Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not your typical Portland protest

Hundreds rally for lower taxes as part of Tea Party Express
Hundreds rallied for lower taxes and an end to what they said was a socialist agenda in the Obama White House in a parking lot on Sandy Boulevard Friday.

Leaders of the Tea Party Express came to Portland aboard two coaches and found a huge crowd eager to participate.

“No more taxes! No more taxes! No more taxes!” protesters chanted during the rally.

The only local news that shows up from Google is KATU. Props to them. In fairness to the other news outlets perhaps they didn't realize it was a protest since there was no nudity, pot smoke or arrests. Very out of place for Portland.

How much of each dollar earned should we be able to keep? Please keep in mind I'm not just talking about income taxes. There are taxes on your phone (six of them)
Federal Excise tax
OR Universal Serivce Surcharge
E911 Emergency tax
Service Assistance Program
City tax
Federal Universal Service Fee

taxes on your electricity, on your gas, on your vehicle, on your property, on your cigarettes, on your beer, on your health insurance (to make it more affordable you see)

Through a combination of increased “provider taxes” on most Oregon hospitals and a new 1 percent tax on health insurance premiums, Oregon is adding 200,000 uninsured children and poor adults to the ranks of the insured.

So who can apply? Here is the application.

Social Security numbers (SSNs) – If you don’t have a SSN, write in “none.” Required only if you are applying for benefits for this member of your household.

taxes on your water, your guns and on and on. How much is enough?


Anonymous said...

K-12 folks claim of being short staffed with flu bug problems.

Camera people were out sick.

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Will they tax me when I take a dump?

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dhughes609 said... will protect Oregonian ratepayers from the evil insurance companies that have illegally increased our premium by 1.01% instead of 1%. (5 cents on a $500 a month premium?) I'm sure (sarcasm) the $500 a day fine imposed can't be passed onto ratepayers in the future. The Federal matching 30 cents a month may also be be lost. Forgive me if my public school math is off. See bulletin: