Thursday, July 29, 2010

Che + Mexican flags = the opposition

Waving foreign flags and supporting communist murderers. How much of this will the media show?

Monday, July 26, 2010

How government health care is run

The Oregon Health Fund Committee made recommendations to the Oregon legislature who passed Oregon's own health care reform. You may remember this as the bill which raised taxes on health insurance and hospitals to make health care... more affordable.

Recommendation: As is consistent with current practices in the private marketplace, no citizenship documentation requirements will be in place to participate in the Oregon Health Fund program. (page 24 of the above linked PDF)

The Committee recognizes that this option faces the following challenges:

This program could be construed as implicit support for individuals who are not authorized U.S. residents

Allow me to golf clap for your intelligence. You specifically recommend that your new health care program cover illegal aliens and then worry that people might think that you... want to cover illegal aliens.

At first the health care group considered "funding clinics providing services instead of the individuals themselves" (page 14 of the PDF for their meeting minutes) but must have decided that deceiving the taxpayers isn't as much fun as simply giving them the middle finger.

Luckily they are able to keep some of their treachery by funding the illegal alien health care by abusing your employer:

Financing for this portion of the program could be structured so that industries employing non-qualified Oregon residents are directed to contribute through the “play or pay” requirement of the employer mandate.

That should be the new government slogan for everything: Play or pay - we are your masters and you will do what we say!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

End state-sponsored racism

Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., says in column that government racial diversity programs should be ended
Virginia Sen. Jim Webb called for ending government-run diversity programs in a newspaper column Friday, saying they have disadvantaged struggling whites and hurt the cause of racial harmony.

Webb wrote an op-ed column in Friday's Wall Street Journal that said a "plethora of government-enforced diversity policies have marginalized many white workers. The time has come to cease the false arguments and allow every American the benefit of a fair chance at the future."

The race hustlers are squealing like stuck pigs at the thought of common sense emerging from a democrat politician. The buzz words like "diversity" and "cultural competency" have simply given government bureaucrats more authority to pick winners and losers as well as growing government by hiring needless workers to enforce state-sponsored racism.

I'm glad to hear that the pushback against this nonsense has spread to the ruling class but my guess is that Webb will be "clarifying" his statements within a week.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lars' old stomping grounds

2010 - 2013

Tillamook County Health Department (TCHD) serves a rural area of 1,125 sq. miles and population of 25,845 people in Tillamook County, Oregon. The Health Department has been providing public health services since 1974.

Many low-income residents (14%) live in the service area, including a rapidly growing number of Hispanics, listed at 7% of the county population but more likely in excess of 15%. Of patients accessing TCHD 18% are Hispanic.

Special problems exist for the Hispanic population who are likely low income and not insuranced, but who also have language barriers to access local prenatal providers. The TCHD staff helps Hispanic women to get connected to prenatal and perinatal providers.

The service area has seen an increase in immigrants from Mexico and other Central American countries over the past ten years, and people of Hispanic ethnicity represent the largest proportion of the minority groups. About 30% of the students in the Tillamook School Districts are Hispanic. Differing cultural and linguistic backgrounds can be a major barrier to health care. Concerns about immigration status, poverty and language differences prevents people from seeking health services when they need it.

Government drones actually sit around and draft these reports. We fire employees who investigate rapes at the state police crime lab but have money for diversity workers to worry about illegal aliens seeking taxpayer funded health services.

Thankfully the reports do result in very important action plans:

(page 24)
Staff Development Planned
July 2010
Cultural sensitivity Training

Quick, somebody cut 9% from the prison budget so we can make sure that this stuff continues!

And hopefully firing some of them

Chris Dudley: Oregon needs to make three main structural changes in state government
We must fundamentally change how Oregon's government works. We will not only have to slow the growth of government, but we will also have to make sweeping changes specifically to the way Salem spends, the way we educate and how we compensate state employees.

To begin, I will be asking all government employees to pick up a percentage of their PERS contribution in order to decrease the total compensation costs. In addition, I will ask state employees to start paying a portion of their health care costs.

