Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's all about them

The Obamas Violated First Three Rules of Selling
Of course Barack and Michelle Obama failed in Copenhagen. Their strategy could not possibly succeed. In their academic arrogance, they thought they could sell a product they clearly do not believe in (the United States) and moreover, they could do so by stressing the benefits to the seller (Chicago) and not the buyer (the IOC). And to top it off, they committed the faux pas of talking too much about the sales force (themselves) and not about the product or the buyer.

He and the First Lady did not even pretend to be proud of us. They went on an unseemly, surreal begging campaign that mixed in uncomfortable bits and pieces of their personal histories with platitudes about what the Olympic Games could do for the children of Chicago. Oh, BTW, the Obama family would personally find it kind of a cool thing for the neighborhood.

When you consider these words in light of what Obama said about the United States last week at the U.N and the G20, it is clear to see that this is a man who really does think history started when he was born and America's greatness started when he was elected. These thoughts dominate any sober analysis of the written words of his speeches.

"The Ego has landed" sums it up perfectly. Go read the whole article.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah. And if he hadn't gone to pitch Chicago to the Olympic Committee, you would have found some idiotic article saying that Obama "hates America."

dchamil said...

No, Anonymous 4:51, that was Rev. Wright who hated America. Obama wasn't there on the days when Rev. Wright frothed his hatred of America. Right?

Scottiebill said...

Hey, Anon 451, How soon will it be before you blame George W for Chicago losing the Olympics? I'd bet it would be by the close of business on Wednesday this week.

DAVE01 said...

You are all wrong, Chicago lost the bid because the rest of the world is racist.

Anonymous said...

IOC. all racists. lol

Perhaps they got wind of Val Jerrett and the other corruptocrates employed by BHobama as total scammers looking for a quick buck on the slums they own.

google it...val jerrett slumlord of Chicago. She makes Leona Helmsley look like a nice giving person.