Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sherwood Town Hall

Today's town hall meeting with Senator Starr and Representative Krummel was very informative. I gave my two cents regarding illegal aliens: "I don't want them driving here, I don't want them working here, I want them deported!" Rep. Krummel is working on and supporting several versions of a bill that would strengthen the security around our ballots which will hopefully keep illegals from voting. I specifically recommended requiring DMV to require proof of citizenship/legal residency before issuing driver's licenses.
The homosexual lobby turned out in force and shamefully brought a young girl (about 4) as a political prop. Kudos to Senator Starr for referring to the Bible and God's word regarding homosexuality. We need more people like him to stand up for moral values. Representative Krummel also assured me that he did not support civil unions after the voters spoke on Measure 36. My only criticism would be that both of these gentlemen repeat the "stable funding" mantra as if it's just not fair that when the citizens of Oregon make less money then government has less money.

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