oregon Hispanic and Migrant Student Leadership Institute, and students also attend the César Chávez Conference and the OCHA Leadership Institute.

One full-time recruiter recruits at churches, grocery stores, apartments and at the Welcome Center when families come for intake.
A full time recruiter for this nonsense?!?!?!

I'm actually speechless. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. Don't let the schools/the state/the democrats lie to you about we need more education dollars. We just need to spend them better.

Human Events List

Every week Human Events Online does a top ten list. This weeks:

Top 10 Anti-Gun Senators

Oh yeah, this is normal behavior

I was looking for some photos from what The Oregonian described as a "family event," this years PRIDE parade but I guess not everyone is as quick to update their sites as yours truly.

So I settled for this piece from The Portland Mercury as what the PRIDE people want as representative of the "gay community":

The State of Queers in Portland
I guess there aren't enough homos watching us, so now I am stuck interviewing Portland's Sissyboy about the state of queer culture these days. I invited Splendora, Precious Hottest She-Male, and Zebra to chat with me at my favorite Starbucks last Saturday.

The minute they walked in the door my nipples got hard; each of the Sissyboys was fierce, fashionable, and flawless. Before they sat down with me, Precious slapped a counter girl and Zebra ate a pastry out of the trash. These girls were really something else.

I haven't even read the interview and I'm sure that I don't want to. In my opinion the tales of "Precious" and "Zebra" are probably best left in the closet.

But hey, when Portland has a "family event" like this one I must be the one who is wrong...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Because I am so generous...

I am a generous guy. I want everyone to have the things they need and want. That's why, if I was in charge, I would raise the minimum wage to $20/hour.

That's right. I mean, as long as we are being arbitrary with an amount, rather than rely on what the labor or skills of the employee are actually worth, then why not make it $20?

Especially when my stated goal is to show my compassion, generosity and good-heartedness. I mean, if you can't "live" on $5.15/hour then what really makes $8/hour much better? I mean, can you really live the American dream with that?

So since I am such a generous guy, and since I know that you absolutely deserve more than what you have now, I am proposing that we force employers to pay you more. Yes, yes, I know, I am a generous and compassionate man. It's because I care.

Actually, I would call for a legislator with a sense of humor to propose a bill making this the minimum wage. They could give testimony prattling on about "a Cadillac in every garage" and get all teary when they talk about how some families don't have vacation homes.

I would love to hear Democrats argue against this. How could they? By their logic (by logic I mean stupidity) this is the best idea since sliced bread.

Bottom line: There is no difference in raising the minimum wage $0.50 or $50K, a person is either paid what their work is worth or they aren't.

The Oregonian: Latinos = illegal aliens

Immigrant roundup could hurt fire effort
Across the country, a growing number of Latinos are taking on the hot, dangerous and dirty work because the demand is high and it usually pays better than farm work.

Many -- nobody knows how many -- are undocumented, a problem Franco claims does not concern him.

National standards require the crew boss and the three squad leaders on each 20-man crew to speak sufficient English and the language of the crew.

But the audit found no guarantee that non-English-speaking crew supervisors can talk to incident coordinators who oversee firefighting strategy, and there is no standard language assessment for crew members.

I'm not even sure what the Fishwrapper is saying here. Are all hispanics illegal? The one that is cooking me breakfast right now isn't. I'm not going to face a shortage of breakfast due to the immigration crackdown.

Thankfully though the firefighters seem to have recognized the safety concern of having illegal aliens on there crews:

The U.S. Forest Service inspector general has launched an effort to identify illegal immigrants who are working for contract crews.

Once again, I hope to see some familiar faces get deported:

I look forward to seeing you guys go from waiting in a line for your matricula card to getting frog-marched in a line to the nearest immigration detention center.

David "I tried to raper her" Wu: Let's surrender

Oregon Congressman Gives Statement On Iraq War Debate
I have listened to our generals about their view of the future. General Casey has personally said to me that he needs until the summer of 2007 to fully train Iraqi forces. I am willing to allow General Casey the time to complete this task, but we should begin an immediate redeployment of troops.

Oh thank goodness that Wu is "willing to allow" the general the time needed to win the war. Talk about delusions of grandeur. Sorry Wu, you aren't in charge here. Your party is not in charge here. You are just one member of congress who still managed to get elected even after it came out that you are an attempted rapist.

Liberal translation: redeployment = surrender/cut and run

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Some things to note on Father's day:

No Fathers Need Apply
What if God, nature and thousands of year of human experience turn out to be wrong and marriage between one man and one woman is not, in fact, the single best way to bring children into the world and raise them up to be healthy adults?

This is what the American Psychological Association and the National Association of Social Workers are advocating.

And don't forget the public schools where "Heather has two mommies" is a greater literary work than Huckelberry Finn.

Welcome to the Single Mothers by Choice website!
A single mother by choice is a woman who decided to have or adopt a child, knowing she would be her child's sole parent, at least at the outset. Typically, we are career women in our thirties and forties. The ticking of our biological clocks has made us face the fact that we could no longer wait for marriage before starting our families.

I want to see the woman who wrote that put into a cage with Dr. Laura for 72 hours. These selfish women see a child as some sort of plaything to have rather than a responsibility.

Let me tell you something, I am so tired of "single mother" being some sort of status symobl or badge of honor. I can't tell you how many news articles I read where someone says "As a single mother..." as if it demonstrates anything other than your ability to have sex with someone you had no intention of marrying.

Many people somehow glorify the act of depriving a child of 1/2 their necessary parenting. They see it as almost an act of bravery when it is really an act of irresponsible selfishness.

Raising the minimum wage is a national battle
A single mother in Missouri making minimum wage earns $824 a month, before taxes. She has to pay rent, bills and buy food. Other unexpected expenses like car repair, medicine and money for child care aren’t factored in. And she is expected to pay for all of this while only earning $5.15 an hour.

“$5.15 doesn’t even come close to supporting a family these days,” said Lara Granich, St. Louis Jobs with Justice director. “A minimum wage increase would help a lot of families out of poverty.”

Guess what, if that selfish mother (term I will now use in place of single mother) would get married and her husband made minimum wage then her family income just doubled! But the left would prefer to prop up selfish mothers to "help the family" rather than suggest mothers be married which would really help the family.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Give to Caeser what is Caeser's

Christian Radio Commentator: Bible Supports Concept of Secure Borders
Steve Marr's online commentaries are called "Business Proverbs." His syndicated radio program by the same name is heard on 1,000 radio outlets worldwide. According to Marr, the Bible supports the idea that nations have the right and responsibility to secure their borders.

I agree whole-heartedly. You can still be compassionate while insisting that laws get followed. The bible is very clear about submitting to the ruling authorities on matters of law:

Titus 3:1 Remind them to be in subjection to rulers and to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work,

1 Peter 2:13 Therefore subject yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether to the king, as supreme; Peter's Second Letter

Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

What? Is it an election year?

How many press releases did Sleepy Ted send out in all of June 2005?

Total of 5

How many press releases has the newly awakened Ted sent out in the first half of June 2006?

Total of 14

Some real great ones too. Like Governor appoints advisory group on climate change. I'm not positive but I think this means that Teddy K is going see about changing the weather in Oregon... yay, less rain!

Leftist response: Shut up

The Statesmen Urinal editorial blog today has a letter written by an angry reader to another newspaper that used a commentary from the Urinal. The letter points out that Oregon is a leftist state and that the media reports only bad news from Iraq.

The Urinal response: "In response, all I have to say, is whatever happened to civil discourse and disagreement …."

That's what I love about liberals. When you argue with them you aren't being "civil" or "bipartisan" but when they argue with a conservative, oh wait, they don't argue, they just call you a bigot. That's civil discourse.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday night drunken rant

I have bad allergies. Real bad. I don't know, maybe it's AIDS. Oh wait, AIDS is a disease of choice. I definitely don't have that. In fact, I propose that we divert all taxpayer funding for AIDS into a permanent cure for allergies. Seriously.

Happy fathers day weekend to all you fathers out there. I guess that I'm discriminating because that doesn't include gays...

In the "there is hope for humanity" department: I invited my dad and my brother (a registered green party member) to go trap shooting on father's day and it's going to happen. Yes, my brother is going to go shooting. Oh, and I ate a salad the other day. Yes, a salad.

Mayor Tom Potter has demoted the chocolate body to captain. No word on a possible contract with Penthouse Letters.

(Is that a horrible picture or what?)

Did anyone catch the guest commentary in today's Oregonian about the "wings" of the parties no longer having control? It lamented the extremes of "both" parties and then went on to bash several conservative propositions. Let that be a lesson to you. Anyone who wants "non-partisan" or "moderate" politicians is really saying they want democrats positions. The column thought that having law enforcement disarm citizens in a time of crisis was a "moderate" position.

In the nation news department, Cynthia McKinney has not been indicted for hitting a DC police officer. Said McKinney, "I plan to join OJ in looking for the real hitter in this incident."

In the really local news that no one but me cares about: why did Sherwood make the sidewalks in the new downtown area the same level as the street? It's stupid.

In their own words

I like to recycle stuff every once in a while for new readers. This is audio (courtesty of The Cheezer) taken at a Carousel of Information protest.

We didn't cross the border...

These are the folks chanting:

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Being illegal isn't a barrier in Oregon

Latino PLWH: Service Needs and Barriers to Care
In March 2000, the Portland Area HIV Services Planning Council and the Oregon HIV Care Coalition contracted with Program Design and Evaluation Services (PDES) to conduct a follow-up study with Latino PLWH. (People living with HIV)

PDES completed interviews with 32 Latino PLWH between August 2000 and March 2001.

Almost three-fourths of respondents were born outside the U.S., and almost half were born in Mexico.

Twelve respondents (38%) were undocumented, 11 (31%) had legal documentation, and nine (28%) were U.S. citizens.

