Saturday, February 25, 2006

A product of Oregon
Portland Oregon Social Security Disability Attorney Lawyer and Civil Rights Advocate

As a kid I used to day dream (and still do) about mouthing off to authority figures, but in fact, I was a nerd and pansy ass that was petrified of saying jack shit.

I now live in Tennessee on a community called The Farm. See

"I inhaled..."

Just had to put this guy out there. A product of Oregon, lives on a commune and really represents what it means to be in the National Lawyer Guild. Too funny.


Oregon Infidel said...

One down, several hundred thousand to go. Maybe we should invest in "The Farm" so that they can expand in order to be able to hold all members of Blue Oregon.

Daniel said...

Why didn't they all just move to Canada like they promised before the election?

Anonymous said...

Alas we suffer at the hands of wimps and wall-flowers whose inspiration comes with a puff of smoke.

Such is the life of Sheeple!

Dare!PDX said...

Actually this guy is notorious inside Portland. For years he had a radio show on KBOO. He's a favorite article subject of the Oregonian or Willamete Week every few years.

Victoria Taft said...

Took him long enough. I thought he left months ago.

Scottiebill said...

Daniel - They moved to Canada just like the Hollywood left nut jobs (Alec Baldwin comes to mind) moved to Canada. All promises and no commitment. And why would Canada want these creeps, anyway? I spent a lot of time in Alberta and eastern B.C. in the 70s, and found these people to be some of finest I've ever met. They shouldn' have to be saddled with this bunch. Let them move to Venezuela with Hugo Chavez and take Harry Belafonte with them.