Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thank goodness for the House (part 2)

House Republicans may scuttle state's cultural competency efforts
A quiet effort by state officials to require that all newly certified Oregon teachers be "culturally competent" looks to be dead-on-arrival in the Republican-controlled House, despite firm support from education advocates...
...[cultural competency] can mean not assigning homework that requires a computer to a homeless student, or understanding that in some Hispanic cultures, it's considered rude to look an authority figure in the eye. The idea is that understanding a student's background will eventually help them to perform better in class and on tests.

Do we live in a Hispanic culture? Should we teach kids that you can walk into a job interview and not look the boss in the eye? In "some Hispanic cultures" having sex with 12 year olds is ok. In some cultures female genital mutilation is ok. The Fishwrapper had an editorial blasting that "cultural tradition" just the other day. How come we don't respect other people's cultures when it comes to stuff like that?
Why don't we tell teachers to just teach the kids. Don't look at their "socio-economic status" or their "culture," just teach the American kids how to read, write, do math, and be Americans.

Thank goodness we have the House

Oregon House likely to nix measure forcing employers to cover birth control
The Oregon House is expected to demur on the issue of forcing expanded insurance coverage for prescription birth control.
By a 20–7 vote, the state Senate passed a measure last week requiring insurance companies to cover prescription contraceptives at the same level as medicines.
In past sessions, the House has rejected the idea. That may happen again this year, as a companion bill introduced in the House has not even come up yet for discussion.

The only 100% effective birth control is free...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Tax on "luxury" starbucks coffee maybe?

House Bill 3254 (.PDF)
The "luxury tax" bill that you heard about today on the Lars Larson show. Everything from fur coats to submarines. Seriously this is a sales tax. This year it is on boats and snowmobiles but next legislative session we will see the "expansion" of the luxury tax to include other items. The following session we will see a "surcharge" of the luxury tax followed by yet another "expansion" of purchases eligible for the luxury tax. Next thing you know such "luxurious" items as soy-mocha-latte-grande coffees at Starbucks will be taxed. That might be the day the liberals realize we have a sales tax.

Are you a member of "the religious right"?

Hating the "Religious Right"
All of these charges--from the most incoherent to the most measured--arrive without definition as to what "the religious right" is, and without argument as to why the agenda of this ill-defined group is less legitimate than the pro-gay marriage, pro-cloning, pro-partial-birth abortion, pro-euthanasia agenda of other political actors. Danforth's position is, apparently, that the agenda of the left on these matters ought not to be resisted, which means that it will
be enacted. "For politicians to advance the cause of one religious group," Danforth intones, "is often to oppose the cause of another." That is inescapably true. To come to the defense of the unborn, as Senator Danforth correctly notes he always did during his legislative career, is to oppose abortion on demand. To come to the aid of the Christians in Sudan is to oppose the wishes of the Muslims who sought their destruction. Every political conflict is a choice between competing moral codes.

Hugh Hewitt sums it up perfectly in this column.

New Ann Coulter column

Terri's husband has refused to allow her to be given either an MRI or a PET scan, which are also known as: "The tests that could determine whether Terri is even in a permanent vegetative state." (I believe his exact words were, "PET scan? MRI? What do I look like, a guy who just won a $1 million malpractice settlement?")
On the basis of these facts, Pinellas County Judge George Greer found that it was Terri's wish to be starved to death. She requires no life support; all she needs is food and water. If being (a) on a liquid diet, and (b) unresponsive to one's estranged husband are now considered grounds for a woman's execution, wait until this news hits Beverly Hills!

Read it, learn it, know it.

If you give a mouse a cookie...

Get off the roller coaster: Oregon needs a budgetary reserve
Oregon is also among the states most in need of such a reserve, because the lack of a sales tax creates heavy reliance on the state income tax, the most volatile of revenue sources...
...Throughout the long expansion of the 1990s, income tax revenues grew steadily, allowing the state's general fund to more than double. When the economy soured in 2001, jobs were lost and the growth in income tax revenue came to an abrupt halt...

And perhaps if a crack addict kept a "backup stash" he would not go through withdrawals when he ran out of drugs...
The argument for a "rainy day fund" is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. (Topped only be the assertion that liberals on on our side in the war on terror) The one thing that government does very well is spend money. They can't get enough. If the voters say no more income tax then they will raise the cigarette tax, the wine tax, property taxes, increase fees and assessments, etc. You get the idea. Government is in constant budget crisis. They will never say enough. If they were to establish a "rainy day fund" this biennium the [fill in the blank] department would insist that it was needed to "provide current levels of service" the very next budget cycle.
I don't want government to hold on to people's money that it isn't currently spending on behalf of the people. Government has some very important functions that need to be paid for but we should not be sending them money to hold on to when they are not using it to provide necessary services. When taking your car to the mechanic you pay for the work that is done on your car for that instance. You don't give them a deposit for future work. The mechanic could argue that "maybe you won't have the money" the next time you need to take your car in but I am sure that you would rather leave it in your own bank account than let the autoshop keep it for you. Especially if the autoshop employs a "diversity coordinator."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Oregon DHS: Strapped for cash?

DHS Diversity Development Coordinating Council
The Mission of the Department of Human Services Diversity Development Coordinating Council (DHSDDCC) is to ensure that DHS builds an organizational culture and workforce that is culturally competent and inclusive. The Council is multi-functional and works closely with the Diversity Coordinator...

DHS Budget
I'm not positive that I am reading this right but it looks like DHS expects to get $9,567,100,356 for the 2005-07 biennium. This will fund 9,533 positions. With jobs like "Diversity Coordinator" (Marita Baragli) and "Cultural Competency & Workforce Diversity Manager" (Open position) and "affirmative action officer" (Travis Richard) I can see why they need so much money.
Can't Marita and Travis handle the whole "diversity" thing by themselves? Do they really need a "Cultural Competency & Workforce Diversity Manager" who makes $59736 annually? Couldn't that 60k go towards helping the needy?

Various source links:
PREVIOUS POST LINK (Cultural Competency job listing)

Note: All positions that should be eliminated are highlighted in red

Qualified candidate will be "culturally competent"

State of Oregon Job Announcement

This employment opportunity is with Health Services, OREGON STATE HOSPITAL,which is part of the Department of Human Services (DHS).

QUALIFICATIONS: Two years of experience creating and implementing programs related to cultural competency and diversity in the workforce and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, Business Administration, Industrial Science, PublicAdministration or a related field.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Works with hospital management staff to develop consensus on priorities foraction and accountability mechanisms to address cultural competence andworkforce diversity issues. Identifies resources needed for priorityactions.Reviews relevant policies, procedures and practices to ensure culturalcompetence and diversity issues are addressed. Develops policies necessaryfor the successful implementation of the cultural competence and workforcediversity plan.

My wife just read this and said, "So what is this person's job?" I think that pretty much sums it up!

Don't punish them for breaking the law..

Oregon eyes tuition break for illegal immigrants
A controversial bill that would allow certain students who are not legal citizens to pay in-state tuition at Oregon's seven public universities got a hearing in front of legislators yesterday...
...Silvio Poot, 20, said his family moved illegally to Portland.
"My dream was to go to high school, and I did it. I'm a senior," Poot said.
Poot works eight hours a day after a full day at high school to support himself and help his family. He wants to attend college and said this bill would help him and others in his situation.

Tell us who your employer is Poot... I really want to report them. This bill would allow someone from Mexico to pay less for an education at U of O or OSU than a resident of Vancouver, Washington. Or Idaho. And these people are criminals!!

