Saturday, December 30, 2006

We need this kind of justice

I wasn't positive that the new Iraqi government was working out until I saw the speed with which they execute their prisoners on death row. Can we please export some of that to our country?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Also their customer friendly attitude is nice

DMV: the only place left in the world where they don't accept a debit card as payment. Even I can take a debit card if you want to pay me that way. (through PayPal)

You could probably find some remote tribe on the Amazon and say "I'd like to buy that ceremonial spear" and they would reply "debit or credit?"

I just can't wait until government is running my healthcare. Can't wait...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Now I'm very angry.

Ok, I'm a law abiding citizen. All laws. Even stupid meaningless laws that I disagree with.

I'm also a computer nerd and that will factor in here.

One of the things that I worry about is the "next generation" getting desensitized to theft due to the "digital age." I get sick of hearing people talk about "sharing" music. Instead of walking into Fred Meyer and shoplifting a CD they simply make a copy from a friend. It's so common that many people don't even view it as a theft even though it is a felony.

I read a lot of tech sites. (A great compilation site that pulls headlines is the Daily Rotation. You can customize it to your taste.) Many argue that copyrights and ownership are a thing of the past and blah blah blah socialist garbage. I've read message boards where the "little guy" (aka the thief) makes bold assertations about how he can never be caught and will never stop "sharing" music, as if he is leading some sort of socialist revolution instead of just being a petty thief, too cheap to fork over $0.99 for a song.

I watch with great interest the tales of the RECORDING INDUSTRY (said in the same ominous tone that you would whisper HALLIBURTON) VS the poor innocent victims who only wanted to "share" some music.

And other than some serious snafus *cough* Sony *cough* I've also applauded the DRM (digital rights management) measures taken to protect intellectual property rights and copyright material... until now.

I just got a new computer. (I'll post the specs in the comments if any of you geeks are interested, it's good stuff.) I attempted to export my playlist from MusicMatch, a worthless piece of software that will never under any circumstances be installed on this uber machine, and it wouldn't let me due to the DRM.

Fine. I manually move the files over my network. One by freakin one. Fine. I then clicked a song, perfectly content to let Windows Media Player play it for the initial time. Denied. DRM says that I have to install MusicMatch (aka The Devil) on my new computer. It says that yes, I do own the music and have every right to copy it to another computer but sorry, I need MusicMatch installed anyways.

Now I'm a smart guy. It will probably take me .0002 seconds to find a program to strip the DRM content from these files so that I can play them with whatever player I want to. BUT WHY DO I HAVE TO?!?!?!?

I'll tell you why: because other people steal. I have to suffer because some of you are convinced that it's ok for you to take things while the rest of us pay for them.

I'm one of the good guys. I paid for these. I own them. But now I join the ranks of many authors of reputable sources (CNET and the like) who say that they too pay for their digital property but HATE the DRM nonsense. It's not stopping the 12 years olds on LimeWire, it's stopping the non-technical folks who pay their $0.99 and then want to move their music library to another computer.

I hope that all digital thieves get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I hope that DRM stops trying to interfere with MY PROPERTY.

We're in a hole... let's dig our way out!

Governor plans capital projects
If Gov. Ted Kulongoski has his way, next year's legislative session will leave a lasting mark on Oregon in the form of new education buildings, railway station improvements, emergency radio towers and other construction projects totaling more than $3 billion.

The governor's proposal to borrow heavily to finance all those capital projects also could leave Oregon taxpayers with increased debt for years to come.

"You end up improving the infrastructure, you create jobs, and I think you improve the economy overall," he said. "So I think it's a win, win, win every way you look at it."

Who is going to pay all these government workers salaries when everyone is a government worker? How about get out of the way of private industry which will make it easier on bussiness and create jobs. That's a win win.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jobs that Americans WILL do!

Cheating Americans With "Virtual" Laws
It was a bad week for the advocates of amnesty and guest worker.

On Tuesday (12-12), the Bush Administration finally cracked down, 20 years late, on a few thousand of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who are illegally employed in the United States. This crackdown on employers was promised by the Reagan amnesty of 1986 and now, 20 years later, the government is getting around to enforcing the law.

The feds arrested thousands of illegals who were working at Swift & Co. meat-processing plants under false Social Security numbers. Swift announced that it might have to shut down for lack of workers.

