Thursday, August 30, 2007

Get your own damn kleenex

From the "school newsletter" passed out at supply night:

4. Can homeless, runaway and migrant children get free meals?

Please call Sherwood District office homeless liaison coordinator... (fire her please)

12. May I apply if someone in my household is not a U.S. citizen?

Yes. You or your child(ren) do not have to be a U.S. citizen to qualify for free or reduced meal prices.

Yeah ok, I'll bring a box of kleenex "for the classroom" while you give the store away to illegal aliens. Sure. The first school fundraiser happens less than two weeks after school starts. Let me dig deep for my pesos...

Let's socialize all medicine and industry

Example number 8,753,751,685,896 of government incompetence: Bird hunting starts on Saturday (for some upland game) and no one, no one, has the new hunting regulations.

"They only sent us one box" was what I was told by one G.I. Joes employee. "Everyone has been asking for those."

Wal-Mart have them? Nope. How about a different Joes store? Sorry.

What's that Mr. Jenkins? Your heart transplant is scheduled for today? Sorry, our PERS recipient only brought one box of sterile gloves and we are plumb out.

For those of you who have been trying to get a paper one but can't here is the online version.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What lending problem?

From the email spam:

Subject: No Social Security Number Required! Get a FREE Quote Today!

You can be an illegal alien with no legal way to earn money but we will still find folks dumb enough to give you a loan.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to school special

Over at the U of O Multicultural Center Blog (motto: 0.0001% the readership of Daniel's blog) they have links on their sidebar to four "news sites" one of which is Al Jazzeera in English. Now I'm not really suprised to see them linking to the terrorist supporting news outlet but I think it's very discriminatory that they don't put up the Spanish language version of it as well. Not very multicultural.

With the return of school I'm sure that The Fishwrapper will soon do another editorial bemoaning the "rising cost of tuition" without taking any note of the wastes of dollars that our public universities have like the UO Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity. (motto: making 3 = 5 through government facism)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who said it?

"We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance."
A) Modern leftist
B) Adolf Hitler

"Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with the view of confiscating them and leaving the population defenseless."
A) Vladimir Ilich Lenin
B) The Brady Campaign (formerly known as Handgun Control, Inc)

We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society."
A) Hillary Clinton
B) Fidel Castro

“All systems are capitalist. It's just a matter of who owns and controls the capital -- ancient king, dictator, or private individual. We should properly be looking at the contrast between a free market system where individuals have the right to live like kings if they have the ability to earn that right and government control of the market system such as we find today in socialist nations.”
A) George W. Bush
B) Ronald Reagan

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Goodbye illegals, don't let the door hit you on the way out

For those of you who may be wondering about the new "no match" enforcement rules being put into place that will be putting a huge dent into the criminal population here I am posting numerous links here. First is the actual "final rule" from the Federal Register.

Safe-Harbor Procedures for Employers Who Receive a No-Match Letter

From the ICE Q&A:
What should an employer do when it receives a Social Security Administration (SSA) No-Match letter?
(Skipping to the good part)
If the employer cannot confirm that the employee is authorized to work (by following the above procedures), the employer risks liability for violating the law by knowingly continuing to hire unauthorized workers.

More info on this can be found on the Q&A section of the ICE page. I am concerned about some of the language and possible loopholes contained in the answers but I think that at this point the illegal aliens and those who hire them have more reason to be concerned that I do.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This IS an issue

New Romney Ad Targets Illegal Migrants
Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney criticizes "sanctuary cities" for illegal immigrants—and by implication Republican rival Rudy Giuliani—in a new radio ad.

"Immigration laws don't work if they're ignored. That's the problem with cities like Newark, San Francisco and New York City that adopt sanctuary policies," an announcer says in the ad, which runs in New Hampshire and Iowa. "Sanctuary cities become magnets that encourage illegal immigration and undermine secure borders."

"Legal immigration is great," Romney says in the new ad. "But illegal immigration, that we've got to end. And amnesty is not the way to do it."

If only the state of Oregon could get a mention in that ad. We must continue to let the presidential candidates in both parties know that this is an issue and we want to know where they stand. We know where Romney stands.

