Monday, June 19, 2006

Because I am so generous...

I am a generous guy. I want everyone to have the things they need and want. That's why, if I was in charge, I would raise the minimum wage to $20/hour.

That's right. I mean, as long as we are being arbitrary with an amount, rather than rely on what the labor or skills of the employee are actually worth, then why not make it $20?

Especially when my stated goal is to show my compassion, generosity and good-heartedness. I mean, if you can't "live" on $5.15/hour then what really makes $8/hour much better? I mean, can you really live the American dream with that?

So since I am such a generous guy, and since I know that you absolutely deserve more than what you have now, I am proposing that we force employers to pay you more. Yes, yes, I know, I am a generous and compassionate man. It's because I care.

Actually, I would call for a legislator with a sense of humor to propose a bill making this the minimum wage. They could give testimony prattling on about "a Cadillac in every garage" and get all teary when they talk about how some families don't have vacation homes.

I would love to hear Democrats argue against this. How could they? By their logic (by logic I mean stupidity) this is the best idea since sliced bread.

Bottom line: There is no difference in raising the minimum wage $0.50 or $50K, a person is either paid what their work is worth or they aren't.


BEAR said...

Mr. Daniel, NOW I can live the lifestyle of my dreams. I promise to be responsible with my $50,000/hour, but if I'm not, I know bryansaxton will forgive me and get me a raise. (I hope he stays a Christian.) We know that state government will REALLY like getting their 9% ($4,500/hr.) of my money. Just think of all the GOOD the governor could accomplish! A big mac might cost $15,000, but who cares, I'll be RICH!!

Daniel said...

Yes! We are both graduates of democrat economics. Everything you said makes sense.

BEAR said...

I try!

Robin said...

Bear is correct. I have been an employer and if they want to do anything, lower the taxes that are taken from somebody's paycheck and what the employers have to pay. This would allow companies to hire more people, which puts more money into the economy, and so on and so on.

When I had my business, I was totally amazed on how much it really cost for the privilege of having an employee.

I mean, who would not like to make more money. However, it would just add more to the expense of goods and lower the value of the dollar even more. It's all relevant.

Bruce said...

COOL..I always wanted to know what it felt like to do a $25 haircut.

terry said...

This is a really stupid thread. Having said that, raising the minimum wage from A ($5.15/hr) to B (whatever B might be) is unfair not only to employers but also to everyone currently earning more than A and (B or less than B).

This should be easy to see for anyone who is NOT a eunuch. Humans are hierarchical social creatures. Wages function not only as economic price signals, but as social signals as well. The man who earns minimum wage does NOT get the girl, while the man who earns $100 per hour has women chasing HIM.

In this context, raising the minimum wage from A to B disrupts the social pecking order of all who previously earned more than A but less than (or equal to) B. Clearly, the disruption increases as the size of the min wage increase rises: raising the minimum wage to, say, $20/hr ($100/hr, etc) would massively disrupt the social pecking order, both in terms of degree and number of people affected. Raising it to, say, $7.50 per hour, would have in comparison relatively limited disruptive effects,

Question: NOT raising the minimum wage results in a real decline in the minimum wage. Is that deflationary?

BEAR said...

Allowing illegal aliens to flood the labor market is deflationary, not only artificially holding down wages, but it also raises social costs dramatically, from border enforcement, to health care, to education, to welfare, to incarceration, etc., etc.....bottom line; income stagnates, cost of living goes have stag-flation. If the process doesn't stop, you spiral down to 3rd world status. See you at the bottom, Congress.

Ric said...

Screw that wage crap. Just give every adult who filed & had to pay at least $1.00 FEDERAL tax ( not including FICA etc ) but who earned less than $1M Last Year ...
Or, 100k / year for 10 years.

Why should I work, when you are giving it away? After a state raised the minimum wage, they will be force to raise the welfare benefit too.

gullyborg said...

Why not just bypass all the middle men, and have the state just give us our houses, cars, food, and clothes? Do we really need money? All money does is go back and forth between buyers and sellers. Why have buyers or sellers? That's too many steps. Just let the government give it all directly to me, so I don't have to "buy" anything "for sale." Isn't that more efficient?

Anonymous said...

Why not make one wage for every job? That way the "pecking order" is done away with?

The problem is how people live, not the wages they are given. Too many people think they deserve everything, and that's why the minimum isn't enough for them. Work harder, get more money. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! $25/hour, regardless of the job. Doctors and fry cooks making the same money.

no more pecking order!


Erik said...

Has anyone ever read about the laffer curve? What if you applied that concept onto a world where everyone made the same wage.

What would the "optimum" wage be for the given tax structure?

Scottiebill said...

Hey, Bear, If you can get that kind of money, Teddy the K will just want more of it.

Gullyborg: Your idea sounds just like something right of the Karl Marx handbook. Are you plagarizing Mr. Marx?

terry said...

Dear Anon1129:

Do you really think an adult can live reasonable well in these parts on a minimum wage income? The usual argument I hear is, "Minimum wage is for tweenagers in entry level jobs. You're not SUPPOSED to live on it!"

I'm stuck in a dead-end min wage job because I don't have any marketable skills and I don't have the money for training to ghet skills. But I don't want to hear that people earning minimum wage are merely living wrongly.

I'd like to see any adult here live on minimum wage.