Thursday, August 31, 2006

Breaking news... weeks late

Tempers collide in Cornelius over immigration
Nearly every Saturday this month, anti-immigration protesters have driven from Portland, Sherwood and Salem to intimidate homeowners and contractors attempting to hire day laborers in this Washington County town.

"They're out here illegally; aren't getting drug tested; don't speak English; aren't licensed, bonded or insured," Rick Hickey, with Oregonians for Immigration Reform, said of the day laborers.

If you read the article you might be suprised to learn that the headline wasn't:

Klansmen harrass grandmothers and children... they also killed a puppy

We are "anti-immigrant" and the apologists for the criminals are "pro-immigrant." OK, whatever.

The criminal apologists greatest weapon in this argument is their ability to frame it in a way that the people who want to enforce the law are the bad guys and the law breakers are the victims.

I honestly believe that if we ever had an actual vote to immediatly declare all illegal aliens felons and if you are caught you are deported within the hour it would pass by 85%. This is because people will privately check that box on their ballot but they are scared to death of saying anything in public for fear of being labeled racist.

Baseless and inflamatory accusations are a great substitute when logic, the public, the law and common sense aren't on your side.

To our supporters: Don't be afraid of the name calling. You know what is in your heart. The criminal apologists tactics will not be effective if you don't acknowledge them. I will refuse to respond to the charge of racism from now on. There is no point, they will continue to call me/you/anyone they disagree with a racist no matter what. I will not dignify it with a response.

For those of you who haven't seen or heard about these protests, I have been to all of them to date, here are a few links to my posts. (you can always to a "search this blog" for the word "cornelius" for more posts)

They brought signs

The sign was taken down

Master list of videos

Why Kulongoski needs your kicker

They took the job posting down for a while but I am pleased to announce that once again your tax dollars will be used to hire a...

Music, Art or Recreational Therapist
$2,846 - $4,146 MONTHLY

Employees in these positions provide individualized assessments and treatment programs in art, music or recreational therapy.

You frequently see pro football teams with an "art therapist" on staff for all their rehabilitation needs because... oh wait, no you don't, they prefer things like "proven methods" and "actual medicine."

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The irony

Willamette Week has an interesting article about hustlers who take advantage of illegal aliens. (Admittedly this is much like robbing a drug traffiker of his cocaine during a deal)

At the bottom of the article is the ultimate irony:

Unlike applications for public assistance, most immigration forms are available only in English, according to a spokeswoman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

I will say that it's too bad that we allow a group of people to come here with false hope for the American dream. Promises of amnesty and "guest worker" status have contributed to the choice of many people to come here illegaly.

With Amigos Like These
Luis Elias, who works at the Mexican Consulate in Portland as a liaison between Mexican citizens and Oregon law enforcement, adds that undocumented immigrants often aren't willing to believe or accept that they have no avenue for legalizing their status in the United States. They're vulnerable because they're desperate, and when someone tells them "no," they may turn to businesses that say "yes," even if the promises are false.

If we simply enforced our laws then people would realize that there is only one way to get the American dream: the legal way.

We're so glad to still have Arlen Specter...

They Shot the Wrong Lincoln
In addition to supporting Democrat Joe Lieberman over Republican Alan Schlesinger in Connecticut, President Bush is supporting the Democrat over the Republican in Rhode Island, too. In the Republican primary, Bush supports Lincoln Chafee -- who votes with Bush on the important issues less often than Sen. Lieberman does -- over the only actual Republican in the race, Stephen Laffey.

I am so sick of the Bush thinking that weak-kneed liberals with an (R) next to their name deserve our support. It doesn't even pay off for him. He came out and supported Specter who has continued his habit of being a complete pain in the rear. Even during the judical nominations Specter was the first to slam the candidates on abortion. (Specter being of the opinion that sucking out a babies brain is "choice")

DO NOT send money to the RNC. Send money to the candidates and interest groups that you support. The party does not deserve support until it stops acting like being a real republican is a character flaw.

I'll decide what's "too many" around here

Neighbors say Central Oregon resort project to cut too many trees
Neighbors of a new resort say too many trees will be cut for the project and they blame Deschutes County officials.

When finished, the Cascade Highlands resort will include 379 homes and a golf course, according to a county planning staff report.

The fundemental flaw with liberalism is that it relies on subjective rules. While conservatives believe that we have inalienable rights endowed upon us by our Creator and thatwe laws written to protect these rights and keep us from infringing on the rights of others, liberals believe that we have malleable rights that depend on the whim of people whose feelings might be hurt.

Who decides how many is "too many" trees to be cut down? I would say the landowner. Liberals would say that the neighbors, the government, the local tree hugger group and the snail darter get a say in how many is "too many."

