Friday, March 31, 2006

Bush's "good hearted folks"

Bush has said several times that "family values don't stop at the Rio Grande."

Previously I have scoffed at this remark but I have seen the error of my ways. A close knit family of illegal immigrants have demonstrated that they really do stick together in tough times. I have been touched...

He may be involved in the transportation of illegal aliens from Mexico into the United States. He may travel to North Carolina, Florida, Texas, or Mexico.

Dorantes may be traveling with his girlfriend, Martha L. Cano Patlan, who has also been charged with criminal homicide. They are believed to be accompanied by her young daughter, Mariana Cisneros, and their young son, Edgardo A. Espinosa. Both of these children may be in danger of serious harm.

See, they flee homicide prosecution together! We can only hope they are currently residing in one of the seven states that doesn't check ID to get a drivers license so that they have a chance to get insurance for their getaway mobile.

He's a funny guy

Undocumented Welder Topples Spanish Language Radio Towers
Arizona Spanish language radio station KMIA-AM (710) was knocked off the air this week when one or more undocumented welders used a blow torch to cut the steel support rods on four 197-foot tall radio towers, toppling them to the ground.

On the other hand, rebuilding the radio towers will contribute to the American economy and towers can be legally demolished by those with the proper paperwork. So perhaps the real problem here is simply that the aspiring welder did not have such documentation, which is often difficult for poor or uneducated people to come by.

Also of great concern was the fact that, because of his undocumented status, the so-called “illegal” welder was forced to work “in the shadows” in a dangerous desert environment.

Satire by Mac Johnson. Read it. HOMEPAGE

This can be a recurring theme, think of all the other crimes that can be considered "undocumented."

What about the poor folks who make undocumented bank withdrawls? Or take undocumented prescriptions? Or undocumented child-custody? What special interest groups will stand up for these people?

McCain's casa es mi casa

Hola. My name is Daniel Pedro Lopez Sanchez-Mendez. I live in a small house. I have often looked to the horizon at larger houses and thought of the opportunity they would afford me and my family.

With the encouragement of my government (who wants to demolish my house and put in a shoppping mall for increased tax revenue) I have decided to do what's best for my family and move... to John McCain's house.

Huge bathrooms, 3 car garages, chandeliers and large screen tv's are some of the rights that I get denied in my own house. At McCain's house I am able to excercise my rights.

At first he won't notice I'm there, or if he does he will simply turn a blind eye because we will stay out of his way. His neighbors will love me because I will offer to babysit their kids and undercut the prices of the local high schoolers who are currently doing it. I am able to do this because I'm living in McCain's house, feeding the children with McCain's food, using McCain's electricity and water.

But soon I will get more comfortable. I will move my family from the basement to the living room. One day McCain will come home to find me in the master bedroom, soiling his sheets.

When he protests his neighbors will all defend me, I have been a great conveniance in their lives. They will shame McCain for trying to defend his own house.

As a possible compromise they will suggest that me and my family can stay in his house for an additional 6 years while I continue to eat his food, use his electricity and water and helping myself to his medicine cabinet.

Everyone will be happy.

Ironic, they would still use criminals

House Conservatives Slam Immigration Bill
House conservatives criticized President Bush, accused the Senate of fouling the air, said prisoners rather than illegal farm workers should pick America's crops and denounced the use of Mexican flags by protesters Thursday in a vehement attack on legislation to liberalize U.S. immigration laws.

"Anybody that votes for an amnesty bill deserves to be branded with a scarlet letter A," said Rep. Steve King of Iowa, referring to a guest worker provision in the Senate measure.

The irony of it is that the farmers would still be relying on criminals! I say let them mechanize and we should relax our child labor laws.

It is heartening to hear statements from our true Representatives in the House.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Don't give them a penny (or a peso)

Obviously we don't need to give money to the RNC or any candidate that thinks amnesty is something to vote for.

If we do end up with amnesty I will also blame the ag industry for pushing so hard. My new rallying cry will be "save the suckerfish, cut off the farmers water!"

If you want to ruin this countries culture, ruin my kid's schools, depress wages, and reward criminal behavior all in the name of have slave laborers then I think that the fish are more important than you.

By "sides" they mean "for amnesty" or "really for amnesty"

Senators Take Sides on Illegal Immigration
While that question hangs over a Senate debate on border security and immigration, most senators agree on allowing undocumented workers to stay at least temporarily. The fight is over whether they should have to leave three years to six years down the road.

Even senators who oppose providing a path to citizenship to illegal immigrants are willing to grant them temporary legal status as long as they register with the government, pay fines and eventually leave.

I think that we as conservatives have been focused on the wrong problem. We have been screaming about the courts for quite some time now since they are unelected and not representative of the people yet they have perverted our consitution into allowing them to make decisions of enormous consquence.

But even worse is the fact that our elected leaders do not represent us and are making decisions that do not reflect the will of a huge majority of Americans.

My opinion on what to do with current lawbreakers: Simply enforce our current laws!! They are not allowed to work and they are not allowed to get social services. If we actually take those things away then they will go home.

And a commentor asked how illegal aliens are criminals, let me break it down:
Crime #1
EWI (entry without inspection) is a violation of federal law
212(a) (6) (A) (I) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1996 (the INA), "Entry Without Inspection."
They came here illegaly.

Crime #2
Not eligible to work in the United States
Immigration Reform Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-603)
You are not allowed to work.

Or Crime #2
Not eligible for public assistanceTITLE 8 > CHAPTER 14 > SUBCHAPTER I > § 1611
You are not allowed to get public assistance.

Crime #3
Form I-9
“I attest, under penalty of perjury, that I am (check one of the following”
not an illegal alien
I am aware that federal law provides for imprisonment and/or fines for false statements or use of false documents in connection with the completion of this form.

Crime #4
Social Security # (Form I-9, W-4, etc)
Identity theft, forgery, perjury
Whose SSN are they using on various forms? The government does offer an ITIN (number exclusively for illegal aliens) but how many criminals approach our government to ask for it? It should be taken away.

So these are crimes committed by the people who are "just here to work hard." This doesn't include the disproportionate share of our jails and prisons that are occupied by illegal aliens. They are criminals and we don't get to choose what laws we follow and what laws we ignore.

Ah, the wonders of assimilation

Michelle Malkin has a photo essay that will knock your socks off!

See it HERE.

But will anyone be fired?

Oregon Legislative Audits Panel Reviews DHS Spending Practices
State Representative Jerry Krummel (R-Wilsonville), the Committee Co-Chair, said the report "raises serious questions about whether DHS has been engaging in an expensive shell game involving millions of tax dollars."

Earlier this month, the Secretary of State's Audits Division found that nearly $90 million had been moved from one account to another potentially violating state law and the Oregon Constitution. The audit also noted $27 million in federal Medicaid funds may have been mismanaged.

Kudos to Rep Krummel for looking into this but I'm just not hopeful that any heads will roll. It becomes clearer everyday that government doesn't believe that the laws apply to them.

You have to tax property equally? We'll just invent something called abatements for people we like! Evironmental laws apply to Portland? Not if we sue! Enforce our immigration laws? La-la-la-la, we're not listening...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lesson learned

We learned a valuable political lesson recently with the nomination of Harriet Miers. If we make a big enough stink our (alleged) Republican legislators will listen.

We need to make a big stink about amnesty. They shouldn't be able to even talk to their staff because they are so busy answering our phone calls, deleting our emails and opening envelopes with this years political contributions... one peso.

Leave a comment here but also leave a comment on Gordon Smith's answering machine!

It all makes sense now

Some things you can find on that don't contradict each other...

