Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not your typical Portland protest

Hundreds rally for lower taxes as part of Tea Party Express
Hundreds rallied for lower taxes and an end to what they said was a socialist agenda in the Obama White House in a parking lot on Sandy Boulevard Friday.

Leaders of the Tea Party Express came to Portland aboard two coaches and found a huge crowd eager to participate.

“No more taxes! No more taxes! No more taxes!” protesters chanted during the rally.

The only local news that shows up from Google is KATU. Props to them. In fairness to the other news outlets perhaps they didn't realize it was a protest since there was no nudity, pot smoke or arrests. Very out of place for Portland.

How much of each dollar earned should we be able to keep? Please keep in mind I'm not just talking about income taxes. There are taxes on your phone (six of them)
Federal Excise tax
OR Universal Serivce Surcharge
E911 Emergency tax
Service Assistance Program
City tax
Federal Universal Service Fee

taxes on your electricity, on your gas, on your vehicle, on your property, on your cigarettes, on your beer, on your health insurance (to make it more affordable you see)

Through a combination of increased “provider taxes” on most Oregon hospitals and a new 1 percent tax on health insurance premiums, Oregon is adding 200,000 uninsured children and poor adults to the ranks of the insured.

So who can apply? Here is the application.

Social Security numbers (SSNs) – If you don’t have a SSN, write in “none.” Required only if you are applying for benefits for this member of your household.

taxes on your water, your guns and on and on. How much is enough?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obama cured my flu

Back in the saddle after a bout with the flu. Luckily federal workers stood at my bedside the entire time making sure I had enough rest and fluids and my fever did not get too high.

Serious updates will resume tomorrow, for now I'm watching the NY/Philly game. You can't really go wrong with Philadephia in the postseason because their fans will riot whether they win or lose.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wrong way, right way, who cares what it says

Dallas police ticketed 39 drivers in 3 years for not speaking English
Editor's note: Comments have been disabled on this story.
Daniel's note: While the newspapers (and CAUSAblog) may disable comments on stories that would overwhelmingly go against their editorial position, I won't.

Dallas police wrongly ticketed at least 39 drivers for not speaking English over the last three years, Police Chief David Kunkle announced Friday while promising to investigate all officers involved in the cases for dereliction of duty.

"I was surprised and stunned that that would happen, particularly in the city of Dallas," Kunkle said. "In my world, you would never tell someone not to speak Spanish."

Apparently Kunkle's world does not involve being able to read English for safety reasons. In the "real world" where people are driving 2 ton vehicles at 55 mph I'm hoping that people can understand what the traffic control devices are actually saying.

"It sounds like a policy," Martinez said. "Discrimination on the basis of language ability, and that's targeting Latinos, and so that sounds pretty serious to me."

Beyond potential legal problems, some said the tickets send a troubling message to Hispanics.

Kunkle, who apologized repeatedly, said he recognized the incidents probably would damage the department's relationship with the Hispanic community.

"When we deal with crime victims ... our interest is not their immigration status," Kunkle said. "It's not something that we concern ourselves about. We want to serve all people."

Let's go over this again, if you were born and raised here there is no possible way that you could reach driving age without being able to speak English. Kunkle, while making excuses for illegal aliens, is also insulting all the Hispanics who are American citizens.

The vocal advocacy groups want everyone to believe that if you have brown skin you must speak Spanish and you must support illegal aliens. And since the advocacy groups real agenda is political power, government officials pick this up and make policy around it.

I'm firmly convinced that if rapists got together and formed a voting bloc we would have politicians actively courting them. Law enforcement would be worrying about sensitivity towards the "sex offender community" and reporters would seek out "experts" to comment on their stories who worry about the stigma of having sex offender registration.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's like creative accounting

Pew Report: Oregon Lawmakers Stand Out for Innovative Use of Stimulus for Early Education
In addition to approving a 6 percent funding increase for high-quality pre-kindergarten this year, Oregon state leaders put resources from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act toward bolstering early education programs, according to a state-by-state analysis by Pre-K Now, a campaign of the Pew Center on the States. The ARRA funding will help improve teacher quality in community-based early childhood programs.