Liberals get to define what is "tolerant," what is "culturaly competent," and what "diversity" is.

For those of you who support the subjective rules you need to realize that at some point they will be coming for you! Nothing is safe if we are relying on the whim of a handful of people.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Our fearless leader

Caption contest: (click picture to enlarge)

Actual caption from Kulongoski site:
Governor Kulongoski meets with Governor Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, Governor of Guanajuato, Mexico.

[EDIT] Ok, already getting the "how dare you call them rapists and drug dealers" comments. So I'll put this one up front:

The Mexican consul calls them rapists and the DEA calls them drug dealers.

Costs? What costs?

State of Oregon Emergency Board
(large document so I link to google cache with search term highlighted)

The second major cost increase is in the Citizen/Alien Waived Emergency Medical (CAWEM)
program. The CAWEM program covers individuals who would be Medicaid eligible except for
their immigration status and covers only emergency and child delivery services. There is an
increased need of just over $5 million General Fund in this program due to an increase in the
number of covered births coupled with an increased cost per birth. Child birth costs represent
approximately 90 percent of costs in the CAWEM program.

When the emergency board met earlier this year DHS asked for an additional $5 million to cover the increased costs of paying for illegal aliens to have babies. That's not total cost, that's just the increase.

Gosh, what would cause such an increase? It's not like our government is making promises of amnesty to illegal aliens who can manage to sneak into our country before a bill gets passed... oh wait.

Monday, August 28, 2006

One more link to it

I'm sure that most of you have seen this but I'd be remiss if I didn't put up a link as well...

Hoisting the Mexican flag at a US post office


Sick sick sick sick sick... but keep up the good work guys, you make my job that much easier!

Back to school

In anticipation of back to indoctrination camp, err, back to school I am going to do a series on what Mexico's children, err, our children are getting there.

Part 1

School Based Health Centers: An Overview
School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) are a national model designed to ease access to health care by reducing the barriers that have historically prevented adolescents from seeking the health services they need including inconvenience, cost, transportation, concerns surrounding confidentiality, and apprehension about discussing personal health problems.

Those are the things that keep kids from going to the doctor? Inconvenience? Sorry, it's inconvenient for all of us. Confidentiality? Sorry, you don't have any, you are a minor.

2006 marks the 20-year anniversary of SBHCs in Oregon. The first center opened in Multnomah County in February 1986 at Roosevelt High School. Since then, they have doubled each decade making it possible for three times more clients to be seen.

They double each decade huh? So all those "cuts" that we have been hearing about... those must be lies right?

Services are available to students regardless of... immigration status.

Pretty sure that one is illegal. We are required to educate regardless of immigration status but we are forbidden from providing (most) social services to illegal aliens. Putting the health clinic in a school doesn't except it from the law. Will follow up on this one...

Midly suprised

After the new resolution for English to be the official language was passed by the Oregon Republican Party I wondered if their website would still feature the "in espanol" section. (Along with this picture that existed during the primary)

But thankfully all that is gone now. Go check out the new improved Oregon GOP website and do something to help Republicans get elected in November.

NOTE: You can compare the Republicans agenda to the "new and improved" democrats agenda where concepts like "gender identity" and "gender expression" are now on the list... (Johnny thinks he's a girl now so he's going to go ahead and use ladies dressing room)

That's a nice shirt

pa·tri·ot n: one who loves, supports and defends his or her country.

We are proud to introduce our 100% American Made clothing—designed specifically for true American patriots.

Go and get yourself an American made shirt! I especially recommend them for the following people:

State workers
College students
Anyone who lives in Portland
Undercover liberals who are trying to disguise the fact that they hate this country

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Get together, shoot things

In the same vein as the below post, if anyone here enjoys trap shooting it might be fun for a group of us to get together at the Tri-County Gun Club during open shotgun and shoot a little trap. (You are invited too Mike Mayhem)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kill birds and eat them

I'm looking for someone to go hunting with this fall. I didn't grow up hunting so I need someone to help me get into the sport.

I'm interested in waterfowl and upland bird so if that's your thing and you don't mind showing me the ropes then I'd love to hear from you!

And if you are a land owner who would grant permission to hunt quail/pheasant/etc on your property that would be great too!

If you have my private email address then contact me there (preferred) or leave a comment or email me at

Nice to sleep in

Mwahahahahahaha. I have a smile on my face right now knowing that "counter-protestors" are in Cornelius right now showing their opposition to... nothing. We slept in today.

We know that after the "day labor" sign has been taken down, after two front page articles in the Argus, after countless complaints to companies that picked up illegal alien day laborers we don't even have to show up every weekend.

