Sunday, February 05, 2006

I have no solutions, oh wait, yes I do

Yet another anonymous commentor insists that I only "moan" about the illegal alien problem but when pressed for a solution I have nothing.

And you are right. There is no solution. No such thing as American ingenuity. All our problems are much too complex to overcome. Everything is hopless. We can't win. We just suck.

The above is very similair to the libertarian argument for ending the "war on drugs" and legalizing everything. So far no mention of ending the "war on murder" which if you apply the same standards we are also losing.

But I'm not a libertarian. And I do not believe that problems don't have viable solutions. So at the risk of repeating myself, here is Daniel's manifesto on how to deal with criminal aliens:

Form a police state complete with Martial law and kick in doors... wait a minute, that's not it.

Ok the real plan:


Step one: The federal trasportation department orders all state DMV's to stop issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Or all state governments order their DMV's to stop issuing licenses to illegal aliens.

Step two: Require ID and proof of citizenship for all social services.

Step three: True I-9 enforcement. If the name and social security number doesn't match then the applicant gets prosecuted for perjury. If at the end of the year an employees name and SSN don't match then the employer doesn't get to deduct that employees wages from their taxes. (I stole that idea from Lars)

Step four: Enact local ordinances that prohibit day laborers from congregating.

Step five: Require banks (who are federally licensed) to verify citizenship before they can open an account, cash checks, or wire money. (This all falls into the drivers license only being issued to citizens)

Step six: Put a flat tax of 90% on all money wired to Mexico that does not originate from a bank or financial instution that verifies citizenship.

Step seven: Require all community health clinics to verify citizenship before offering services.

Step eight: Allow local law enforcement to inquire about immigration status and arrest criminal aliens.

Step nine: Require proof of citizenship to register a vehicle.

I could go on and on with very simple steps we could take that would make life very difficult for criminal aliens to function here. That is the bottom line, we need to change the culture and attitude towards this problem.

There is no need to deport 20 million people. They will be phased out over time when it becomes impossible for them to get ID when their current ID expires, when their employer won't continue to employ them because they are a huge tax liability, when they can't get the Oregon health plan or food stamps, when they can't cash a check, or when they can't send money out of our ecomony and back to Mexico's.

This would cause them to stop coming here. Imagine, a criminal alien who is currently here would be forced to drive with no license when his current one expires and drive a car that is not registered in his name when he buys a new one. This would allow law enforcement to detain him, learn of his immigration status and get him deported.

With no freebies from the state and no ability to make a living the criminal aliens would simply deport themselves.

Any politician care to enact these solutions?


Jim in KFalls said...

Only some slight variations from my perspective...

Step 1b - ...or any identification cards for that matter.

Step 3b - any company or individual found to knowingly be employing illegal aliens should be fined $50K per infraction. Anyone who comes forward an reports that a business is knowingly employing illegal aliens should receive 50% of all resulting fines from the employer.

Step 6 - any foreign country, not just mexico. I'm thinking Canada too.

And to answer your question - any politician care to enact your solutions? - Don't hold your breath, we wouldn't want to upset the farmers and the people in the hispanic community that could get offended by these steps. After all they are only coming here for a better life, isn't that what our ancestors did? (give me a break)

Anonymous said...

Pathetically naive, but nice try. 11 million undocumented (that's the estimate from demographers) people in the country all unable to do anything above the boards, even though people are willing to hire them? What law enforcement expert would endorse that disaster?

Why not just legalize those who can show they have a job and have no criminal record, and then impose a better system of enforcing employers post-amnesty? It's much less expensive and disruptive to the economy?

What do you propose we do when Mexico says fine, we'll see your 90% tax on remittances not originating from banks and likewise tax all profits that American-based companies want to take out of Mexico at the same rate?

Most of your proposals are unconstitutional because they operate under a principle of "if immigrant, assume illegal", such as the day laborer proposal.

I assume that when you say citizenship you mean immigration status?

By the way, what's "marshall" law anyway? I thought it was "martial" law...

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- also, how "big" are you willing to allow our government to get? What are we, European?

Daniel said...

Why not just legalize those who can show they have a job and have no criminal record, and then impose a better system of enforcing employers post-amnesty?

By "no criminal record" you mean that they simply haven't been convicted of their crimes yet? Being here illegaly is a crime, having a job illegaly is a crime, perjury is a crime, fraud and ID theft are crimes...

And yes, that was a mispelling on my part. Thanks.

Second anon, how do these proposals make government bigger? I suggested no new agencies.

Anonymous said...


I don't think that your solutions are going to work one iota because as long as Mexico is a third world country where employment is low and corruption is high Mexicans are going to continue to come north looking for economic opportunity. Until Mexico gets its house in order nothing is going to change

Anonymous said...

I dunno about the banking. I like the idea of wealthy foreigners being able to put their money into our banks.

Then again, the wealthy seem to prefer banks in places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands... so maybe it would be ok...

Anonymous said...

Jesus christ! Absolutely puerile you are on this issue! Crime, crime, crime, crime. Okay, we get it.

You're going to combat it with enforcement and more enforcement. If you're going to do it right, you better damn well enforce the employers and sub-contractors. They create the demand.

This gets back to my point: Enforcement = $. The type of enforcement you're talking about would demand shitloads of money, resources, and a massive increase in INS/DHS bureaucracy. The proportions would be ludicrous. The reason amnesty is an inevitable outcome is:
1. Lack of $ / Resources
2. Lack of political will (i.e. desire to give govt that much access to markets, people's lives, etc.)
3. business interests in government

Obviously you've put much time into this cause and invested much of your identity in it, but it's time you bring this silly little game to a close, before we get embarassed at the polls by the democrats.

Anonymous said...

Last Anon....
And what sort of impact is $13 Billion in remittances having on our Economy? How about we take just half of that, $6.5B and spend that in Enforcement. Oh, wait, we can't, because that is now Illegal money sent to Mexico. On the other hand, the social programs they subscribe to aren't a financial liability, being off the grid, as they are, Right?

Try using your brain, and maybe a Calculator!

Ric said...

Not only do we need to secure the border, we need to deport those whom we have caught.

"The Homeland Security Department plans to stop releasing illegal immigrants into the United States by October, a senior official said Friday.

Greg Giddens, program manager for the department's Secure Border Initiative, told Government Executive he has been asked to end the "catch and release" practice by then."