Twenty-seven respondents (84%) had health insurance, and most were covered through some form of government program.

You don't say... And here I thought that illegal aliens couldn't get taxpayer funded health care. But hey, it's not like treating HIV is expensive or anything. That valuable service they provide by selling drugs and raping young girls is definitely worth it.

Oh yeah, question that last statement... DOC ICE detainer list at a previous post.

Now I get it

I didn't understand all the ballyhoo about the three dirtbags who hung themselves at Guantanamo Bay until today. Apparently it's created quite a problem... the Gitmo soccer teams are now uneven!

Thoughful reminder

I did this post once before but seeing as how so many people have been bashing Kulongoski as of late I think that it's important to set the record straight. Many people have reffered to "sleepy" Ted and made accusations that only now, during election time, is he doing anything. This is patently false. Here is a grand list of his accomplishments while in office in his own words:

We were the first state to finance public art for every public building.
-April 4, 2003

“This has been a very important and successful year for art and culture in Oregon. In spite of a very tight budget, we were able to preserve the state’s two leading public voices for art and culture - the Oregon Arts Commission and the Oregon Cultural Trust.
-December 23, 2003

Governor Ted Kulongoski today announced his new postsecondary education initiative and announced the appointment of former Governor Neil Goldschmidt to serve on the Board of Higher Education.
-November 13, 2003

"With today’s ruling, we’ve gone from having many unanswered questions about Measure 37 to having many more... It has been clear from the beginning that the courts would need to sort these issues out."
-October 14, 2005

Executive Order: 05-01
The Director of Affirmative Action and each Agency Director or Administrator shall review and discuss the affirmative action plans and affirmative action goals for their departments to identify resources for improving, if needed, the hiring and developmental opportunities of underrepresented persons.

Executive Order: 06-02
Paraphrasing: We need to grow grass on top of buildings at taxpayer expense. We should name our children Sunflower or Stardust. People who drive cars should be punished.

Clearly Teddy K has accomplished a lot during his reign of terror over Oregon.

Smart, stupid, only The O knows for sure

It never ceases to amaze me how the editorial board of The Oregonian knows the intent of voters. On Measure 36 they know that the vote meant we're all for civil unions. Of course, they said we were all misguided fools who were fearmongered into voting for that initiative anyway.

We were also stupid for measure 37. It was said that we just couldn't possibly have know what the effects would be. We are just too stupid. The O even had a headline after the legal challenges were over: "Court clears the way for 37 kinds of damage"

So us backwater hicks are the stupidest voters in the world... unless we vote in a way that the Fishwrapper agrees with.

Today's editorial:

"Voters were clearly alarmed by the cases of forgery and trickery they were hearing about. Wisely, they sought to cleanse the signature-gathering process from the corrupting influence of financial incentive."

Not only do the editors know how "alarmed" we were, then we were the wisest voters in the world. Smart, stupid, smart, stupid.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

They're coming for you...

Agency Nabs Illegal Immigrants Across U.S.
In a blitz that began May 26, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has arrested nearly 2,100 illegal immigrants across the country. Officials said the raids are aimed at child molesters, gang members and other violent criminals, as well as people like Da Silva who sneaked back into the country after a judge threw them out.

The crackdown is called Operation Return to Sender.

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces being deported.

Or, more accurately, I look forward to seeing some people who hid their faces from my camera being deported. Take your matricula card with you.

I had to read for myself

Ok, so you probably heard Lars talking about the tram today. He quoted spokesman for Sam Adams, Rob Barnard, several times. I just had to read it for myself:

Rob Barnard: This particular tram is a custom one-of-a-kind facility. The tram’s cabins are hand built: Each piece of their metal is hand formed by Swiss craftsmen who came out of retirement to build this cabin. The intermediate tower is designed as a sculptural icon. The upper station cantilevers twenty stories out of the ground and is resisting 160 million foot-pounds of force. A simpler, off the shelf tram would have been less costly.

Read the whole thing at Sam Adams blog. Land-use guru and all around great guy Steve Schopp gives Mr. Barnard a run for his money. You can also check out

Notary: More reliable than DMV

SUBJECT:Acceptable ID for Notarization
Effective Date:November 19, 2002

Matricula Consular ID: Several Latin American countries, particularly Mexico, are allowing their consulates to issue matricula consular ID to their citizens in the United States, or issue them to those who will go the U.S. Legal aliens in this country do not need this ID; they have a passport, Visa, green card or some other kind of documentation. The consulates are issuing these mostly to illegal aliens in the United States.

Oregon does not recognize matricula consular ID. First, Oregon law recognizes only federal, state county or local ID. There is no mention of foreign equivalents. Second, Oregon has allowed foreign passports as acceptable ID because the federal government recognizes them. If they are accepted by Customs, the state will accept them too. Third, accepting something locally that only the federal government has the authority to recognize allows local government to circumvent the federal government. This invites counties to establish their own standards. It is a bad, and possibly unconstitutional, precedent

Wow, I was suprised to find this kind of honesty on a government site. The notary knows that only illegal aliens need the matricula consular. We all know that these cards are rife with fraud. Only Lorna Youngs at DMV, Bush and Wells Fargo bank still think that these sham ID's are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So you can't get notarized with this card but you can take it to DMV and get an ODL which you can then use to get notarized. We can see where the weak link in the security chain is here.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Everybody does it?