And thanks to you "counter-protestors" because you are doing our job for us. By standing around with signs and making that place a political statement you can be assured that no unethical contractors will stop by to pick up their illegal workers today.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The chief continued

OK, after hearing from several people, including in the comments here, I decided to look further into the Cornelius Police Chief's love of illegal aliens.

Possible quote: "they can cross the border but you can't cross the street."
(He really did stop his Spanish conversation to tell me to get back to "my side" of the street.)

Quote from Chief Rubenstein with regards to police being able to enforce immigration laws:

"We don't want to rebuild that wall," the chief said. "We don't want to make someone feel that if they come forward to law enforcement, they will just be victimized further by being deported."

Much the same as you don't want to "victimize further" a drug dealer who reports his stash got stolen...

For most of the time he's worn a badge, Cornelius Police Chief Paul Rubenstein has worked to bridge the gap of trust between officers and immigrants in the Northwest.
(Same link as above)

I notice that there is also a "gap of trust" between officers and rapists. Perhaps the chief wants to do something to "bridge" that?

Possible quote: (in spanish) "Now I know that I scolded Daniel but it's ok for this guy next to me to be in the street, oh and by the way, when you guys are hanging out around the junior high school please stop throwing empty beer cans on the ground."

Oooh, Daniel suggested that many illegal aliens are rapists, how awful. Wait a minute, the guy who represents illegal aliens, the Mexican Consul said that they are rapists... In further anticipation of the "how do you know the people who hang out here are illegal?" I would say that my first clue was WHEN THEY TOLD ME SO and the second was all the signs they had last time that said "legalize me." But I'm getting off subject...

So what got Chief Rubenstein into law enforcement here?

Rubenstein was hired in 1980 as a bilingual (Spanish) and bi-cultural police officer by the city of Hillsboro.
LINK (google cache only)

So if you are a "bi-cultural" officer then you make sure that you ignore law breakers right Ruby?

Rubenstein stated his belief that the Washington County community, especially in Hillsboro and Cornelius, truly knows that the police follow Oregon state law regarding immigration status.
(same link as above)

Oh yeah Ruby, us in the community know how you feel about illegal aliens...

Note that the head of Centro Cultural, Sabino Sardineta, gets to sit in on these "law enforcement contact" meetings. It's one big illegal alien love-fest in there.

NOTE: all videos from previous posts have been moved to a good server (thank you Greg) and are functional. If you haven't seen them yet scroll down a ways and have a look-see.

Smith and Wyden: Representing illegal aliens

Recent immigration grades:

Senator Smith: F

Senator Wyden: D

You now have the nurseries and the farmers thanking Smith in a new radio spot for his amnesty vote. It's a great ad that takes the "blame the victim" approach of saying that it is our fault we have illegal aliens since we don't have every square inch of the border secured. (It's your fault your house got broken into because you don't have bars on your windows!)

They go on to say that farmers won't be able to survive without their illegal workers. (I can't compete unless I break labor laws!)

So thank you Gordon Smith, you are actually worse than Wyden on this issue.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

That's not my sidewalk?

This last weekends protest went very well. The only negative aspect of it was the Cornelius Police chief. I am going to do a series of videos showing what happened.

Initially he came up to me, no uniform, no badge, no indication that he was law enforcement. (you hear me in the video say as much) He told me that he was going to "enforce the law" if I was in the street and that he "wasn't going to have another Woodburn." (this is before the camera captures the conversation) I thought that he was just John Q Citizen from the illegal alien side telling me that he would basically tackle me if I walked in the street.

Here is what happened

So after that I explained what had gone on while the chief got friendly with the illegal alien crowd.

Me explaining

So then he got very insistent that we had seperate "sides." I went to take a picture and when a truck turned to come down the road I moved to the sidewalk. The truck didn't have to slow down, move or deviate. And remember, we are talking about a road where most trucks get this treatment:

The police chief talking to me after that

The converstation continues with the chief saying that if I walk across the street he will charge me with "disorderly conduct and probably riot." He admits that this is "a stretch."

It continues

That's a pretty good summary. Not all the videos are hosted yet so there a few gaps and these are obviously just clips. Hopefully I will be able to get the rest up shortly.

For the record: I believe that you should always comply with law enforcement's orders. If they say "stand there" then you stand there. But if they say "stand there for 5 hours" then I start to have a problem with it. I have be successfully protesting illegal aliens all over this state with no incident. I always go mingle, strike up conversation and take close-up pictures.

My contention was that as long as I broke no laws then I should certainly be able to walk over and talk/take pictures/do a little dance if I wanted. Let me know if you think that I was out of line.

The city manager, who is the police chief's boss, commented on the protest here.
Following the email algorithm the city manager, Dave Waffle, can be reached at this email:

NOTE: several of the previous videos have been moved to good links, scroll down to see them.

So frustrating

OK, video links are down again. This is really starting to bug me. I've now sent all the files to be uploaded to a good domain. Please be patient.

A small price to pay for crime

(Yes, videos are up, scroll down past this post. More this afternoon)

Cost of Senate Immigration Bill Put at $126 Billion
The Senate's embattled immigration bill would raise government spending by as much as $126 billion over the next decade, as the government begins paying out federal benefits to millions of new legal workers and cracks down on the border, a new Congressional Budget Office analysis concludes.

Newly legalized immigrants would claim nearly $50 billion in federal benefits such as the earned income and child tax credits, Medicaid, and Social Security.

You have to look at the sidebar on this article that breaks down the cost estimates. The enforcement measures carry a reasonable cost, the Employment Eligibility Verification System will cost $1.6 billion, while the "let's give them amnesty measures" will break the bank. The Earned income and child tax credits will cost us $24.5 billion.

Detention facilities for 20,000 people: $2.6 billion

Medicaid: $11.7 bilion

Republicans acting like they are fiscal conservatives when they are selling out this country: Priceless.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The bad...

This is the same tired hippies who protest everything. They aren't creative at all. They continue to use the same ridiculous chants from the 60's.

Hey hey, ho ho, same old chants have go to go

This is a very interesting clip. I was accused of "being in people's faces" and being "confrontational" by the socialists. This is me going to walk down the alley by Centro Cultural. The socialists didn't think that I should be able to and repeatedly told me to "go to the other side of the street." As you can see they obstructed my path repeatedly as I tried to walk past them. They had to come of the sidewalk to chase me. I was not "confrontational" and I don't have an assigned side of the street. Sorry.

Walk down the street
(larger files like this will take longer to load)

We should definitely welcome people who chant "no facist USA" to our country. Right?

No facist USA

Despite the assertions of the police chief, I was able to walk over to take a picture without causing a total riot.

chanting, me taking picture (gasp, with no conflict)

The good...

It was great to have so many concerned citizens show up to make this happen. OFIR members, people who saw us and just came over to join, veterans, everyone. (no socialists) It is just coincidence that there is a "no left turn" sign by us...

Also note, the "stop bigotry now" chanting in the background. The woman was ranting up and down the sidewalk...

Our guys

Alright, the videos that you all have been waiting for, the police chief threatening me with arrest, are going to have to wait until tomorrow. It's a series and I am going to do a long post about it. Just too tired tonight.

The bad...

*Foul language*
We'll Take That Chance

Ok, this started with this woman charging at us screaming "stop bigotry now." (throughout this video essay you will hear her in the background chanting over and over and over and over the same thing.)

When the video starts you see the police chief go over to talk to her and then a truck pulls up and the occupant offers that "we would die without [illegal ailens]." I suggest that is a risk we are willing to take.


Ok, first video. This is the socialists chanting in Spanish. The funny part was that even though these were chants they still read from que cards...

Chanting with signs

NOTE: Working to get these up quickly along with appropriate narrative.

The video...

Ok, just got home from work and got the CD in the mail, I haven't even watched it yet but I have it loaded into my movie editing program. Will be posting clips throughout the evening...

In the meantime read this error riddled post over at Indymedia.

Hispanic / Latino Day workers Harassed in Cornelious,Oregon

Become illegal, get the benefits

I know, this one has been out there for a while but for those of you who haven't read it yet, it's hilarious!

Wanna be an illegal alien?
Dear Senator Sarbanes,
As a native Marylander and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue Service, I am writing to ask for your assistance. I have contacted the Immigration and Naturalization Service in an effort to determine the process for becoming an illegal alien and they referred me to you.

My reasons for wishing to change my status from U.S. Citizen to illegal alien stem from the bill which was recently passed by the Senate and for which you voted. If my understanding of this bill’s provisions is accurate, as an illegal alien who has been in the United States for five years, what I need to do to become a citizen is to pay a $2,000 fine and income taxes for three of the last five years.

Go to the link to read the rest. Great comments at the end of the piece too!

Only one possible problem, only one possible solution

According to Kulongoski we have a problem.

The Problem
The recent recession illustrated the dangers of relying on an unpredictable revenue system to fund our children’s education.

The Solution
Education Enterprise will make education funding a priority, protecting it against future economic downturns. It will immediately establish a stable funding source by committing 61 percent of the state’s general fund to education. In every following budget cycle, each sector of the public education system will receive an increase of at least 10 percent over the previous budget to address new educational needs and expand successful programs.

