Saturday, January 30, 2010

What are they saying, no blacks allowed?

Welcome ~ Bienvenido ~ To Tualatin Elementary

No word on whether there will be signs directing your paticular race to the appropriate drinking fountain.


Barry Albertson (Vice Chair)

Dana Terhune

Jill Zurschmeide (CHAIR)

Maureen Wolf

I would also note that position 2 on the board is open although the deadline for turning in an application has passed. These openings are opportunities to bring some common sense to our government schools and maybe a chance to keep racism off the reader board.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Good news for the weekend

Illegal immigrant ineligible for benefits: Court
SALEM, Ore.—An Oregon appellate court has ruled that an illegal immigrant is ineligible for vocational assistance benefits.

In Carmen Carreon vs. Commerce & Industry Insurance Co., the claimant appealed a ruling by the director of Oregon's Department of Consumer and Business Services that denied her vocational assistance benefits for a 2005 injury that resulted in a permanent impairment award.

Way to go DCBS! A state agency actually used some common sense on this one. Follow this up with a court agreeing that "not allowed to work" actually means "not allowed to work" and I'm starting to have faith in Oregon government again.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

When I think Carla, I think class

BlueOregon (paid) blogger Carla Axtman is one of those women who, if she is married, I feel sorry for her husband. But today her post attacking the Washington County GOP is really ironic because she sarcastically calls them classy.

This is the same women who had several posts in a row using the term "douchebag." Perhaps she thinks that "don't be a douchebag, vote democrat" will win the local electorate.

But I'm also very interested in this tidbit:

"Apparently the Washington County GOP hopes to win back the local electorate by portraying our state legislators as gun-toting thieves who are stealing the bags of money we carry around whilst we traverse the many strip malls that dot our landscape. And here I thought we progressives were all about gun control. Who knew?"

You are about gun control Carla, you want to restrict citizens ability to own firearms. Our government masters on the other hand are free to arm themselves as they please.

I'm sure that you support magazine capacity restrictions for citizens but not for people who work in government.

I'm sure that you would happily restrict citizens from being able to possess scary looking rifles but are just fine with law enforcement carrying those weapons. (as long as they pick and choose which laws to enforce, leave illegal aliens alone!)

I can read DU all day long, Indymedia and BlueOregon are on my favorites list but Carla is one of those writers who isn't interesting, isn't funny and isn't informative.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The state of Government Solves Everything

You know what this speech needs? A good "you lie" shouted right about now...

Yes on 66 & 67 voters: a profile

Your typical "yes" voter may seem American on the surface but once you dig deeper you will find the following:

1. They negotiate with terrorists.
Threaten their children and they break faster than an Obama promise. The reason America has a policy against this is because it then becomes the preferred tactic of the terrorist and they will ALWAYS come back for more.

2. They vote with other people's wallets.
Votes no for a sales tax and general income tax but will vote yes for a cigarette tax increase (since they don't smoke) and a tax on the "rich" (since they aren't rich) and corporations (since they aren't corporations).For some this gives a misplaced feeling of generosity while others are simply lining their own wallets.

3. They are dependent.
When the typical yes voters grandfather or greatgrandfather looked at someone who was rich and successful they admired the person. They saw opportunity for themselves. When they looked at a corporation they had dreams of starting their own small business and turning it into the next General Motors Company.

This generation now is jealous of the bourgeois and merchant class. Rather than strive to be rich themselves they get more pleasure in tearing down the successful. Rather than earning and becoming independent they are satisfied holding their hands out for whatever scraps of health care, social security or housing that their government masters will dole out.

When politicians give speeches about protecting the "vulnerable" they proudly adopt that badge. "I'm vunerable so I matter" they think.

4. They are liars.
The only time you ever see a liberal be enthusiastic about keeping people in prison is when they are trying to raise taxes. Now that they have the money they can continue to feel sorry for criminals and doing everything in their power to release them as early as possible.