More supporting evidence that we are at war with Mexico:
"Mexico is pleased with President Bush's action," said Arturo Dager, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Mexico City. "It no doubt will have an important impact for Mexicans in the United States."
What is Mexico so pleased about? The possible overturning of death sentences for people like Jose Medellin who gang-raped and killed two girls, 14 and 16. What "important impact" did this have on those two girls and their families?

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Washington Post (no mention of what the defendant's crime was)

Please write your local legislators and tell them to vote NO on the in-state tuition bill and write President Bush and tell him you are disgusted that he is cowtowing to foreign influence on what we do with our convicted criminals.

Monday, March 28, 2005

New Mac Johson column

Have Faith in Social Security? Then Have I Got a Deal for You!
Excellent questions. Socialist Sincerity is so simple even a Democrat can use it. You simply send to me (under irrevocable legal obligation and threat of imprisonment) a large chunk of your earnings every week for your entire life. Then, when you reach retirement age --which I currently am going to say is "67", but I can change to any number I want later-- I will send you guaranteed monthly payments in an amount I will determine at a future date! This amount will be based on my financial situation at the time and my fickle spending priorities (which could include invading my uppity neighbor's backyard, turning my driveway into an enormous underground highway system so that I don't have to look at it, or building a chain of monuments to the founder of Socialist Sincerity).

Wow, this sound like a great deal! (As long as they never break "the promise")

Mini "Gay Day" at Disneyland on April 2nd

MINI GAY DAY: Saturday, April 2, 2005
The Happiest Place on Earth becomes the gayest too!

Good idea, let's celebrate sexuality at a children's theme park. If you are gay and you want to go to Disneyland then go to Disneyland. But don't flaunt your sex life in front of children.

After a long day in the park, why not sit back and enjoy a nice cocktail—or five—perhaps with that new friend you met at the Single Riders Gather?

Great idea, drink five cocktails at a children's resort! Way to be role models. (This is probably why nature doesn't let gays have kids)

Perhaps their photo galleries of previous "gay day" events are somewhat tasteful and reflect the fact that Disneyland is a children's theme park and not a sexed up S&M lounge...

OK, maybe not. Mickey Mouse never wore a Speedo...

Homosexuals who insist on wearing sex on their sleeve at a place for children are despicable. These idiots are not making a political point, they are corrupting young minds. I would feel the same way if a straight woman were to walk around dressed like a prostitute.
Crossdressing, dancing in speedo's, and getting drunk are all things that these degenerates could do in the privacy of their own home but instead choose to put it in children's faces.

It's OK because they're illegal...

IRS Fails to Treat Employers Equally
In October 2004, responding to a request from House Immigration Subcommittee Chairman John Hostettler [R.-Ind.], the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on the same issue. "Our attempt to determine if IRS has ever penalized employers for filing a wage statement with an inaccurate SSN found no evidence of any penalties being assessed," said the GAO. Even employers filing thousands of inaccurate W-2s were not penalized...
..."If IRS takes steps to improve the accuracy of SSNs reported on wage statements, there could be implications for thousands of illegal immigrants and their employers," said GAO, "and in turn, on federal programs which specifically deal with federal immigration policy."

So they broke into our country, illegaly, are employed in our country, illegaly, so I'm not shocked that these same people are commiting ID theft, forgery, and tax fraud, illegally.

Not politically correct? You must be a racist!

Judge says Blocking of Student's 'Unpopular' Opinions OK
A federal judge has ruled against a former student columnist who claims he was reprimanded and disciplined by his California high school for writing two opinion editorials opposing illegal immigration and affirmative action...
...According to Judge Sutro, Smith's articles were equivalent to something from "a white power publication or Ku Klux Klan."

Opposing lawbreakers and racial quotas makes you the equivalent of the KKK?!?!?!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Where does the "culture of death" take us?

Holland's Euthanasia Law
Requires that the physician "has terminated a life or assisted suicide with due care." [Chapter II, Article 2, 1,f.] This requirement that the procedure be carried out in a medically appropriate fashion transforms the crimes of euthanasia and assisted suicide into medical treatments.

Teenagers 16 to 18 years old may request and receive euthanasia or assisted suicide. A parent or guardian must "have been involved in decision process," but need not agree or approve. [Chapter II, Article 2, 3]

Children 12 to 16 years old may request and receive euthanasia or assisted suicide. A parent or guardian must "agree with the termination of life or the assisted suicide." [Chapter II, Article 2, 4]

There is no requirement that the suffering be physical or that the the patient be terminally ill.

Is this what we want for America? Allowing 12 year olds to commit suicide? Those "tolerant" Dutch folks are the model for an "enlightened" and "progressive" society. This is their progress. Well, this and their marijuana and prostitution. Great place for kids.

Run for your lives! The sprawl is coming!

During the past few months, many have spoken or written despairingly of "sprawl." They never clearly define the term, but from the rhetoric one would think they're discussing a plague of locusts rather than the inevitable result of free people exercising their inalienable and constitutionally protected rights as individuals to pursue their happiness by choosing where to live, where to work, where to shop and where to find recreation.

A very well written piece on the myth of the "urban sprawl."

Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Culture of Death

A Turning Point In The Culture War
Terri Schiavo's medical condition is in dispute, she left no living will, we don't know her present wishes, and yet the courts are ordering that her husband has the right to kill her? This outrage simply couldn't happen in a culture that considered human life sacred....
...The decision to kill Terri Schiavo is not in deference to Terri's intentions, about which there is way too much doubt, but to godlessness, humanism and death. It is to quench society's lust for death.
This case marks a turning point in the Culture War, where society is making a giant leap toward the dark side, embracing the lie over truth and death over life. In our relentless quest to become like gods, we are crossing another sacred line, and it is hard to imagine how we might return.

What are things coming to when one man in a black robe can not only order a disabled woman be starved but also dispatch agents of the government (police) in order to keep people from giving her food and water.

Pray for Terri

With Last Court Defeat, Terri Schiavo's Family Out of Options
With a decision by the Florida Supreme Court rejecting one last effort to head off Terri Schiavo's painful starvation death, Terri's parents Bob and Mary Schindler are virtually out of options to save their daughter..."Tomorrow as we celebrate Easter they pray that you gather in the churches of your own denominations and offer prayer for their daughter Terri," he said."Be with your children, hold them close and share every moment you have with them," he added.

Beirut bomb blast targets Christians

3 foreign workers hurt in Lebanon blast
A bomb set off a raging inferno in an industrial area of a mainly Christian neighborhood of Beirut on Saturday, injuring at least three foreign workers..."They must love us - we got it twice in a week," he said referring to an explosion in the nearby predominantly Christian neighborhood of Jdeideh last Saturday that injured nine people. A bomb on Wednesday killed three people in a Christian commercial center...The three bombings since March 19 have targeted Christian, anti-Syrian strongholds in Lebanon, killing a total of three people and injuring 16, causing fears of the return of the sectarian violence that plagued Lebanon during the 1975-90 civil war.

Now let's see, what group of people hate Christians, are pro-Syria, and love blowing things (and themselves) up? Hezbollah! You know, that group that the EU refuses to classify as a terrorist organization.

Hezbollah children learning "the Religion of Peace" Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Diversity University Part 3

After reading the U of O memo from my last post I was confused about some of the terminology used to describe "transgender" persons. Luckily another taxpayer funded school of higher ed has all the answers I need. Thank you Oregon State University!

I might be transgender...
Answers everything from who are transgender people to what is gender dysphoria. Very informative.

