Saturday, February 04, 2006

A little morning anger

OK, I get the impression that some people think that I wrote the top paragraph in the below post, it is taken from a paper sent out BY THE WHITE HOUSE. It is an official document, not some "rant" by me. That is the President's screwed up policy.

And to the people trying to question my credentials on this issue: When you are at the next Carousel before me and you stay until after I leave then I will listen to you, when you show me your "sent items" folder in Outlook that has more public records requests, more letters to the editor, more letters to decision makers than mine on this issue then I will listen, when you find evidence of state agencies/workers breaking the law by helping criminal aliens and bring it to light when I haven't already then I will listen, until then shut the hell up.


Anonymous said...

Daniel wrote: And to the people trying to question my credentials on this issue: When you are at the next Carousel before me and you stay until after I leave then I will listen to you....

There is no doubt about that Daniel, you are there every single time-rain or shine. Why don't you take Jason's place?


Daniel said...

There is no way that I could be elected governor, Jason can.

I'm just sick of reading bitter people say that I screwed up with this whole Atkinson ordeal and questioning my commitment to the cause of fighting illegal immigration. (Which seems really backwards because the whole dust-up is over the fact that I refuse to be an apologist for a bad position that Jason took)

BEAR said...

Jason wussed-out, you didn't. 'nuff said.

Jeff said...


We all respect the time, effort, and passion you put into bettering this state. But to say you won't listen to anyone until they put in more time than you...come one?!?

Truth is, no one will put in as much time as you. With that said, you won't be doing much listening.

If you don't listin, you won't have much to write about.

We REALLY need to get everyone back together and supporting the best Republican candidate. If we stay divided, we will not win.

I don't blame anyone for disagreeing with Jason, or calling him on the carpet. But let's not throw away our opportunity to take back the governor's office.

Robert said...

Daniel wrote: I'm just sick of reading bitter people say that I screwed up with this whole Atkinson ordeal.....

No worries. The people that are blaming you are just apologists and don't stand on principle. The truth is it is Jason that screwed up his own campaign. Flip flopping, not answering questions, getting agitated when asked to explain himself, failing to be up front about his support of amnesty and his failure to go on Victoria's show last night all show he is not ready to be the next Governor of Oregon. His campaign is over.

Although Jason was a good candidate at the time of him announcing he would run, he soon demonstrated what he stands for. He has no principle and only cares about winning. We need someone that stands on principle.

On the issue of supporting the President’s plan for amnesty there is no way Jason can be trusted by those wanting true immigration reform. That is something he showed himself. Daniel, you were just illuminating the facts.



Michael T. said...

It is time for politicians to take notice about the illegal alien invasion; I like many of my friends will vote for the candidate who has not waffled on this issue, even if it's a Democrat. Oregonians involved with this struggle are from a broad spectrum of citizen, Republican, Democrat, Constitutionalist, Libertarian, Independant.
That is the political reality of this issue, ignore it at your political peril.

Daniel said...

Jeff, I didn't mean that I wouldn't listen to anyone who hasn't put in the time that I have, I was talking only to those people who are saying stuff like this:

Daniel rants about "evidence" but doesn't produce. Just like Lars.

And Daniel, I have been fighting this issue for eleven years, so don't go martyr on me.....

I guess an official white house document isn't "evidence" in some peoples minds.

Anonymous said...

Hold up on jumping into Jason's shoes as there is much more to the story than meets the eye and ear.

You do need to know where the rocks are to walk on the Political waters. It also helps to know their general locations and who owns title to the water rights.

Anyway, Jason cooked his own goose when he assumed he was going to set Lars straight on points which he himself was mis-informed. Very immature and naive.

Namely, HR 4437 is not GW's plan or anything close.

Jason will be back and much the better for it.

Sailor Republica said...

I'd be one of the first to say that you didn't screw up on anything, Daniel. You're a passionate man, there's nothing wrong with it.