5. They work for government.
This voter is fighting for their very livelihood. They assume that their job is more important than yours because they work for the all-knowing, all-seeing and completely benevolent government. They have an entitlement attitude that rivals even the recipients of their handouts. If their paycheck is bigger, their benefits better and their workload smaller than the average Oregonian's then it's time to strike.

No sacrifice is too large for the taxpaying public to burden as long as these people are insulated from reality.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vote or P Diddy will get you

If you haven't turned your ballot in yet stop reading this and go do it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I think that I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

FOX News is doing "Obama in his own words" segement. Any of you lib commenters want to do a tally on documented Bush lies versus documented Obama lies?

This guy is a disaster.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amnesty: No bad deed goes unrewarded

CAUSA seeks to return immigrant issues to forefront
Members of CAUSA, an immigrant-advocacy group with offices in downtown Salem, rallied last week outside the district offices of U.S. Rep. David Wu and U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley in Portland.

Francisco Lopez, CAUSA's executive director, said immigration reform would help keep families together, bring employers and workers out of the shadows and ensure a more equitable tax system for everyone.

Marchers will be back at Merkley's office at noon Friday, Lopez said.

You know what else would "keep families together" and "bring people out of the shadows"? Not arresting anybody for anything.

Instead of feeling compassion for criminal aliens who break our laws we should feel contempt for parents who put their children in this position. What kind of person marries someone who could be deported at any moment? How do a couple arrive at the decision to have a child when they don't have a legal home here?

Illegal aliens know what the law is, they break it, they involve children and then expect us to feel sorry for them.

As for employers and workers who are in the shadows: let's turn on the light and watch them scurry away like the cockroaches they are. Letal workers and their ingenuity will step in to fill the market void.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now I actually do have hope

If it can happen in Massachusettes then it can happen in Oregon...

Looks like America isn't quite ready to become a People's Republic!

I changed my mind, we must pass these taxes

State of Oregon now hiring:
Communities of Color Outreach Coordinator/Bilingual: English-Spanish
$4,716 - $6,587 MONTHLY

This position requires verbal and written bilingual/English/Spanish language skills.

The major duties include:

Coordinate the design, development and implementation of an effective outreach and enrollment campaigns for communities of color.

Work with DHS staff to determine system opportunities/barriers to rapid enrollment of eligible children in Health Kids.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is a new state agency created by House Bill 2009 during the 2009 regular legislative session. The OHA will transform the state's system to make quality health care accessible and affordable for every Oregonian.

I wish that someone had told me that the legislature had spent the last session creating new state agencies that would then need to hire Communities of Color Outreach Coordinators. Clearly we need new taxes to keep these new programs coming.

I can't imagine why the vote yes for Oregon campaign isn't running campaigns talking about not being able to create new state agencies such as this if the state doesn't take more money from the hardworking people of Oregon.

My only consolation if the taxes don't pass is that we can probably let a few inmates out of prison to make sure that this position gets funded.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I feel soooo sorry for people who work 8 months out of the year

I understand that there are a bunch of lefties and teachers who are planning to do the "door to door" canvasing tomorrow in favor of higher taxes. But wait, isn't tomorrow Monday? A work day? That's just for us peons, the teachers get that day off.

A bunch of people who get all summer off, a week in spring, two weeks for Christmas errrr "winter solstice" and every holiday known to man with the notable exception of St. Patrick's Day (democrats hate the Irish!!!) are complaining about a possible short school year.

As far as I'm concerned any minute that an innocent child isn't being told that recycling is the highest virtue known to man is a good minute.

Also I will repeat my position that we should close the taxpayer funded DVD rental stores that we call libraries and abolish the minimum wage.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Homeless Liaison won't have a telephone?!?!?!

Frequently Asked Questions: Measure 66 & 67
This factual presentation was reviewed by the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office.
This henhouse security system was reviewed by the local fox.

How would these measures impact North Clackamas Schools?

