Thursday, December 27, 2007

Really? We hadn't noticed...

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Those pushpins might as well be put in the shoes of the citizens of this state by our filthy politicians (excluding the politician who made this available of course) who allow this to happen.
My last ICE detainer list is from May 8, 2006 but it is pretty stunning to look at if you haven't seen one before.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

No sales tax

No I would not trade a reduction in the state income tax for the addition of a sales tax. Here is why:

The money gets taxed when I earn it and then it gets taxed when I spend it. If only they could figure out how to tax it while it's in my checking account the circle would be complete.

There would have to be a brand new "State of Oregon building for the Implementation and Collection of the Sales Tax" created. It would be filled with PERS recipients with job titles like "Sales Tax Cultural Competency Coordinator" and "Sales Tax diversity Manager." This grows government. Now if the proposal is "revenue neutral" meaning that the state would collect the same that they do under the current plan we will simply get less service because they will be spending more on state payroll.

It would be like switching from one 40-hour a week job to two 20-hour a week jobs at the same salary. You are worse off because you now have increased commute time and generally made things more complicated.

Next I would like to point out that the proposal to lower the income tax but add a sales tax operates from a position of weakness. It says that government isn't too big. It pretends that the government has multiple revenue streams when there is really only one source of money: US!

If we have identified a tax that is too high, like the income tax, then let's float a proposal to lower it. Why would a conservative pair that up with a proposal to raise another tax? To make sure that public art doesn't take a hit? To keep the needle exchange programs running on weekends? To make sure that we can hire more Art Therapists?

Government doesn't need more money and it doesn't need the same amount it is getting now, it needs LESS. If you need any evidence of this just look at my "50 cuts" posts.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Presidential race + a thank you

I'll start with Ann Coulter's new column: There’s a Huckabee Born Every Minute

As far as I can tell, it's mostly secular liberals swooning over Huckabee. Liberals adore Huckabee because he fits their image of what an evangelical should be: stupid and easily led.

Once you are done reading that you can note that Tom Tancredo will be dropping out of the presidential race so I will be switching my endorsement to Mitt Romney.

I would also like to put out a thank you to reader Calhoun who took the time to look up previous comments I made regarding Bruce.

From Calhoun:

No, I remember Daniel reprimanding Bruce for racist comments.

And I looked it up, it's easy with Google.

In Drug dealers: No more drug busts, Daniel's post from May 5, 2006.

In the comments, Bruce says "I WANT THESE FUCKING GREASY WETBACKS OUT OF MY COUNTRY and any other taco-bending motherfuckin' hispanic that sympathizes with them."

And Daniel comments : "Bruce, your angry words and name calling aren't helping. I have said that I won't regulate anyone's comments here but know that people will point to what you say when they talk about my blog. And remember, when you talk about Hispanics you are talking about my wife and kids."

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Scumbag arrested

Now I haven't looked at today's comments yet but I'm almost positive they are teeming with shouts of glee that someone who has commented here in the past has been arrested for the horrible crimes of sex abuse. I am a regular reader of CAUSABlog and ran across this story.

Anyone who is crowing about this is sick. I take no pleasure in finding out that someone hurts children. Politics doesn't enter the picture when it comes to this, punishing the perp to the maximum extent of the law is what is important.

But over at CAUSA Blog (where this couldn't happen because they don't allow comments) they seem to think that having one person with a particular political view being a dirtbag should somehow reflect on everyone with that same political viewpoint.

If all it takes to be my "close ally" is that I allow you to post comments on my site then everyone is my "close ally" because I ALLOW EVERYONE TO POST COMMENTS ON MY SITE.

But let's actually talk the facts here: I, as a conservative, believe that if this man is convicted he should get the death penalty.

Liberals (the ones who aren't hyperventilating in excited comments on my blog, comments that are still unread at this point) think that he shouldn't even have mandatory minimum sentencing, that if any of his made-up rights were violated then he should get off scott-free and that treatment is the best path because prisons are "just warehouses for people."

You tell me who this scumbag wants in his corner now.

UPDATE: I read the comments, you people are sicker than I thought.

Monday, December 17, 2007

DHS needs to go

Clearly the most dangerous government agency known to man is the one that can take your children on a whim. Obviously we have the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the government but now we must at the bureaucratic branch as well.

This branch of government has the power of deportation, legal kidnapping, garnishment, search and spying. All while operating under the cover of "privacy."

I am positive that DHS could, without evidence "beyond a reasonable doubt" that any crime has been committed, go to the government school and remove your children while you are at work. It would then be incumbent on you to prove that you are not a scumbag to get your children back.

This is a gross perversion of government power and this agency should be reined in or abolished.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Feel sorry for the ruling class, feel glad for the people

The Respect for Law Act
Requires proof of citizenship or legal status in order to qualify for an Oregon Driver license.

Election officials shall require satisfactory evidence of U.S. citizenship from any applicant who is registering to vote for the first time in Oregon.

No statute, regulation or order shall prohibit any law enforcement agency from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

Good volunteers from OFIR (myself included) have been collecting signatures this weekend at the Portland gun show to get this measure on the ballot. The response is overwhelmingly positive.