I occasionaly read The Nation (the folks who still insist that proven communist spies were victims of "McCarthyism') and when I saw this headline I thought that maybe we had gone back to the days of defending Clinton:

Yes, the crack lawyers at The Nation have come to the conclusion that "lying" is not illegal. Unless of course it is under oath. (I did not have sex with that woman)

The article goes on to not really specify what "lie" was told but Bush and Rove are bad. Real bad.

Man swings bat... during baseball game

Maybe this is two-day old news but it is bothering me. I didn't hear a single news report about Portland Trailblazer Zack Randolph's incident the other day that didn't include this little bit:

Two handguns belonging to Randolph were also found in the car. However, because Randolph owns a firearms license, he was not cited.

So why is this news? Can you imagine this being part of the story:

A Bible belonging to Randolph was also found in the car. However, because of the free excercise clause in the consitution, he was not cited.

The media's endless suspicion of anything to do with guns shows very clearly in this story. Randolph has a concealed carry permit and owns guns. That isn't news and it doesn't affect this story at all. Except, I guess, in the minds of those who think that gun ownership itself should be a crime.

Learn some English

Please join us in Salem at the School Board Mtg. 6/13 @ 6 pm - Support Services building on So. Commercial next to Kinko's, And across from Withnell Dodge / Ford

T-Shirts provided that say "ENGLISH IMMERSION ONLY"

Why? After a three year study, results are; 5 years plus of Bi-Lingual Education equals: 80% NOT English proficient!

2004-05; Only 10.9% Moved from ELL to All English Classrooms. Bi-Lingual program (code 2750) growing again to $9 MIL.

SOLUTION - STRUCTURED ENGLISH IMMERSION via DR. Rosalie Porter or ELL CITIZEN COMMITTEE TO EXPLORE NEW IDEAS. Immersion is LAW in AZ., CA., MA. and it works. It IS your money.

This is courtesy of Rick Hickey. He could use your support at tonight's school board meeting. Schools keep kids in ESL as a money maker. It's time to have these kids learn English.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Illegal alien protest part dos

A few more pics sent to me:

Quite a few concerned citizens.

The latest fashion.

Look Ma, no foreign flags!

For a complete rundown of the days events from a Minuteman who was there and more pictures you can head over to Citizen Caucus.

Why are families leaving Portland?

Nude Cyclists Bare All During Rose Festival
At first I thought this was simply the late night hijinks of Critical Mass. Now I see that it is World Naked Bike Ride 2006 and is part of a bigger, world wide, trend centered around raising awareness about oil dependency, car culture, and bicycle safety on the third dirt clod from the sun. This all happened right around midnight and smack-dab in the middle of Portland's Rose Festival.

Uhhh, Indymedia has the story. Go there. And you wonder why families are fleeing Portland by droves. Little Holland on the Willamette.

Illegal aliens as security screeners then?

Homeland Security accepts fake ID
The Department of Homeland Security allowed a man to enter its headquarters last week using a fake Matricula Consular card as identification, despite federal rules that say the Mexican-issued card is not valid ID at government buildings.

Bruce DeCell, a retired New York City police officer, used his phony card -- which lists his place of birth as "Tijuana, B.C." and his address as "123 Fraud Blvd." on an incorrectly spelled "Staton Island, N.Y." -- to enter the building Wednesday for a meeting with DHS officials.

Some members of Congress tried to crack down on use of the card, particularly as valid ID for opening a bank account, but the Bush administration opposed that effort.

Read that last part again then tell me that Bush is serious about fighting the war on terror. I'm sorry but he's not. He's put your family and my family in danger and he doesn't care because the WSJ editorial board and the chamber of commerce like illegal alien labor.

Clearly we need an illegal alien to be president to do the job of securing America that Bush clearly doesn't want to do.

NOTE: This is why ORBUSMAX is my homepage, because every morning I wake up and get news stories galore (mostly Northwest) in a simple format.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pictures of Friday's rally

Pictures of Friday's Paul Revere Ride rally in opposition to illegal immigration. Pictures provided by Bruce the Barber. More pictures to follow and as always, click to enlarge.

That's a classic!

Quite a group for a Friday during work hours.

Let's start by throwing out all the bum politicians who think amnesty is a good idea and that illegal aliens deserve anything other than the boot.

Two great Americans. Want to get involved? Join Oregonians for Immigration Reform!

And it is a motorcycle ride across the country to all 50 capitals! Any of you spineless vegans from Indymedia want to try and burn this gentleman's flag?