Note to the criminal lovers: where are you candidates publicly speaking/putting out ads in favor of lies, amnesty and the criminal way? Oh that's right, it would be political suicide.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Oregonian: criminals don't commit crimes

Apparently the state's largest daily newspaper is having a hard time finding "criminals" in the illegal alien community. (Note to self: look up definition of word "illegal")

Undocumented jail prisoners mirror metro area population
In Oregon's state prisons, more than 1,000 inmates have federal immigration "detainers," meaning they will probably be deported after serving their sentences. That is about 7 percent of the state's inmate population of 13,300.

Their crimes mirror those most commonly committed by other convicts in the state prisons: sex violations, assault, rape, drugs and murder.
And they represent 0.6 percent of the estimated 175,000 unauthorized immigrants in Oregon, even as the remaining prison population represents 0.3 percent of the state population.

I guess by "mirror the metro ara population" they mean a "per capita double." But hey, "mirror" and "double" are almost the same thing when it's coming from the newspaper where they can't figure out if a statutory rape (by definition a rape) where the child was held down to the point of suffocation was "consensual."

Here's the kicker though. I am not positive but I think that The Oregonians point in writing this article is that criminals aren't... criminals. It's a "don't fear the folks who broke into our country, are fraudulently using your SSN to work, have perjured themselves to get that job and are in violation of labor laws, their crime will stop there" article.

First off, we know that's not true but second, if any other segment of the criminal community had such a low capture rate the Oregonian would be screaming from the rooftops. Imagine "out of the estimated 175,000 car thievs only 1,000 are in prison.")

And keep in mind the term "prison" is different than "jail." You can see from THIS LIST that our county jails are full of illegal aliens as well.

Bottom line: Let's pretend for a second that no illegal aliens are murders, rapists, thieves, drunk drivers etc, that still makes them guilty of Improper Entry by Alien, ID theft, perjury and working illegaly. Not exactly the kind of people we need to be importing.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Republican Amnesty Committee

The poor guy on the other end of the phone was speechless after I launched into my tirade. The RNC is doing the "isn't Hillary scary so send us money" phone calls and I told the guy that the only thing that is scarier than Hillary is the fact that the RNC supports amnesty. He was "unaware" of this so I had to yell at him for a while.

Please do not give them money. That's money that could go to Lindsey Graham (thinks you are a bigot) and John McCain. Pick your candidate and give directly to their campaign or give to the special interest groups like NumbersUSA and Oregonians for Immigration Reform.

Saying it better than I can here is Mac Johnson's column on this issue:
Let Illegal Aliens Support Amnesty RINOs

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Go Gatorade

Water is not our friend. In fact it may be the most destructive force on planet earth. We can thank God that the islamofacists live in the desert with little access to this harmful substance. Really.

You see, I am still recovering from the Great Bathroom Incident of '07. (NOTE: it is still '07) This incident was the result of my darling little children looking at water in their bathroom and having to make that tough choice between putting it

A) in the shower/tub
B) all over the floor repeatedly

Needless to say the wonderful little cherubs whom I love so much chose B. It was only logical. Many many dollars and construction workers later I they have a new bathroom. (possible sign over the bathroom door: Abandon all hope ye who enter here and get water on the floor)

But now the little joys, just a few months after bathroom construction was finished, managed to destroy the dishwasher causing yet another floor to be ruined. (This was discovered approximately 3 hours ago)

I'm thinking about tackling this project myself although the wonderful children may be a little nervous around me holding power tools while muttering under my breath about who is responsible for this mess.

But back to my main point: water damage. Do we really need water? Weren't the good liberals telling us that we were going to run out sometime back in the 90's? (If only this had happened it could have saved me two seperate floors) I mean, if Gatorade is good enough for Payton Manning then it's good enough for me.

So please, let those faucets drip. Overwater your lawn. Leave the tap on while brushing your teeth. The good liberals insisted that we will run out of this substance that falls from the very sky. It may be too late for my floor but your floor could be next!

SIDE NOTE: to start my anti-water campaign I have worked hard tonight to replace all the water in my body with Whiskey.

He probably had no idea this was a crime

Oregon doctor admits failing to file tax returns
An Ashland physician pleaded guilty today to failing to file a federal income tax return for 2003, despite substantial earnings that year.