For North Clackamas Schools, the funding impact this biennium would be $4.4 million for Measure 66 and $2.4 million for Measure 67. Because 83 percent of the district budget funds salaries and benefits, these areas would likely be impacted the most.

Together, these equate to the 2010-11 cost of either
• 16 school days; or

• 109 full-time teaching positions; or

• eliminating half of district telephones; all computer & software purchases, all textbook purchases, all library book purchases, 2.5 school days, 6 administrative positions, 28.5 classified positions, and 20 teaching positions.

Of course, these are just examples. No budget decisions have been made.

The thought of North Clackamas schools losing half of their telephones was just too much for me so I did a search of "north clackamas" on my own blog to get my own blast from the past wastes of money.

They sponsor "free" lunches during the summer at a local apartment complex. They don't have enough money to buy textbooks but they have money to go to where people live and give away food.

Their calendar from October 2008 listed an endless supply of "adult classes" in Spanish. I thought that we raised taxes "for the children."

North Clackamas is also home to the bilingual elementary school El Puente. 40% of the students in this school are "native spanish speakers."

These are some of the positions that will hopefully be eliminated when the taxes fail:

Latino Community Liaison
Russian Community Liaison
Vietnamese Community Liaison
Homeless Liaison

I know that eliminating the homeless liaison position or the Latino/Hispanic outreach program won't punish the voters enough so I'm sure that North Clackamas will instead fire a math teacher if they fire anyone at all.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let him hear from you now

The lawbreaker apologists went to Congressman Wu's office (ironically he is a "lawmaker") today to ask him whether he will sign on as a co-sponsor to the latest amnesty bill.

He told them he would decide by Friday. That gives us Thursday to let him hear from us. Tell him we don't want a culture of crime, we don't want to reward criminals, we don't want to make things worse for American workers and we don't want to encourage more illegal immigration!

Take a few minutes and try and save your country!


Remember, this was downtown Portland during their previous attempt of gaining political recognition and amnesty.

As long as someone else pays

Listening to the ads for Measures 66 and 67 they care claiming that only 3% of Oregon's population will see an income tax increase... when did it become a source of pride that such a small portion of the earners will pay for services for others?

Obviously selfish and greedy people have always privately tried to get something for nothing but now it's broadcast as a selling point.

Rational people don't think that you "care about the children" when you vote to spend other people's money but not your own.

Monday, January 11, 2010

How many managers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Publishes State Workers' Salaries (Oregon Catalyst)

I don't need to excerpt from another blog, go to the link and read it. They have the full salary lists as .PDF files, you can get the spreadsheet version on the Oregon Transperancy website.

What I would like to see is the list that contains the working job titles rather than the classifications. "Manager" is a classification while "Multicultural coordinator" and "Clean heroin needle dispensor" are job titles.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

They are really going to do it

Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030
Bicycling creates safer streets, reduces the causes of global climate change, promotes a healthy environment, and limits the effects and health care costs related to inactivity. It provides equity and access to viable, affordable transportation options and creates fun, vibrant, and livable neighborhoods. It supports Portland’s economy and is a sound investment. For all these reasons, the City of Portland is on the verge of adopting a new plan for bicycling, the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030.

A hearing before City Council to adopt the plan has been set for Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 2:00 p.m., time certain.

The hearing is a total show trial. On the Portland Transportation website they offer "Click here to express your support for the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030!" which takes you to the "just click "yes!"" instructions.

They care about your opinion as long as your opinion is "yes."

Remeber, this is not just for your own good you fat lazy citizen who enjoys a heated and sheltered commute during the month of January, it's also to create equity with people who can't afford cars.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

His dream: illegal aliens biking across the border

Earl Blumenauer is the first member of Oregon’s Congressional Delegation to sign on as a co-sponsor of the new amnesty bill. He's been on the government payroll for his entire adult life so it's no wonder that he supports moochers.

If you live in this guys district let him know that he won't be getting your vote in 2010. If he doesn't care about that then let him know that you plan on taking some unecessary car trips to punish the planet for his position.