Congress spent money they didn't have so that more illegal aliens can have day care for their young children. This is somehow stimulating the economy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Political correctness is the real scare

"Illegal Alien" Halloween Costume Debated
A Halloween costume that depicts a space creature in orange prison garb emblazoned with the words "illegal alien" is reigniting debate over a long-used term based on the U.S. government's designation of all foreigners as aliens.

The dispute has immigrant advocates calling on retailers to pull the costume from its shelves, while a group that supports strict immigration laws says it's all a to-do over nothing, with freedom of speech being turned upside down by political correctness.

Jorge-Mario Cabrera, a spokesman for the immigrant coalition, said the costume "perpetuates this idea we have about undocumented immigrants as alien foreigners, strangers, scary."

Several retailers and eBay have sucumbed to the PC terrorists. We can teach fisting in middle school but a costume that makes fun of criminals is "offensive" and must be purged.

Political correctness is the book burning of our time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It comes back to the Sheriffs

Ariz. sheriff launches immigration sweep
An Arizona sheriff known for cracking down on people who are in the country illegally launched a crime and immigration sweep in northwestern metro Phoenix on Friday, a half day after officials in Washington limited his powers to make federal immigration arrests.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose sweeps have led to allegations of racial profiling, said the rebuff from Washington won't stop him. He said he can still arrest immigrants under a state smuggling law and a federal law that gives all local police agencies more limited power to detain suspected illegal immigrants.

"It doesn't bother me, because we are going to do the same thing," said Arpaio, whose deputies had arrested 16 people by Friday evening on unspecified charges. "I am the elected sheriff. I don't take orders from the federal government."

If arresting criminals leads to "allegations of racial profiling" then from now on I'm going to allege that tax increases lead to arson. Congratulations to Sheriff Arpaio who realizes that the federal government is not acting constitutionally.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

State of La Raza

Oregon part of national trend: 2 of every 3 stimulus jobs is in education
As The Oregonian's Harry Esteve reported today, nearly two of every three jobs in Oregon paid for with federal stimulus money are in education.Of the 8,200 stimulus-funded jobs in Oregon, about 4,000 are teachers or other public school employees (read bureaucrats) and another 1,200 are professors and other faculty members at the state's seven public universities.

In completely UNRELATED news...


In Columbia County, the Hispanic population has had the largest increase since 2003, from 4.51% to 5%.

To meet this increased need, supports to our Hispanic population have been enhanced with an increasing number of bi-lingual and bi-cultural staff throughout the education system and in all human service organizations. For instance, St. Helens School District, the largest of the 5 local Districts, have full time teachers specifically to support Hispanic students at all grade levels as well as education and supports specifically for Hispanic parents. The drop out rate for Hispanic students (2%) is well belowthat of other students (8%).

Representatives of Columbia County’s Latino population identified community strengths: strong support within the Latino population, strong family relationships, availability and willingness to work, and increasing participation in broader community events. Barriers to healthy family development included deportation and one family member not working.

Allow me to rewrite the last sentence: Barriers to healthy family development include criminal activity by parents and one... family... member... not... working... which completely contradicts the statement of the last sentence about the whole "willingness to work" thing. Unless we are still talking about people who can't legally work in which case we go back to the criminal activity barrier.

The St. Helens school district, instead of serving children, wants to serve racial groups. Except in the eyes of government, a hispanic child born in America to legal parents has the same great opportunities as anyone else, there is no need for special teachers.

8 X 8 = 64 no matter what color your skin is.

The community that it Columbia County appears to be serving is the illegal alien community. The "hispanic community" (I am loathe to use that term) doesn't view deportation as a barrier to anything since you can't deport an American citizen.

Government agencies continue to aid criminal aliens and insult American citizens by lumping them in together.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maybe he will pimp Pepsi next

The President of the United States of America, the most powerful man in the world, is doing a tv promo for George Lopez. It's not on YouTube yet but I will post it once I see it.

I'm not sure what else to say. I guess if you endorse Obama he will appear in commercials for you later on.

Monday, October 12, 2009

True environmentalists, not statist wackos

Why I support Ducks Unlimited (and you should too)

DU typically purchases, from willing sellers, properties that have the potential to be quality nesting habitat but are in need of restoration, or that provide excellent habitat but are threatened by development or conversion.