Finally, I will create a new standard for negotiations because we can no longer afford the one-sided negotiations of the past. I can assure Oregonians that taxpayers will finally have a voice in this discussion.

When the unions are unhappy then Oregon can succeed. Anyone who pays attention to politics here knows it's the public employees that drive everything. Every legislative session is a "budget crisis" regardless of the economic circumstances.

If Dudley will forcefully take on the unions then he is Oregon's best hope.

Monday, July 12, 2010

If we only use acronyms they won't know we are racists

An Overall Annual Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goal has been developed for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation in the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2010 federally assisted contracts.

ODOT proposes a total of 1 percent race-conscious and 10.5 percent race-neutral goals for FFY 2010, based on the fact that the statewide availability was 4.88 percent African American or Asian American owned for DBEs in the 2007 Disparity Study1, and the total Region 1 spending (Prime and sub) was 15.5 percent2 of total ODOT spending (0.0488 x 0.155 = 0.0076, rounded up to 1 percent). The race-conscious goal will be applied to African-American and Asian-American DBE firms for construction contracts only. No project-specific goals would be set for Native American, Hispanic American or non-minority Women owned DBE firms, and all participation by those firms would be considered race- and gender-neutral.

If I was black I would immediately form a business that makes telephone booths, dial up modems, CRT televisions and portable CD players. When I didn't make any money I would immediately claim to be "disadvantaged" and demand taxpayer subsidies.

If I still failed I would market myself as "green" to draw additional money from the government as well as fool the sheeple into buying my product or service. Imagine my marketing slogan: High speed internet means a larger carbon footprint! Go green and go back to dial-up!"

DBE is the modern KKK and ODOT is proud to be a part of it with our money.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Education dollars at work

Page 37

TOPIC: Student Travel – Experience in Democracy


Attached is a request for student travel for 24 Forest Grove High School Students to Washington, DC, July 31- August 7, 2010, to participate in a leadership institute. In 2008, Analisa Sanchez, a Forest Grove High School Students was selected to participate; this year, we would like to send an entire group, along with Kari Bloomquist, to experience this wonderful leadership program. Brad Doyle, ELD and Migrant Director at Clackamas ESD, will lead the group.

What: Experience in Democracy: Bert Corona Leadership Institute
A Leadership Program for Migrant and Immigrant Middle, High School, and College Students

When: July 31 – August 7, 2010

Who: Sponsored by the Bert Corona Leadership Institute

Cost: Supported by Title IC, Migrant Education

Approve the student trip to Washington D.C. July 31, 2010 – August 7, 2010 as presented.

A leadership program for migrant students. They claim to not have money for books, teachers or PE. Obviously training the next generation of race-based community organizers is more important than physical eduction.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

A tribute to our feathered friends

How waterfowl are mourned at Daniel's house:

I would also like to point out that headlines such as "Their goose is cooked; Canada geese gassed by Oregon community‎" and "Canada's goose is cooked in one Oregon town‎" are not funny. And I just plain don't get this one: Bend’s Goosegate Ruffles Feathers in Canada.

Oh wait, geese have feathers. And "ruffles feathers" is a term used when someone is bothered. And since the story is about geese and people are bothered about it we can be really really witty by using that headline. I do get it now. We can all laugh together.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

And they find their money from taxpayers

Latinas find their identity in two cultures
“I left my country, and then I came to live in another culture,” says Maria Heart, pointing to the flag. She’s speaking in Spanish -- Heart married an American, but she was born in Mexico. Next, Heart gets out a Mexican flag and puts the two flags together. “Now I’m living in two cultures,” she says.

Heart and the other women are part of a group in Corvallis called the Organizacion de Latinas Unidas, or the Organization of United Latinas.

The groups started as a result of a health program at Casa Latinos Unidos De Benton County, a Latino nonprofit. Erlinda Gonzales-Berry, executive director of the nonprofit, got a $5,000 grant in September 2009 from the state Office of Multicultural Health and Services to create a health and nutrition program for Latina women. The program included a Zumba aerobics exercise class and a cooking class.