We stopped it before, we can stop it again

Obama Readying Immigration Overhaul Despite Political Risks
The punishing battle over healthcare is still unresolved, but the Obama administration is quietly laying plans to take up another issue that could generate even more controversy and political division--a major overhaul of the nation's immigration system.

Already, senior White House aides have privately assured Latino activists that the president will back legislation in 2010 to provide a road to citizenship for the estimated 12 million undocumented workers now living in the United States.

Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster, said the issue is difficult in virtually any environment.

"We know from a lot of experience that immigration reform has been and can be a very polarizing issue. There are heated differences about whether there ought to be some kind of pathway to citizenship for people who entered the country illegally," he said.

When the media calls an issue "divisive" or "controversial" they really mean that David Brooks' ruling elites like it, the rest of America hates it.

Amnesty is part of the ruin America trifecta along with health care and cap and trade. When you are calling, emailing, faxing or attending town hall meetings make sure that your representative knows that amnesty is a deal killer when it comes to getting your vote.

Numbers USA - easy to be an activist

Oregonians for Immigration Reform - your local group who makes a difference

American Patrol Report - for when you need more evidence that this is a huge issue

Monday, January 04, 2010

More health care for illegal aliens

Department of Human Services
2009-11 Policy Option Package

[It] would increase the number of women eligible for prenatal care and the number of infants receiving health care... This would cover women who, while technically not living in poverty, earn far too little to pay for health care insurance.
What's a little technicality amongst friends?

[It] would extend statewide a pilot in Multnomah and Deschutes counties to provide prenatal care to women who otherwise would be eligible only for emergency medical (including labor and delivery).These women now qualify for Citizen/Alien-Waived Emergency Medical (CAWEM), federally required emergency services for women who are undocumented or who are documented but haven’t met the five-year residency requirement. This would make them eligible for OHP-Plus benefits, including prenatal services...


The alternative to providing prenatal care to only part of the population with local and “soft” funding, and noprenatal care to the rest of the population, is unnecessary now that the state has attained federal approval to use federal SCHIP Title XXI funds for prenatal services for the eligible population.

By not taking advantage of federal authorization to provide prenatal care to women who are undocumented or who have not met the five-year residency requirement, several thousand women and their infants lose the proven benefits of prenatal care;

Will there be changes to client caseloads or services provided to population groups?

There are approximately 6,000 births to CAWEM-only eligible women statewide per year, with an average growth rate of 5.5% per year. Labor and delivery care is already supported by state General Funds and federal matching funds.

There will be additional women served in the Citizen-Alien Waivered Emergency Medical (CAWEM)program. This POP will add an average of 68 women per month for 24 months for the 2009-11 biennium. In 2011-13 there will be an average caseload increase of an additional 141 women per month.

It goes on and on. Did you have any idea that Multnomah and Deschutes counties had already sanctioned giving illegal aliens extra health care? Now the beauracrats at DHS may decide or have already decided to take this statewide with no public debate or knowledge.

Your general fund tax dollars, your federal tax dollars, even your "soft" tax dollars are helping illegal aliens.

Vote NO on 66 & 67

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Coming soon to a city near you

Venezuela begins 2010 with electricity rationing
Oil-rich Venezuela ushered in 2010 with new measures rationing electricity use in malls, businesses and billboards, as Hugo Chavez's government aimed to save power amid a crippling drought.

A decree published on Christmas Eve states that commercial centers may operate from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm on the electricity grid, but beyond that establishments would have to operate off-grid, using their own generators.

When a country refuses to use it's natural resources then the citizens suffer. It would be like Oregon refusing to... allow... logging...

Or maybe the USA refusing to... drill... for... oil...

And what if we stopped... building... dams... or even crazier starting to tear... old... ones... down...

That's just crazy talk. We'd wind up with high unemployment, dependence on foreign oil with higher gas prices and electric rates that continue to go up in exponetial amounts. That crazy Chavez guy... he's crazy.