Olbermann: Coulter is going to hell

Olbermann Attacks Coulter, Defends ‘Godless’ Liberals (VIDEO)
Back to my allusion to the nightmare of having to defend Ann Coulter at a sanity hearing. That was inappropriate, because it was insufficient. Imagine, in fact, defending her on judgment day, trying to find her soul.

Anyone who gets liberals panties in a wad like this must be doing something right. Buy her new book.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Government Agencies: They're all gay

This message is being sent to all EPA Employees.
Please do not reply to this mass mailing.

MEMORANDUM SUBJECT: Gay and Lesbian Pride Month 2006
FROM: Karen D. Higginbotham, Director Office of Civil Rights
TO: All EPA Employees

During the month of June, we recognize the diversity of our workforce by celebrating and observing Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. This year’s international theme is “Pride, not Prejudice.” As members of the EPA workforce and community, it is important that we treat each other with dignity and respect.

The EPA Office of Civil Rights, Diversity Program for Sexual Orientation is sponsoring an opening event in concert with the EPA-approved Chapter of Gay, Lesbian, Or Bisexual Employees (GLOBE).

See, this is why Al Gore is able to run around talking about "global warming" (also know as "summer time") when we spend countless tax dollars trying to affect the world's climate. It's because democrats know that the agencies in charge of these programs are all busy doing "gay day" nonsense instead of creating the endless regulations that will save the planet.

Send an email to the EPA and president Bush

Illegal aliens: GO HOME

Illegal immigration is focus of Capitol rally
About 200 of them gathered on the steps of the Capitol on Friday to alert the public and elected officials of what they say is an unarmed Mexican invasion.

Those in attendance carried a sea of signs that read, "Kulongoski is Failing the U.S. & Oregon," "Illegal is Not a Race, It's a Crime," "Illegals' Demands Are Unlimited," "Save Our Schools, Deport Illegals," "Deport Wyden," "Be Legal or Be Gone," "Remember 9/11" and "Deport Senator Smith."

This is quite a long article and they included videos and a discussion board.

While I was not able to attend this rally someone is going to send me pictures to post.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Just so there is no confusion

A few posts back I had indicated in the comments section that I have no problem with private organizations discriminating with regards to who they give scholarships to. And I don't. An individual or private organization can spend their money any way they want. They can set it on fire for all I care.

This was somehow misconstrued by commenter b.m.:

Daniel, I am glad to hear that you object to that fact that if your wife had the oppurtunity to go to OSU, and recieve a scholarship, simply because she is hispanic that you would oppose it.

So one more time for the record, I wouldn't oppose my wife going to OSU on a hispanic scholarship. That would be just fine. What I would oppose is her going to OSU period... that's because I don't let her out of the kitchen.

Who do I have to call a harpie to get this kind of attention?

Godless: The Church of Liberalism
GODLESS is the most explosive book yet from #1 New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter. In this completely original and thoroughly controversial work, Coulter writes, “Liberals love to boast that they are not ‘religious,’ which is what one would expect to hear from the state-sanctioned religion. Of course liberalism is a religion. It has its own cosmology, its own miracles, its own beliefs in the supernatural, its own churches, its own high priests, its own saints, its own total worldview, and its own explanation of the existence of the universe. In other words, liberalism contains all the attributes of what is generally known as ‘religion.’ ”

Buy it, read it, give it as a gift.

Mac Johnson: A great American

An Evil Man's Death Replenishes Me
Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is dead. May he rot in Hell forever.

Perhaps that's not as clinical and detached as most of the reporting and analysis regarding yesterday's successful extermination of the gleeful decapitator, but that's OK, because I make no claim to being a mainstream journalist.

I do not believe that it is the job of the chattering class to divorce itself from the society that has given it the right to chatter. I do not believe it makes a journalist or a commentator moral and righteous to coldly report on a war involving his own people as if he were filing scientific reports on the inconsequential battles between two different sorts of ants.

If you don't read the rest of this column then I will personally come to your house or place of work and read it to you.

Oh, and visit Mac's homepage too.

Fun Friday

Ah Friday, a great day. I'm going to keep it lighthearted this morning... right after this:

For those who insist that treating terrorists like the scum that they are would only "encourage" more terrorists or be a "recruitment" tool I say this: the only proven, and by proven I mean it was stated by Bin Laden, terrorist recruiting tool we know of is retreat. As in Somalia. Remember? Before Bush was president? Does any liberal remember life before Bush was president?

Putting large swine in the cells with prisoners at Gitmo is not a proven terrorist recruiting tool. It hasn't been tried yet. Retreating has. We saw where it got us.

Ok, now for some fun. For those of you who are new to Al Gore's invention (the internet) you may not have seen the Numa Numa Dance. I promise all of you that I will do my own Numa Numa when illegal aliens get treated like the criminals that they are. The video will be posted here.

One of the funniest sites out there deals with true stories of political correctness gone too far. Make sure you check out Tongue Tied.