Nothing on Kulongoski's website talks about current failures of the public education system. Like how come only 42% of 4th graders meet the standard when tested for writing? (that means 58% are failing for you public school kids) "The kids" get a brief mention in his proposal but it's mostly about money, and the part about the kids, only money can gurantee their success.

So why the myopic insistence that the only possible problem is a "lack of funding?" Why the promise of specific increases in money?

Oregon Education Association, American Federation of Teachers-Oregon and Oregon School Employees Association Unite Behind Ted Kulongoski for Governor
The groups also praised the Governor's Education Enterprise plan, which will: guarantee early education, K-12 and post-secondary institutions a minimum 10 percent funding increase each biennium

Hey, if you promise me money I'll endorse you too! Does anyone else feel a little sick because we have an "I'll give you stuff if you vote for me" system?

Monday, August 21, 2006

The good...

I know, I know, it's "all day labor all the time" around here but I have a bit more to go over. I really want to say thank you to everyone who was there last Saturday. Rick, Michael, Amy (who was there at the behest of the Mary Starrett campaign), our veterans and our concerned citizens. We did make a difference, this Day Labor site is non-functioning.

Thank you to Mayor Rilling (center) who came out to see what our protest was all about.
NOTE: Terry Rilling is running for State Representative in District 29. He deserves your vote!

Now for those of you who don't get the subtle Star Wars reference, this post will be followed by "the bad..." and finish with "the ugly" which, when you see the video, will blow your mind.

Viva el Gordo

Senator praised for support of a guest-worker program
Two of Oregon's largest agricultural groups are thanking U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith for his support of immigration reform, including a guest-worker program, in a radio advertising spot.

"Without their hard work, many family farms could not survive," the ad says of Mexican workers. It advocates stopping illegal immigration while giving farmers a means to hire legal workers from Mexico.

I love the terminology they use, "comprehensive" and "stopping illegal immigration" is all just a cover for amnesty. It's like "stopping illegal drug use" by legalizing drugs.

If a family farm can't survive without their illegal workers from Mexico then they shouldn't be in bussiness.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

So who are those aged hippies anyway?

So who is the Freedom Socialist Party? (and what gives them the impression that they can tell me what to do?)

THE FREEDOM SOCIALIST PARTY IS a revolutionary, socialist feminist organization, dedicated to the replacement of capitalist rule by a genuine workers' democracy that will guarantee full economic, social, political, and legal equality to women, people of color, gays, and all who are exploited, oppressed, and repelled by the profit system and its offshoot -- imperialism.

FOR A MASS WORKINGCLASS PARTY History has proven that only a thoroughly democratic and centralized vanguard party can lead the proletariat and its many allies to power. The FSP, a product of the living tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky, aspires to become a mass organization capable of providing direction for the coming American revolution.

That's correct folks, "history" shows us how Marxism and Leninism was so "successful."

Apparently the "work ethic" within the socialist movement isn't as strong as is should be since their website doesn't list any activities more recent than July 15.

I just thought that I would show who the people who support amnesty and who support illegal aliens are. They are the same people who support mass-murdering despots like Stalin.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Socialists take over day labor site

As we have seen before, all it takes is a few effective protests on our part and the anti-establishment class takes up arms for the illegal aliens.

And it actually fit because just like with socialism... NO ONE WAS WORKING! We have been a resounding success. Our stated goal has been to shut this day labor site down and that has absolutely happened. The people who showed up today were not the same familiar faces of the workers from before. One van picked some people up today:

And here is the plate:

They attempted to cover it but apparently that is a job that American's can do and illegal aliens can't.

Immigrants have rights. Even illegal immigrants have rights. But if you are an illegal immigrant then "working" is not one of your rights. I must say, it was pretty amusing to see the illegal aliens standing around with socialist signs and none of them seemed to have any idea what it meant.

Another amusing sight was the "men" carrying signs with the "radical women" signature on the bottom. I asked several of these "men" if they were in fact "radical women" but I don't think that they comprende.

More pictures coming plus some absolutely incredible video... of me being threatened repeatedly with arrest. (Yeah, Mike Mayhem just got all excited there) Full narrative coming next and a long post about the police presence we had will follow.

And if you are new here then scroll down for our previous protest pics and videos.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Take a trip to Mexico

OK, we are staying in America but you can join us in keeping guys like this one from working illegaly!

Oregonians for Immigration Reform Vice President Rick Hickey announces that OFIR will once again lead a protest against the hiring of illegal alien workers.

Hickey said, "By hiring illegal aliens at day labor sites, and in most circumstances paying them under the table, companies are undercutting the wages of American workers, reducing their working conditions and stealing jobs from them."

1110 N. ADAIR

Scroll down a little for pictures and videos from our previous successful protests!

