Friday, February 17, 2006

What? The commune doesn't pay the bill?

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[conversation after the site went down]

Nutjob: Dude, like, I thought you had a job.

Whackjob: Dude, I got fired, they drug test.

Nutjob: Why should we have to pay for internet anyways? Ain't it some kind of consitutional right?

Whackjob: Man, you're right, the internet is all part of the military-industrial complex that wants to keep us all in a police state.

Nutjob: Let's protest!

If you want to see the quality of the moonbats who are with this group then go no further than this poem. We definitely need some public funding for that art...


Crackpot said...

Wow, that's powerful stuff. Sure, it can be easily written off as the rantings of a misguided stoner/hippie, but there are some elements of truth in that particular "poem".

You're just another cog in the Neocon Matrix, dude!

Chris McMullen said...

Truth, Crackpot? Where?

If this was truly a fascist state, the Moonbats demonstrating every Friday would have their heads bashed in and their corpses carted off by secret police.

Is that happening? Of course not.

Ergo, we do not live in a fascist state.

Tim Lewis said...

If we're in it for oil, why haven't we invaded Canada yet?

Daniel said...

Or Mexico?

The Gentle Cricket said...

"If we're in it for oil, why haven't we invaded Canada yet?"

...or Venezuela.

Furthermore, if it were for oil, why did we invite countries like France and Russia to be involved in the rebuilding process, even after they backed out of supporting the initial military action? Why would we "spread the wealth".

The Gentle Cricket said...

"race refinement"
As exemplified by his Cabinet members and judicial nominees?

"I don't buy your fake terror story and I will not salute Old Glory"
Wow, how very American of you. Was this the "F*ck George Tenet, 17 UN Resolutions, combined foreign intelligence, Iraq-Syrian relations, mass graves, yellowcake uranium" part of the poem.

I don't agree with everything that President Bush does, but at least I give him the honor and respect that every President deserves. Furthermore, it does not dissuade my love of country. This kind of talk disgusts me. Knowing that better men died for this clown's right to say this angers me.

Crackpot said...

Come on now, I said "some elements of truth", not "truth". However, some of our current foreign policy does disturb me and one can draw a few Orwellian comparisons with our current government. Call me crazy, but a big government, free spending administration is far from my idea of conservative. Clamping down on civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism? Well, extreme measures may be necessary at times based on a specific threat, but I don't trust government nearly enough to lie down so easily. A true conservative cannot.

Though I'd seldom if ever agree with the prevailing mindset over at indymedia, I can relate to some of the rage expressed, just as I share some of your feelings on illegal immigration, taxes and second amendment rights.

So, though I wouldnt call it good poetry, I think the poem has some validity.

Sally W said...

If the universe did start with a bang - when God loved and the angels sang - one of the sparks that flew - chased time to become you :) xaNax

Thomas said...

Ohmanohmanohman! The most enlightened of social pundits - one clever enough to allow himself to be secretly fed by fascist food stamps while he and others of his ilk devise ways to take back the streets for the down trodden and opressed. And while funded through nazi unemployment checks, [printed on paper made from the trees the evil halliburton company has destroyed to further fund Karl Roves dastardly plot to enslave the world] is brave enough risk the ire of Bushs jack-booted thugs to come up with such an insightful cuplet on the true state of the world!

I must have been blind, not to have noticed all this before!

Now, I must hurry to downtown Portland and stand with my brothers and sisters against the evil that has been made evident to me at last!