Press release:
Governor calls for more state police and stronger protections against ID theft
Speaking to county sheriffs, chiefs of police, and prosecutors from across Oregon, Governor Ted Kulongoski today called for measures to give Oregonians greater protection from identity theft...

Weekly Security Summary:
Identity thieves targeting online résumé posters
The concern is especially high in Arizona, which ranks first in the nation in per capita identity theft crimes, and is home to more than 500,000 illegal immigrants, who, in some cases, use false documents and fake Social Security numbers.

In some instances, identity thieves and illegal immigrant workers will establish fake identifications by using bits and pieces of various individuals' personal data. For example, an undocumented worker may use another person's Social Security number while maintaining his own name and home address.

Statement of support:
State agency participation in the Carrousel of Information
...the State of Oregon is engaged in various efforts to reach out to underserved communities in our state –including participation in the Carrousel of Information coordinated by the Mexican
consulate. I intend to continue with such efforts because I believe it is the right thing to do for all Oregonians.”

What contradiction? The governor wants to stop ID theft. Illegal aliens commit ID theft. The governor wants to help illegal aliens. What the problem?

Fine, don't go to school

Video courtesty of ABP


LA mayor suggests that criminal supporters go back to school... and they scream NO!!!

I love the split screen showing the mayor and then all the demonstrators with all the Mexican flags... not an American flag among them.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Senator Smith, vote NO

Today should be a happy day. Fishwrappers everywhere are having a discussion about illegal aliens. The Oregonian even had a sidebar showing a poll that unequivocaly demonstrated that the majority of Americans oppose amnesty, oppose illegal immigration and support candidates who take a tough stance on the issue.

Criminal aliens are marching through the streets waving foreign flags and chanting anti-American slogans while at the same time demanding rights, clearly demonstrating the absurdity of the situation.

But our worthless lawmakers have chosen to side with the criminals.

For the next week or two there will be a debate in the Senate on whether or not the McCain/Kennedy (it just fits to have those two together, I can see it on a Presidential bumper sticker) amensty bill is right for their pocketbooks. Errr, I mean, America.

I have gone through various stages not unlike when you find out you have cancer. (denial, bargaining, acceptance, etc)

Obviously steps need to be taken, I will outline my ideas over the next few days starting with this one.

Senator Smith: If you vote yes on the amnesty bill I will not support you or vote for you ever again.

Contact Senator Smith
Portland: 503.326.3386
Eugene: 541.465.6750
(Leave messages tonight on both numbers, make his staffers delete them by the hundreds!)

A jacket made from the most endangered animal you have

I'm a regular reader over at Portland Indymedia so it's been interested to watch the saga of the fur store protests they do. Their tales of "police brutality" (the cuffs were too tight) and utter amazement that a law enforcement officer wouldn't take kindly to being threatened make for good reading.

Yesterday the topic moved to the Lars Larson show and the Indymedia nuts are quite proud of themselves.

I would encourage all of you to patronize Schumacher Furs, especially on a Saturday.

Monday, March 27, 2006

We've been screwed

Senate Panel Passes Immigration Reform Bill
After eight hours of seemingly endless debate, the Senate Judiciary Committee wrapped up an immigration reform bill on Monday evening that addresses the concerns of many illegal immigrants in the United States as well as border patrol hawks.

"All Americans wanted fairness and they got it this evening," said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who was a key coordinator for much of the legislation.

Also weighing into the biggest debate in Washington, D.C., President Bush said Monday the United States "should not have to choose between being a welcoming society and being a lawful society" when dealing with illegal immigration.

And crack addicts wouldn't have to worry about being "lawful" if we only legalized crack.

I'm ashamed of Bush. I'm ashamed of many Republicans. Our government is broken.

El building inspector has arrived

Una Invitación para solicitar empleo con el condado de Lane
La Diversidad es una de las claves para el futuro éxito del Condado de Lane. Nosotros(as), quienes trabajamos para el gobierno, estamos a cargo de proveer servicios gubernamentales efectivos para todos. La Diversidad, el respeto, y el entendimiento de la integridad y valor de todas las culturas, la gente, y estilos de vida es y continuará siendo una buena manera de conducir nuestros asuntos (Póliza de Diversidad LM 2.390)


An Invitation to apply for a job at Lane County
Diversity is a key to the future success of Lane County. We who work for Lane County government are charged with providing effective government services for everyone. Diversity, and the respect for and understanding of the integrity and worth of all culture, peoples and lifestyles is today and will continue to be simply good business (Diversity Policy LM 2.390).

Oh ok. Lane County wants to make sure that if you are applying for a job with them that you don't need to speak English. Spanish is just fine. Like say you want to be a building inspector.

Building Inspector 1: Inspects foundation, cement, framing, plastering, plumbing and heating installations and a large variety of other routine building system elements. Checks stud, joist, rafter spacing and other structural member factors. Examines grade, quality and treatment of lumber, cement, lath, wire and composition. Assures proper and safe installations of routine building systems....

Really, what would you need English for in a job like that? I would feel perfectly safe being on the top floor of a building inspected by someone who doesn't speak English. In fact, I think that the Lane County commissioners should all have their offices on the top floor of a building that was inspected by such a person.

Actually, I can see that Lane County is also hiring for Parole and Probation officers so maybe they do need workers who speak Spanish...

From Urinal to Journal with just one editorial

Write your own editorial: Illegal immigrants do NOT need services
Gov. Ted Kulongoski took some political heat by decreeing that state workers no longer will attend outreach clinics by the Mexican Consulate. Thank you protesters.

You're welcome...

If these unauthorized workers are so good for the economy why are we encouraging them to take public services and drain our limited resources? People that are “doing jobs that American won’t do” have a job! If they are working, why would they need assistance to get services like Un-Employment income? Taxes paid are relevant to income earned. Low income workers pay very little or nothing in Taxes. That cannot be good for the economy, lots of money going out, but very little coming in.

Gov. Kulongoski & state agencies were only helping those that cut to the front of the line, literally.

Take note:
Wondering who wrote this?
The Statesman Journal editorial board has invited readers to try writing their own versions of selected editorials. The following opinion is among those composed by readers.To read the editorial board’s explanation and guidelines for this experiment, or to participate, click

Next time you see an outrageous editorial (you won't have to wait long) write your own version and submit it!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Is Mac ever wrong?

Illegal Aliens: Just Mobbing the Streets Americans Won't Mob
To the astonishment and delight of the news media, Saturday saw an unprecedented protest by an estimated 500,000 illegal aliens and their advocates in Los Angeles. Smaller rallies were held in cities across the country, opposing efforts to secure the border and finally crack down on illegal entry into America by millions of unscreened foreigners. Apparently, the protests prove what a “divisive” issue illegal immigration is. To me, they simply prove that criminals dislike the prospect of increased law enforcement.

It’s as if thieves thought they could form a union to lobby for fewer cops.

My favorite was the guy who had the sign saying "We demand a path to permanent residency." I described that picture to a guy at church and he looked at me funny, laughed, and said that we already have a path to legal residency! Go home and fill out the paperwork!

Mac Johnson Homepage
-Saying What Most Folks Have Enough Sense To Just Think Quietly-

What they believe

Another round of "what's important to Democrats"

The only thing that liberals don't like about gay couples is the fact that there is no possibility for a pregnancy and therefore no possibility for an abortion. Oh how they love abortion...

Sunday Night Parody

Afghan Court Dismisses Case vs. Alleged Christian Convert
KABUL, Afghanistan — A court on Sunday dismissed the case against an Afghan man facing possible execution for converting from Islam to Christianity, officials said, paving the way for his release.

NOTE: FOXNews is at the above link, the text below was written by someone at NBC or The Oregonian.