After the money ran out, the women wanted more. So Gonzales-Berry got $2,500 from the Benton County Health Department to put together regular Zumba classes.

Recently, the women participated in a rally on the Oregon State University campus against SB 1070, the new Arizona immigration law.

$7,500 in tax dollars for a racist group to do dance exercises called Zumba. Oregonians had to earn $83K to make the money to pay the taxes for this. How many times a day do our government overlords hand out this kind of money, meant for health care, for these purposes?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Corvallis: Not yet sure that slavery is abolished

Employer of Choice:
What is it? Employers whose practices, policies, benefits and overall work conditions enable them to successfully attract and retain talent because employees choose to work there are known as “Employers of Choice.” The City’s Career Development Committee’s mission is to create an organizational development plan that positions the City as an “Employer of Choice.”

Only a government official could write something so inane. Can someone please name an employer where the employees don't choose to work there? Isn't that called slavery?

City best practices: To avoid confusion and/or duplication of effort, work on Employer of Choice as a social sustainability endpoint will build on that already in progress by the Career Development Committee.

This does not help me avoid confusion at all. The city of Corvallis has decided to be an employer of choice, as opposed to rounding up people and forcing them into a life of servitude, and it all revolves around social sustainability.

I'm trying to picture the job interview where the applicant asks "and what does your social sustainability plan look like?"

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

But not for some of the folks over at Democratic Underground. If you ever need to re-enforce your belief that liberals are a whiny little girls then this is the website for you. Some highlights from their popular thread titled:
Excuse me for not feeling patriotic
I haven't felt patriotic in quite some time.

If I had the money, I'd probably be living in Canada.

Excuse em for not feeling patriotic about a country that:
allows others to profit off the suffering of others (health care industrial complex, military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, etc.)
does not guarantee health care for everyone, regardless of ability to pay
does not provide a good K-12 education
does not guarantee full employment or make an attempt to have full employment
has a corrupt legislative branch (Congress)
is engaged in two wars that we won't win
racially profiles its own citizens (War on Drugs)
locks up more people than any other country in the world
has allowed itself to be corrupted by Big Business
does not treat everyone equally under the law
hardly gives a damn about its own citizens

That is all.
I am sure many of you can add more to the list but I am sure you get where I'm going with this.

So the original poster would rather live in Canada but doesn't have the money. I suppose a that getting a job to earn money is out of the question...

But the follow up comments are when it gets really good:

Some don't even regard GLBT Americans as worthy of being citizens, some would stone GLBT Americans to death, that is how bigoted and racist this country is IMO.

The USA is a bigoted and racist country because the above commentator is just positive that "some" would stone gays to death. Later on the same person posts this:

But stoning would be more painful, I think of them as so cruel and heartless. I would not put it past some of these people to start extermination camps if they came to power, they are made of the same evil cloth as those who conducted the inquisitions. I have often thought in my lifetime that many citizens one day might have to flee America for asylum in other countries.

Where would these gays flee to avoid stoning? The middle east? Africa?

I could keep going but feel free to read it for yourself. Just a reminder that not everybody here loves our country or the liberties that our founding secured. Those people are Obama voters.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

You can't fix what isn't broken

Our immigration system isn't "broken." Our laws aren't being enforced.

It is unlawful to work in this country if you can't legally be employed. This has nothing to do with immigration.

It is unlawful to employ someone who can't legally work. This has nothing to do with immigration.

It is unlawful to use another person's social security number. This has nothing to do with immigration.

It is perjury to fill out form I-9 incorrectly. This has nothing to do with immigration.

It is unlawful to avoid paying taxes. This has nothing to do with immigration.

It is unlawful to give false information to get identification. This has nothing to do with immigration.

Start holding people accountable for violating these laws. If some laws or people are more equal than others then we no longer have a constitutional republic.