Questions for friends and family
Thankfully our taxpayer funded institution answers such moral questions as "Is there something wrong with being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender?" Their answer: No.
and "Is being LGBT normal?" Their answer: Yes.
Glad they cleared that one up for me. Guess I'll just toss out the old bible...

What about sex?
Your tax dollars paid for this so I'll let you decide if you want to read it.

These universities clearly think they have the moral authority to make statements/judgments on what behavior is ok regardless of whether or not the community that supports the institution with it's tax dollars agrees. Before sending your kids to college have a long talk to them about peer pressure... no, not about drugs, about "diversity."

Diversity University Part 2

Memo to UO Faculty and Staff (.PDF)
Subject: Transgender/transsexual members of the university community

When a member of the University of Oregon community enter the real life experience phase of a gender transition, the university will be sensitive to the individual's needs in adopting a new or evolving gender identity...

What's an "evolving gender identity" and why is a taxpayer supported university being "sensitive" to these freaks? A "real life experience phase?" We are not talking about puberty here, we are talking about boys that think they are girls or girls who think they are boys. This is not normal. As with anyone who is exhibiting bad behavior, the best thing we could do for these people is to tell them that what they are doing is wrong and get them some help.

Oregon colleges "ignore God" the most!

Colleges where students 'ignore God' lauded
In its critique of the best U.S. colleges, the Princeton Review suggested schools where students "ignore God on a regular basis" uphold the implied virtue of "diversity" better than institutions where they "pray on a regular basis."

See Chart: LINK

What are the top two colleges that "ignore God" the most? Oregon's own Reed College and Lewis & Clark College. LINK

A little about Lewis & Clark:
Lewis & Clark offers fascinating "gender studies" as a class:
Building on Lewis & Clark’s commitment to gender issues and gender balance across the curriculum, the College offers a model program in this emerging field. Lewis & Clark’s gender studies program was the first of its kind in the country and has achieved national recognition. Courses range from studying the treatment of sexes in literature and art to discovering sex biases in education and workplaces. A sampling of courses includes: Women and Men in American Society, Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective, and Feminist Theory.
A course on "Feminist Theory" is just what I've been waiting for.

But does Lewis and Clark prepare kids with their "Political Science" course?
Examples of student internships
Americans for Democratic Action.
Face the Nation, CBS News.
USA Today, polling division.
National Mining Association.
American Civil Liberties Union.
Portland city commissioner.
Bonneville Power Administration.
That's a well balanced list...
But does Lewis and Clark College have anything to do with God?
At Lewis & Clark, the study of religion is defined as a field of investigation distinct from religious practice...Lewis & Clark’s Department of Religious Studies has chosen to focus on the study of religion as a social and cultural phenomenon.

A little about Reed:
The Reed "multicultural center"
Reed College offers an educational program based on "an honest effort to disregard old historic rivalries and hostilities between the sciences and the arts, between professional and cultural subjects, and, I might add, the formal chronological cleavage between the graduate and the undergraduate attitude of mind."
University professors who can't get real jobs have to talk like that.
All freshmen are required to take first-year humanities (110), as are those transfer students who have not completed equivalent transferable courses.
Is there anything less worthless than liberal arts education? Anything?

Having the top two colleges where "Students Ignore God on a Regular Basis" in my home state is depressing. Having seen what kind of people come out of Lewis & Clark is even worse.
Actual statement from L&C kid during argument with me over whether downloading music in violation of copyright laws is stealing: "Some people don't know stealing is wrong..." Yikes.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Coulter column

Starved for Justice
Given the country's fetishism about court rulings, this may be a rash assumption, but I presume if Greer had ordered that Terri Schiavo be shot at her husband's request--a more humane death, by the way--the whole country would not sit idly by, claiming to be bound by the court's ruling because of the "rule of law" and "federalism." President Bush would order the FBI to protect her and Gov. Bush would send in the state police.


Send a letter to the EU

Tell them to designate Hezbollah a terrorist organization
This letter will be sent to the following individual(s):
Josep Borrell Fontelles, President of the European Parliament

Take 30 seconds and send the letter!

Watching her die

Governor Jeb Bush Pressured to Take Terri Schiavo Into Custody
After a ruling by Circuit Court Judge George Greer on Thursday preventing the Florida Department of Children and Families from protecting Terri, Bush indicated he would not violate Judge Greer's order.
Attorneys for Bush appealed the decision to a Florida appeals court and the Florida Supreme Court and lost both times.
Those decisions prompted Bush to say he has no recourse to protect Terri.

See: Management of Hunger in the United States
In 1990 the United Nations (UN) State of the World assigned nutrition as an international statute and a human right. Two articles developed at this session of United Nations recognized that proper, adequate nutrition combats disease and malnutrition, and that every child in the world has the right to live in an environment which provides adequate food and clean, safe drinking water. These policies were incorporated and expanded in the 1992 U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) developing specific goals to reach the world’s population by the year 2000
How come the Supreme Court isn't quoting international law on this issue?

Fishwrapper profiled a thief

Oregon man searching for work accused of stealing from new job
Charles Gray was desperate for work when he was featured in a newspaper article about unemployment.
The research librarian told The Oregonian in a 2003 article that he didn't know the state's economy was so bad when he and his wife decided to move here from Florida in 2001...
...Gray was arrested Tuesday on accusations he stole more than 1,000 library books, CDs and videotapes from libraries in Clackamas and Washington counties and sold them on the Internet.

The Fishwrapper does a story on this guy, which presumably helped him find his job, and he turns out to be a thief! Way to go guys.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

No licenses for lawbreakers!

Bill would require proof of citizenship for license
A controversial bill that would require applicants to show proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency before obtaining an Oregon driver's license gets its first legislative hearing today.
A controversial bill, as opposed to bills banning certain firearms or giving birth control to middle schoolers, those are routine bills.

But critics say requiring proof of citizenship or legal residency to obtain a driver's license poses hardships for immigrants. For example, it would make it difficult to cash a paycheck or open a bank account. And it would force immigrants to drive without a license or insurance.
They would be forced to drive without a license. Just like five time DUII convicts are forced to drive with no license.

HB2608 will be heard in the House Transportation Committee. Bruun said he's willing to work with critics to improve the bill.
The only way to improve HB2608 would be if it authorized the DMV to actively cooperate with the INS to capture and deport these lawbreakers.

Contact your House Rep and tell him to support HB2608!
(Put in Zip code in the "Contact Congress" link to the right, then choose "state" and enter your address)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

How liberals see gang members...

Everyday Struggle
Hip-hop organizes the way that we view the world--everything from what kinds of shoes we buy and how we lace them up to how we look at political candidates and whether we vote or not...
Hip hop shapes the way we view our world? Hmmm. Smoke weed, sell crack, slap ho's... it's a wonderful life.

...You have gangs coming back to the Bronx at that particular time as a defensive thing to deal with the larger social conditions that they're up against, but also to deal literally with being able to get from one block to the next. These protective, enclosed types of social structures replace the ones that are being removed wholesale by the authorities...
I've never heard a criminal "organization" (I use the term loosely as gangs are really just a bunch of drunk and high morons with violent tendencies) described in such a favorable way. Most gang members probably can't understand the big words in that statement but for the ones that do, the left sure gives them aid and comfort. "Yeah, I sold that crack to school kids cause I was dealing with larger social conditions."