However, in a bizzare move it appears that the 9th circuit court of appeals is preparing to take up this case under the "we make up rules as we go along" clause of the United States Constitution.

"We absolutely have jurisdiction in this case" said Chief Judge Mary Schroeder. "This matter will come before the court."

It is widely believed that the appellate court will rule against the Afghan man and sentence him to death in a California prison. One legal expert for the media said, "Clearly you can't have a Christian in the middle of a Muslim country, it's just not multicultural."

"Not only should he be sentenced to death for being a Christian, he should also be charged with various hate crimes for talking about his beliefs in public" according to Roey Thorpe of Basic Rights Oregon. "Until people learn to be tolerant we will continue to prosecute them."

However, not everyone agrees. "What are they talking about?" asked one San Fransisco resident. "What has happened to my country?"

Clearly a divisive issue, we can only hope that Republicans will be bi-partisan enough to not stand in the way of justice.

When opportunity knocks...

For those of you who missed it, Billy Bradbury's mouthpiece, Anne Martens, issued a diatribe calling Jim Ludwick, Victoria Taft and Linda Flores a bunch of racists.

In addition to my response here where I highlighted the Elections Division's policy on neutrality (and the fact that Anne Martens excuses a murderer) the Oregonian, in a desperate attempt to plug BlueOregon yet again, did a story on the issue. (The only part of the article that suprised me was that they didn't lovingly refer to Porky Pig, errr, Kari Chisholm as a "media consultant" rather than the "political hack" that his own website proclaims him to be.)

All this caused Miss Martens to issue a "disclaimer" back on BlueOregon.

It has come to my attention, however, that a number of people have attempted to connect my piece – which represents my personal views and mine alone – with my employer, the Oregon Secretary of State’s office.

In addition to my job duties, I am also a citizen.

I think that it is opportunistic and dishonest to attempt to impute something under my personal by-line to my employer in an effort to stir up a political maelstrom.

And she is absolutely right. Someone's personal beliefs don't mean they aren't qualified for any job... except judges. Democrats won't even let them attend church these days, let alone have a personal opinion on abortion or gay marriage.

Oh, and Senate majority leaders can't wish people "Happy Birthday" either.

Scott Summers? Who's that?

Do I really need to keep going to highlight the hypocrisy? Imagine if we had someone in the elections division who said the kind of things that Bill Cosby says. (He's absolutely correct) Democrats would scream that this person should be fired immediately because he is a racist and can't gurantee fair elections or elections rules.

Ok one more, I've asked the Oregonian to put my blog in their "blogs" sections online about 10 times with no response. BlueOregon gets featured in hard news articles several times a year.

Why assimilate?

Some never adopt English as second language
Alicia Alvarado presses two for Spanish.

Nearly everything the 44-year-old janitor needs can be had in her mother tongue. She shops in Spanish, files police reports, talks to nurses and teachers and voice-mail systems. For 17 years, Alvarado has lived in a Spanish-speaking world, first in Los Angeles and now in Concord's Monument Corridor.

Her continued monolingualism stems from cultural pride, a hectic life and the challenge of studying a foreign language.

"We don't want to lose our roots," she says.

Then, she blushes and adds, "when I first moved (to Concord), I was ashamed to attend English classes."

Ashamed to take English classes? You have a "pride" in your failed culture? (NOTE TO MULTICULTURAL LIBS: Take a look at Mexican culture on the issue of abortion and women's rights before you leap to it's defense)

I refuse to speak Spanish. I will absolutely not allow my family to speak Spanish. It is not multicultural to weaken your country and make it difficult for people to communicate or be successful.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The arrogance

The unbridled arrogance of criminal aliens never ceases to amaze me.

Case in point is American Patrol's Photo of the Day.

"We demand a path to permanent residency"

You "demand" it? And what if we don't give it to you, you slimy vermin? What are you going to do? Take your toys and go home? We wish.

Another classic pic:

Source Story

Friday, March 24, 2006

We're number two!

Actually I would like to say congrats to channel 2. They covered Victoria Taft's Operation ID rally today and they currently have an immigration poll on their website:

KATU-TV (Channel 2) is running a poll on illegal immigration at:

The correct answer: Illegal aliens should all be deported!

We know what this looks like in Eugene

Protesters plan for the future while they march for peace
Protests in the Eugene area will become more aggressive today. A group of citizens from the Eugene-Springfield area have organized multiple direct actions of civil disobedience and resistance, targeting government facilities helping to conduct the war in Iraq, according to a press release.

Chabarek said they want to pressure Congress to cut funding of the war and “embarrass members of Congress that are supporting this brutal war.”

(I'm all for embarrassing politicians but how do you embarrass someone with no shame?)

“If we do not take back the U.S. Congress, this will continue until this man is gone from power two and a half years from now,” DeFazio said. “Focus on the election.”

What will continue Peter? The war? If congress goes democrat are we going to surrender immediately? What are you talking about?

As for the protests being "agressive", I sure wouldn't park my car anywhere near downtown Eugene today...

Medical marijuana, death with "dignity", live sex acts and now the carousels

Illegal Immigration: Fool Me Once, Shame on You ...
The old saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me“. The U.S. Senate is poised to fool the American people the second time with the euphemistically named “guest worker” scheme. It did so the first time in 1986, led by Senator Kennedy, who is also in the forefront of the current push for amnesty for illegal aliens.

As a case in point, a small city in Oregon, McMinnville, is experiencing the same draining of its taxpayer dollars.

Over the past two years, there has been an increase in the number of English Language Learners (ELL) in the McMinnville School District from 772 to 1,138, a 32 percent increase. The district has had to put a $96 million bond levy on the May ballot. Last year, the Salem School District spent over $7 million on ELL programs, but only $668,000 on the Talented and Gifted Program (TAG). That meant that an extra $2,500 was spent on an ELL student, but a mere extra $131 per TAG student.

In Oregon last month it was announced that the Oregon Department of Human Services is $172 million over budget just five months into the biennium. DHS administers the health plan. While swimming in this $172 million sea of red ink, DHS nonetheless sends out employees on Saturdays and pays them overtime, to attend events that, by agreement with the Mexican consul general, are only open to Mexican nationals, (read illegal aliens). At these events, the DHS employees show Mexican nationals how to access Oregon state benefits.

The things we are famous for in Oregon. Our little carousel program is the model of what not to do around the country.

But hey all you republicans who want the amnety, sorry "guest workers", you are in good company with Teddy Kennedy.

And after you finish voting with Kennedy you can come back to your district and explain to the TAG students why the kids of criminal aliens deserve a better funded education that them.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Can I speak out against evil?

I don't want anyone defending me for this. A commenter has mentioned that I am an ex-con. I am. (I'm not positive if you can be an ex-con without being convicted of a felony but I don't want to get caught up in semantics, I have been convicted of crimes and have committed crimes that I wasn't convicted of)

I don't talk about this past of mine because I am ashamed of it. I made horrible choices, I hurt people and I hurt society. I was a bad person. I won't categorize the things I did as "mistakes" or try to justify them. There is no justification for the things I did or the person I was.

While I regret the things that I did, the only thing that I can do now is live my life the best I can in the eyes of Jesus, my family and society.

In fact, my past is part of the reason that I do what I do. It's my own personal restitution and a desire to make our society better.

I don't think that my past precludes me from speaking out against the evils and wrongs of society now, I think that it gives me a unique perspective. That I have to talk about this is further consequence for actions that I committed a long time ago and it's a good lesson. Actions do have consequences. Forever. People are accountable for their behavior. I accept that accountability and won't run from it.

As for my unique perspective, I understand the liberal mindset. It is the same mindset of a criminal. It is a lack of personal responsibility, no respect for life, no respect for authority, no respect for others. Liberals don't believe that a person can be a "bad person."

