Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Our fearless leader

From Theodore "bowling for illegals" Kulongoski:

“State agencies that participate in the information sessions coordinated by the Mexican consulate do not participate in order to provide benefits to individuals who do not qualify for such benefits. Rather, state agencies, along with local and non-profit agencies, participate in these sessions in order to serve a growing, underserved and vulnerable population – non-English-speaking immigrants from Latin American nations and their families.

Kulongoski, you are a liar, stupid, or misinformed. Only Mexican citizens can participate in this event. That's why it's put on by the Mexican consulate not the Latin American consulate. (No such thing)

It would be wrong to assume that participants at these sessions are simply all undocumented persons; a great number of them are citizens and residents with legal immigrant status.

If you don't ask then HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY ARE LEGAL? You must be a Mexican citizen, if you have documents to legally be here then you go to the DMV with those documents, you don't need a matricula consular card.

With that in mind, the State of Oregon is engaged in various efforts to reach out to underserved communities in our state – including participation in the Carrousel of Information coordinated by the Mexican consulate. I intend to continue with such efforts because I believe it is the right thing to do for all Oregonians.”

And that's why we won't re-elect you.

HAT TIP: Dawn Phillips, legislative staff member, doing work for Reps Krummel, Thatcher, Flores, and Greg Smith. The legislators she works for are very involved in legislative efforts to ensure that illegal immigrants are not being offered state benefits to which they're not entitled


The Gentle Cricket said...

Sleepy Ted has never shown the slightest strength on the problem of illegal immigration. These statements you've shown show his complete disregard for common sense.
He is simply pandering. I wouldn't doubt if a large portion of those voting for him in the 2006 election shouldn't legally be eligible to vote.

RINO WATCH said...


You beat me to this one but RW APPLAUDS you and Rep. Krummel.

Now it's RW's desire that Rep. Krummel would lead the charge to wake up ALL REPUBLICANS that the Federal Real ID act MUST be passed in Oregon, NOW!

As for Teddy....a dope!

dchamil said...

Re Kulongoski's remarks: Are they knaves or fools? Not for the first time, I'm wondering this about a politician.

fish_on said...

Is Ted just mentally ill or what!?!

Quote from the PDF...
"As Governor, and as a former state Supreme Court Justice and Attorney General, I strongly believe that the rule of law is the glue that holds together our democratic society. It is my policy that state agencies comply with all applicable federal and state laws, including laws regarding eligibility for social services."

Ummmmm... yeah. Whatever.

Sue K. said...

Yep, Ted! Just one reason why you are so GONE as Gov come election time. If you honestly believe the crap you spew, you are really out in la-la land. I guess this is a fine example of "your strong record" against illegal immigration according to your "mouth-piece" campaign manager. I suspect Teddy K will be campaigning at the regularly scheduled carousels of info. And his bud, Bradbury, will most likely be there too. At this point, those are about the only votes he will get.

Oregon Infidel said...


Let's each send Ted a dollar or two so that he can buy a bus ticket to the real world. he could even buy a clue or two with the change.

Anonymous said...

Daniel - have you read this article by Lawrence Auster, titled "The Second Mexican War"?

"According to a Zogby poll in 2002, 58 percent of the Mexican people believed the U.S. Southwest belongs to Mexico, and 57 percent believed that Mexicans have the right to enter the United States without U.S. permission. Only small minorities disagreed with these propositions."

It boggles the mind.

MAX Redline said...

I do wonder...

What would Teddy have done, back in the days when Rajneeshi terrorists were bussing in boatloads of folks to deliberately affect elections in Wasco County, when they were poisoning people in The Dalles, etc.?

Anonymous said...

My company has a store next the fair grounds in Salem.

When the first guard unit had their activation ceremony...guess who was to busy to attend when they went off to war? HE WAS BOWLING OVER AT THE COAST WITH SUPPORTORS FROM HIS ELECTION.

The photo ops since, made everyone...."what an A##!

An for the first libber that posts Bush should attend each fueneral? GO TO HELL!