Traditionally, we don't think of gangs as being part of social movements. We think of them as outcasts or even the opposition to social movements
But to liberals, gangs are less evil than the Boy Scouts because gangs don't have written policies that "discriminate" against gays. (No written policies only because most gang members can't write)

During the late '80s, major labels were like, "Damn, we know we have to be on this train, but we don't know what to do--so, oh, there's Ice T, let's sign him up.
Imagine the board meetings at the "major record labels"
CEO: Damn fool, wuzzup?
CFO: We rollin' in bling bling, thatz wuzzup!
I can picture that.

We'd established ourselves with a certain amount of cultural power--I say a certain amount because it's not necessarily all good. We still don't have control of the images that are out there, but at the same time, compared to two decades ago when I was a teenager, you can see people of color all the time on TV. Hip-hop had a lot to do with that. Converting that into political power has been difficult.
Having a hard time converting the black guys on BET who are drinking malt liquor and slapping their bitches into "political power?" I just don't understand.

You had, at that time, folks who had fought for civil rights and for black power turning on their own youth and saying, "We need to increase incarceration of these folks, we need to establish curfews, sweep ordinances, gang injunctions, a whole battery of laws that make juvenile justice more punitive."
Those punitive gang injunctions. Such social injustice.

In summary, the left sees gangs as positive social constructs and is willing to give criminals aid and comfort. I just can't figure out why the Democrats aren't in charge any more...

Lawbreakers given a Fishwrapper sob story...

Families get caught in amnesty limbo
The Mexican had illegally entered the United States in 1992, 10 years earlier. He nervously quizzed himself while waiting for an immigration official to call his name. Under one of the few amnesty programs in recent years, Alvarado planned to admit his guilt, pay a fine and stay, legally, in the United States with his native-born wife and children.
Instead, immigration officials told the Cornelius resident to go back to Mexico -- permanently...

Hooray for immigration doing their job!

"Why, if I'm trying to do the right thing, does this happen to me?" Alvarado remembers thinking when he was denied. He says he knows what he did was wrong, but he didn't expect the consequence to be so severe.

No habla "consequences?" We really want people in this country who "know what they [are doing is] wrong" but go ahead and do it anyway. "I know drinking and driving is wrong but..."

He crossed the U.S. border when he was 16, after walking days across the desert. He planned to learn English and send money to his parents.

Hey, all you good liberals complaining about "outsourcing," how about complaining about dollars earned here (illegally) going to other countries?

Seven years later, when Alvarado met the woman he would marry, Alyssa, the plan evolved. His legal status didn't matter to her because "he was so American."

Clyde's legal status didn't matter to Bonnie because "he was so rich."

The special projects director with the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington, D.C., group, says the ban should not be "watered down."
"Families are separated every day when an individual is sent to prison for breaking the law," Martin said. "No one suggests that we shouldn't apply the law because of the fact that it separates family."

The Fishwrapper does have to give one sensible quote among the "his loving family" and "just wants to work hard" crap.

No immediate relief for Schiavo

Judge Won't Order Schiavo Tube Reinserted
A federal judge on Tuesday refused to order the reinsertion of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, denying an emergency request from the brain-damaged woman's parents that had been debated in Congress and backed by the White House.

The decision is being appealed.

Monday, March 21, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

The Myth of the Conservative Corporation
The co-opting of corporate bureaucracy for leftist purposes has generally followed one of two patterns. Most commonly, the court system has been used to create an environment of financial fear that forces the corporation to seek refuge in a program of leftist philosophical indoctrination for its employees. The most successful examples of this technique are sexual-harassment law, racial preferences in hiring and advancement, and the growing prohibition on negative judgment of homosexuality...

Exposing another lie that has been repeated so many times we assume that it's true...

Abortion hearings

Legislative Alert: Hearings On Abortion Bills
  • HB 2531 Includes medical facility operated substantially for purpose of performing abortions in definition of ambulatory surgical center.
  • HB 2532 Requires information to be given to pregnant female 24 hours prior to abortion.
  • HB 2550 Requires physicians to inform pregnant females considering abortion about fetal pain and to report on abortions performed.
  • HB 2605 Requires person to notify parent before person performs abortion on minor or ward, with specific exceptions.

Again, Oregonconservative has all the contact information on the House Judicial Committee! Let them know how you feel!

Mandatory is just a suggestion...

Legislative Hearings for Bills Intended to Water Down Measure 11
  • SB 435 Increases maximum amount of time credits earned for reduction in term of incarceration to 33 percent of total term of incarceration.
  • SB 436 Provides that persons convicted of certain offenses carrying mandatory minimum sentences are eligible for earned time credits.
  • SB 437 Provides that offenders sentenced to mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment for certain crimes committed when they were 15, 16 or 17 years of age are eligible for early release or reduction of sentence under certain circumstances. has the email addresses of all the members of the judiciary committee. Please contact them and tell them NO to SB 435, SB 436, and SB 437!

Thanks for the heads up!! (I already contacted my Senator on the list)

Castillo vindicated... on this issue

While I disagree with Superintendent Castillo's politics, worldview, and pretty much everything, I can't call her a liar. It turns out that the building on 300 Liberty Street is home to the Four Seasons Resturaunt. Several good groups meet there including the Lions Club and Kiwanis Club. The adult entertainment in the building is featured in the right side showbar as opposed to the resturaunt. The NARAL event is being held in the strip bar.

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon ReceptionApril 5th, in Salemwith State Representative Mary NolanJoin us for Cocktails for Choicewith State Representative MARY NOLAN300 CLUB, 300 LIBERTY ST. SE, SALEM, the Right Side Showbar, Tuesday, April 5th, 5-7PM, No Host Bar. Suggested Donation $10. Please RSVP to Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or mari@prochoiceoregon.orgVolunteers needed for this event. Please contact Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or

But Ms. Castillo has declined to participate for that reason. I still think it is inappropriate for the Superintendent of Public Instruction to lend her name and job title to any abortion rally because it has nothing to do with education but one of my earlier posts indicated that I though Ms. Castillo was lying about the Lions Club using that venue for their meetings when they do meet at that address. (Though not in the right side showbar) So we were both right.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Rep. Nolan to celebrate abortion at strip bar!

Superintendent Castillo had the brains to leave this one alone but not State Rep Mary Nolan!

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Reception
April 5th, in Salemwith State Representative Mary Nolan
Join us for Cocktails for Choicewith State Representative MARY NOLAN300 CLUB, 300 LIBERTY ST. SE, SALEM, the Right Side Showbar, Tuesday, April 5th, 5-7PM, No Host Bar. Suggested Donation $10. Please RSVP to Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or
Volunteers needed for this event. Please contact Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or

Source: (Scroll down a little)
Of course NARAL still says that Castillo is coming... LINK

Contact info for Ms. Nolan:
Capitol Phone:503-986-1436

Send a letter to the editor of The Oregonian:

Why am I outraged that a public official is giving their name and public job title to this event? Because Club 300 is a male strip bar.

See my previous link on Ms. Castillo's decision to participate and then her change of heart...

Rushing to save Schiavo

Senate Passes Legislation on Schiavo Case
The plan had been for the House to act first and then the Senate to pass the House version. But with Democrats forcing a delay in the House, the Senate went ahead and passed its own, identical, version by unrecorded voice vote.
That means the House will be acting on the Senate-passed bill, still enabling the legislation to be hurried to Bush for signature into law.

Nice of the Democrats to stall this bill in the House. They don't have the votes to stop it when the Senate version comes through so they are just delaying the inevitable. Unfortunately this delay means that precious hours go by with Terri Schiavo not getting food or water. Real compassionate...

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Moonbats on parade

"Anti-War" Protesters Montreal March 2005
IDF Israel has some great pictures!! Check them out!


