Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Progressive: God should apologize

God Owes Us an Apology (The Progressive)
If we are responsible for our actions, as most religions insist, then God should be, too, and I would propose, post-tsunami, an immediate withdrawal of prayer and other forms of flattery directed at a supposedly moral deity--at least until an apology is issued...
...As many have noted before me: If God cares about our puny species, then disasters prove that he is not all-powerful; and if he is all-powerful, then clearly he doesn't give a damn.

If only liberals would spend as much time finding fault in government programs as they do in God... such as, look at all these dead kids that CSD (or whatever acronym they have changed it to this week) was supposed to be responsible for. Maybe this isn't working... Or hey, we have all these methadone clinics but these guys still want to use heroin. Maybe this isn't working...

The problem with liberals is that they can't understand a compassionate God because their idea of compassion is backwards. Liberals think it is compassionate to give clean needles, money, and methadone to a homeless drug addict (making sure not to hurt his self-esteem). I think it compassionate to tell the bum that if he wants to make it in life he is going to have to stop sticking a needle in his arm, take a shower, and get a job (making every effort to shame his bad behavior). Which approach gives this man more hope for life 10 years from now?


activist kaza said...

Daniel: Do you claim to be a Christian? If so, I think you need to study Jesus a little more when you open your Bible, eh? "God's Politics" by Jim Wallis might be helpful also. Addicts aren't "bums" but they are sick and Jesus spent his ministry healing the sick, remember? I pray for your healing because I find your attitude kinda "sick" as well. Also, do you ever wonder how someone receives the Gospel if nothing but animosity is offered towards them? Writers like the one penning the Progressive piece deserve our pity but not necessarily our scorn. But methinks you may deserve both. Your definition of compassion isn't found in any dictionary (altho I suspect it IS shared by the Bush WH).

jwalker said...

Jesus healed the sick who came to him. Once one is ready to let God heal them, his grace knows no bounds.

People think they can put God in a box and "fair" and "just" from having a very narrow human standpoint. God sees the whole picture, and throughout time to boot. This is the problem with us being our own gods. I don't know why the Tsunami happened, but I trust that God's plan is perfect and we will understand many of these things someday.

And many people that I know that are in Christian ministries helping the poor and downtrodden are not offering animosity, only help to survive and find the love of the Lord. Shame on them for their unkindness.

I do not know why addicts are the way they are, but I doubt anyone truly knows that, including the Liberals. I am tired of cities having sections where danger presides. I am getting tired of children being raised by addicts and losing their childhood too early to adult selfishness. And many addicts do not want to get clean. That is also a fact.

For the addict that is truly trying to get clean, I know my tax money that is not going to feed my son and educate him is going to drug rehab clinics and methadone.

As a single mom, I would rather save for my child's education; but what the heck; it's more important to help clean up adults who have made seriously bad choices in their lives. Whatever.

Daniel said...

Bum noun A lazy or shiftless person, especially one who seeks to live solely by the support of others.

Have you been around a lot of drug addicts kaza? I think that the above definition is very apt. I am all for helping people who want help but not enabling people in a co-dependent relationship so that they can continue with their bad behavior.

Compassion noun Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

I do have awareness of what it is like to be "addicted" to drugs. I used drugs for a long time. I also wish to relieve people of their "disease" and through personal experience I know that treating them like they just need a hug doesn't help.

Christian adjective Professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.

I believe that Jesus is the son of God, that he came to earth, and that he died for our sins. So yes, I am a Christian.

Thanks for your prayers. :)
And thanks for your comments jwalker!

jwalker said...

Daniel, it is good when 2 people are speaking different languages to define the terms being used! LOL