He faces up to a year in prison and a $25,000 fine. Sentencing was set for October 29th.

Can we please get a Spanish version of this article out to our illegal amigos? Of course, they'd probably just laugh because they know that they are above the law. Maybe this doctor could ask for a pardon from Tom Potter...

How ironic that if you are committing other crimes then tax evasion can be overlooked but if it's your only offense then watch out.

Monday, August 13, 2007

There's going to be a new sheriff in town

An excellent request from Rick Hickey. If you can't attend the public meeting you can copy and paste the below letter and email the commissioners. It's time to enforce the law.

Your voice is needed as the Marion County commissioners are now in the process of selecting a new Chief of Marion County Police. The Murder of Dani Countryman by two Illegals, of which one had been detained four times by Police and let go, is a painful reminder that the 287 g program could have stopped this from happening.

Please consider attending a Public Meeting this Wed. 8/15/07 at 9:00 a.m., Marion Co. Courthouse (building is in the Bus Depot downtown across from Statesman-Journal) 555 Court st. n.e., Salem.

Sam Brentano
Janet Carlson
Patti Milne

Marion County Commissioners
PO Box 14500
Salem OR 97309

Re: Request for Marion County Police Agencies to join Federal 287(g) Program

Dear Marion Co. Commissioners:

We are requesting that the Commissioners of Marion County enter into agreement with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to designate a group of County police officers via selection of the New Chief, to participate in the law enforcement partnership authorized by Section 287(g) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

The 287(g) program utilizes federal monies for local law enforcement officers to be trained and authorized to perform immigration law enforcement functions in the regular course of duty, such as identifying and detaining illegal aliens. Why is this in the interests of public safety? Even a simple traffic infraction could reveal that the violator is a fugitive from justice.

“There are about 3,500 fugitive immigrants in Oregon,” according to A. Neil Clark, Dept. of Homeland Security/Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Field Director. (Statesman-Journal, 1/23/06), and over 500,000 nationwide. These are persons convicted of a crime and released on their own honor to leave the country. At present, they all know that a Marion County police officer will not check federal criminal data bases and that he/she may be released to commit even more crime. These fugitives are fleeing many other areas of America, knowing that any interaction with police could result in detainment and deportation.

“Sheriff's deputies in North Carolina (Mecklenburg County) have joined with federal agents in the detention and pending deportation of nearly 1,000 (now over 2,400) illegal aliens as part of a local-federal partnership,” reports an article in the Washington Times (11/28/06). "The mission of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office is to protect the citizens of Mecklenburg County," said Sheriff Jim Pendergraph. "I take those words very seriously. The 287(g) program is just another way to successfully remove from our country illegal aliens who prey on our citizens and commit crimes in our community."

This 287(g) program is now in effect in 22 Municipalities with another 75 recently applying. Waukegan, Illinois, just voted 8-2 to instruct police to use 287(g). This is an effective way for our police services to shift the financial burden of dealing with illegal aliens, since the Federal Government has largely abandoned its responsibilities for interior enforcement of the immigration laws, leaving state and local governments burdened with the consequences of out-of-control illegal immigration. Illegal alien criminals know where they can hide and where they cannot, and Oregon is quickly becoming the last place they can hide in America.

This 287(g) program will bring ICE cooperation with local authorities to remove criminal illegal aliens promptly from our jail system, saving us money and reducing the overcrowding of our jail space. Maricopa County in Arizona is also utilizing 287(g), and has saved millions of dollars via reduced need for bed space, health care, and legal representation expenses for illegal aliens.

Many illegal alien criminals are repeat offenders. “Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine examined the criminal histories of 100 illegal immigrants arrested and then released by local and state authorities in 2004, the latest complete data available,” according to an Associated Press article of Jan. 9, 2007. “Of the sample group of 100, according to the audit, 73 immigrants were later arrested a collective 429 times – on charges ranging from traffic tickets to weapons and drug charges”.