The media immediately opened the TV channels to pro-immigration activists who claimed that these arrests "prove" the need for "comprehensive" immigration legislation with a guest-worker plan. Au contraire. Wednesday's news (12-13) proved just the opposite.

Within hours of the news that 261 illegals had been removed from the Swift plant in Greeley, Colorado, American citizens lined up to fill the vacated jobs. The county employment agency received 230 job applications, of which 157 were specifically for Swift.

Please read the whole column. (In addition to showing the "guest worker" movement as the sham that it is, it also shows the Wal-Mart bashers clearly don't know what they are talking about either)

A great Christmas present to unemployed Americans would be the deportation of our illegally working criminal alien population. Imagine starting the new year with thousands of job opportunities opening up for America citizens who had a rough Christmas due to unemployment.

Where is your compassion for these American citizens you sick liberals and you sick Wall Street Journal Republicans? You would starve Tiny Tim so that Jorge Gonzalez, an illegal who stole the SSN of Tiny Tim's dad, can work here illegaly and send money back to Mexico.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, been pretty sick. I hope that Santa brings you something nice.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

RE: Bush's speech today

I have to say that I wasn't too impressed with our president today.

I'll pick on the part where he said that he supports an increase in the minimum wage (aka paying people more than they are worth) but to prevent it from hurting bussiness he would couple it with tax cuts. Great.

That just means that the taxpayers will fund the increased wages. Real republican of you Mr. President.

As for all this "evalutaion" stuff about Iraq, I really do fail to see why it took the democrats winning an election to make us "look at all the options." Were these options not there before the election? Shouldn't we be in a constant state of looking at various options for victory?

Speaking of tax credits

If you've ever given money to a political organization then you're probably receiving their end of year donation requests right about now. That's because Oregon (whether you agree with it or not) offers a polictical tax credit for individuals ($50) and couples ($100) for qualifying donations.

You decide: donate to your favorite interest group or let Teddy K. spend it.

I love Oregon Right to Life, Oregon Family Council, etc but there is one group that I think has accomplished so much and has a huge battle in the coming year: Oregonians for Immigration Reform.

We've shut down the Carousels, shed light on day labor sites, put up a billboard and much more. In 2007 we need to repeal Oregon's sanctuary law, stop drivers licenses (and driving priviledge cards) for illegals, and so much more.

Give it to OFIR to stop illegal immigration or give it to Teddy to spend on illegal aliens. You choose.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fishwapper editorials love art... that taxpayers pay for

Cultural Trust good for you and Oregon
The Oregon Cultural Trust is a very good thing for individual tax payers and for Oregon. Your gift to the trust, of up to $500 for an individual or $1,000 for a couple filing taxes jointly, will earn an equivalent tax credit on your Oregon tax return. That is a very good deal.

Tax cuts for the rich!

State drops the ball with botched arts awards
The folks responsible for the snafu -- the Oregon Arts Commission and the governor's office -- say they really do value the arts. But this was a busy year, what with the governor's election and getting the budget ready. So they'll double up and give two years' worth of awards in 2007.

And talk about poor timing. This month, folks are making their year-end donations to arts organizations and, if they're tuned in, making matching grants to the Oregon Cultural Trust. It wouldn't hurt to have some razzmatazz from the Capitol to remind everyone that Oregon has a terrific arts scene.

Who cares?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Oregon on another top 10 list

Government Not Tracking Illegal Alien Crime Even As It Spirals Up
Operation Predator began on July 9, 2003, and resulted in 6,085 child predator arrests throughout the country - an average of roughly 250 arrests per month and eight arrests per day. While arrests have been made in every state, the most have occurred in these states: Arizona (207), California (1,578), Florida (255), Illinois (282), Michigan (153), Minnesota (190), New Jersey (423), New York (367), Oregon (148) and Texas (545).

250 arrests per month under this program which only targets serious offenders. This is taking into account the DUII's, the drugs, etc. For those of you who went to public school 250 arrests per month is roughly 8 arrests a day.

Was a child in your neighborhood a victim? Maybe one of you open border advocates would like to explain to the families of these children that in order to keep big labor (notice the ominous tone) happy we have to accept this culture of lawlessness that comes with the influx of illegal aliens.