And you do need to continue doing what you're doing. That's why I like ya.

BEAR said...

hey daniel, this is when mickey rooney would jump up and say, "hey, kids, let's put on a show!"

MAX Redline said...


It's time to back off and regroup when you start letting dumbass anonymouse comments start bugging you. It ain't worth the stomach lining.

"Daniel rants about "evidence" but doesn't produce. Just like Lars.

And Daniel, I have been fighting this issue for eleven years, so don't go martyr on me....."

Oh puleeze. You know that's lame, and so does everybody who reads you and has ever had the pleasure of meeting you.

Just let it roll off your back like rain off a duck. Ignorant trolls are, after all, about as plentiful as raindrops.

RINO WATCH said...

You are the real deal & you LIVE in Oregon.

Jim in KFalls said...

Not to try and promote my blog, but please tell me if my last entry sums it up in your opinion?

BTW - I will most likely vote for Jason, but I really wish he would reconsider his stance on this issue. I think it is bigger ball of wax than just a "guest worker program".

Gullyborg said...


I don't blame you for anything. You are doing a great job and it is understandable that you got frustrated with Jason. But everyone is frustrating sometimes. I am sure your wife frustrates the hell out of you sometimes, yet you stay married.


Don't worry. I think Jason learned some valuable lessons about both the major campaign trail and the immigration issue. There is a steep learning curve in politics, and even the old timers with lots of "gravitas" still have to constantly learn new things or be pushed aside.

The key thing for you to learn here is that Jason is smart enough to listen to experts--the best politicians surround themselves with brilliant people. Look at Bush's cabinet. Look at Reagan's.

Here is where you can shine: you've already been a big asset to Jason's campaign, so you have his ear; you have establised yourself as expert on the illegal alien problem, especially as it relates to Oregon.

Put two and two together...

This whole situation is an OPPORTUNITY, not a setback. Make the most of it.

Tony said...


You run hands down the best political blog in Oregon.

And your stance on principle here is admirable, and just raises your stock in my estimation.

Daniel: 100& Kool Aid free

And by the way, some of yo uare missing the boat. The issue is not the illegals. The greater issue was how Jason behaved. That is not the behavior of a leader. That is the behavior of an insolent child.

It is the same as the Goli meltdown on soon as I heard it I knew she was not congressional material, regardless of policy.

We can disagree on policy. But character and maturity matters. And he displayed neither. And then no showing on Victoria's show? After beign late on Kropf's show? And that stuff from the OR party dinner on Friday?

I'm sorry to let the rest of you down, but Atkinson's campaign is over.

Tony said...

Oh, one more thing..

I may do a post on this, I haven't decided. I don't want to turn in to a Anti-Atkinson blog.

But did you hear the email Lars read over the air, from Matt Evans?

Matt wrote in to Lars asking why he was hurting the campaign like this, and that it was a federal issue and the issue was not that big of a deal!!!

Not that big of a deal? Well, its a really big deal to me. Its up there with abortion, taxes, defense, and the 2nd amendment for me.

So I beg to differ, Matt. It is a really big deal. And I bet after a day to think about it, you don't still think its a minor point.

Jeff said...


Jason's campaign is only over is people like you keep up this attitude.

I ask you, if not Jason..then who? And don't give me any "the guy that stops ileagls crap. I want it stoped as well, but Jason is still the best candidate for the job of Governor.

Jason is being a smart politician and realizes that you can win 100% of the battles (but you can still win the war). Do you want a conservative to take over office, or not?

Like I've said in previous posts, let's regroup and stand together to win this state.

It's not worth it...

Sailor Republica said...

I see that Tony/Andy is putting the BS on his shoes in order to cover up his agenda.

Robert said...

I think the points Tony made are valid. Jason behaved really badly. Blowing up on Lars' Show, his campaign manager saying that amnesty for illegals isn't a big deal, then not going on Victoria's show when invited seems bad to me. A good enough reason to not vote for him.

