Wednesday, July 07, 2010

And they find their money from taxpayers

Latinas find their identity in two cultures
“I left my country, and then I came to live in another culture,” says Maria Heart, pointing to the flag. She’s speaking in Spanish -- Heart married an American, but she was born in Mexico. Next, Heart gets out a Mexican flag and puts the two flags together. “Now I’m living in two cultures,” she says.

Heart and the other women are part of a group in Corvallis called the Organizacion de Latinas Unidas, or the Organization of United Latinas.

The groups started as a result of a health program at Casa Latinos Unidos De Benton County, a Latino nonprofit. Erlinda Gonzales-Berry, executive director of the nonprofit, got a $5,000 grant in September 2009 from the state Office of Multicultural Health and Services to create a health and nutrition program for Latina women. The program included a Zumba aerobics exercise class and a cooking class.

After the money ran out, the women wanted more. So Gonzales-Berry got $2,500 from the Benton County Health Department to put together regular Zumba classes.

Recently, the women participated in a rally on the Oregon State University campus against SB 1070, the new Arizona immigration law.

$7,500 in tax dollars for a racist group to do dance exercises called Zumba. Oregonians had to earn $83K to make the money to pay the taxes for this. How many times a day do our government overlords hand out this kind of money, meant for health care, for these purposes?


Anonymous said...

Nearly a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands of American kids killed, tens of thousands wounded (and not cool scars to show the grandkids, but missing legs, arms, faces burned beyond recognition, etc.) and more than $1 trillion (in tax dollars) allocated to date on both, and not a PEEP out of Miglavs about any of this that I've seen in all this time, but .... BUT! He's riled up about some Latinas doing the Zumba in Corvallis ...


Anonymous said...

This is really a great story. Thanks for sharing it. I bet it really drives the racists over at Ofir nuts.

Robin said...

Daniels point is valid...

it's funny that she went over and protested Arizona's SB 1070 more than likely claiming that it is "racist" when she herself is part of a racist group, "the Organization of United Latinas"

And secondly, shame on the state of Oregon for encouraging racism by offering a grant for "Latina women."
because I will bet you that all others need not apply.

and third, she may be born in Mexico, now living in America, even with two cultures, but where does her allegiance lie? The United States or Mexico?

the truth is in my opinion why they're so much of an uproar over Arizona's bill, is because the politically correct (PC) group is losing their hold and people starting to find out that it's okay to speak up.

These people who cross our borders illegally did wrong and they know it.

Anonymous said...

The even "funnier" thing is that the person who posted this has a banner supporting OFIR (New Nation) which seems to have plenty of unapologetically racist members and has their website hosted by an overtly ">racist "news" site. Can you say irony?

Anonymous said...

The even "funnier" thing is that the person who posted this has a banner supporting OFIR (New Nation) which seems to have plenty of unapologetically racist members and has their website hosted by an overtly racist "news" site. Can you say irony?

DAVE01 said...

Tax money for a dance class. How funny. Can I get money from the government to drink beer this weekend? This activity will actually provide jobs and benefits to society. It will employ a store clerk or bartender to stock or serve the beer. A waiter or waitress will have to serve me. A driver will transport it to the bar or store. Somebody will pump the gas for the truck to transport it. I might as well get some whiskey with the government money. I will help employ many other people. The list is endless. This would actually provide a benefit for society instead of supporting some racist group. If they give me money for beer and whiskey, the benefits will transcend all racial and ethnic lines, not just the hispanic ones. True equal opportunity.

ANON 3:41 AM
Don't forget to condemn our racist president and attorney general. We wouldn't want you to be incomplete in exposing racism. Of course you are a racist since you don't condemn this racist hispanic group. Don't forget to mention Robert Byrd, the old KKK racist.

Now OFIR is the New Nation. You have fucked up logic. By your logic, all democrats are racist. Remember, they wanted to keep slaves. It was the republicans that freed them. Typical communist (progressive, liberal, democrat), you are always dividing people into groups. What's next, carting off the jews or japanese and putting them into ovens or concentration camps?

