Sunday, July 11, 2010

Education dollars at work

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TOPIC: Student Travel – Experience in Democracy


Attached is a request for student travel for 24 Forest Grove High School Students to Washington, DC, July 31- August 7, 2010, to participate in a leadership institute. In 2008, Analisa Sanchez, a Forest Grove High School Students was selected to participate; this year, we would like to send an entire group, along with Kari Bloomquist, to experience this wonderful leadership program. Brad Doyle, ELD and Migrant Director at Clackamas ESD, will lead the group.

What: Experience in Democracy: Bert Corona Leadership Institute
A Leadership Program for Migrant and Immigrant Middle, High School, and College Students

When: July 31 – August 7, 2010

Who: Sponsored by the Bert Corona Leadership Institute

Cost: Supported by Title IC, Migrant Education

Approve the student trip to Washington D.C. July 31, 2010 – August 7, 2010 as presented.

A leadership program for migrant students. They claim to not have money for books, teachers or PE. Obviously training the next generation of race-based community organizers is more important than physical eduction.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, Thanks again for proof of WASTED Tax dollars.

This School dist. just cut SIX days of off next years schedule because they are low on FUNDS.

They are going to put up a SIXTY-FIVE Million $ Bond up in the fall (for a dist. with only 6,000 students).

And per the AYP reports, they are NOT teaching "Migrant" kids how to Read, Write and do Math! And in some categories they actually did WORSE than the previous year. They can't even teach just 1/2 of the ESL kids the three R's!

Even you name calling Liberals should be furious that these Migrant students are NOT getting the basics of a standard education. BUT they get to spend precious needed funds on wasting their time to go to DC and push for Amnesty.

Exactly what Castillo and the D's want - a permanent Underclass to clean their toilets and vote for more Free stuff vis the D's.

YOU should all be DISGUSTED with our school leaders using these Kids as pawns for their long term, keep them in poverty goals, at YOUR expense.
A TRAGEDY for all of us!

Anonymous said...

We heard about this Blog on Lars Larson.
We live in this district and are moving out.
Our 4 children and us have had it with twirling their thumbs in class, bored as hell, while the whole classroom waits for the ELL kids to have everything re-explained in spanish.
Our oldest is in high school and says it is the same exact ell spanish students he was with in elementary school and can't imagine why they are aren't all understanding english as the russian and chinese kids are.
We want the best for our kids and this is the worst instead.

Idiot Miglavian said...

No, we can't be sending our students to Washington D.C. THAT PLACE IS FULL OF SOCIALISM!!!

Anonymous said...


Are even children's books above your reading level? Because I could have sworn the purpose of this post was to point out the COST of an unnecessary trip, funded by a program which caters only to a subset of students (tell me: why does this program exist?) in the midst of a "funding crisis". Why don't you try addressing these issues instead?

BTW, thanks for calling yourself out.