Landowners who donate or sell easements to DU customarily pay for the associated on-going costs (such as annual monitoring) by donating an endowment to DU.

The non-adversarial nature of the conservation easement transaction ensures that both Ducks Unlimited / Wetlands America Trust and the landowner are satisfied with all of the easement's terms and confident that the protection of the natural resources are established in perpetuity.

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act that addresses climate change. Ducks Unlimited did not lobby for passage of that climate bill. Nor does Ducks Unlimited endorse the "cap and trade" component of the legislation. Also, we have not asked our members to call their representatives in Washington, D.C., to support it.
Their emphasis.

Right now, 564 landowners in North and South Dakota have offered to sell DU and the USFWS perpetual easements that would permanently protect the remaining acres towards our goal. Landowner demand for easements currently exceeds available funding, but DU is dedicated to closing the funding gap and protecting this vital waterfowl habitat forever.
By "closing the funding gap" they do not mean "take money from people who aren't willing, they mean "accept donations."

1. Ducks Unlimited does not use the power of the state to force people to sell/use their land in ways that the private property owner are not willing to do. Rather, DU will purchase the land or enter into a willing agreement with a landowner to protect wetlands and waterfowl.

2. DU recognizes that if you want to protect nature, find a use for it. (One of Mac Johnson's principles for Earth Day) Waterfowl hunters who want their children to enjoy the sport are partners with DU to keep waterfowl hunting opportunities as plentiful as the birds.

3. DU is a BBB recognized charity. 88% of your dollars go to conservation and waterfowl/wetlands education. Not legal fees used to sue private property owners.

4. I'm the guy who picks up other people's empty shotgun shells. I teach my kids the same thing. Have a good, ethical hunt today and you will enjoy many more year after year. I give money to Ducks Unlimited. Even if you don't plan on waking up at 4am and sitting quietly by a cold pond this Saturday while waiting for shooting light, you can help conserve waterfowl habitat and hunting opportunities in a way that conservatives can appreciate: donate to Ducks Unlimited!

NOTE: I don't get a thing for the donations that can be made at the DU icon in my sidebar other than the satisfaction of knowing that someone gave who might otherwise not.

The real story is the ACLU's support

Apartment bans U.S. flags
Jim Clausen was shocked when the new on-site manager of the Oaks Apartments in Albany told him he could face eviction if he did not remove the American flags that fly from his Jeep and motorcycle in the parking lot.

Clausen learned on Wednesday that American flags and others such as Mexican flags and college team flags were no longer allowed on vehicles parked at the complex.

He was told the rule applies to flag decals as well.

Jann Carson, the associate director of the ACLU of Oregon, said that Clausen and other tenants' civil rights are not being violated with the anti-flag rule.

It's always fun to watch the ACLU's selective outrage. They fight to turn back laws that punish illegal aliens in Columbia County but if a guy is in trouble for having an American flag decal on his car it's perfectly legit.

Friday, October 09, 2009

It's his year

Make your Heisman vote count!
As the presenting sponsor for the Heisman Trophy, Nissan has the unique privilege of casting one official vote for the winner of the Heisman Trophy. This Nissan vote represents you, the college football fan, and we invite you to make your voice heard.

The athlete with the most votes will receive one official vote in the Heisman Trophy selection process. Heisman Trophy Winners are determined by votes from 924 electors representing sportswriters and broadcasters.

Check out the nominees below before you cast your vote for the next Heisman Trophy winner and you could be a winner too!

Fill in name: Barack Obama! Let's get him one vote, he deserves it!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's not mystery why illegal aliens get taxpayer funded housing in Oregon

Oregon State Housing Council
The State Housing Council consists of seven members appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate under ORS 171.562 and 171.565. The term of office of each member is four years, but a member serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

Francisco Lopez
Francisco López is a Salvadoran-American that came to the United States in 1985 as a refugee from the war in El Salvador. He is a member of Queen of Peace Catholic Church in South Salem. Mr. López is the Director of CAUSA (Oregon's immigrant Rights Coalition), which is the largest Hispanic/Latino civil and human rights and advocacy organization in the Pacific Northwest. In 2008 he was the Field Director with Voz Hispana Vote Project in Oregon.