Can you say irony?

I think you were left out in many activities when you were young. You probably didn't get picked for a team when the the teams were chosen. They have professional help and medication to help you. You just need to ask. Your bigotry, hatred and racism run very deep. Go get some help!

ANON 11:40 PM
I'm still waiting for the evidence of racism. People keep saying OFIR is racist. I have not seen ONE piece of evidence pointing to validate your opinion since I have been involved for four or five years. Remember, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Some are bigger than others.

The Hypocrisy Police said...

I'm waiting for Miglavs and Dave to bitch about the tax dollars that are spent on the bands and choirs that the U.S. Army and Marine Corps have. Oh, and if you go to, you'll find lots of fun ways that tax dollars are spent for the boys in uniform to ... well, have fun, fun, fun! Anybody for surfing? They offer that, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the evidence of racism.

Doesn't fly anymore, Dave. The evidence has been presented. On multiple occasions, by me and others, using multiple examples. On threads that you were reading. You obviously are too fucking stupid to understand.

DAVE01 said...

All you can point out is when the OFIR site was on New Nation site over ten years ago. As far as the remarks under ANON here, that is bullshit. Anyone could be making those comments so they are not evidence. I have seen a lot of racism by the KKK, black panthers, La Raza, Obama and Holder. Can you dispute those facts? With the current administration, they have a lot of WHITES NEED NOT APPLY in their policies. They also have policies to avoid charges when whites have their voting and civil rights violated by black panther thugs.

Yet, I don't hear anyone condemning the racism of this current president and his administration. If you are calling other people racists, you better not be a racist yourself. However, you are racists by not condemning the racists policies of obama and his administration. I believe in equality for all people. I judge the person by his actions, not his color. I will give anyone an EQUAL chance. You won't. You want racial or ethnic preferences.

Anonymous said...

Same shit, different day, Dave. Shove it back up your ass, we've seen it before. Neener, neener, La Raza/Obama is racist tooooooooo! Bawaaaaaawaaaa!

You remind me of something a friend of mine told me one, a retired cop. He did both OSP and city at various points of his career, he said to me: You know, you wouldn't believe how many drivers there are who have no business being on the road. You've got the obvious, like the drunk drivers, people so old they are for all intents and purposes blind and have the reaction time of a slug, people with suspended licenses, and yes, you've got your illegal immigrants.

But aside from all that, he said, then you've got people who are just unbelievably stupid. Not developmentally disabled, and not even illiterate, but just dumb-as-rocks, beyond the pale idiotic.

Something tells me you're one of those people.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, THANK YOU for PROVING again via yet another example of Ethno-Centric wasted Tax dollars or what used to be known as OUR money, that We worked for.

BUt BUT Oregon is in Debt and YEt some f-ing idiots here don't mind wasting precious tax dollars so ONLY Latinas can get exercise!

Where is WHITE or Black or Asain Dance classes?

There is NO state budget problems, there IS a spending problem, and thanks to Daniel, we see this over and over and over and over and even DAVE HUNT our House leader told LARS that these "MULTI-Culture" groups are too many and costing too much. Wow! I agree with this socialsit wanna be Dem.

Ask anyone who lived in MAYWOOD CA, how that "Diversity" thing worked out for that city? All employees, COPS included, were fired!

Scottiebill said...

Anonymouse 10:48: As to your last paragraph in which you describe people who obviously do not agree with you and your inane blathering, I certainly would not include Dave01 in that description, but I damn sure would put you into that category of being "unbelievably stupid" (your own words), etc., etc., etc. You exhibit your own unbelievable stupidity every time you post one of your racist inanities here.

Robin mentioned the PC group losing their hold over the people. Political correctness has been described correctly as a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical, liberal minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

Anonymous said...

