Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let's socialize all medicine and industry

Example number 8,753,751,685,896 of government incompetence: Bird hunting starts on Saturday (for some upland game) and no one, no one, has the new hunting regulations.

"They only sent us one box" was what I was told by one G.I. Joes employee. "Everyone has been asking for those."

Wal-Mart have them? Nope. How about a different Joes store? Sorry.

What's that Mr. Jenkins? Your heart transplant is scheduled for today? Sorry, our PERS recipient only brought one box of sterile gloves and we are plumb out.

For those of you who have been trying to get a paper one but can't here is the online version.


R Huse said...

Well, they probably didn't get enough printed due to Oregon's chronic funding problems. "In the wake of measure 5" all government agencies are straining over increased work loads with fewer and fewer dollars. Hunting fees especially have been strained due to increased habitat management costs, overtime due to hiring freezes and other strains on the public employee work force. Badly needed essential services have been cut to the bone so I am sure printing hunting rules was sacrificed for more essential projects using dwindling hunting fee revenue.

By the way, while you are out hunting, can you check the new bike paths and see if they are any good?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bitch, Looks like the Govt. is being a tad bit more responsible in saving money by displaying on-line. Isn't that what you clamor for daily--"cost efficiency"?

Daniel said...

I pay a lot of money for hunting/fishing licenses/stamps/etc.

Money from firearm and ammo purchases also goes to wildlife management. This is in contradistinction to bike nuts who don't directly fund bike paths with dollars from their activity of choice.

I'm all for cost savings but when the rules are so complex and change every year it's nice to have a copy in the field with you.

BEAR said...

You are quite right, Mr. Daniel. The anti-gun lobby (which now controls the ODF&W) wants to discourage hunting any way they can. Delaying and confusing the hunt, and those involved, fits their agenda. They couldn't care less about adequate funding through sales for the same reason.

Just a thought... said...

Maybe you Republican that like to have sex in Men's Restrooms can get the copy of the state hunting regulations there. I am sure your broke back butt buddies have one you can read while you do your dirty deed.

Anthony DeLucca said...

I get treated in the VA system for a combat realted disability, and I've got to sy: I cannot imagine the GOVT handling health care of all Americans. Just take a look at the way the VA handles things, and multiply that chaos one hundred fold.

No way that will EVER work.

The Cheezer said...

If you have any friends in the printing industry (Kinko’s, laser print, etc...) in Salem, ask them how many outdated books they are contracted to print at the end of the year for the state of Oregon and then are delivered directly to the shredding companies.
Yes, this is a common act every year for the state of Oregon so they can eliminate leftover budget dollars allowing them to get the same budget (or more) for next year.
My wife’s ex-husband was a manager for a Laser Quick in Salem and had an exclusive contract with the state to do just that.
At the end of the fiscal year, he would receive a book that was several years old. He would be given instruction to print the number needed to meet a specific cost. He was then instructed to deliver the entire production to a shredding company to be destroyed.
Don’t you think the state could spend our money a little more responsibly?

Scottiebill said...

One has to wonder if the PETA gang of anarchist aren't out in front of the State's publisher trying to prevent the printing of these bird-hunting rules. And, if that is true, you can bet the Tomas' the "mayor" would be telling the cops to stay away.