And for my calendar section:

The Citizen Caucus and Oregonians for Immigration Reform, will be conducting a joint rally honoring the arrival of Frosty Wooldridge's "21st Century Paul Revere Ride" on the capitol steps Salem, Friday June 9th @ 11:00 a.m.

GOP Road To Victory BBQ
DATE: June 10th
TIME: 4pm to 7pm
BG Plaza
3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd
Beaverton, OR 97005
(next door to the old Westgate Theater)

Victoria Taft and Vance Day will be there.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ding Dong Zarqawi's dead

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Killed in Bombing Raid
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Al Qaeda in Iraq leader who led a brutal insurgency that included homicide bombings, kidnappings and beheadings, was killed in an airstrike on a building north of Baghdad, U.S. and Iraqi officials announced Thursday.

Officials said the terror leader's identity was confirmed by fingerprints, facial recognition and known scars.

You know my position: Bury him with pig guts. Let the other Al Qaeda leaders know that they will get the same treatment when we get them.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Racism at OSU

The Casa Program:
The Casa Educacional Office seeks to increase Latino/Latina and Chicano/Chicana success at Oregon State University by providing students with a viable support system and advocacy services. This Office is committed to the recruitment, retention and academic success of Latino/Latina and Chicano/Chicana students.

So this Office seeks to help one race. They provide helpful links to school faculty of one race. Under the person's name they have this: Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic (Mexico)

They also provide helpful information on scholarships... for one race:

Also, if you are interested in joining a fraternity then OSU is the place to be... if you are the right race: Gamma Alpha Omega is a Latina sorority founded on January 25, 1993 on the Arizona State University campus.

They also have good links to our favorite group: MECHA

"The Philosophy"
1) We are Chicanas and Chicanos of Aztlán reclaiming the land of our birth (Chicana/Chicano
2) Aztlán belongs to indigenous people, who are sovereign and not subject to a foreign culture;
3) We are a union of free pueblos forming a bronze (Chicana/Chicano) Nation;
4) Chicano nationalism, as the key to mobilization and organization, is the common denominator to bring consensus to the Chicana/Chicano Movement;
5) Cultural values strengthen our identity as La Familia de La Raza; and
6) EPA, as a basic plan of Chicana/Chicano
liberation, sought the formation of an independent national political party that would represent the sentiments of the Chicana/Chicano community.

And what was Bush saying about assimilating?

It rejected the old notion that we were merely a minority group that was a part of the Anglo American melting pot. It is a symbol of resistance as well as a symbol of unity amongst Latinos, Mexicanos, Hispanos and Tejanos, and has come to represent the struggles and fight all Latino people.

And I would be remiss not to put up a link to their photo album.

It's a Spanish summer in Portland

The following is a list of job openings for Portland's Summer School program:


SUMMER SCHOOL - Kellogg Middle School - ESL/Bilingual Teacher

SUMMER SCHOOL - Portsmouth Middle School - ESL/Bilingual Teacher

SUMMER SCHOLARS - Alternative Education - Advanced Math (Spanish)

SUMMER SCHOLARS - Alternative Ed - Biology/Bilingual (Spanish)

SUMMER SCHOLARS - U.S. History/Social Studies/Bilingual (Spanish) Teacher

SUMMER SCHOLARS - Language Arts/ESL Teacher - Benson HS

SUMMER SCHOOL - ESL Teacher - Franklin High School

SUMMER SCHOOL - Language Arts/ESL teacher - Franklin High School

SUMMER SCHOOL - High School Language Arts/ESL teacher - Roosevelt Campus

SUMMER SCHOOL - High School ESL teacher - Roosevelt Campus

This is why the "Chalkboard Project" puts up their "see how your tax dollars help schools" graph. (

They say "see, see, X% is spent directly on students." It shows a simple chart as proof. Some real accountants these guys at Chalkboard are. Funny thing is, the Portland Public Schools can't seem to keep an auditor on staff. They keep quitting saying that PPS are interfering with their work. (see story)

You also notice that Chalkboard puts things like "Counselors and health services" get put in the "teaching" classification when it comes to money. (giving kids condoms and a ride to the local Planned Parenthood does teach them things... just not good things)

So if Chalkboard really wants to provide us with information like they claim, put out the whole budget for Portland Public Schools. Give us citizens a chance to do a line item veto and see how much we can save. Give us the working job titles for every employee.

Let us get rid of "Latino Recruitment" as a line item. Let us get rid of diversity training. Let us see what's really going on instead of giving us a pie chart with 3 items on it.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's like a round square

Only if you work for state government have you heard of... an undocumented citizen.

Eligibility Program Summary

Undocumented citizens who are victims of domestic violence can receive TANF whether or not their children are citizens

The waiver of citizenship requirements continues as long as there is a safety concern related to domestic violence with branches needing to review the case at least every six month

Because of the lack of resources for non-citizens, we know that discontinuing our support may put the victim in a position of having to return to the abuser. If this is the case, we can continue TANF support.