Fox wants no one to guard the hen house

U.S. needs to watch extremists, Fox says
Anti-immigrant sentiment appears to be growing in the United States, Mexican President Vicente Fox said Wednesday, and he urged U.S. officials to act quickly to control movements such as the 950-member-strong Minuteman Project on the Mexico-Arizona border...
..."We totally reject the idea of these migrant-hunting groups," Fox said. "We will use the law, international law and even U.S. law to make sure that these types of groups, which are a minority . . . will not have any opportunity to progress."

SHUT UP FOX!! You worthless do nothing sorry excuse for a leader. Maybe if you did something with your own country your citizens wouldn't be involved in a mass exodus to ours. You should hang your head in shame every time you show your sorry face in public.
Hearing someone from Mexico talk about "the law" is just hilarious. Get control of your own corruption so you can start enforcing your own laws before you even dream about thinking you can pretend to use ours.
Keep your rapists, drug dealers, drunk drivers, and other "hardworking" immigrants to yourself!

Report Illegals & Employers Toll Free(866) 347-2423

all illegals are illegal, but some are more illegal than others

Feds should find funds for deporting all jailed illegals
It is bad enough that Maricopa County residents must pay for these offenders’ incarceration, the cost of which ought to be remunerated by the federal government. But it adds insult to injury for the feds to just turn them loose on us after their sentences are up, free to commit more (and possibly worse) crimes. Money ought to be found to ensure these jailbirds are sent packing — all of them.

A newspaper that is good for more than wrapping dead fish. This is an East Valley Tribue (Arizona) editorial. Makes we want to subscribe...

Terri Schiavo update

Compromise Reached on Measure to Save Schiavo
Congress leaders announced agreement Saturday on legislation they said would allow a severely brain-damaged woman to resume being fed while a federal court decides the right-to-die battle between her parents and her husband.

If we did not have a Republican majority in the Senate and House and a Republican sitting in the oval office I am convinced that Terri would be left to die. Certainly if it was up to our very own Senator Ron Wyden. (Feel free to contact him with the link in the sidebar)

The Progressive: God should apologize

God Owes Us an Apology (The Progressive)
If we are responsible for our actions, as most religions insist, then God should be, too, and I would propose, post-tsunami, an immediate withdrawal of prayer and other forms of flattery directed at a supposedly moral deity--at least until an apology is issued...
...As many have noted before me: If God cares about our puny species, then disasters prove that he is not all-powerful; and if he is all-powerful, then clearly he doesn't give a damn.

If only liberals would spend as much time finding fault in government programs as they do in God... such as, look at all these dead kids that CSD (or whatever acronym they have changed it to this week) was supposed to be responsible for. Maybe this isn't working... Or hey, we have all these methadone clinics but these guys still want to use heroin. Maybe this isn't working...

The problem with liberals is that they can't understand a compassionate God because their idea of compassion is backwards. Liberals think it is compassionate to give clean needles, money, and methadone to a homeless drug addict (making sure not to hurt his self-esteem). I think it compassionate to tell the bum that if he wants to make it in life he is going to have to stop sticking a needle in his arm, take a shower, and get a job (making every effort to shame his bad behavior). Which approach gives this man more hope for life 10 years from now?

Is Castillo lying?

I was unable to find a Lions Club that meets at Club 300 so I have emailed several chapters to inquire if they have heard of any Lions Club using this venue.

Below is the first response:
No clubs in Salem meet at that location. Blogs are blogs.
BettyLevenhagen, Region 1, Zone 2 chair

This was what I wrote:
I recently discovered that our state Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo was going to hold an abortion rally at Club 300 in Salem. Club 300 is a male strip club. Ms. Castillo is now claiming that she did not know that Club 300 was an adult venue and that the Lions Club meets there regularly. Can you confirm that your chapter, or any chapter of the Lions Club meets at this location?
Daniel [my last name]
See the story on Ms. Castillo at:

Obviously Ms. Levenhagen does not think much of blogs but her answer contradicts the press release issue by Superintendent Castillo. See LINK

Perhaps Ms. Castillo can provide the contact information for the Lions Club that meets there so we can verify her claim.

My search was done here: LINK
I have emailed all Salem chapters.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Castillo: I like abortion, not adult entertainment

Email I received from Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo:
March 18, 2005
Contact: Gene J. Evans, Communications Director at (503) 378-3600, ext. 2237
Castillo Statement on NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Reception

SALEM – State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo:
“When I accepted the invitation to speak at this event, I was unaware that the 300 Club featured adult entertainment. In fact, it is the same location used by the Salem Lions Club for their meetings, and I spoke to the Lions just last month. I assumed it was used for other civic organizations.
I am supportive of NARAL and Pro-Choice Oregon, but given the new information, I do not support their choice for the event site.
I am proud to serve as Oregon’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, and I am committed to the success of all students in the state. It would be inappropriate for me to attend or give the appearance of support for this location.”

While it is nice of Ms. Castillo to recognize that to "attend or give the appearance of support" for an event held at an adult strip club is inappropriate. It seems to me that she understands that lending her name and official title to this venue implies an endorsement by the entire Oregon Department of Education.
Given that, I am very disappointed that she thinks that lending her name and official position to NARAL and Pro-Choice Oregon is a different situation. Neither one of these groups has anything to do with public education. If Ms. Castillo feels compelled to support abortion as a private citizen then she is entitled to do so. But it is still improper for her to send out an email with her job title and the communications director contact information that is supportive of abortion.
I'm curious as to why Ms. Castillo thinks that pulling her support of an adult venue while continuing to support, in her official capacity, abortion, does not reek of hypocrisy. Why pull out from an adult venue? Because some people find it morally objectionable? Not everyone does. Some people think naked dancers are great. Some people also think abortion is great but some people, myself included, find it morally objectionable.
If Ms. Castillo does not want to offend people by appearing at an adult strip club then she should keep in mind that those same people may be offended by her enthusiastic and public support for abortion. Her best bet would be to stay away from all controversial issues that are not related to education as long as she has the title Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Superintendent Castillo celebrates abortion at a strip bar

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Reception
April 5th, in Salemwith Superintendent Susan Castillo
Join us for Cocktails for Choice with State Superintendent of Public Instruction SUSAN CASTILLO 300 CLUB, 300 LIBERTY ST. SE, SALEM, the Right Side Showbar, Tuesday, April 5th, 5-7PM, No Host Bar. Suggested Donation $10. Please RSVP to Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or
Volunteers needed for this event. Please contact Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or
LINK: (Scroll down a little)

*Edit* The link was messing with my sidebar so I put the URL in the LINK itself. Also has changed their site to reflect that Ms. Castillo has now said that she will not attend the abortion rally held at this venue. It now says that State Representative Mary Nolan will be the keynote public official.

OK, so Superintendent Susan Castillo (emphasis added to show that she is obviously appearing in her official capacity) is going to have "Cocktails for Choice" at Club 300. I think that alcohol is fitting for this "celebration" as many women get drunk, have sex, and then use abortion as birth control. So if you wanted to join these people you would go to the "Right Side Showbar." Hmmmm, what's that? LINK: Oh, it's a strip club. So Oregon's Superintendent of Public Instruction is going to go drinking at a male strip club. On a Tuesday. What a role model.
Would you want this woman in charge of your daughter's education? Is this woman fit to shape young minds? Should she be allowed to make choices on curriculum? If she wants to drink and look at naked men dancing shouldn't she be doing it as private citizen Susan Castillo in a more private manner?