The fact is, Jason is immature. He has heart, but not principle. Having principle is a pre-requisite for anyone I vote for to replace Ted Taxandgougeme. Who to vote for then? I don't know. Mannix at this point may have a chance. Kulongoski is surely vunerable. But even with that vunerability, Jason, with his actions and statements last week, doesn't have a chance.

At this point it is clear that Jason's campaign is over. He is like Howard Dean trying to hold on for dear life with butter all over his hands. Time to move on.


Anonymous said...

Daniel -- your movement has run into an inevitable political reality and your uncharacteristic childish frustration over all of this seems evident of some severe political naiveté. The more this issue gets pushed into the public debate, the more politicians are going to come to the stark realization that THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE TO AMNESTY.

The INS and border patrol is already an enormous bureaucracy and well-funded, but it is stretched far beyond its limits as it is. The only way that a government can deport 11-f'ing-million people here illegally is at an unfathomable cost and under a state of martial law. Give me a break. If you're looking for a cadidate who is going to propose this scenario in order to take care of the illegal problem, good frickin' luck finding one. At some point the rhetoric has to stop and an actual policy has to be considered, one that is possible, and has the will of the people behind it. My guess is that the "people" (mostly big business and mainstream suburbanites in their sphere of power) prefer amnesty and heading back to the drawing board as opposed to enormous cost and martial law.

All Lars (and you) has done is to push himself farther out into margins and ensure that no serious political candidate in the future will seek his endorsement or come on his show for that matter, which is good business for him, since it will just give him more to piss and moan about, so at least it's good for ratings.

If Lars is serious about wanting to bring conservative change or whatever he says, then he should wake up and spend some time surveying the political and economic landscape. My impression, however, is that he's more concerned with keeping the drama high on his little talk radio soap opera.

Sailor Republica said...

So, Robert, you have no answers, but are willing to trash a perfectly good candidate?

Have you ever heard of the statement that "It's not over until the fat lady sings?"

Considering you're not a woman, as far as we know, and considering you're also probably not fat, I happen to think that Atkinson still does have a pretty good shot at things.

Robert, I'm beginning to suspect you're nothing more than a Mannix shill like Tony/Andy.

I am Coyote said...

Interesting that Tony, Andy and Anon341(from someplace else in the blogsphere) all have used the term "insolent child."


Sorry Tony, I thought you were more thoughtfull than that.

So all the rest of Oregon Republiclans can rest assured that party funds have and will continue to go to pay off Kevin Mannix's previous losing campaigns.

Oh and perhaps they would be interested in Kevin's "forgivenes" letter? You know, that letter that Kevin sent out to debtors asking them to forgive his debts?

I know about it. I also know that not all the previous folks that he owes money to are particularly thrilled to be forgiving his past debts.

Perhaps THAT is how a Governor should behave eh Tony/Andy?

BEAR said...

As usual, no viable republican candidate. We don't settle for rinos. They can't win, and shouldn't expect to when they provide no alternative to same old liberal nonsense. Carry on, Mr. Daniel!

Robert said...


You could be correct. Jason may still have a chance, but I suspect it is over for him. Listening to a re-run of Lars Larson's show today, he really brought the true Jason out. Jason blew his stack and that is not going to win him any elections. I suspect you already know his campaign is over, which is why you are aggressively trying to knock down anyone that makes the case. I feel as bad as you do, but we have to move forward and try to come up with someone that has a chance.

As far as "trashing a good candidate" who said he is "good"? Jason supporting amnesty for illegal aliens is not being “good”. It is actually dangerous. The debate he is about him being "good" and it doesn’t look very good. With the flip flopping he did on Larson's show and his campaigns comments on illegal immigration not mattering, I am not so sure he is what we need in Oregon. Again, Jason has a lot of heart, but clearly lacks principle and an understanding of the issues.