I do find it ironic that criminal alien supporters have jeered me when I tell them about how I've changed my life around. Some have even suggested that I should "be on their side" because of my past. They mock me for who I was while at the same time excusing people who are committing crimes today.

If I had been rehabilitated by a government program and I was speaking out in favor of social programs for criminals I would probably be hailed as some success story in the Fishwrapper. (they do those stories occasionaly)

Instead I speak out against the evils that I did and I'm ridiculed by democrats for it. I actually deserve the ridicule because of what I did but I still stand firm on my positions.

My positions against illegal aliens. (anyone else here used to hang out with them?) My positions on drugs. (let me help you, there is NO SUCH THING as "medical" marijuana) My positions about the traditional family. (feel free to go to any jail/prison and do a quick survey on how many of the inmates had married parents) My position of punishment for crime. (rehab doesn't work, someone has to want to change, until then LOCK THEM UP)

So, I understand completely if no one is reading my blog as of tomorrow. Or if you have less respect for me. (if you had any in the first place) Or if you think that I am a bad person. (I was but I don't consider myself one today)

So you can call me "ex-con" and I certainly won't argue with you. There is no comeback. All I can say is that I paid my debt to society under the law and continue to pay my debt to society under my concience (and other more tangible consquences) even today.

As a criminal I used to love the ACLU. As a Christian, a husband, a father and a contributing member of society I hate it.

What cultural problem?
The website is dedicated to exposing the other side of Illegal Immigration... the side our president, many in congress, the media and especially the racist hate groups do not want us to see.

The foul language, crude gestures, and vulgar photos will disturb most Americans. They are provided as true-life examples of what is happening almost daily in our country. We especially hope to reach those who may still believe that Illegal Immigration is harmless to our families, our neighborhoods, and our culture.

I'm going to have to send these guys some of my pictures...

Where's Waldo?

Beaverton man found guilty of raping two young girls
A jury found a Beaverton man guilty of raping two young girls.

According to testimony, Eric Aguilar Morales broke into the apartment and raped a 13-year old girl in her bed.

Six weeks later he picked up a 15-year-old girl at a transit center, took her back to his apartment, gave her methamphetamines and raped her.

This article will be accurate when they replace "Beaverton man" with "illegal alien."

A ray of hope

The much maligned "video game generation" is showing a real positive sign. Over at a gaming website they posted the story about Oregon inmates getting to play video games and the response was overwhelmingly negative.

Oregon jails offer games to inmates (Gamespot)

"Perhaps we should have them do something more productive for society than sit and entertain themselves."

"Like they aren't a big enough drain on society already, now we're providing them with videogames."

There is hope...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anne "neutral" Martens

Oregon and California Elections Officials Pledge Neutral Elections Administration
Contact:Anne Martens (OR) 503-986-1502

Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, a Democrat, and California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, a Republican, today responded to public demand for greater integrity in elections administration by signing a five-point pledge to remain neutral, independent and fair in their oversight of elections.

The Bradbury-McPherson neutrality pledge removes the threat of such political posturing with a direct, public commitment to fair and independent elections administration.

Quotes from Anne Martens:
(Chief of Communications for Bradbury)
"Face it, right-wingnuts (the "social conservatives," the bigots, the small-government-except-in-your-bedroom-or-your-uterus banshees and the god-loves-me-but-hates-you bible bashers) are, in fact, the GOP's political base."

"The Rock the Vote folks are unveiling a new t-shirt, in collaboration with French Connection, which reads, “fcuk you, I’m voting.” Hey, the Bus Project had it first. I'm glad the notion is spreading, but if you're going to get one, get the original. Vote, F*cker."

"Please don’t make me listen to Jesus rock."

"I’ve been spending some time watching the Country Music Channel in an effort to gain some insight into red America... Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

It’s very, very white. Lily white. Pasty white. Dear lord, shield your eyes or you might go blind from the glare white.

Bad highlights on women and mullets on men are not only tolerated, but encouraged.

All this reminds me that stereotypes become stereotypes because there’s a grain (or more) of truth in them..."

"I'm scared straight by the bearers of the bible and the followers of one peculiar version of God."

I know plenty of women who've had abortions, and one who underwent a less-than-professional procedure before abortion was legalized.

You know a murderer? Someone who killed their baby "before it was legal" committed murder.

Anne of green [card] gables

So Anne Martens has a piece over at BlueOregon that calls people who oppose illegal aliens racist.

"There has been more and more anti-immigrant sentiment lately. And by anti-immigrant, I mean anti-Mexican. I'm sick of it. It's time to call this what it is: racism."

She goes on to cite a quote from 1885 as evidence of this apparent racism. It's like listening to Avel Gordley talk about slavery like it was yesterday. (Remember how the Democrats opposed slavery and worked hard to abolish... oh wait...)

So after smearing everyone who think our laws should be enforced... what's that? She didn't smear everyone? Just a select few? Not Peter DeFazio (D) who's excellent op-ed piece took the same position that Victoria Taft, Jim Ludwick and myself take?

Ok, so she smears a select few claiming that they are "hoping to appear hateful enough to snatch up votes with vitriol."

So who is Anne Martens? She is Chief of Communications for Secretary of State Bill Bradbury. She has "interned for the ACLU" and "provided legal services to several plaintiff's medical malpractice trial attorneys" so we know she keeps good company...

The paragraph of all paragraphs in her "who needs actual facts when you can call names" piece is this:

"The immigrant bashers would prohibit people from access to information (like how to start a business), to education (punishing the child for the sins of the father), to drivers licenses (because they prefer unsafe roads), and to all of the resources that can assist people in becoming productive members of society, preventing exploitation, and improving our communities. "

Do I want people who are not allowed to legally work in this country to be able to start a business? Absolutely not, that would be a crime. Apparently Misss Martens thinks that labor laws don't matter.

Do I want to educate illegal aliens? No. They certainly don't deserve in-state college tuition.

As for the causality between not issuing drivers licenses to criminal aliens and unsafe roads, I would prefer that criminal aliens not drive in this country at all! Giving illegal aliens drivers licenses to keep the roads safe is like giving condoms to rapists so their victims don't get an STD.

It's amazing to me that Miss Martens can link "unsafe roads" with illegal aliens not getting drivers licenses but she can't make the connection between illegal aliens and meth. Or illegal aliens and child rape. Or illegal aliens and school problems.

As for why people who talk about illegal immigration, both the pro and the con side, focus on Mexicans is because they are the majority of the people coming here this way. PCUN isn't out trumpeting that illegal aliens from Finland (see a few posts down) get amnesty because he wants to pick berries.

And unlike Miss Martens, I don't discriminate based on skin color or ethnicity, a criminal alien is a criminal alien is a criminal alien. Deport them.

Victoria VS the criminal alien apologists

The nuts over at BlueOregon published this piece.

Victoria strikes back here.

Daniel does a lengthy post on this... after dinner or maybe after class tonight.

Illegal alien: I can't believe I got away with this

Finnish man headed home because of fraud
EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — A man who deceived Americans for decades is set to return to his native Finland.

Pentii Reino Tuomi, 58, used at least 16 aliases and false Social Security numbers as he hopped from one state to another performing a variety of jobs.

But Tuomi admits that even he couldn't believe some of the things he got away with.

"How does an illegal alien do security?" he said of the job he got escorting Mondale. At the time, he was working for a Burbank Studios security company that set him up on the job, he said. And he was using the identity of a friend's dead brother, Gary Thompson — the same identity he later used in Oregon to apply for Social Security and other benefits.

Teacher: Now class, how did he get away with this?

Student: *raises hand* Oooh, oooh, I know, I know, pick me, pick me...