Send a letter to Superintendent Susan Castillo:
Send a letter to the editor of The Oregonian about this:

But come on Daniel, surely there must be some good things about 300 Club...
Oh yeah, "Men's Night" with $1 Pounders, and dancers with a $2 cover!!! Wow! Why wouldn't all public eductaion officials be going there?

Hat tip: Lars Larson
And thanks to,, and Jason Williams (of for your support!

And a personal note to you Superintendent Castillo, I hope you are reading this, I think that you are a degenerate not fit to run an ant farm. You are a poor example to children and should step down immediately.

See follow up!! LINK


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Contact Florida lawmakers!

Who to Call in Tallahassee
Save Terri Shiavo!!

The Center for Reclaiming America has a comprehensive list of Florida lawmakers with phone numbers and email adresses. Contact them and tell them to save Terri Shiavo!!
(Support H.B. 701/S.B. 804)

Dems help the poor... by reducing their options

Ready money -- at interest of 500 percent
Working Oregonians who need to cover rent, or car repairs, or a medical bill can get their hands on cash fast by borrowing against their next paycheck, but annual interest rates of 500 percent or more can trap them in an ever-deepening spiral of debt.
Some lawmakers and advocates for low-income clients want to crack down on so-called payday loans, saying they prey on poor people. Defenders say they offer a badly needed service to people who can't borrow money any other way.

Woe to the poor, they are easily "trapped" and "preyed" upon. Perhaps you have seen these "Payday loan" places. There are often large goons outside the door just waiting for an unsuspecting poor person to walk by so that they can grab them and force them to sign documents. These are no ordinary documents mind you, they are filled with scurrilous lies and fine print so small that no man can read it. By the time you are thrown out by the large goons you have no idea that you have entered into a contract or what the cost of the services you just received may be. But wait...

Not all payday loan consumers are poor. About one-fourth of the 1,200 people surveyed by the state were state employees. Many said they had a hard time stretching their monthly paycheck.

This is one of those statements that they didn't mean to make. Read it again. Not all... are poor...[man] were state employees! Hahahahahaha. You have to love how the jobs are described as "public service" but those "servants" of ours are, by definition, not poor!
But they have a hard time managing their budgets... I'm shocked.

Lars' official cartoonist (James from Salem) does a great one! See more at: Posted by Hello

They come here to work hard... at breaking the law

Border States Grapple With Alien Criminals
Almost one in six inmates in Arizona, for example, is a Mexican citizen. has a great series on illegal immigration!
Read all five parts in the series!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sign the marriage petition!

Petition to Congress Supporting A Federal Marriage Amendment
I believe that a federal constitutional amendment is needed in order to stop the absolute destruction of the institution of marriage in America.
Please actively work for and publicly support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Please sign the petition!!

(I sign a lot of online petitions and a very helpful tool has been the Google Toolbar with it's "autofill" feature.)

A sensible judge

Scalia Slams 'Living Constitution' Theory
In a 35-minute speech Monday, Scalia said unelected judges have no place deciding issues such as abortion and the death penalty. The court's 5-4 ruling March 1 to outlaw the juvenile death penalty based on "evolving notions of decency" was simply a mask for the personal policy preferences of the five-member majority, he said.

Personal policy? The constitution clearly states that killing a baby is OK. Right there. No, next paragraph maybe... hmmmm.

But the real danger to society is "intolerance"

Meth seized from cars' cubbyholes
Federal agents found a mother lode of methamphetamine during a weekend raid at a Washington County farmhouse...
...Throughout the day, federal agents and police executed 35 search warrants. They arrested Ricardo Mendoz-Morales, Octavio Mendoza-Morales, Heriberto Montenegro-Mendez, Hector Ricardo Villaruel-Lopez, Oscar Aguirre-Sanchez and Jose Natividad Rios-Ruiz. Three of the men are Mexican nationals in the United States illegally, Stuckey said. They range in age from 20 to 36.

But don't worry, when these illegal aliens were smuggling drugs into our country they were perfectly safe due to the guide given to them by the Mexican government! See post.

Please visit:

Monday, March 14, 2005

Less cutting, more commisions

GOP Senator Would Block Medicaid Cuts
A moderate Republican is trying to strip all $14 billion in Medicaid cuts from the Senate's $2.56 trillion budget, testing the GOP-run Congress' appetite for trimming spending as President Bush has proposed.
As the Senate began debating the budget Monday, Republicans struggled behind the scenes to head off the amendment by Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore. Should Smith prevail later this week, it would mark an embarrassing rejection of one of the pillars of Bush's budget and raise questions about how much deficit reduction the GOP can achieve...
Instead of cuts, Smith wants to create a commission to study Medicaid's problems and report back in a year.

A government employee want to create a commision to "study" something and report back in a year? Annual Report: "We need more time to "study" because we have no real jobs and this is a pretty cushy gig."

Hat tip:

Official numbers on ANWR

The Sierra Club, The Daily Dead Fishwrapper , and Exxon-Mobile may all say something completely different about drilling in ANWR but here is the OFFICIAL word from the USGS:

The total quantity of technically recoverable oil within the entire assessment area is estimated to be between 5.7 and 16.0 billion barrels (95-percent and 5-percent probability range), with a mean value of 10.4 billion barrels. Technically recoverable oil within the ANWR 1002 area (excluding State and Native areas) is estimated to be between 4.3 and 11.8 billion barrels (95- and 5-percent probability range), with a mean value of 7.7 billion barrels (table 1).
Quantities of technically recoverable oil are not expected to be uniformly distributed throughout the ANWR 1002 area. The undeformed area (fig. 2) is estimated to contain between 3.4 and 10.2 billion barrels of oil (BBO) (95- and 5-percent probability), with a mean of 6.4 BBO. The deformed area (fig. 2) is estimated to contain between 0 and 3.2 BBO (95- and 5-percent probability), with a mean of 1.2 BBO.

At prices less than $13 per barrel, no commercial oil is estimated, but at a price of $30 per barrel, between 3 and 10.4 billion barrels are estimated. Economic analysis includes the costs of finding, developing, producing, and transporting oil to market based on a 12 percent after-tax return on investment, all calculated in constant 1996 dollars.
The amounts of in-place oil estimated for the ANWR 1002 area are larger than previous USGS estimates. The increase results in large part from improved resolution of reprocessed seismic data and geologic analogs provided by recent nearby oil discoveries.

Source: The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

See also: ANWR Prospects are Enormous by U.S. Standards
The data are quite clear that the North Slope, and in particular the 1002 area of ANWR, are not only significant, but are without parallel as the best exploratory prospect in the U.S.

The only argument that would change my mind about drilling in ANWR would be the "free market" argument. (I have heard someone argue this) That is, if you opened the place to drilling and no oil company was interested due to such a small reserve that it would not be profitable, then I would say we should not drill there. It certainly should not be subsidized. But by the same token if private enterprise is interested that would indicate a healthy supply of oil and would be a worthwhile investment.

For more free market logic see my previous post.

Capitalism and the drug industry (Mac Johnson)

The Drugs of the Future!
Sick people also tend to organize themselves into groups, first to demand to know why drug companies aren’t investing more money in research for their disease, then to demand to know why the drug companies that did invest money in their disease aren’t giving away drugs for free. Who needs bad press and price-controls? It’s time to admit that sick people cannot be treated profitably any longer.
So what does this leave? Succinctly put, the answer is people afflicted with embarrassing personal annoyances. This is the ideal market and is clearly being exploited even as we speak. Impotent men are never going to publicly organize themselves to demand lower cost Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. It’s just too embarrassing.