Now with regard to me “shilling” for Mannix. Actually, I think Mannix is foolish for running again. He has failed to get elected so many times already and I can't imagine he would even have a chance to win again. I am disappointed that we don't have a good candidate to win this thing. I am not totally convinced even that he is even good for Oregon, but he is definitely better than what we have now. My concern is that we get Kulongoski out and again, in my opinion, Jason doesn’t pass muster to be able to do it.

It sounds that you are just shilling for Jason. That is OK, it is your prerogative, but realize this, Jason favors Bush's amnesty program for illegals. I can't support anyone, “good” Republican or not, that favors this. Sorry that is my position.


Sailor Republica said...

Robert: Go read my blog post first, before assuming my intent.

I've been open about my support of Jason from the very start, and my blog explains my position.

Besides, I didn't say you were a shill for Mannix, I said that I was beginning to suspect. Quite a difference.

Beware of who you tussle with, Robert. They can come back to devour you whole. ^_-

Robert said...

I've been open about my support of Jason from the very start, and my blog explains my position.

Rethinking that, yet?

Besides, I didn't say you were a shill for Mannix, I said that I was beginning to suspect. Quite a difference.

Good. I am glad I just misread your post.

Beware of who you tussle with, Robert. They can come back to devour you whole. ^_-

I have no worries about that, I am more concerned for you. There are many sharks a swimming looking to take a bite. Beware where you swim, my friend. ;]

Sailor Republica said...

I don't swim. I sail or float.

And if you read my blog entry, you'd have known that my final decision was and is to stay with my candidate.

Jeff said...

honeslty, all this BS from the newly formed Atkinson Haters Club is making me ashamed of being a Republican.

This is the exact crap that people are refering to when they say "right wing wacko."

Honestly, grow up. This "I'm taking my toys and going home" crap is pathetic.

I've tried to suggest that we re-group as republicans and find a way but all of you childish wacko's just want to trash the only chance we have to take this state back.

Get a life...

Jeff said...

p.s. Just so the record is straight, Mannix stated on Lar's first candidate round table, that he also supports the presidents plan.

If you can't vote for Jason on this issue, you cant vote for Mannix.

Guess this means another 4 years of tax-and-gouge-me.

Daniel said...

You are absolutely right Jeff. I was outraged then as well.

Anonymous said...

At least Atkinson, unlike Mannix, isn't openly campaigning for the Mexican vote (see earlier post).

Sailor Republica said...

Try again?

Robert said...


I don't hate Jason at all. I just believe that he can't win. He supports amnesty for illegals, and again, I won't vote for anyone that supports that.

I actually like Jason, but his campaign went bad when he opened his mouth the other day. He compromised principle over the hunger to get elected. So many people support the President regardless of what he does or says and Jason seemed to fall into that. Whether he is doing it to appeal to voters or doing it because he is blinded, I don't know. I want a thinking candidate, one that knows the issues and thinks about them before just coming out in blind support because "someone told him so".

None of this is about "taking my toys home...". It is about voting for a candidate that has principle and conviction. That may mean me voting for a third party candidate. I am certainly not going to support someone that says one thing and does another. One that doesn't stay up on the issues, supports something blindly, like amnesty for illegals, then gets pissed when they are questioned about it. If you support someone like this, that is fine, it is a free country.

As far as Mannix goes, you are completely correct about his support of amnesty as well. Thanks for posting this link and letting us all know it. So Mannix is gone for me, as well. Even before reading the post I had my doubts. Mannix is already damaged goods. He has run and lost so many times that I don't think supporting him this time around is a lgical option anyways, regardless of his position on amnesty.

I just want to close by saying whoever chooses to support Jason Atkinson for Governor; I have no beef with you. I think your wrong and compromising principle, but still the same, it is a free country and that is what makes it great. I will stand with those that will vote for someone who holds true to their values and principles over their will to just get elected. If not, I might as well join the Democrats, who just say things to get elected and stab their constituents in the back.