We want equality... now give us some exclusivity

Taking back the bar
As formerly regular patrons trickled into the bar on Villard Street wearing purple shirts, they barely recognized the mahogany decorated walls of the new sports bar that used to be a gay-friendly bar, Neighbors.

Members of the University chapter of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Alliance organized a take back Neighbors night as part of Gay Pride Week.

"Neighbors was a great place to bring together queer guys and queer girls," said Angela Messerli, University student and co-director of the LGBTQA. "We really want our own space. We want a place to hang out and be ourselves, and now it's gone."

OK, first thing, they keep adding letters to their acronym. LGBTQA... this is so they can include every type of possible sexual degenerate. Don't want to make anyone feel left out.

Second, you really want your "own space?" What about the Boy Scouts? I thought that they weren't allowed to ask for their "own space?"

Third, why does it have to be a "take back" event? Can't you just go there and have a good time? Does everything have to be a conflict to you? Does everything have to be about your sexual orientation? Sheesh.

DHS: We can be everything to everyone

DHS is a large, diverse organization with multiple goals and exceptionally broad department-wide programs.

"Exceptionally broad" programs. We can do anything we want! Voters? Who are they? Try to cut our budget and we claim we only do things for those Oregonians who truly need help. See, see X% goes to helping the elderly on fixed incomes or the working poor. NO you can't see the line items in that budget, why do you ask?

So where did this "exceptionally broad" statement come from? A job listing... for Music, Art, Recreation Therapist. Everything to everyone...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Bush border security

Video of Bush on border security. A must watch!


It's a party but you're not invited

I've rooted for Ralph Nader. I think that a lot of you have too.

I've thought that we would have Mannix as governor except for Tom Cox. I'm not the only republican to say that either.

What's my point? We know that third party candidates act as spoilers. That is there purpose. We have wanted Ralphie on the ballot because we know that it hurts democrats chances of winning. We've rooted for him knowing that he has no chance to actually win an election.

So when I hear people today talking about how Mary Starrett is not going to ruin it for Ron Saxton, how Mary has a chance at winning, I wonder, did these same people recognize what Ralph did to the other side?

Is it easier to see what a third party candidate does to the other guy's side?

Have any of you known that a vote for Nader was a vote thrown away but now think that a vote for Mary is a vote for principle?

The reality is that a vote for Mary is a thrown away vote. You may agree with her on everything but that doesn't change the fact. You are not going to make a difference with a vote for a third party candidate.

Think back, think how you chuckled when you heard someone say they were going to vote Nader. The democrats are doing that to you if you are going to vote for Mary.

Wow, news coverage

Opponents of illegal immigration to rally Friday
Illegal-immigration opponents have a message.

They'll sound it on the steps of the Capitol on Friday during an anti-illegal-immigration rally.

"It's appropriate to hold this rally on the steps of the Capitol because we believe the government of Oregon actively encourages illegal immigration," said Jim Ludwick, the president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, a nonprofit group that opposes illegal immigration.
OFIR and Citizen Caucus, a conservative group based in Coos County, organized the event. It's set to start at 11 a.m.

It should be a good one, some good speakers and a chance to make a show of numbers. Be there if you can.

One thing about this article though:

Immigrant-rights activists, on the other hand, support legislation passed by the Senate in late May. That bill would give certain non-U.S. citizens living in the country a chance at citizenship.

No quote from any of these "immigrant-rights activists" to support this statement. Why not? Because the pro-illegal alien crowd doesn't like the senate bill. They say it doesn't give enough to illegal aliens and we need to have open borders.

From PCUN:
PCUN and CAUSA cannot support the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 (S 2611), the bill in its current form.

We want a workable and humane solution that rewards work, respects rights, unites families, protects workers, strengthens the economy, and leads to citizenship for immigrants who are here today and those who come in the future.

Translated: the proposal of the Senate is an advance but it is not sufficient

They want amnesty for everyone here and open borders for everyone that is going to come here. Anything less and these criminals and their supporters won't be satisfied... boo hoo.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Portland a red city?

Look at all that red! It almost looks like the national election map by county. But wait a minute, we know that Porland doesn't vote republican, what can all that red possibly signify?

Oh yeah, crime! The red indicates more than 500 crimes in that area. (the stats stop at >500 so it could be more than a million, who knows) This map provided by Crime Mapper.

Portland: The city that works... at least the robbers, drug dealers and thieves work.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Kulongoski: The only one excited about his own candidacy

Dean brings unity message to Oregon's Democrats
Although much of the speech dealt with national issues and campaign themes, Dean started his speech with an appeal for Democrats to unite around Gov. Ted Kulongoski, who won the nomination last month with 54 percent of the vote and faces a tough re-election bid in November.

Kulongoski leapt to his feet from a seat on the platform from where Dean spoke and pumped his fists in the air. But the crowd's enthusiasm failed to match that of their party's candidate. After countless standing ovations earlier that night for other party leaders, only one person in the crowd stood while the governor was greeted with polite applause.