You should also be aware that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on local police authority to inquire of immigration status several times, and said that it is a basic right. Here is the most recent example, a case involving Iris Mena: The Court of Appeals determined that the officers violated Mena’s Fourth Amendment rights by questioning her about her immigration status during the detention. 332 F.3d, at 1264—1266. This holding, it appears, was premised on the assumption that the officers were required to have independent reasonable suspicion in order to question Mena concerning her immigration status because the questioning constituted a discrete Fourth Amendment event. But the premise is faulty. We have “held repeatedly that mere police questioning does not constitute a seizure.” Florida v. Bostick, 501 U.S. 429, 434 (1991); see also INS v. Delgado, 466 U.S. 210, 212 (1984). Hence, the officers did not need reasonable suspicion to ask Mena for her name, date and place of birth, or immigration status. - SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, No. 03—1423, DARIN L. MUEHLER, et al., PETITIONERS v. IRIS MENA, ON WRIT OF CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT [March 22, 2005]

Commissioners, I know of many Oregonians who are sick of reading about victims and their families suffering needlessly ( Dani Countryman for example), who would not have had a tragedy occur, if the criminal illegal alien had been deported, as per the laws of the United States. We hope that you seriously discuss and vote to require our New Chief to join the 287(g) program and help stop the tragedies occurring to law-abiding citizens in our County. We want these criminals to understand that they are not welcome in Marion County, that they will be held for ICE to pick up, and that they will be deported.

You are in the position to activate 287(g) in Marion County, and you have the overwhelming support of voters to take advantage of this opportunity to reduce criminal activity.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

[Put your name here]
Original author:
Rick Hickey, Vice President
Oregonians for Immigration Reform

Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's time to get rid of

181.850. (1) No law enforcement agency of the State of Oregon or of any political subdivision of the state shall use agency moneys, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting or apprehending persons whose only violation of law is that they are persons of foreign citizenship [residing] present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.

Men held in death are illegal immigrants
Two cousins accused of killing a teenager during her visit to Oregon acknowledged entering the country illegally from Mexico, a federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement official said.

One of the men, Alejandro Rivera Gamboa, 24, went unnoticed by immigration officials even though he was arrested four times on drunken driving charges since 2000, The Oregonian newspaper reported.

ORS 181.850 needs to be repealed in the "emergency" session that the Oregon legislature will be convening next year. Making law eforcement cover their eyes to crime is not keep our community safe. This is a horrible statute that is only supported by criminals and those who make excuses for them.

I would also argue to any potential rogue public officials/law enforcement that by definition someone who is in this country illegaly is violating more than just that law. Just by getting a job they break numerous other laws. Arrest them, deny them services, call ICE, do something.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's about time

Government to Step Up Immigration Law Enforcement
The Bush administration plans to step up immigration enforcement by raising fines on employers who hire undocumented workers, overhauling temporary worker programs and speeding up deployment of border agents, according to a summary of the plans.

Also, the Homeland Security Department will ask states to voluntarily share their driver's license photos and records with the agency for use in an employment verification system. The sharing is meant to help employers detect fraudulent licenses, according to the summary.

I look forward to the criminals actually being treated like criminals but I'm disapointed because I'm guessing Oregon won't be participating to the fullest extent.

A timeline in pictures

Support from the President.

Support from Tom Potter. The issuance and acceptance of Consular cards by state government.

The Portland nutjobs counter-protesting us and offering support.

Kulongoski and Fernando Sanchez, the former Mexican consulate in Portland who called rape a "cultural clash." Public officials offering support.

The child murderers and attempted rapists. Now the media offering support.

All these people, the president, the mayor, the governor, the socialist nutroots give unwavering support and all we end up with is dead girls.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Town Hall: disband the legislature

Here is video of Senator George and Rep Krummel saying that all their constiuents want to deny drivers licenses to illegal aliens... so why don't the citizens put it on the ballot. Earlier George talked about how the entire senate voted for a bill that would do just that but then the bill went on to die in committee.

He complained that the media wouldn't report on this. You know what the media did report on: THE CAROUSEL OF INFORMATION THAT WE PROTESTED TO DEATH.

Why don't you wear a 5 foot sombrero to the next session and when the media asks you why you can explain what happened to the drivers license bill. Maybe instead of voting "aye" on bills vote "si." Why don't you make a Jeff Merkely pinata, fill it with drivers licenses and invite people to whack it on the capital steps?

