Friday, June 23, 2006

I'd love to ask him

First - on the rule of law. Show me a society where there is no rule of law, and I will show you a society where the weakest have no chance - and the strongest show no restraint. The rule of law is the glue that holds together Oregon´s communal bonds, and makes a functioning government possible. What some people have lost sight of is that the rule of law demands an orderly process, and an orderly process requires a unique role for each branch of government.

What we can´t do is pick and choose which laws we want to follow - or create new ones just for ourselves. That is a recipe for disaster.

This is governor Kulongoski talking about... gay marriage. It would be great to have this speech quoted back to him along with a question about his position on illegal immigration. How he would weasel out of that one I don't know... oh wait, yes I do, he would glare at whoever asked and then suggest that they be more "respectful."

Because as his employer we have no right to ask him tough questions.

Teddy's Speech


Ric said...

Teddy K hurts the poor.

Mr. Governor - why are you punishing the poor and making things more difficult for them, while not impacting the rich - like you ?
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Ans: Global Warming; Women and Children Hurt Most.
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"The governor is very pleased," said Lonn Hoklin, a spokesman for the governor, who pushed the standards past a political roadblock in the Legislature by using a procedure called a "line-item" veto.

What Teddy has done is mandated an increase in the price of a new car by - $1200 - $3000 perhaps more.

This AP story in the Statesman Journal is pretty poor - no real information is presented. Alas it is what I found for coverage via Oregon Watchdog.

I stuck some random thoughts about this over on my blog.

jwalker said...

That was bizarre. I thought it was some right-wing commentator talking about immigration. I was really taken aback when I saw the hypocrisy. And I thought I couldn't be shocked anymore.

BEAR said...

Wow! A Democrat using the phrase, "rule of law" in a sentence......and his head didn't explode! Clinton must be rolling over in his intern's bed!! Stunning, isn't it.