He has 30 years of experience in community organizing, leadership development, and social service program design in the United States and Latin America.

The inmates are in charge of the asylum. Actually, the criminal supporters are in charge of our tax dollars and communities. When CAUSA has a voice on the state housing council you know that illegal aliens have yet another friend in government who is making decisions that are not in the best interest of Oregonians but of people who should not be here at all.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The future of Portland

Note: As I'm reading this I keep copy and pasting and then finding something much much worse and having to start over. This is very discombobulating. It's an Orwellian read but Portland really is going to force you to ride a bike... for your own good.

Here is the main page with links to the entire bike plan 2030

This image, the Green transportation hierarchy, pretty much sums it up:

A vision for Portland in the year 2030 (page 21)
It is the year 2030, and Portland looks much diff erent than it did a generation ago. In 2030, bicycling is a fundamental pillar of Portland’s fully integrated transportation system.

It is the year 2030, and Portland looks muchdiff erent than it did a generation ago. In 2030, bicycling is a fundamental pillar of Portland’sfully integrated transportation system.

Portland’s thriving economy derives from its fit, healthy employee base. Every business encourages employees and visitors to bicycle and off ers high quality, plentiful bicycle parking. With more money in their pockets and circulating in the local economy due to reduced transportation costs, the business community has come to embrace bicycling as a hallmark of the Portland region.

The rise in bicycle use has been accompanied by a sharp increase in safety for all residents due to the use of international best practices in bikeway design, cyclist and motorist safety campaigns, enforcement of high-risk traffic behaviors and evolution of laws and attitudes. Improved safety is tied to the increasing numbers of cyclists, many of whom have reduced their driving trips and come to appreciate the lower stress experience of pedaling for daily transportation. Related to the decline in driving-related stress has been a burgeoning civic commitment to mutual courtesy.

This vision did not just happen as a result of geography, climate or historical happenstance.
It was carefully planned and fully funded by citizens determined to set a threshold for
sustainable urban living in the 21st century. The vision came about because Portland’s leaders recognized that bicycling could be a significant and incredibly positive means of transportation for tens of thousands of residents...

It reads like a high school thesis paper but is written by people who control hundreds of millions of your tax dollars and have the ability to force behavior on you through social engineering.

One of the reasons that Portland wants to force you into biking is that it's just not fair that poor people can't afford cars:

(Page 5)
Equity in access to transportation is an important measure in creating a sustainable city. With the annual average cost of owning and operating a car now estimated at more than $7,000 bicycling offers a more affordable transportation option that still provides ‘doorto- door’ service.

As inner-city neighborhoods experience continued gentrification, minorities and low income residents are increasingly pushed to the fringes of Portland, where transportation options are often more limited. The relative affordability of bicycle infrastructure and programs can help provide transportation equity to neighborhoods that may not yet have sufficient access to transit service or where walking is impractical.

Some notable sections worth reading:

2.1.4 Putting green transportation first (Page 20)
Specific strategies that could support a green transportation hierarchy include designating car free or car-limited zones, reforming system performance standards to favor the movement of people over the movement of vehicles, and further developing the 20-minute neighborhood concept.

3.2.2 Principles for bikeway design (Page 61)
Attractiveness: Good design and a ‘sense of place’ should enhance the look and feel of the bicycling environment
Portland is actually wants to tell companies how to design bikes...

4.2.3 Road safety (Page 97)
By law, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is responsible for establishing speed zones on all Oregon highways. Oregon cities and counties are not allowed to set or change speed limits but may appeal speed-related zoning recommendations to the State of Oregon’s Speed Zone Review Panel. This system significantly limits Portland’s ability to control speed limits to
make streets safer and more attractive for bicycling.

When have pesky laws ever gotten in the way of totalitarian governments...

The City of Portland’s TSP calls for reducing local traffic speeds through enforcement and design in designated high-density Main Streets, Regional Centers, and Town Centers to levels that are safe and comfortable for bicyclists and pedestrians. With more control over speed limits, the City of Portland will better achieve regional and local objectives while creating improved bicycling conditions.