Keep empty buildings cool in the evening

State of Oregon now hiring:

Refrigeration Mechanic - Swingshift
$2,846 - $4,146 MONTHLY

This is a full time position with the Department of Administrative Services, Facilities Division, Operations and Maintenance Section, located in Salem.

Swingshift? Has anyone ever tried to contact a government office after 5:00pm and gotten through? It's so wonderful that DMV, which almost everyone uses, conveniantely closes at 5:00 - 5:30pm which makes it impossible for most people to go without taking time off from work.

And obviously the state could contratct out with an HVAC company for their repair and maintenance needs but every new PERS recipient is a potential Kulongoski vote, expect a hiring rush.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cornelius Protest Videos!!!

Video's from our highly successful day labor protests:

This is me having a conversation with an illegal alien. How do I know he is an illegal alien? Is it his skin color? Is it because he speaks Spanish? Or is it because he tells me so!!! He then calls us racist. This was the first protest.
Video of illegal alien admission
(1mb file)

You all know Rick Hickey, this is him giving a monologue on what's going on at the day labor site.
Video of Rick
(3.9mb file)

This is a great one. It starts off looking like the COPS camerman is in hot pursuit. That's because a truck pulled up and this causes us to rush over. You then get a nice long shot of my backside (sorry ladies, I'm married) and then you see that the truck wasn't hiring workers, he was passing out "legalize me" signs! The illegals are quite proud.
Video of signs being passed out
(3mb file)

It was then suggested that the illegal aliens probably couldn't even read the signs, they could say "kick me" for all they knew. You then hear Mary Starrett telling it like it is to the girl that "taught these guys English" who later on brough ACLU paperwork for them... in Spanish.
Video of Mary Starrett
(3.6mb file)

And here you have the illegal aliens proudly waving the chicken and worm next to our glorious Stars and Stripes. Talk to these guys for 30 seconds and you know that their loyalty lies with Mexico, not America.
Video of flags
(3.8mb file)

And if you are new here then scroll down a bit for the pictures and narrative of the event.

News-Times article on protest

Day labor draws protest
To some, it was a righteous stand for the American way of life.

For others, it was nothing but a shameless act of demagoguery.

Day labor sites are nothing but an easy way to connect unprincipled bosses with undocumented workers, [Jim Ludwick] added. “They short-circuit all the regular processes that a regular employer would go through to hire an employee.”

The Times-News was kind enough to link to my site so I'll reiterate that the pictures can be found by scrolling down a little bit. There are quite a few. Kudos to Jim for his articluate comments.

Visit the OFIR website

What can you do?

Many of you have been following the progress we have made in Cornelius in stopping a day labor site. (scroll down a bit for pictures and narrative)

Sample pic:

But some of you are blessed to not live close to one of these sites and you are wondering, "what can I do to stop an illegal alien from working illegaly and displacing Americans from jobs?"

Good news folks, all you need is a printer and a little bit of time!

I would like to see the ALIPAC flier handed out to hundreds of bussinesses. I would like to see it posted on bulletin boards. Stapled to posts. Handed out on street corners. Everywhere.

The short and sweet of it:

Employers: You can easily be sure you only hire legal aliens and American workers by using the free SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) program to check I-9 forms by calling 1-888-464-4218

This is a number that should be called for all employees. (myself included) It simply verifies that the name given matches the SSN given. If they don't match then you don't hire!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Highly documented aliens

The "who's in jail" theme continues:

We often hear about "undocumented" workers. Undocumented meaning "having no documents." Unfortunately that is a lie, they have tons of documents... they are just forged and stolen!


That is literally the first name in the Washinton County Jail. With all those ID theft's I would say that he is a "super-documented immigrant." I sincerely hope they weren't your documents.

No blood for strawberries!

The following is a sampling of inmates in jail/prison for murder/attempted murder who also have an ICE/INS hold:

Lodged: 01/20/2006

Lodged: 08/01/2006



OK, this started as one thing but now it's "irony of our justice system" time:


I'm just scrolling through names with Google highlights for the term ICE (or in the case or Marion County INS) and I keep seeing FTA and VIO REL AGREEGMENT. FTA is "failure to appear" and the other indicates that the release agreement was violated.

They cops arrest these guys and then the jails let them go! Shockingly, the illegal aliens don't bother showing up for court and in the case of the above alien, continue to drive drunk!

Rather than continue showing how many murders could have been prevented if only we didn't allow, sorry, encourage, illegal immigration I think that I will just link to the Department of Corrections ICE detainer list one more time.

ICE Detainer list

Protest pics

A lot of sites are still linking to my frontpage for the day labor protest pics from last weekend. Scroll down a little, there's a lot of them!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Oh... my... God...