It was almost too hard to pick an excerpt from this column because it is all so good! The FDA has concluded that reading Mac Johnson cures ignorance, boredom, and headaches!

There are gay people in California?

Calif. Marriage Law Found Unconstitutional
SAN FRANCISCO — In a win for gay rights activists, a judge in California ruled Monday that marriage cannot constitutionally be limited to a legal union between a man and a woman.

"It appears that no rational purpose exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite-sex partners," Kramer wrote. "The state's protracted denial of equal protection cannot be justified simply because such constitutional violation has become traditional."

No rational purpose whatsoever! None. Just because the one state that allows gay marriage has 4th grade girls that think they are boys is not a rational argument against gay marriage.
See story.

Hat tip: Orbusmax

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Perhaps Syria could lead...

WashPost editor's candid China interview (WND)
In an interview certain to confirm many Americans' concerns that the elite media establishment is less than patriotic, the managing editor of the Washington Post told China's official People's Daily Washington correspondent Yong Tang, "I don't think U.S. should be the leader of the world."

"One of the jobs of our correspondents in Baghdad is to tell our readers what the Bush administration is trying to hide," Bennett said. "Bush says democracy is advancing in Iraq, but our correspondents say the situation there is much more complex than that."

Yes... much more "complex" than that. I can't really explain it because it is sooooo "complex." Way too "complex" for your feeble minds.

Bennett then compared the resistance he has experienced from the U.S. government with the way the totalitarian government of China has stifled the press there.

Because Bennet has been imprisoned and tortured. He hasn't? He's the toast of "inside the beltway" cocktail parties? I guess that could be considered torture... at least to normal people.

He also acknowledged that the media are out of touch with the religious values of the American people.

Now I'm just confused.

Bennett assured the interviewer that his paper never characterizes China as a dictatorship.
"We don't use these words on the paper anymore," he said. "Now we say China is a Communist country only because it is a fact. China is ruled by the Communist Party."

But they also refer to killing babies as "choice," illegal aliens as "undocumented workers" and needle exchange programs as "drug rehabilitation."

Teacher's Union vs. The Poor

If more parents go private, Portland's toast
In 1990, children from low-income and affluent neighborhoods attended public schools at almost the same rate: around 86 percent. Today, "the district's share of school-age children varies from nearly 99 percent in some lower-income neighborhoods to about 75 percent in more affluent areas," Portland State University demographer Barry Edmonston wrote in a report last fall...
...Mostly, I worry because I've lived in cities where a majority of affluent people sent their children to private schools. The politicians talked about public school like it was charity. The rich people with kids in public school acted like they deserved a medal for mixing with the hoi polloi.
The poor kids paid the price, as always.

Susan Nielsen's opinion piece reveals yet another set of conflicting democrat "principles." Liberals are always whining about "haves" and "have-nots." They spend countless hours worrying about poor women not being able to afford to kill their babies. They are absolutely aghast that well to do people can afford better lawyers than the common crack addict. But when it comes to giving The Poor the same educational opportunities as The Rich the Dems betray their "principled" position. The conflicting demographics are The Poor, whom the Dems count on for votes, and The Unions, whom them Democrats count on for money. On the issue of school choice money wins. Liberals are perfectly happy to let poor kids wallow in sub-standard public schools while more affluent children are allowed the opportunities to excel in private classrooms.

Some truths: Education is publicly financed. Competition breeds excellence. The Poor overwhelmingly support school choice. The Democrats overwhelmingly oppose school choice.

My position: Vouchers that would allow parents to choose their children's school, including religious schools, would strengthen our educational system whose goal is educating kids, not providing union jobs.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

God in the temples of government

Exclusive Photo Essay:God in the Temples of Government: Part I
HUMAN EVENTS intern and photojournalist Carrie Devorah went to federal government buildings in the District of Columbia and photographed some of the many religious and religiously inspired items in those buildings.

Warning: These picture are extremely graphic in their biblical nature! Not advised for ACLU member viewing!

Contact information

Almost forgot...

Contact Rep. Jerry

Contact Sen. Charles

Sherwood Town Hall

Today's town hall meeting with Senator Starr and Representative Krummel was very informative. I gave my two cents regarding illegal aliens: "I don't want them driving here, I don't want them working here, I want them deported!" Rep. Krummel is working on and supporting several versions of a bill that would strengthen the security around our ballots which will hopefully keep illegals from voting. I specifically recommended requiring DMV to require proof of citizenship/legal residency before issuing driver's licenses.
The homosexual lobby turned out in force and shamefully brought a young girl (about 4) as a political prop. Kudos to Senator Starr for referring to the Bible and God's word regarding homosexuality. We need more people like him to stand up for moral values. Representative Krummel also assured me that he did not support civil unions after the voters spoke on Measure 36. My only criticism would be that both of these gentlemen repeat the "stable funding" mantra as if it's just not fair that when the citizens of Oregon make less money then government has less money.

Myself with Rep. Krummel and Dawn his Chief of Staff Posted by Hello

Myself with Senator Starr Posted by Hello

But it's never enough...

Those of you who listen to Lars Larson have heard the cost of a public school kid is $10,000 per kid, per year. He has also encouraged Jason Williams (of to put the numbers on their website. Bottom line:

03-04 Budget Portland Public Schools
Total funds spent 529,866,756 / Average Daily Enrollment 46,557 = $11,381

See the details at

Now how much does it cost to send a kid to Jesuit High School? (Portland Private School)
Tuition: $7485

See the details at:

What about Central Catholic High? (Portland Private School)
Tuition for the 2004-2005 school year is $6,930 (Catholic) $7,348 (Non-Catholic)

See the details at:

Blog Home

Friday, March 11, 2005

Official guide on how to break the law

The Latest Government Guide for Illegal Immigration
Entitled Guia del Migrante Yucateco, or Guide for the Yucatecan Migrnat, the booklet is accompanied by a Spanish- and Mayan-language DVD, which gives the would-be illegal alien advice in video form on how to surreptitiously cross the U.S.-Mexican border.

For great illegal alien info go to

Unanimous vote!

Ala. Legislature Approves Ban on Same-Sex Marriages
The proposed constitutional amendment, which also would bar Alabama from recognizing gay marriages granted by other states, passed 30-0 in the Senate after the House approved it Tuesday.

30-0!?!?! I thought this was such a "divisive" issue?

Women can do anything men can do...

FOXNews has a video of the Fulton County D.A. News Conference. About halfway through someone gets around to asking if a woman should be guarding a 200lb man and the DA responds that "I think that women are capable of doing anything men are capable of doing" which definitely explains all the woman football players in the NFL...

Affirmative action kills

Three Shot to Death at Ga. Courthouse
(AP News, My Way)The suspect got the gun by overpowering a sheriff's deputy while he was being escorted within the courthouse, Assistant Police Chief Alan Dreher said.