As for the laughter when I suggested that these two could join us at a protest (imagine them inviting the media and then telling what happened to the drivers license bill) way to go you schmucks in the audience. If only we had had that same response when the Boston tea party was suggested it may be time for tea and crumpets right now. Good luck when your daughter gets strangled by some illegal aliens.

Again, YouTube cut this video off, I will re-upload again so you can see Krummels response (put it on the ballot) and my response to that (do your job).

If these two want Oregon to be goverened by the initiative I'm all for that. Instead of 2000+ new laws we can get 5. But as long as "representatives" are meeting I would suggest that they do something.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Town Hall part 2

Here is Larry George's monologue on what happened in the last legislative session with the "no drivers licenses for illegal aliens" bill.

YouTube cuts this off no matter what I do. Frankly I'm not going to mess with it anymore tonight. The senator goes on to lament the media for not reporting on the way this bill died.

NOTE: maybe i'll upload the uncompressed original at some point and see if that works. Not tonight though. Next videos in the morning.

Town hall

Rep Jerry Krummel during his monologue talks about illegal aliens.

That's fine for a monologue. We will have Larry George next up, then my questions/suggestions (do your job) and I will end with "you can't take my picture" moron.

Friendly warning to ODOT workers

Your union may protect your incompetence, your surly attitude with the public, the fact that your job is completely uneccessary and it may even protect you despite your worst offense of being an English speaking heterosexual Christian white male but I want to warn you that I don't think that you will still have a job if you tell Kulongoski that we spent all the money that should have gone to repairing and building bridges on bike paths and choo-choo's that don't run when it's too hot/too cold/too icy/too sunny/etc.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day Labor Extravaganza

So Tommy Potter want to build a "day labor site" which will be used by mostly illegal aliens. Apparently places such as Labor Ready aren't good enough for the city of Portland.

Labor Ready makes sure that workers are paid, makes sure that workers have the proper liability insurance, makes sure that the proper taxes get taken out of paychecks, make sure employees get drug screened and makes sure that employees fill out an I-9 form that says you are legally in the country and eligible to work.

But instead Tommy wants to institutionalize a practice of anonymous people picking up anonymous workers. That guy framing a house? Never drug tested. The guy who hurt his back moving rocks? No workers comp. The old lady who wants to barkdust raked in her yard and picks up a worker who has been twice convicted of rape? It boggles the mind.

The public hearing on this proposed site is today. Here is the OFIR info:

OFIR Members and supporters:

Wednesday, August 1, at 5:00 p.m. there will be a hearing at Portland City Hall regarding the proposed day labor site. It will be held on the 2d floor in the Lovejoy Room. It is a special meeting only on the day labor issue. The name of the committee in charge is the Hire Site Working Group.

The address of the Portland City Hall is 1221 SW 4th.

Of course, this put the indymedia boys in a tizzy who responded with this post.

There are no illegal men, women or children. Poverty, lack of health care, lack of job security, lack of prioritizing funding for children, privatization, neo-liberal economic polices, white supremacy and patriarchy...all of these things perpetuated by U.S. capitalist and imperialist policies are the real crimes.

I'm having some trouble finding the exact statute on the "lack of health care" crime (is it a felony?) so if one of you good libs can link it I would appreciate it. Or any of those other "crimes."

In contradistinction, I have a list of all the crimes that the "good" illegal aliens commit just by being here and working. NOTE: these are actual crimes, not things that I made up to post on Indymedia.

And finally, here is the response on OFIR member got from the mayor's office:

We are admitting to creating a hire site for day laborers, which is not synonymous with "illegal alien"; therefore, you are incorrect in presuming that we are admitting to assisting illegal aliens. It is true that many of those seeking day labor may be in this country. But, given ORS 181.850 and the policies of this City, that is immaterial. We cannot arrest any person based on alienage.

The supporting documentation does not, in no way that I can perceive, invalidate ORS 181.850. If anything, it substantiates that local municipalities will not enforce civil immigration law.

I find your prejudice that those here illegally are "breaking numerous other laws" without merit and, frankly, disturbing.


Jeremy Van Keuren

Public Advocate
Office of Mayor Tom Potter
Portland, Oregon

By "without merit" he means "if I shut my eyes real tight and don't read Daniel's blog post on all the laws that the illegal aliens commit just by being here and working then it's ok."