I am not describing just anyone who disagrees with me. One of my best friends is a Republican, we disagree frequently (but not all the time)and he's also one of the smartest guys I know, so understand ... read the words and understand them: I am not describing "people" who disagree with me. I am describing Dave.

Hypocrisy Police said...

Aw Dave, you're taking a pass on this one? Fine. Anyone else? Who wants to bitch tax dollars for singing soldiers? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Jim Ludwig and Frank Brehm were running ofir when the website had the New Nation address and they still run the organization now. Still ain't flying Dave. The only thing a little different is that OFIR put a nice little happy fir tree in the logo. Get over it. The media needs to ask this group some questions.

Any candidate for office who decides to kick in with OFIR-New Nation needs to be questioned on why they are involved with an organization that shares the same web space with a white supremecist news site. Does Senate Candidate Jim Huffman really want to be associated with such an organization?

Anonymous said...

I'm anticipating Dave's reply ... he will probably argue that fir trees aren't racist, but he knows a lot of Maple trees that are.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the question hangs in the air: Will the Miglavians take up the battle against non-native plants? "Illegal greens" you might call them.

Scottiebill said...

Anonymouse 1210 You have a friend? Who would have known?!

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:01 PM
I will state again, I have not seen one sign of racism with OFIR since I have been involved for four or five years. You can keep beating a dead horse if you want to. I have seen a lot of racism from Obama, Holder and a lot of the current dems in congress last week. You are worrying about something that happened over a decade ago and I'm worried about something that happened today. I find it very strange that you would to point out something like OFIR and the new nation and there is deafening silence from you about Obama's and Holder's and the dems racism. Do you want to stop all racism or are you just interested in stopping racism that does not fit your agenda or your personal racism and bigotry? I can't wait to hear that answer.

I think any democrat candidate should immediately condemn obama and holder' racism and insist they resign immediately to prevent further damage to race relations in this country. Obama and Holder have set race relations back decades in this country. Why do you support such racists who control this country and try to demonize a small group of people who are nothing in the grand scheme of things? Your racism, bigotry and hatred are showing big time.

How can any democrat be associated with the racist democrat party? The democrats are the cause of most of the race problems in this country. They always want to divide instead of unite. the dems are the enemy of American. Why does anyone associate with them? It proves leftists, liberals, progressive and democrats are nothing but dirt bag racists and traitors who should be removed immediately from this country.

Don't forget the black panthers who want to murder white babies. We should just hang all black panther members.

It's funny how curt schrader had biden pimp for him in portland. They are probably figuring out how to cause more damage to race relations in this country. You should have protested biden and schrader for causing more race problems in this country.

It sure is easy to attack the dems for being racist. You just need to look at the past and look around today. We should teach in the schools how the dems belonged to the KKK (old byrd), wouldn't let the blacks have guns to defend their families, wouldn't let them vote, outright murdered them. Wonderful political group. I bet you are a democrat. I bet you would like to gas some more jews.

10:48 said...

I bet you are a democrat. I bet you would like to gas some more jews.

LOL!!! My suspicions are confirmed. Dave, you are one of the most monumentally stupid and ridiculous dumbfucks I've ever seen post on any blog. Do us all a favor: Stop driving. For the love of God, stop, our lives may depend on it.

Miglavia Tour Guide said...

Oh my God you guys make this so easy. Okay, here goes:

In Miglavia, Democrats secretly desire toxxsfsjff

(Sorry, my fingers slipped off the keys because I was laughing so hard. Let me try it again:

In Miglavia, Democrats secretly desire to "gas some more Jews."

Welcome to Miglavia!

(And a big shout-out to Master Miglavian Dave for revealing this sordid plan to the world. You've saved countless lives, friend! The world's Jews salute you!

a Jew said...

From the heart, Dave: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dave is the sort of guy who still needs "proof" that Mel Gibson is a bigot.

Lewis said...

Dave, I've got a problem: I work with a guy who is Jewish, and he's a Democrat. Should I be concerned that he is planning to gas himself?

I thought I should ask you because you seem like a very smart person.