Sunday, February 26, 2006

Consider not having a country

Consider an open border with Mexico
In addition, as the Mexican consul general in Oregon properly pointed out, if some Mexican citizens add to the cost of the Pendleton jail, other Mexican citizens also add to the revenue of the government there by working in the economy, earning and spending money and paying taxes. So as far as the county and the state are concerned, the money angle is probably a wash.

By "it's probably a wash" he means "I have done no research on this issue whatsoever and I can't cite a single piece of evidence to back up my absurd claim."

Actual studies backed up by facts on "the money angle"
Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget
Immigration Impact - Oregon

Notice how silly things like "footnotes" and actual "data" are used to prove a point rather than just silly claims of things being "a wash."

I can respect a well written opinion piece in opposition to my views but this one is just stupid. The author's name isn't listed but clearly he or she is not fit to use pen to write with as it is a sharp object and he/she could probably hurt himself/herself with it.

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The Gentle Cricket said...

"In a month-long investigation of Portland’s service industry in 2001, immigration agents review paperwork for 3,306 employees and discovered that 25 percent were illegal aliens"

Are these jobs that "Americans won't do"? If so, why are 75% of them held by non-illegal-aliens (aka, Americans)? However, the more important question is: why are a quarter of these jobs given to criminals?

Anonymous said...

daniel - it's a great and well-argued piece. plenty of research has been done; some sources in support of the argument can be found in a response I posted this morning to your mastercard spoof. These sources are far more objective than the ones you cite in this post. The 1997 volume by Smith and Edmonston was commissioned by the National Research Council. By contrast, CIS is widely recognized as an advocate of immigration reduction, despite its claim to non-partisianship. In academic circles, Camarato's work is seen as methodologically flimsy, and not capable of standing up to peer-review by other researchers. Same goes for FAIR, numbersusa, and other such outfits.

Anonymous said...

RE: Editorial

Has Hasso flipped out?

Sue K. said...

A wash, huh?!? Go to ANY Oregon county jail that has their inmate list posted online. See how many of the inmates have INS holds. The Marion County jail would be a good place to start. Look at the crimes they have been arrested (and re-arrested) for. (Yeah, I know, innocent until proven guilty but obviously they are guilty of being in the United States illegally first and foremost). My thought is, some pretty violent crimes. No? Just think of all the direct victims of these crimes. That in itself is not "a wash." Just think of the number of illegals that are in our state and federal prisons. In a sense, that makes us all victims because these people should not be occupying beds that our own scumbag criminals should be in. I'm sorry but I don't see "a wash" here. Another recent story comes to mind: The illegal dad and possible illegal mom with 10 (!) kids in Canby who were arrested for drug possession. This family (and I use that word loosely) has cost and will continue to cost the taxpayers thousands! How many illegal alien workers will it take to make this case "a wash?" Or how about the recent dmv case where possibly 80,000+ fraudulent Oregon DL's were given out? The harm done by these cases, and others, is much more than what is obvious.

MAX Redline said...

Dang. I seem to remember hanging around a day-labor pickup site in Cornelius not too long ago. As I recall, Daniel, you struck up a brief conversation with "Ron".

He had a problem with temp agencies - two, actually, as I recall:

(a) they paid minimum wage, and (b) they took out taxes.

Ron doesn't suffer these indignities as a day laborer.