Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thoughful reminder

I did this post once before but seeing as how so many people have been bashing Kulongoski as of late I think that it's important to set the record straight. Many people have reffered to "sleepy" Ted and made accusations that only now, during election time, is he doing anything. This is patently false. Here is a grand list of his accomplishments while in office in his own words:

We were the first state to finance public art for every public building.
-April 4, 2003

“This has been a very important and successful year for art and culture in Oregon. In spite of a very tight budget, we were able to preserve the state’s two leading public voices for art and culture - the Oregon Arts Commission and the Oregon Cultural Trust.
-December 23, 2003

Governor Ted Kulongoski today announced his new postsecondary education initiative and announced the appointment of former Governor Neil Goldschmidt to serve on the Board of Higher Education.
-November 13, 2003

"With today’s ruling, we’ve gone from having many unanswered questions about Measure 37 to having many more... It has been clear from the beginning that the courts would need to sort these issues out."
-October 14, 2005

Executive Order: 05-01
The Director of Affirmative Action and each Agency Director or Administrator shall review and discuss the affirmative action plans and affirmative action goals for their departments to identify resources for improving, if needed, the hiring and developmental opportunities of underrepresented persons.

Executive Order: 06-02
Paraphrasing: We need to grow grass on top of buildings at taxpayer expense. We should name our children Sunflower or Stardust. People who drive cars should be punished.

Clearly Teddy K has accomplished a lot during his reign of terror over Oregon.


Anonymous said...

any politician who stays out of the way of private capitalism serves us well in the pocket book.Ted is a good man who knows the ropes.Chest pounding politicians and bloggers are in it for themselves.

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous, you are full of it. Teddy the K is anything but a "good man". Anyone who would appoint Neil Goldschmidt to anything that has to do with education cannot be at all good. You have apparently forgotten that Goldschmidt is Oregon's premiere unindicted child rapist.

Ric said...

Ya missed this:
Govenor appoints Council to Study Global Warming.

Doesn't he know Al Gore is already on this? Maybe it is really a group to go see movies together.

Although, their first action may be to try to tighten emissions from, ahem, cars.

"Gov. Ted Kulongoski appointed business leaders, scientists and sustainability experts to the Climate Change Integration Group to continue state efforts to address global warming.

The group also will follow up on recommendations to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions made by an advisory group in the winter. Next week, the Environmental Quality Commission will vote on adopting stricter standards for vehicle emissions, which was one of the group's recommendations.

"It is very important to the economic and physical health of our state that we understand and address problems associated with climate change," Kulongoski said in a statement.

Ric said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, he has a great many accomplishments. I was almost ready to vote for Saxton, but after doing some research I see what else Governor Kulongoski has done during his last term. I will be casting my vote to re-elect Governor Kulongoski. He is the best choice.

Here are just some of his accomplishments. There are a great many more, but I don't have time to list them all. He has definately done a hell of alot more than Saxton.

-Under Kulongoski's Leadership, Oregon Employment the highest ever

-Signed legislation to help small businesses and minorities

-Signed legislation increasing high school and college completion rates.

-Kulongoski names SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) Literacy Champion

-Launched program to keep Teachers and Nurses in Oregon

-Has worked to fight fraud and abuse against Oregon Seniors

-Challenged Bush Administration's rollback on forest protections

-Making Oregon the leader on Wave Energy

-Works to protect Oregon's roadless areas

-Has made Oregon one of the toughest places to produce Meth

-Made Oregon the leader in fighting Global Warming

-Signed Jessica's Law into law.

-Signed Mental Health Parity Bill

-Supports healthcare for Oregon's most vunerable

-Protects the rights of workers-endorses Employee Free Choice Act

-Expanded access to fresh food for those on food assistance

-Created Taskforce on Gay Equality

-Made grants available to Oregon most needy for home weatherization and electricity bills

-Has improved access to childcare for Oregon's working families

Robert said...

Ron Saxton wanted to be governor so badly that the last time he ran and finished last, he had his campaign kickoff at his good friend Neil Goldschmidt's home and made his good friend Neil's wife his campaign treasurer. Now Scottie, are you going to vote for Neil Goldschmidts good friend Ron Saxton?

RINO WATCH said...

Hey Anon 12:01pm aka Teddy campaign shill....

"Signed Jessica's Law into law"
SSLOL,SSLOL,SSLOL...SSLOL (Side Splitting...)

Where was your hero last summer when he could have told Katie & Petey to git 'er done?

Your boy's weak!

Larry B said...

He also used line item veot to give us Californias air quality standards on new cars

The suit challenges Governor Kulongoski's veto authority. Kulongoski erased a line in the state budget that barred DEQ from adopting California's rules. ... - 24k

Donald Rasmussen said...

Excuse me but I am new to this blog. I heard about it on Lars Larsons show today.

So Mr. Daniel, I am not to vote for Ted Kulongoski, but I am to vote for Ron Saxton? As a Conservative, why should I vote for someone that supports killing babies and raping children. That is what Republican Candidate Ron Saxton does. Mr. Saxton has a long history as a pro-abortion liberal goes way back in this state. He has a longer history of working and being friends with Neil Goldschmidt. In addition he has supported just about every liberal pet project that has ever been proposed.

So, if this is the "new" Republican Party of Oregon, I want no part of it. I will either shred my ballot this November or cast a vote for a candidate that fits my morals.

Donald Rassmussen

RINO WATCH said...

Almost forgot this gem...

Teddy allowed Lorna Youngs and DMV to issue 80,000+ driver's licenses to non-residents, including Illegal Aliens.

Ms. Youngs is still director of Oregon DMV and issues ODL's to Illegals.


Honest Abe said...

Has made Oregon one of the toughest places to produce Meth

I bet Daniel, convicted Meth dealer, is disappointed with this one.

So far all I see by you Kulongoski haters is hair splitting. I do declare I am surprised by the flip flopping of you Saxton haters (last month) that you now support the old liberal Ronny. He is more liberal than Teddy K, better at finessing others and opening his pocket book to support Democratic causes and certainly was a better friend to Goldschmidt. What gives? Like Donald Rasmussen asks is this the new Republican Party of Oregon?

Honest Abe said...


....To ad to the the Saxton party confusion we have this:
1) Saxton contributed $500 to Democrat Ted Kulongoski.
2) Saxton contributed $1,500 to democrat Ron Wyden.
3) Saxton contributed $1,000 to Democrat Earl Bluemenauer .
4) Saxton contributed $250 to Democrat Phil Keisling.
5) Saxton contributed $250 to the Democratic Party of Oregon.
6) Saxton was the named treasurer for Justice Susan Leeson. She wrote, among other questionable opinions, the decision to release not retry convicted murder/child molester Scott Dean Harbitts (victim was 2 years old) on a technicality.

-posted at NW Republican by I am Coyote (yip yip)

Ric said...

For all who consider themselves on the Conservative or Libertarian side of the political divide -

What is your intent for November?
- Stay home (seems to be a common theme across the nation)
- Vote for the Republican
- Vote for the Democrat
- Vote for a 3rd Party

And why?

Myself, I wanted Jason to win the primary and would have had no trouble voting for him. Saxton is still in a place where he has to earn my vote. And while I am not a big fan of voting 3rd party, even to 'send a message', I am leaning that way. I cannot bring myself to vote for Ted.

Anonymous said...

Mary Starrett will be my choice this November. So far I have convinced all my nine family members to support her.

The Republican candidate supports too many policies that I don't.

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