The sell-outs who want "diversity" or "cheap labor" are not going to have the final say on this issue, the people are.

To Request Petitions For The Respect For Law Act Call (503) 363-6095

Side note: the end of the calendar year is coming and if you haven't taken advantage of Oregon's political tax credit now is the time to do so. In a nutshell: you, as an individual, can give $50 in political contributions and get back $50 when you file your taxes.

I highly recommend OFIR as an organization worthy of that contribution.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

In the name of fairness...

Attention illegal drug users:

Does your illegal activity prevent you from working? Unable to pass a pre-employment drug screen? Then you may qualify for Portland's "Rent for Criminals" program! Taxpayers will foot the bill for your daily living expenses!

Rent for Criminals:

No longer will your illegal choices have consequences!

It's time for folks who are eligible to work to step up to the plate and help these folks out!

Remember: you are the victim here!

So if you are a lawbreaker who is unable to work due to your illegal activity please apply for this exciting new taxpayer funded program at Erik Sten's office.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Press 1 for a common sense candidate

Republicans Address Hispanic Issues
Six Republican presidential candidates gathered Sunday at the University of Miami for an unusual Spanish-language debate, with immigration high on the agenda and the race in a topsy-turvy state.

...the only candidate who refused to attend was Tom Tancredo...

Kudos to Tancredo for standing on principle. People in this country are sick of pressing 1 for English.

I would also like to note that speaking/understanding English is a requirement for naturalization in this country and if you were born here then by the time you are eighteen you can certainly speak and understand our language. Are these candidates speaking to ineligible voters?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Merry Kicker Christmas

On this day, the day we get our kicker checks, all politicians should have to publicly come out in favor of or opposed to the practice of returning excess tax revenue back to the folks who earned it.

Example: Ted Kulongoski could say "we need your kicker check back to fund needle exchange programs, hire folks with job titles like 'diversity manager' and for some avant garde artwork outside a state building."

Also on my mind today as I was driving back from Sauvie after getting skunked was what kind of mental disorder does the average liberal have to posses to think that guns should be outlawed but marijuana made legal?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Dear Board of Higher Ed

RE: in-state tuition for illegal aliens

Exactly why do illegal aliens need a college degree... THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A JOB!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hispanic family night... or not

(page 8 of the Sherwood Middleton Messenger newsletter)

"For Hispanic families"

Ciuda de niƱos: en la biblioteca, con cena

(day care for the kids, dinner will be provided)

When my wife brought this to me I was astonished. Not by the blatant racism, I'm used to that from government, but that Sherwood was doing this literally in my backyard.

Thankfully things weren't as bad as I thought. I'm not sure who put this page together (my suspicion is Leslie Garza-Murphy who I overheard had worked "very hard" on this event) but both the Sherwood school district superintendent and a school board member said that it was a mistake and should have been "for Spanish speakers."

But initially I thought that I would catch these folks by suprise doing the dirty deeds of helping illegal aliens with tax dollars. I started in the parking lot looking for any state vehicles but wasn't able to find any. (note: any employee who showed up would be reimbursed mileage for their personal vehicle)

When I arrived I was serenaded by Spanish music...

And quite a spread was offered up for dinner:

I then took the time to talk to Dan Jamison who is the district Superintendent. Bottom line: I like this guy and the event was not what the page from the school newsletter portrayed it as.

I asked some pointed questions about English immersion, how come the newsletter said "for Hispanic families", how much these events cost, what demographic percentage you have to hit before you get a session in a particular language and so forth.

Mr. Jamison was very candid and after a bit I told him the real reason that I was there: I'm concerned about illegal immigration and government agencies pandering to these folks. He didn't blanch or end the conversation and we continued to talk about my concerns and what this event really was. (part the the Sherwood 2020 plan which holds numerous forums and this was one for "Spanish speakers") He even noted that "pandering" would be "renaming a street" after Caeser Chavez and that kind of stuff was nonsense.

While I indicated that I'm not a fan of the Spanish language nonsense that we seem to do (and in a forum where Sherwood is getting feedback from the community I think that the overwhelming majority of the population agrees with me that we're tired of "pressing 1 for English") the event was simply a mirror of similar English events but in another language.

It ended with me encouraging Jamison to call in to the Lars Larson show (I did try to call you from the event when I first got there Victoria but my cell never works in the school cafeteria) to get feedback from "his customers" (his words) who are the parents and taxpayers.

All in all I'm dispointed that Sherwood went Spanish on me but it wasn't the illegal alien love-fest that I thought it would be and so I left early. Glad that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, doesn't make for good blogging but makes for a better community in Sherwood.

Monday, December 03, 2007

It might rain...

Took a break for a couple days but will have some great great material late Wednesday and early Thursday. Look for it.

Also, Oregonians for Immigration Reform will have a booth at the Portland Gun Show at the Expo Center on December 14, 15 and 16th, collecting signatures on the Respect for Law Act intitiative. Guns and an opportunity to make Oregon less friendly to illegal aliens all in the same place? How could you lose!

For more info :