10 minute video of the [apparently] Mexicans going crazy in California


NOTE: I say Mexicans because that seems to be their identity. Actual country of origin doesn't seem to matter to many of these people, nor does the fact that people want to get out of Mexico like people want to get rid of lice doesn't seem to matter. They consider themselves "Mexicans" first.

Illegal workers must make minimum wage

A response to one of the complaints I made to BOLI:


The Wage and Hour Division does not take into account an employee's status, but rather that any employee in Oregon, unless otherwise exempt, is paid the current Oregon minimum wage of $7.50 per hour, and applicable overtime pay.

However, if you would like to file a complaint that employees are notreceiving check stubs, which this office has jurisdiction over, the Complaint Form is found under Wage and Hour, from our main website You may complete the form anonymously if you like by simply not placing your name on the form. Send to the Portland Office for processing.

What does it take? Does a worker have to be holding a sign stating that he is illegal? Oh wait...

Cornelius Day Labor: Part seis

I do the faxes at NumbersUSA. I write to Smith and Wyden. But it's hard to see measureable results doing that. That's why I protested at the Carousels of Information (since shut down) and that's why I continue to protest at the day labor site in Corenelius. (protests coming soon to a city near you!)

I can't emphasize how much of a success we have been. We forced them to take the "day labor" signs down. We have made some companies very uncomfortable because they got some phone calls after pictures of their trucks were posted here. We have kept illegal aliens from getting jobs. And we have kept this issue in the public spotlight with coverage in the news and from passing motorists on this heavily traveled street. How many passers by are taking the "let's give them amnesty" position after they see someone standing on the street corner with this:

So scroll down and check out the pictures, the narrative and the comments. Check out Oregonians for Immigration Reform and then tell yourself that you want to help us put these day labor sites out of bussiness!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cornelius Day Labor: Part cinco

Great Americans "doing the jobs that our politicians won't do"

Illegal aliens "defying the laws that we allow them to defy"

Notice that even when encouraged, for PR purposes, to carry an American flag the illegal alien has to hold the mexican flag at the same time. These are not people who show any loyalty to this country, they are simply here to take advantage of our generous and prosperous nation.

This guy has a backpack, inside is a slingshot that he was using to shoot across the street in our general direction.

And this is a state trooper talking to him about his slingshot...

When you are close to a group of hostile people you mentally perform a risk assessment of who the potential troublemakers are. The guy on the left in the black shirt is one such troublemaker. I would venture a guess that he has some sort of Napoleon complex since he appears to weigh about 80lbs so he tries to make up for it by acting tough.

Here is Napoleon signaling that I'm "number one." For some reason he changed his shirt part way through the day. If it was to avoid having a description given to the police I'm afraid that "the guy who weights 80lbs" would have singled him out pretty well regardless of what he was wearing.

Speaking of changing clothes, the guy in the raiders hat, who really doesn't like having his picture taken, is wearing the same clothes that he wore last saturday. He pretty much spent the whole day cussing at me in spanish, mostly reffering to the male sex organ.

And lastly you have the guy in the white t-shirt and terminator sunglasses who is under the impression that squealing your tires on the pavement is somehow detrimental to us... even though we don't pay for his tires.

That's a good picture with "terminator" and "same clothes" in the same shot. It also appears that they want the sign post to be "legalized."

Let me emphasize how much of a success we had. In the first weekend we were able to force them to take down their day labor signs. This weekend we were able to turn these "workers" into raving activists who waved mexican flags and "legalize me" signs at passing motorists. Not exactly the way for them to win hearts and minds. I hope that you can join us next time.

Make sure you check out Oregonians for Immigration Reform, the group who is making a difference in Oregon!

Cornelius Day Labor: Part quatro

One of the more interesting aspects of taking pictures where illegal aliens congregate is how everyone is so camera shy. They stand on the corner with their signs and their flags but when the camera comes out the face gets hidden.

Labor is no crime... but working illegaly is. I'll just point you to form I-9 that you have to fill out for employment. And by the way, filling out this form fraudulently is a crime as well. But hey, if you aren't committing any crimes then why hide your face?

At one point the "legalize me" boys whistled at the passing Sheriffs transport vehicle. Imagine the gall it takes to do that.

Bob, with the Mary Starrett campaign, offered a nice contrast. Actually it isn't really a contrast. Bob's sign says that illegal immigration is a crime and the illegal aliens sign says that illegal immigration is a crime. The difference is that one is about respecting the law and one is about breaking the law.

Another irony is that many of the illegal aliens didn't want me to see the signs they made. The camera would come out and they would turn them around. I'm guessing that they were embarrassed of their spelling. One illegal alien even raced me across the street when I went to get a picture of a "go back to inglan" sign.

This is Juan Luis Lopez-Martinez-Greenspan, the famous economist whose theory of "slave wage economics" has taken the financial world by storm. I guess as a rebuttle I'll just point to a previous post where it shows that Mexico's number one source of revenue is remittance, money sent there by illegal aliens working abroad.

To demonstrate that their sign is true the illegal aliens threw their garbage on the ground next to the signs to make our country look as trashy as theirs.

Stay tuned, more pictures and witty commentary on the way.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cornelius Day Labor: Part tres

Scroll down for parts uno and dos

Remember the illegal aliens marches? Remember how the unions told the illegals after the first couple ones to not use Mexican flags or insult America? There was no union here...

You feel like hiring this guy to work in your yard?

This guy showed me his backside last weekend too. Here is his face for the record: (let me know if you can tell a difference)

He has a "legalize me" sign which would imply that he is an illegal alien.

One of the spots where a "day labor" sign was taken down (thanks to Rick, Michael and myself) here we have it's replacement:

The flag was taken down right after I took the picture. I can only assume that they are ashamed of green, white and red with the chicken and worm on it.

The girl in the center here was very popular. Apparently she worked at Centro Cultural over the summer teaching English. Apparently she isn't a very good teacher if these were some of her students. She was also helpful enough to bring back some ACLU paperwork, in Spanish, so that the criminal aliens would know their rights.

This guy admitted to coming here illegaly in the 1970's. He is under the impression that he can tell me which sidewalks I can stand on and which ones I can't. Hah.

While we had paperwork that showed what the specific labor laws are, the other side resorted to their tired argument of calling all of us "racist." Apparently racism is a crime in Oregon (I'm not positive on the exact statute...) but I found it ironic that criminal aliens were willing to go there.

We are just a group of Americans who want our laws enforced!

Short narrative:

I arrive a little after 7am and we already had a good group going. Thank you Rick, Michael, Amy, Bob and Mary Starrett for being there so early! At this point the illegal aliens were still under the impression that they were going to work today so they were hanging out in their usual spot on Centro Cultural property.

As usual I walked over and took some pictures which makes several of them pretty angry. It's a lot of the same guys from last Saturday. (You will notice that one guy is even wearing the exact same clothes...)

We cause a few trucks who turned down the road to keep going when we went over with cameras. A few guys do get picked up. (see below post for contact info) Then the enablers come.

The enablers are illegal aliens supporters who are impervious to logic or reason. This was actually a blessing because they provided the paper and sharpies to make the crude signs as well as the flags.

In terms of them breaking additional laws I had one little guy put a hand on me three (tres) times, loose change was thrown at us, something was thrown at a woman, (yes, these guys are brave) and someone tried to back over one of our military veterans.

There was also much swearing at us in Spanish and most of it involved referring to the male reproductive organ.

We left as a group a little after 12pm. I figure that the illegal aliens standing on the side of the road with their mexican flags and "legalize me" signs probably continued to do harm to their cause even after we left. We got many honks and signs of encouragement from passing cars as well as some "you're number one" fingers from enablers and illegal aliens.

Tons more pictures, tons more to say, stay tuned.

Cornelius Day Labor: Part dos

Scroll down for part uno!

The "day labor" site turned into something else after a few hours but there were a couple of trucks who made off with workers who will not fill out forms, will not have taxes withheld, will not be drug tested and are more than likely illegal aliens.

The following make this week's hall of shame list: (NOTE: if you call these companies please be respectful)

And that's it! There were no jobs to found at this site after an hour or two of us being there. The illegal aliens go into it with their mexican flags and mispelled signs while we were on the other side of the street and no contractor in his right mind would purposely put himself in the middle of that controversy.

Stay tuned...

Cornelius Day Labor: Part uno

Today's day labor protest in Cornelius was amazing! (To see last weeks stuff scroll down a little ways or go here)

Our successes from last week were noticable right off the bat. First, the "day labor" signs were gone!

Last week:

This week:

We also had a good group of people including some of our Iraq war veterans and candidate for governor Mary Starrett.

But the best part was that the illegal alien day laborers went from "looking for work" to being political activists. Of course, they fumbled this one a little bit...

We all remember how well the Mexican flag went over last time right? It was like getting a gift when they brought the flags out. (In response to our large American flag purchased and held by our veterans)

Some crude, handmade signs were hastily made. Needless to say that the message was a little muddled, or mispelled, on many of them.

Plese now minutemen in Oregon? OK... that one is almost as funny as the "go back to inglan" sign.

This is my "just got back" post. I haven't even looked at all the pictures yet but I'm going to eat something and do another with a longer narrative. Come back.

Oregonians for Immigration Reform