Teacher: Yes Daniel?

Student: Because our federal government is derelict in their duty and our own state government actively helps criminal aliens?

Teacher: That's exactly right Daniel.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

They are like fish except smellier

Catch and Release

Lars Larson interview with Keizer PD Sgt. Jeff Isham

Does anyone else think that two illegal aliens who get caught with half a pound of meth should do more than 2 1/2 hours in jail?

Brilliant and humorous

On Campus In Oregon: Male, Female Or Other, Can I Check All Three?
Next fall, my university will follow the lead of other schools by adding an 'other' category to the gender section of admissions forms so that "students will now be able to express exactly who they think they are." In short, unfortunate delusions are to be treated as perfectly acceptable.

If I approached the director of the student government's Queer Affairs Task Force and I claimed to be an eggplant trapped in a man's body, she would smile, nod politely (she is a nice person), and then call for friendly people in white coats to haul me off to a padded cell. But if I claimed to be a woman trapped in a man's body, she would force others to act as if my view were correct. In short, psychosis is considered quite alright, provided it obliterates sexual norms, traditions, and taboos. Forget fluoride, we need thorazine in the local water supply.

Believing in the modern liberal view of sex must require at least an hour of practice each day. How else can they believe, for example, that masculinity and femininity are social constructs with no relation to the biological differences between the sexes, while also holding that homosexuality is inherent? Or that gender is unimportant, except when someone insists that he or she is stuck in a body of the wrong gender?

OK, our colleges are producing at least a few bright students. One of whom wrote this editorial!

Monday, March 20, 2006

That awful budget gap

You can't open a Fishwrapper (and a politician can't open their mouth) without talking about Portland Public School's FUNDING CRISIS. That's right, we said CRISIS. Maybe if we tell you it's a CRISIS one more time you will believe us.

But if you look at their current job openings you will believe that they have a funding crisis like a drug addict has a funding crisis. Maybe someone should take a look at the root cause...

Here's a partial list:

School Psychologist
ESL /Bilingual Teacher - All Levels
Foreign Language Spanish
Elementary (Spanish Immersion)
Elementary (Spanish Immersion)
Foreign Language Spanish
SUMMER SCHOOL - Migrant Education - Elementary Teacher

So as the Oregonian so aptly put it:

"But focusing on illegal immigration is a wonderful way to avoid talking about health care, school finance and other tough issues Oregon governors actually have some chance of solving."

What were you saying about illegal aliens not having anything to do with school finance?

What to do if my blog goes down (again)

While the tech support folks at Blogger have assured me that the "problem" is being worked on and solved as I type this there is still the chance that my blog could have a temporary interuption again.

I know this causes you some anguish but don't despair. Resist the tempation to stay at this URL and continue to hit the "refresh" button in a desperate hope that my blog will somehow appear.

Instead just waste your time over at Jib Jab. (yes, the videos are still funny!)

As a parent...

As a parent I know what my kids watch on tv. (they don't) I know what movies they watch. I know their friends, I know where they are, I know what they are doing.

As a parent I am proudly signing the Parental Notification ballot measure. (and collecting signatures) You can too!

Responsible parents know.

For me?

How come someone has to get charged with arson, property destruction and conspiracy to get a nice website from the libs?

Because they do so much

Report indicates lobbyists spread the wealth with legislators
From steak dinners to "Lion King" tickets, legislators raked in perks from lobbyists in 2005, according to a review of lobbyist spending reports by The Associated Press.

Oregonians for Food and Shelter, a pesticide-industry advocacy group, for example, sent New Year's Eve flowers to three top-ranking Republican lawmakers: House Speaker Karen Minnis, Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli and House Majority Leader Wayne Scott.

Democratic Secretary of State Bill Bradbury had dinner at the Bandon Dunes golf resort, courtesy of AAA of Oregon/Idaho.

In 2005, the state chapter of the Service Employees International Union, which represents about 18,000 public employees, was the biggest spender at $289,655.

After a long hard day of doing the citizens business, you know, passing Jessica's Law to protect our children, making Oregon's drivers licenses secure, not passing ridiculous 20mph speed limit rules and then recinding them a short while later, our legislators clearly deserve a nice steak dinner and some expensive wine.

Wait a minute...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's... alive...!

Ok, things seem to be working now. My blog has been up and down for a few days where I could (at seemingly random times) view/publish anything.

It appears to be back up for good now.

So that combined with the fact that Oregon's democrat party has an official GLBT wing whose purpose is to get Nancy (who used to be Nathan) elected to office on the democrat ticket, things are looking good for conservatives.

Oh yeah, that's mainstream.

I just think it's hilarious that the Democrats (and the radical gays) have to give everything an acronym. Do they think that the public can't stomach the thought of a transgender candidate?

Health care for everyone!

The following is a list of jobs in the health care field that the Oregon Department of Corrections is currently hiring for:

Mental Health Specialist
Institution Registered Nurse
Nurse Manager
Nurse Practitioner
Corrections Physician Specialist (Psychiatrist)
Corrections Physician Specialist (Staff Physician)
Physicians Assistant
Nurse Practitioner
Health Services Technician
Dental Assistant

And that's just who they are hiring. Imagine the crack staff of health care providers they already employ. Just think about it next time you are trying to make an appointment with your doctor for a time that doesn't conflict with your schedule.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A facinating conversation

The following are excerpts from a hearing held on HB 2608 which would require proof of citizenship to get an Oregon drivers license.

[Officer] John Scruggs
Police Officer, Washington County. Testifies in support of HB 2608. Argues that the bill is not anti-immigrant. Explains that it is important for a person to prove legal residency to be issued a driver license.

Rep. Hunt (D) - Mexico
Asks if HB 2608 would create a larger pool of unlicensed drivers.

[Officer] Scruggs
Answers that the problem of unlicensed drivers would not change as many [illegal aliens] drive without insurance anyway.

Rep. Boone (D) - Mexico
Asks how a person could get two licenses with the same photo but different information.

[Officer] Scruggs
Answers that a person would obtain two consular matriculars with two different names.

The testimony goes on for a while longer with notable stars such as Ruth Bendl and Jim Ludwick and notorious criminal apologist Ramon Ramierez all having a moment to speak.

I just thought it was interesting to point out what law enforcement sees every day. Illegal aliens drive with no insurance and illegal aliens get multiple ID's. That's first hand knowledge from a man on the street.

The first clue

The first clue that you are doing something wrong is when your "to bring" list consists of these:

#'s to carry or sharpie on your arm:
* Jail Support: 503-234-4518 (Portland Legal Defense Network)
* CALL-in from the street: 503-715-0994 (Indymedia Audio)

It's probably even more pathetic if you have a printable flier to distribute to all your buddies who may also need the jail support number.

Question for Portland protestors: Why would you need a jail support number if you aren't going to commit any crimes?

You can ask at Indymedia but they will just delete your post!

Spoke too soon...

It appears that the new batch of illegal alien slave labor hired to maintain the .blogspot servers still have a learning curve to overcome as my blog is still down.

Step 1. Turn on el computero

Step 2. No you can't go visit the DHS office yet

Step 3. Get Daniel's blog running again.

Step 4. Go back to your own country.

[disclaimer: It's all sarcasm google, don't sue me]


Looks like Blogger (read: Google) finally got their .blogspot servers back up. I apologize to my loyal readers and those friendly folks who call me a nativist (a compliment) who suffered through the blog outage.

Rest assured, it wasn't just mine, many blogs were down and the blogger message boards were filled with angry people.

[Disclaimer: This is sarcasm, Google don't sue me]

As it turns out, Google had hired a bunch of illegal aliens to run their computers and since they were all so busy selling drugs, molesting children and driving drunk no actual work was getting done.