Ha ha ha ha ha. Whew. That is funny. No wait, I'm going to read it again... ha ha ha ha ha. Ok, ok, when you read it again, especially the part about Kulongoski "pumping his fist in the air" read it in a Ben Stein voice and real slow.

The Kulongoski one man pep rally. That can't be good for his self-esteem.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Mac Johnson column

Let Illegal Aliens Support Amnesty RINOs
Quick: What do 61% of Republican and 10% of Democrat Senators have in common? They represent America—at least on the issue of immigration.

...32 of the 55 Republicans in the Senate opposed the Senate amnesty, despite enormous pressure from the President and their leadership. The bill passed the Senate, despite nearly 2-1 opposition from Republicans, on the strength of overwhelming 90% support from Democrats.

Essentially, the President and the rest of the open borders minority conspired with Democrats to defeat the Republican majority.

Mac Johnson writes a great column here. It makes me feel even better about the website.

Read this column.

But what do I really think?

You know what I realized? I have a few opinions. They are as follows:

Illegal aliens: Kick them out. Give them nothing so they kick themselves out.

The Kicker: It's ours. Hands off.

Gay marriage: It's all about equality... gays can marry someone of the opposite sex just like the rest of us.

Public art: I don't buy that garbage for my house, I don't want you using my money to buy it for yours.

The internet: What did we do before it? Thank you Al Gore.

The War on Terror: Bury terrorists with pig guts. Post pictures of that. We should be waging a huge propaganda war instead of having one waged against us by the media.

Les Schwab: Greatest tire company ever. Wouldn't buy anywhere else. Don't care if they have a woman manager or not.

Women having "equality": Hah, I'll concede that women should have set-asides at Les Schwab (or anywhere) when Cosmo sets aside a certain number of pages to talk about fishing/power tools/large trucks.

Property rights: That's your house, you want to paint it polka dot and put a large neon sign on top? That's your bussiness. What I want to do with my house is my bussiness.

Abortion: It's murder.

Democrats: They're not bad people, just not very bright.

Washington DC politicians: They live on Planet X. They don't care about us even a little.

Marijuana: If you think it's medicine then you are a moron. You don't smoke medicine.

Tom Clancy: Great author.

Karl Rove: A moron.

Global Warming: When I write a blog post I put a link, when I write a paper I footnote. This is because I will be called a liar if I don't. (with the proof available I just get called a facist/bigot/etc) Don't tell me about global warming unless you are prepared to back it up with facts. "Everyone knows" isn't good enough.

Feminists: Who let them out of the kitchen?

Crime and punishment: We will have less of the former when the latter is more severe and unpleasant.

My most recent fishing trip: How did my vegetarian brother manage to catch a fish and I didn't?

Celebreties: I don't care who you married, whose baby you have, what you are wearing. Shut up.

Animal rights: They have the right to be eaten.

David Wu: Is "attempted rapist" something that Oregon voters look for in a representative?

Mac Johnson: Write a book man. I'll buy it.

The guy who just called me telling me that we won a $500 shopping spree if I will only let them come into my house and have me fill out a survey: May a thousand lice lay eggs on your pillow.

Email spam: May a thousand lice lay eggs in your nose and ears.

Reality TV: If I want reality I'll go outside.

This blog post: It's getting long...

Kulongoski: Still trying to kick Oregonians

Oregon's twin kickers: dumb and dumber
T he Oregon economy is alive and kicking, but if this state sends back more than a billion dollars in taxes next year instead of saving some of it for a rainy day, it will be time to declare the state's political leadership brain-dead.

Absolutely right. Kulongoski has also demanded to keep the kicker in the responsible hands of government beauracrats. And it makes sense, without your money the state won't be able to afford public art such as this:

I'm not kidding. This is from the Public Art Collection. Paid for usually by the "percent for art" program. I think that the urinals are symbolic of what they do to our tax money...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bush, Smith... Che?

Illegals Love Mexico and Che Guevara
The 62 senators who voted "yea" on last week's immigration bill apparently missed all the May Day marches. Either that, or these senators were blind to the marchers' symbols and deaf to the marchers' chants. Describing our legislative magnificoes as "out of touch" misses it.

Bloggers from Babalu to Michelle Malkin didn't let them get away with it. They pulled a quick end-run around the mainstream juggernaut and showed us what was really going on. Thus we saw the Mexican tricolor flapping everywhere. Thus we saw Ernesto "Che" Guevara scowling from countless banners, T-shirts and placards. He appeared as the movement's spiritual leader.

Funny thing is, these symbols weren't just limited to May Day. I (and other local bloggers) have been documenting these things at the, now cancelled (I TOLD YOU SO FERNANDO, OOOH, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE RIGHT...), carousels of information.

For those of you who may have missed these events or my reporting of them, a brief flashback:

The people of peace... who wear t-shirts featuring violent revolutionaries.

Nothing like a racist poster.

Senator Avel Gordly with Che and the Mexican flag.

My point, illegal aliens don't love this country. They don't even like this country. Kind of like the guy who broke into your house and stole your TV doesn't like you. He just likes your TV.