Left out of this story is that the Sheriff's deputy was a woman. Now there are definitely the occasional amazon but women are generally referred to as "the weaker sex" for a reason. Now I am very traditional in my views of gender roles (feminists would call me a chauvinist pig) and I am saying that this woman had no business being a cop. But, and this is especially true in government jobs, we see pressure to "diversify" the workforce. If this Sheriff's department didn't have X number of female deputies then the "civil rights" people would have complained. I have no problem with a woman being a cop as long as she passes the same rigorous testing that a man has to. That means when it is time to do 100 push-ups, the woman doesn't get to do them on her knees. When doing a fireman's carry she has to lift the same weight as a man. Generally speaking this will keep more woman out of the police force but the upside to sacrificing that "diversity" is that PEOPLE WON'T DIE!!!
We pass special laws to protect women because we recognize that men are more powerful but when it comes to employment we want to put them on equal footing and they are not. Answer this question: When facing down a homicidal rapist would you rather have a man or woman (of equal size and weight) on your side?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ann Coulter column

Come Back, Liberals!
Howard Dean--chairman of the party that supports murder, adultery, lying about adultery, coveting other people's money, stealing other people's money, mass-producing human embryos for spare parts like an automotive chop shop and banning God--has called Republicans "evil." One Democrat in the audience, a preschool teacher no less, complained that Dean was soft-pedaling his message.

Classic Coulter!

Give them some feedback!!

Sherwood Town Hall
Saturday, March 12th

1-2:30 PM

State Rep Jerry Krummel
State Senator Charles Starr
Sherwood Mayor Keith Mays

Sherwood Police Dept.
20495 SW Borchers Dr.

Hear are some subjects that should be brought up:

Require DMV to verify citizenship/proof of legal residency before issuing a driver's license

Say NO to the "fee" "tax" "assessment" or whatever you call it, on our car insurance

Say NO to civil unions AKA just a step towards gay marriage (get Krummel on this one, make sure he knows that having an -R next to his name means that we have certain expectations of him)

But which locker room?

NY Times/Boston Globe Push Transgender Agenda (TVC)

The Boston Globe (3/5/05) reported that a 4 th grade girl in Massachusetts has been given permission to use a boy’s name and be treated like a boy in a Methuen school. In addition, The New York Times(3/4/05) published a feature on so-called transgendered college students who are seeking to have universities created separate restrooms for them.

This 4th grade girl lives in Massachusetts and is confused about her gender. Which state has legalized gay marriage again?

A disappointed media

Many of you have heard of the tragic killings of Judge Lefkow's husband and mother. You have heard so much about this story not just because the family of a federal judge was killed but because the perpetrators were thought to have been white supremacist. No, no, Senator Byrd was not suspected, it was other white supremacists. The media worked itself into a tizzy about how the Klan was coming back, hate groups were going to operate with impunity, and perhaps even Hitler was going to be resurrected. Of course this was all speculation. If a similar incident happened and a minority or minority group was blamed without evidence the accuser would be locked up for hate crimes. But no, the media loves to talk about "hate groups" making a comeback because it shows just how much we need affirmative action, quotas, and money set aside for minority and women owned businesses. Pay no attention to the fact that when these white supremacist make a public appearance there are more protestors than klansmen (with the exception of Senator Byrd) and that our own local "hate group" is so cowardly that they resort only to throwing pamphlets with Mexican jokes onto people's lawns in the dead of night. Clearly these people could start lynching again at any minute.
But now, it turns out that white supremacist apparently did not have a hand in the killings. Apparently it was a man whose lawsuit was dismissed by the judge. The question I want you to ask yourself is this: If some guy who had a swastika flag at his house had been arrested for this killing, what page of your local Fishwrapper would this story be on? Since it wasn't a white supremacist, what page do you think it will be on?

Nicholas Kristof wrote an op-ed about this today not knowing the real culprit
Homegrown Osamas

Reuters on the suicide of the man now suspected in the killings.

Defending Bolton

Washinton Post columnist Anne Applebaum wrote a good opinion piece on why John Bolton is a good pick for UN ambassador.

...the U.N. bureaucracy is not beholden to a democratic government or even a sovereign government. There is no electorate that can toss the Libyans out of the human rights commissioner's chair, no judicial system that can try corrupt officials.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Save Terri Schiavo

Please Save Terri Schiavo From Being Starved to Death.
Your Congressman and Senators need to hear from you right away if this poor woman is to have a chance to avoid a long, painful death with her misery beginning during Holy Week (Palm Sunday - Easter).

The compassionate people at English First (an group that advocates for a cornerstone of America's culture: it's language) have made a form letter that you can quickly send to your Senators and Congressman asking them to support S. 539 and H.R. 1151 respectively. The "Incapacitated Persons Legal Protection Act of 2005" may be Terri's last hope! Please send a letter!


Sign the AFA petition!

Sign the petition to the Senate Judiciary Committee urging them to question all nominees about this issue. We must not have a Supreme Court that will allow laws from other nations supersede our constitution.

Come out and say it: Bolton is the Devil

Evil comes in many forms and often in disguise. So it is a great relief to me that a simple google news search for the words "Bolton" and "UN" reveal the following news headlines:
No friend of the UN (Boston Globe)
Hawkish Bolton Nominated as UN Ambassador (ABC News)
Official: Bush Nominates Hard-Liner Bolton UN Envoy (Reuters)
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Wow, John Bolton must be the Devil. What has Mr. Bolton done to spark such "outcry" you ask? He had the nerve, no the gall, to have an unfavorable opinion of the United Nations who hate Jews. But wait you say, isn't the United Nations who hate Jews currently under investigation for sex trafficking of minors? Aren't they involved in an oil-for-kickbacks, I mean food, scandal? Isn't this the same organization that refuses to call the genocide in Sudan a "genocide?" Doesn't Libya chair the UN "Human rights commission?" Doesn't the UN clearly hate Jews?

The answer to all those questions is yes. John Bolton has been an open critic of this laughable world body and now our mainstream news media and the Dems in congress want his head. Even the terrorist loving news network Al Jazeera had a softer headline than some American press.

I for one love this nomination and hope that he throws the United Nations who hate Jews out of this country. When my local Daily Dead Fishwrapper had not one, but two editorial cartoons on the same day blasting this man I knew that I might like him even more than I liked Ashcroft.

Please write your Senators (the link to the right) and tell them to support this nomination.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No habla multiculturalism

Sen Coburn has introduced a bill (S.557) that would repeal Clinton's Executive Order 13166.

EO 13166, issued in August of 2000, is designed to ensure that persons with limited English proficiency (LEP) have adequate access to federally funded services, consistent with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on national origin.

The ability to speak, read, and write English is a necessary skill in order to be successful in the country. Too many people are kept on the "language plantation" because we enable them to function speaking a language other than English. Since we want our immigrants to be successful, provided they are not illegal immigrants in which case I want them deported immediately, we must stop giving them excuses not to learn America's language.
When kids are given a challenging curriculum in school they will achieve, when the classes are dumbed-down the children will not be prepared for the real world. If we were to require our immigrants to learn English through full immersion I have no doubt that they will step up and learn. But if we keep printing voter registration cards, DMV pamphlets, and employment forms in foreign languages what incentive do they have to learn?

Monday, March 07, 2005

Has the ACLU read the Bill of Rights?!?!?

The ACLU mission statement: The ACLU is our nation's guardian of liberty. We work daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Our job is to conserve America's original civic values - the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I know that the ACLU is very busy defending terrorists, child molesters, and drug dealers but if they would just take a quick break from defending these "average Americans" and read my 30 second crash course on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Let's start with the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men...
Our rights are endowed and guaranteed by our creator not by the constitution or laws of the United States. They are secured by our laws.
The wording of the amendments is very telling. None of them says that "government grants this right" or "these rights on guaranteed by this document." They say that "X will not be infringed" or "X shall not be violated." Examples: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated...
...The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
The funny thing about the ACLU is that they want government, notably judges, to confer new rights on people rather than have government stay out of the way as our framers intended. Their website makes no mention of defending our clearly expressed right to bear arms but they are very concerned about invented rights such as a woman's ability to kill her baby and gay marriage.