A fresh bunch of slaver laborers, driven by the promise of amnesty, have arrived to replace the old criminal alien workers so the servers are [temporarily] back up and the economy can keep humming.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

What's that smell?

Kennedy-McCain immigration reform bill likely to pass Senate committee after recess
A bill that would give millions of illegal aliens in the United States the opportunity to earn citizenship is closer to becoming law today as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee signaled likely passage of a proposal by Sens. Edward Kenney, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz.

"The votes are there," said Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

Nuff said.

DHS: People with brown skin are different

Working with Latinos
When asked what was unique about working with this population, and what where the major barriers to care for them, the following themes were discussed by many informants. (page 21-22)

"The level of education of many Latinos we see is low. They do not have the basic understanding to be able to deal with such a complicated disease.”

So they are stupid?

“More amnesty would be good so people can get documents and be eligible for services."

“Another ethic in this community is no matter how sick you are, you must send something back to the family in Mexico.”

So now all Latinos are from Mexico?

“Cultural perceptions of time make a difference. They often wait until the last minute for things, or after something has expired, like insurance papers.”

So they are all procrastinators?

Cultural concepts of truth. “They may tell me one thing and the case worker another. They may have totally different answers to similar questions.”

So Latinos are all liars?

Yet another racist document prepared by DHS using your tax dollars. Nice to know that my wife is stupid, sends money "back" (she's never been) to Mexico, procrastinates and is a liar. Thanks DHS.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

One more time (with my usual tact)

My ranting post where I said (in my most colorful language) that I don't care what the law says (on the issue of educating the children of illegal alienas) drew an interesting collection of responses. (some in my email box)

First, a quick question:

Should Oregon stop taking people's land under eminent domain for the purpose of increasing the tax base?

If you just answered yes then I could do a lenthy post about how you want to do something against the law. I could lay out the [flawed] supreme court decision on this issue. (Kelo v. City of New London)

Or I could say that I agree with you.

I obviously didn't advocate that anyone should break any laws. I said that I don't care what the law says, it doesn't affect my opinion. I am here to change bad laws. I will also respect people who have the right attitude on issues that I feel strongly about.

As for my colorful language, I have not written like that here before and don't plan to again. I apologize if you were offended. I don't apologize for my position.

But Lorna Youngs is still on the loose

Jeffries settles for satisfaction after DMV "racial profiling" firing.
LaVay Jeffries, the former DMV worker who was fired last summer after he called Dallas police and flagged the file of a woman he thought was providing false information to get a driver's license, has won his wrongful termination battle.

The resolution of Jeffries' case comes right on the heels of a major fraud trial in the Hillsboro area.

The first people to alert officials were local postal carriers who noticed all the empty envelops going through their system. They were told not to concern themselves.

Then DMV workers, like Jefferies, started noticing odd envelopes being used as residency ID. Most had Hillsboro postmarks. Some came from as far away as Ontario.

The DMV workers, too, were told by supervisors that they weren't law enforcement officials and it was none of their concern.

Nothing to see here. Move along. No pattern of criminal behavior or a cover up exists. Please avert your eyes. Pay attention to American Idol. Do not question the criminals or their proof of ID.

Imagine if a store owner took this same "it's none of my concern" attitude with selling someone cases of cold pills.

He says what I feel

It's Not Xenophobia, It's Xenonausea
...Two of the subplots really stood out in my mind though. One was how eagerly the disciples of “free” trade took to attacking the conservative base as a bunch of xenophobic ignoramuses storming the harmless castle Globalstein with torches and pitchforks. That sort of animosity couldn’t be over just one relatively minor business deal for Dubai. I’m sensing that the Beltway Boys and the Wall Street Wonks have been entertaining some animosity against Main Street and the Heartland for some time.

...But the problem is that all nations are more than just economic systems. They are each somebody’s home. And each has a culture, and a language, and a set of common ideals that they want protected—even more than they want another 0.3% added to next year’s GDP. Some things matter more than the economic opportunity cost we pay for having them. The American Revolution, for example, was bad for the economy while it was under way. But that was not really the point of the whole thing, was it?

...It is not Xenophobia. It is Xenonausea. People are sick of having the whole world shoved down their throats at once and being told it tastes like ice cream. They are sick of every street corner and parking lot being filled with criminal aliens waiting to work off the books and outside the laws that are applied so enthusiastically to actual Americans. They are sick of pressing “1” for English. They are sick of being at war with foreign terrorists and simultaneously being economically and demographically bound more tightly to the nations producing these terrorists. They are sick of being told that the world is global or flat or smaller or at their doorstep or all coming for dinner on Tuesday.

Speaking as a guy who quit reading the Oregonian and felt better for a bit but who is now getting tired of the editorial positions at the Wall Street Journal, Mac Johnson couldn't have said it better.

I consider myself a "free trade" kind of guy but lately I have stepped back when I hear the proponents of amnesty for illegal aliens use the free trade lingo and logic to make their point.

The WSJ editorial titled "All cops, no economics" that begged for amnesty, begged for unlimited immigration, begged to let guest workers stay as long as they want, was so devoid of anything that recognized the cultural problem this issue has created.

Maybe the drug trade has economic benefits, if the Journal finds any then they will be opposed to stopping drug dealers.

What can you do? Go to the Mac Johnson homepage and read more of his wisdom. You'll feel better.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Let's see how many people I can piss off in one post

(Just getting angry)

I come home to my inbox to see that there is a small disagreement between two people whom I respect: Gullyborg and Rick Hickey.

Rick sent out an email to his personal contact list blasting Jason Atkinson and supporting Ron Saxton based mostly on this from an Oregonian article:

"At a debate Monday, candidates were asked if Oregon should stop educating children of illegal immigrants. Only Saxton said it should."

Gullyborg responded that Saxton was making "promises he couldn't keep" since a Supreme Court decision says we have to educate the criminal alien's kids. A lengthy (by that I mean filled with lots of information) blog post ensued.

Several comments have been left regarding this post and various amendments to the constituion and blah blah blah.

My only comment:

I don't give a f**k what the law says, we shouldn't educate the children of illegal aliens. (If I was running for governor I would say that on a TV spot, they would have to bleep me)

I absolutely like Saxtons answer the best. He wasn't asked what the law was, he was asked if Oregon should stop doing something. Should we stop letting sluts kill their babies? Yes, I don't give a f**k what the supreme court says. Should government be able to take my house and give it to a big developer? No, I don't give a f**k what the supreme court says.

And this is from Atkinson's campaign manager last week (3/8/06):

"if bush wants to allow illegals to get guest worker status, jason disagrees."

If?!?!?!? Are you f**king stupid? Are you the only clueless person in this country who doesn't get that Bush's plan is amnesty? Did you not alienate enough voters last time you started talking like this? That's great the "Jason disagrees" but you obviously aren't willing to stand up to Republican "leadership" and tell them their ideas are f**king stupid.

Not at all in the interest of being fair and balance but in the interest of holding anyone accountable who needs it: (in the vein of my friend at RINOWatch)

From an OFF (Oregon Firearms Federation) email:

"Ron Saxton has ties to Goldschmidt and has refused to give us any details on his position on gun rights."

"Of the major Republican candidates, Kevin Mannix was the architect of the 1999 anti gun-show bill.When he ran for Governor last time he actually claimed to have opposed this bill, which he WROTE, LOBBIED FOR, and CARRIED ON THE HOUSE FLOOR."

