Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Taking a few liberties with the story

The various "indymedias" such as the bay area and Portland ones are calling for a "rage" or protest in Oregon City. This is over the crazy guy who was involved in a hit and run and then rushed the police. Obviously this resulted in him getting (deservedly) shot.

The narrative from the indybay site is the funniest. Somehow, probably by channeling energy through a hippy crystal, the writer is actually able to know how the crazy guy was feeling and what he was thinking. The writer also appears to be a medical doctor with his assessment of the crazy guys health (physical and mental) but isn't quite up to the task of writing correctly:

"THey believe, in thier racist little enclave..."

Perhaps when name-calling they should not make two errors in the same sentence. Might get them slightly more credence.


The Gentle Cricket said...

They also "forgot" to mention that this man had been involved in SEVERAL hit-and-runs that day, and that he had already assaulted one man. He may have been in shock or confused, but that does not preclude him from being dangerous.

The officers were found to have done nothing wrong, and I can guarantee you that if the officers were black or hispanic, and the violent man was white (there are plenty of White meth-heads in the area), nobody would be making these claims, and nobody would be making unsupported claims of racism.

Thomas said...

The writer of the article claims that Fouad was impervious to the torture that they administered. [ I, for one, take exception to the use of the word "torture". When one is high on meth, strength and insensitivity to pain is hightened, but the claim of "torture" is beyond the pale. The author of the article claims the toxology report indicated Foaud was "clean" .] When he refers to the men on-scene as hyped up officers it becomes apparent that he was never involved in a high-speed chase( as the persuer) and has no idea of the adreniline surge involved - along with other factors that the persuing officers must take into account (ie. speed, location, other traffic, radio communications). Arriving at the scene with witnesses screaming and pointing here and there only adds to the confusion the officers must deal with. Then they are confronted with a man who was alternately growling and giggling at them from the roof of their car...well, geez, what would you do?

Consider they did everything they could do short of lethel force, and were left with no alternative. Does the writer think that they ( the officers involved) feel good about taking a life? These are human beings, too. They have to live with themselves. I don't picture them sitting around chuckling over a beer at the end of the day.

The article goes on to say: Of course, the "authorities" point to the fact that the grand jury, after careful manipulation by the county's top cop, failed to find a true bill and indict the murderers. The GJ is made up of citizens, not maliable robots placed there by the "countys top cop". It is a felony to influence a GJ, does this articles author have proof of influence? I doubt it.

In his conclusion he states: We REFUSE to surrender to a fascist state! I got news for ya', kid; if this were indeed a "fascist" state, you would be sitting in jail right now! That is unless you hadn't been summarily executed instead.

Grow up. Learn to take responsibility for your actions. And be prepared to pay the consequenses.

Scott said...

When it comes to "indymedias" no use of Police force is Justifiable .
It's no suprise that they couldn't get even a simple story right.

Anonymous said...

HEY FOLKS, I have 5 "crazy people" in my backyard, right from the state mental hospital, all judged guilty but insane of crimes such as murder, arson and rape.

You all better heed what I say, they are going to place 300 more of them in your neighborhood soon.

Jack Peek