Wednesday, March 23, 2005

No licenses for lawbreakers!

Bill would require proof of citizenship for license
A controversial bill that would require applicants to show proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency before obtaining an Oregon driver's license gets its first legislative hearing today.
A controversial bill, as opposed to bills banning certain firearms or giving birth control to middle schoolers, those are routine bills.

But critics say requiring proof of citizenship or legal residency to obtain a driver's license poses hardships for immigrants. For example, it would make it difficult to cash a paycheck or open a bank account. And it would force immigrants to drive without a license or insurance.
They would be forced to drive without a license. Just like five time DUII convicts are forced to drive with no license.

HB2608 will be heard in the House Transportation Committee. Bruun said he's willing to work with critics to improve the bill.
The only way to improve HB2608 would be if it authorized the DMV to actively cooperate with the INS to capture and deport these lawbreakers.

Contact your House Rep and tell him to support HB2608!
(Put in Zip code in the "Contact Congress" link to the right, then choose "state" and enter your address)


activist kaza said...

I have little doubt that this will pass, but for the "other side of the story" see: Until we start busting the companies who employ illegal workers, we'll never make progress on this issue. This law is only going to exacerbate our problems...

Daniel said...

Interesting blog Mr. Kaza. Believe it or not I spend quite a bit of time reading left wing publications such as The Nation, The Progressive, and The Oregonian. I enjoy "the other side of the story" I just think that it's all wrong.
About illegal aliens, if they do not have state issued ID it will make it more difficult for them to apply for jobs. But I'm all for punishing companies who employ these people. I say we put them out of bussiness if they hire illegals knowingly.
I think this will pass in the House but I don't think it is going to get through the Senate. It's "Immigrant bashing" you know. Heaven forbid the Democrats would punish criminals.