Clearly no candidate here is perfect. We can choose between:

the abortion loving Saxton who is sounding conservative during the Republican primary but seriously, how do you reconcile with someone who doesn't have a personal problem with someone drilling into a babies skull and sucking his/her brain out...

or the conservative Atkinson who won't stand up to Republican leadership or the farmers on the issue of illegal aliens and apparently thinks that Oregon shouldn't stop educating the children of illegal aliens. (He should think that, I don't give a f**k what the law says)

and the former Democrat who, and I'm beating this dead horse yet again, actually I used a defibrilator on the horse so I could kill it again and then gave it mouth to mouth and then killed it ONE MORE TIME so I could continue to beat it: I can't get over the Steve Duinn colum that Mannix did... or the Mexican flags on the Oregon republican party website. You want to run for a position in Mexico then f**king go there. You can probably hitch a ride with the Oregon public school teachers who go down there to borrow their (obviously highly successful) curriculum.

Who was that other guy running? Ames? Maybe I'll vote for that guy. Or maybe I'll register as a Constituion Party member. Republicans sure don't seem to get it. Maybe I'll just write Lars Larson's name in.

Can someone recommend a good therapist?

His hibernation is over

Teddy nodding off on the job...

The governor's official page has been updated recently with some great stuff. A kids section, talking points on his health care "plan" such as:

Guarantee affordable health coverage for all Oregonians. (Why didn't I think of that?)

And bold statements like:

In short, Oregon must be known as "The Innovation State."

Innovations like the "first state to try to build a unique aeriel tram for $15 million" and the "first state to call live sex acts 'free speech'" are indeed quite notable.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Give them a piece of your mind

Tell Waffling Republicans: No Amnesty!
The Senate Judiciary Committee is now working on an immigration reform bill and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.) has indicated he would like to bring it to the floor before the end of March.

The key question: Will the Senate approve an amnesty for illegal aliens.

Human Events has the complete list of Senators (with contact info) who have indicated they will not support amnesty, may support amnesty, or will not reply to the question of will you support a bill that legalizes current criminal aliens.

Read the list, contact the supporters to say "thanks", the wafflers to say "get on board" and the question dodgers to say" do your job moron."

But they don't count that huge underground economy

Oregon Unemployment Reports Hide The Real Story - Seventh Highest Unemployment Rate In Nation
The State of Oregon continues to gild the lily in its monthly unemployment reports. The Oregon State Employment Department report for January, 2006, highlights gains in employment but fails to mention that Oregon's unemployment rate continues to lag behind most of the usual.

The editorial goes on to blast Kulongoski and the Fishwrappers who parrot their line on the improving job outlook in Oregon. And unlike other editorials you see actual charts, data and source links to back up their assertions.

[Begin sarcasm]
But sadly, this editorial may prove false. No one seems to have taken into account the illegal alien factor:

These gentlemen don't show up in the employment numbers. (or as taxpayers) Who is counting them?

Is Dan "It's not my job to verify their immigration status" Gardner at the Bureau of Labor and Industries checking up on these folks? You know, to make sure that they are getting paid at least the minimum wage while they work under the table?

What Kulongoski should be doing it touting the underground market as the wave of the future. Press releases that indicate the amount of money flowing from our country to Mexico would show just how vital these untaxed workers are to our economy.

The Governor could go on to brag about how more workers today are speaking Spanish on the job than ever before!

Perhaps he could go Jimmy Carter and grab a hammer and nails and build a nice "habitat for day laborers" so they could have a shelter to wait under while they wait for some unscrupulous employer to pick them up.

Keep up the great work Gov!

Solidarity with my eco-brothers

Tre Arrow is on a hunger strike starting today. (see previous post) In showing my support for his cause I am also not going to eat... any vegetables today. That's right.

In addition, I am going to oppose the city of Portland as they are a huge polluter of the Willamette river. Stupid military-industrial complex...

Also, I am firmly against Kulongoski going to work today because he DRIVES A CAR! I mean, I know that I drive a car to work, but I can still criticize others for driving cars and not look foolish right? Can't I?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

First Tookie, now Tre

Hello to everyone, it's Tre, here behind these walls at Wilkie.
As March 13th, the two-year mark of my incarceration, rapidly approaches I am calling upon supporters to embark on a hunger strike with me. I am not protesting the conditions or my treatment here at Wilkie. To the contrary, I know the conditions of my incarceration could be much worse... My heart goes out to all those suffering behind prison walls around the world (like Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Attica...). I protest, rather, the US government, the FBI, and the complicit Canadian government for imprisoning me for two years of my life!

I encourage all vegans to participate in this hunger strike. I want to see your ribs. Starve yourself until your are light-headed. That'll teach us. Really.

Tre and I, teaching you sick capitalists a lesson about what's really important: purple shorts.

At what point did our society start idolizing criminals? Does every person who is incarcerated have their own website these days? Does anyone else find it VERY disturbing that a certain segment of our society doesn't believe in personal responsibility?

And does anyone believe that the person at Indymedia who wrote this sentence doesn't use mind-altering substances on a regular basis:

Tre hasks respectfully that his designated spokespeople in Canada represent the message of this vigil to the media.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

So many good emotions

Governor shifts stance on aiding [illegal] immigrants
At a time when immigration is a sizzling political issue, Gov. Ted Kulongoski has ordered state agencies not to participate in the Mexican Consulate's information events.

Kulongoski says he made the decision because the events are not open to all. But the reversal of his previous support for the consulate's gatherings is causing critics to accuse the governor of a politically motivated flip-flop.

Not everyone agrees with the decision.

Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner says the Bureau of Labor and Industries will send a representative to today's Carousel in Medford. The bureau falls under Gardner's authority as an elected state official and not under the governor's office.
Gardner said it is not his agency's job to assess someone's immigration status.

DAN V GARDNERBOLI, Portland (971) 673-0763

Dan Garner joins the Hillsboro Police Chief, Judge Price, Kulongoski and many others now shamefully attached to my version of the Mexican flag.

But other than his boneheaded move we have another pretty solid victory under our belt. But there is more work to be done. While they are retreating we need to be chasing after them! Don't let this lull you into thinking that we can let up the pressure, remember, the status quo is that criminal aliens can still come here, still get drivers licenses, still get social services, still get jobs and much much more!

Some background links:
Kulongoski letter in support of the Carousels (from January 31, 2006)

Previous Protest that got results

Me celebrating the last event that was cancelled

I would repeat my call from that last link that you email Mexican consul Fernando Sanchez Ugarte (put his name in the subject line) and simply put this in the email body (he'll know what it means): "No Carousel? Daniel told you so."

Sad sight of the day

It was sad for me to see so many 15-16 year old girls walking around Wal-Mart carrying babies as if they were some sort of fashion accessory. It was even sadder to see so many of them standing in line to get their nails done.

The way I would write it

His own fingerprint expert partly blamed in Madrid case
What should have been the headline.

Patriot Act Partly Blamed in Madrid Case
The actual headline.

NOTE: The post article is the only headline that blames the Patriot Act

Inspector General Glenn A. Fine also found that although FBI investigators did not abuse any of its powers in the case, the Patriot Act anti-terrorism law "amplified the consequences" of the FBI's misidentification of a fingerprint by allowing numerous agencies to share flawed information.

By "amplified the consequences" they mean "ok, no laws were broken but c'mon, we have to find something here."

The full report provides many new details about the treatment of Mayfield, who was the subject of surveillance and secret searches before he was hurriedly arrested in response to media leaks about the case.

So if it weren't for media leaks maybe they could have done a more thorough investigation.

The report acknowledges that there was an "unusual similarity" between the fingerprints, confusing three FBI examiners and a court-appointed expert.

That "court-appointed expert" was the man who represented Mayfield... and he said it was his clients print!

Mayfield filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department, the FBI and several FBI employees in October 2004 alleging civil rights violations, including a charge that he was arrested because he is a Muslim who had represented some defendants with alleged terrorism ties.