So ODOT may set the speed limit but Portland will design the street to make traffic go slower.

Throughout this huge document are quotes from Portland notables such as Jeff Mapes:

“Driving a mile to the store for a quart of milk seems to me as much overkill as using a highpowered nail gun to hang a picture.” - Jeff Mapes

I'm so glad that Jeff buys a quart of milk at a time. What about the rest of us who buy two gallons when we go grocery shopping? The answer: move out of Portland. This is scary stuff.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Makes me want to gamble

I showed this to someone who lives out of state and their response was "Is that a real commercial?"

They are running this during Monday Night Football. Oregon must have an in-house marketing team since no one outside of government could be this warped.

How stimulating

Oregon and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Once the money starts to go out to build new roads, modernize schools, and create new jobs, we’ll be able to give you the details on spending. Through Oregon’s recovery website, you'll be able to see how, when, and where your taxpayer dollars are going.

So by giving $1,196,900,000 to Health and Human Services they are building roads and creating new jobs? Why does DHS get 16 times as much money as "Employment and Workforce Training?"

From the FAQ:

Q: How many jobs will the funding create or save?

A: Generally speaking, any federal funds will help the state continue to provide essential services, which means jobs will be preserved, but we will also be able to create jobs. Whether it is education operational dollars to sustain jobs and keep kids in the classroom, providing health care to low-income families or transportation dollars that create jobs, Oregon is ready to receive and to put these dollars to work.

The stimulus went to government workers and welfare. Transportation came in a distant third according to the graph.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's all about them

The Obamas Violated First Three Rules of Selling
Of course Barack and Michelle Obama failed in Copenhagen. Their strategy could not possibly succeed. In their academic arrogance, they thought they could sell a product they clearly do not believe in (the United States) and moreover, they could do so by stressing the benefits to the seller (Chicago) and not the buyer (the IOC). And to top it off, they committed the faux pas of talking too much about the sales force (themselves) and not about the product or the buyer.

He and the First Lady did not even pretend to be proud of us. They went on an unseemly, surreal begging campaign that mixed in uncomfortable bits and pieces of their personal histories with platitudes about what the Olympic Games could do for the children of Chicago. Oh, BTW, the Obama family would personally find it kind of a cool thing for the neighborhood.

When you consider these words in light of what Obama said about the United States last week at the U.N and the G20, it is clear to see that this is a man who really does think history started when he was born and America's greatness started when he was elected. These thoughts dominate any sober analysis of the written words of his speeches.

"The Ego has landed" sums it up perfectly. Go read the whole article.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

College newspaper does fair reporting

Oregon University System sued over campus handgun policy
A pro-Second Amendment foundation has filed a lawsuit challenging the Oregon University System’s ban on handguns, specifically for those with concealed handgun licenses.

The suit was brought forth last month by the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation and filed by Salem lawyer and former chairman of the Oregon Republican Party Vance Day. Rather than a traditional lawsuit seeking damages, the suit petitions the court to determine the validity of the rule.

According to the Oregon Revised Statutes, carrying a firearm into a public building is a Class C felony, punishable by up to five years and up to $100,000 fine, but an exception is “a person who is licensed under ORS 166.291 and 166.292 to carry a concealed handgun.”

Those statutes allow license holders to legally carry a firearm into any public building in the state, with the exception of airport terminals, courthouses and federal buildings. The statutes also grant sole power to regulate firearms to the state legislature.

The OUS responded in a letter, writing that it had “multiple and lengthy discussions with the Oregon Department of Justice, legislators and campus officials.” The letter continued, “Fundamentally, though, OUS and the State Board of Higher Education believe that our campuses are safer without firearms.”

The OUS response to being told that they are not in compliance with the law is to tell us their feelings and beliefs. Since they can't even site any facts or statistics to back up their irrational fears I'm just going to go out on a limb and assume that their mothers breast-fed them too long.

Good job to the Daily Emerald for doing factual reporting rather than fear mongering in this story. They report, you decide.

EDIT: A video worth more than $0.02...
"I'm the only one in this room proffesional enough, that I know of, to carry this Glock 40... bang!"