Replace the word "alleged" with "convicted" and you have an accurate statement.

Fine's report found that although Mayfield's religion "was not the sole or primary cause" of the initial identification, it contributed to the FBI's reluctance to reexamine the case after it was challenged by the Spanish police.

If we aren't profiling practicioners of the Religion of Peace then we aren't doing our job to keep Americans safe.

Murder in your own home

In light of the South Dakota move to outlaw the killing of innocent babies for the sake of conveniance (and an adult's refusal to take responsibility for her actions) the nutjobs at Indymedia (yes, the people who protest naked outside of the fur store in Portland) have published a Do-It-Yourself guide to performing an abortion in your own home.

How sick are these people.

Friday, March 10, 2006

That infernal flag again

Demonstrators Gather To Oppose Immigration Bill
Traffic was tied up throughout Chicago's Loop Friday afternoon as the city hosted the largest march of Latinos ever recorded in the country.

Nearly 100,000 demonstrators were said to be in the Loop for a march and rally downtown protesting a proposed law that could send illegal immigrants to jail.

The U.S. flag and banners from Mexico, Honduras and many other countries were flying above thousands of supporters of immigrants rights gathered at federal plaza for the rally.

There is local news video that accompanies the story. The Mexican flag is flying everywhere. It is a perfect symbol of what is wrong with our immigration policy and it's disasterous cultural effects.

These people left Mexico, they decided that America was better but instead of identifying themselves as Americans they choose to represent Mexico instead. I don't want to see rallies in this country where they fly foreign flags. Will these people celebrate the 4th of July? Probably not.

As for the news reporting, no mention of the actual laws being broken. People act dumbfounded as to why "ignorant white people" are calling "immigrants" criminals. They just can't figure it out...

But they have "free" health care

'Down with Fidel' sign sparks international incident
While Cuba played the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic, a spectator in the stands raised a sign saying: "Down With Fidel," sparking an international incident that escalated Friday with fastball velocity.

The image of the man holding the sign behind home plate was beamed live Thursday night to millions of TV viewers -- including those in Cuba. The top Cuban official at the game at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan rushed to confront the man.

Puerto Rican police quickly intervened and took the Cuban official -- Angel Iglesias, vice president of Cuba's National Institute of Sports -- to a nearby police station where they lectured him about free speech.

Hollywoods favorite dicator get slammed at a baseball game and his "top official" gets a lecture on free speech. I'm sure the official was very shocked that he couldn't drag the offender off and torture him to death. (but they have "free" health care)

Nothing wrong with crushing any dissenting opposition when you have such a great country and did I mention the "free" health care?

Same story as Mexico: If Cuba was such a great country then people wouldn't risk life and limb to come to America... and Castro wouldn't have to keep his citizens, err subjects, prisoner.

Where's Janet Reno when you need her?

My new plan: Insist that the 20 million illegal aliens in this country are six year old children who came from a communist dicatorship. Reno will send it the troops and get them out of this country!

This is how we should deal with illegal aliens! (though not 6 year olds who are fleeing Cuba)

And today it's "don't run them over as they are on their way to DHS."

Watch for crossing illegals!! Watch the hilarious video about the sign!

Brave public schools

Lebanon school officials investigate sex brochure
School district officials said today they were investigating the distribution by a guest speaker of brochures telling students in high school health classes Wednesday how to have sex without having intercourse.

Among the advice, according to the TV report, was to watch porn together, take showers together and the like.

The school district issued a statement saying that Lebanon High School teacher Diane Lamb had hosted a guest speaker, the director of the HIV Alliance in Eugene, in her three health classes for freshmen and sophomores, ages 14 to 17.

WARNING TO LIBERALS: Extremely politically incorrect statements will follow! Get your therapist on the phone now and start writing in your "feelings journal."

HIV is the bane of the sexual revolution and of homosexuality. What other diseases gets as much attention around the world as AIDS? This is especially strange because it is completely a disease of choice.

I can't guarantee that I'm not going to get cancer or alzheimers but I can guarantee to you right now that I'm not going to AIDS. This is because I don't share needles or have sex with strangers.

If you do those things then I'm not sure what you want from me.

As for this not being a "gay disease," obviously anyone can get AIDS, but gay rights groups always make AIDS their number one health issue.

HRC at Work. Securing adequate funding for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, research and housing and ensuring scientifically sound national HIV/AIDS policy remain top priorities for the Human Rights Campaign.

Why isn't cancer their "top priority?" Or any other disease? It's because AIDS has become a liberal cause due to it's punishment of those who have been "liberated" by the sexual revolution.

Public schools should teach HIV/AIDS like this: If you get AIDS then you are stupid. It is 100% preventable. Don't have sex outside of marriage and don't use needles.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

More Portland protest pics

While many of my pictures mysteriously disapeared, Rick, VP of OFIR, was kind enough to send some pictures of our group for to me to post.

Here are some great Americans:

And one last time, here are some bad Americans/illegal aliens.

Go local news

OK, channels 2, 6, 8, 12, you know your duty. Don those slickers and breathlessly report that OH MY GOD it's SNOW! Pan the camera around on it, pick it up, show us what it looks like.

Completely ignore the impending nuclear war with Iran, the criminal alien invasion from Mexico, the out of control government spending, YOU MUST cover the 1/4" of snow.

And schools, close immediately. Don't even ask the question of whether or not a vehicle could get through this, the important thing is there is SNOW.

Me? I'm half tempted to go take pictures of the inevitable scene of Tri-Met workers using blow dryers to melt the lines that carry the MAX. Who knows what zany ideas they will use this time to get it moving. (remember pushing, pulling, etc from last time?) Maybe they could try pushing it with a, gasp, car?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Those traitorous farmers

Alert Memorandum

NOTE: These morons have outlawed copy and paste on their .pdf files...

(Click to zoom)

So let me summarize what these "American" farmers are saying with the same sense of drama that they use. (and read the thing yourself)

It's a dark time, citizens are getting tired of having their children raped and drugs flood their community. For some unexplainable reason they want us to actually verify that the Social Security Numbers our employees give us aren't actually fraudulent.

Thankfully there is hope on the horizon. Since we are traditionally a republican constituency you can understand why we are 100% behind the Ted Kennedy plan for allowing our "experienced" criminal aliens, err, guest workers, to have amnesty, err, normalization so that we can continue to pay slave wages and not innovate with things like mechanization.

The line is being drawn in the sand and it seems as farmers want to choose the side that is fiscal, social and cultural suicide for America.

How about "Go to Hell Tehran"

Iran Threatens U.S. With 'Harm and Pain' Over Nuke Meeting
Iran threatened the United States with "harm and pain" Wednesday for its role in hauling Tehran before the U.N. Security Council over its nuclear program and for plans to push fellow council members to impose tough measures against the Islamic republic.

I know that it's not hard to look tough when most of the people around you wear rags and ride camels but guess what Iran, you are talking to the United States of America. People here actually have indoor plumbing and the foundation, let alone the walls, of my house isn't dirt.

If Reagan was president he would tell these bastards to stick their nukes in the appropriate orifice.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fun idea for the evening

Let's all email ODOT's Diversity Manager, Michael Cobb, and ask him to please build some new roads.


Dear Mr. Cobb,

In the interest of helping women and minorities get from one place to another efficiently, will you please facilitate the construction of some new roads?

Thank you.

[Your Name]


I've just realized what the problem with Muslims is. They hate Jews because they keep watching Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. That's got to be it. Remember how it was going to incite all this violence against Jews? They must play it 24/7 on Al Jazeera.

Simply stop telling them how Christ died for our sins and they will revert back to the religion of peace that Islam has always been.