It's time to stop importing criminals.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I'd sure like to call them something

The People's Republic of Multnomah County owes Dorothy English one million dollars. They denied her the ability to use her land and they need to compensate her for it. But Dorothy is 94 and they want to hold out until she dies.

Contact the Multnomah County commissioners and ask them why they are trying to wait for a sweet old lady to die so they can escape their responsibility.

For those of you who get worked up about this when you hear it on the radio but don't have the contact info handy:

Diane Linn
Webmail form

Maria Rojo de Steffey

Serena Cruz

Lisa Naito
Webmail form

Lonnie Roberts
Webmail form

Be polite but voice your opinion!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

But will it be as customer friendly as the DMV?

Oregon senator prepares universal health coverage plan
A dozen years after Congress rejected a Clinton administration plan for universal health care, Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden is readying a proposal to provide health care coverage to all Americans through a pool of private insurance plans.

"Employer-based coverage is melting away like a Popsicle on the sidewalk in August," said Wyden, a Democrat and member of the Senate Finance Committee's subcommittee on health care.

The group, created in 2003 by legislation sponsored by Wyden and Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, recommended that the government take steps to guarantee all Americans have basic health insurance coverage by 2012.

Now I'm not sure I can beat Wyden's "popsicle" comparison but I'd like to point out that we recently had an Oregonian whose drivers license was going to be suspended because someone with the same name got a ticket in New York.

He asked the DMV to correct this and they basically told him to go jump in a lake. When I think government I don't think customer service. God help us when when they are in charge of our health.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Go back to Mexico

Local Mexican community celebrates its patron saint
Worshippers spilled into the aisles and out the chapel door at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Prineville on Sunday, as members of the local Mexican-American community packed the pews to celebrate the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico.

"It's a real connection with their homeland because all of Mexico celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe," Greiner said. "It certainly connects them with their roots and their families back home."

At St. Joseph's on Sunday, Elias Villagomez said the events are important in helping Mexicans living in Oregon retain their cultural and religious heritage.

"For we Mexicans it is a great fiesta that we celebrate," Villagomez said. "We continue it so that the children will go on learning about our culture."

Just so we are clear on the semantics: Mexican = citizen of Mexico. The ironic thing here is that many American born, and therefore American citizens, refer to themselves as "Mexican." If you were to ask some American born child of an illegal alien, a child who has never even seen Mexico, if she/he considers himself/herself (notice the all inclusive genders, trying to be more tolerant) an American or a Mexican and my five pesos bets they say the latter.

Assimilation? I don't think so. If you want Mexican culture, complete with blatant corruption at every level of government, child rape being acceptable, lawlessness being acceptable, and a poor economy then please, GO BACK TO MEXICO!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Keep up the good work boys

I am so very pleased that lately my blog has been such a source of amusement to people who are "tolerant" and believe in "women's rights" (this is why they insult my wife and mother) and who are so technologically advanced that they have even mastered the art of copy and paste. (ctrl+c and ctrl+v) Wow. You guys are good.

To everyone who asks "how can you stop them from doing that" I would say "why would I want to?" It's pretty funny to me. I mean sure, I could delete their posts like Indymedia does to me or not allow them post comments like BlueOregon does to me (those paragons of free speech and tolerance) but I think it illustrates, far better than I ever could, the actual mentality of some on the far left.

Not all of them mind you. Kaelri, who is 15 or 16, disagrees with almost all of my positions and is a frequent commentor here but somehow he is able to show more maturity than most of the (I'm assuming) adults who use the clever repartee of insulting my mother/wife.

It's just their way of handling things. Some people call their senator or collect signatures and some little boys copy and paste things on my blog. It's their civic involvement and I'm glad that I can provide an outlet for their frustrations.

Imagine if this blog didn't exist and they had to insult people to their faces instead of anyonmously over the internet? Their fear would surely keep them securely hidden in their parents basements for all eternity.

But thanks to my blog I allow them a few fleeting moments of feeling like a tough guy. I'm here to provide a service to all my readers. Whether it's informing you of the next illegal alien protest, a news alert or just a forum where liberals can exercise their fantasies of being macho, this is going to continue to be a home for many.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Some special interest groups we need

With the ACLU in full attack mode on account of Jesus' birthday I think that it's time we formed some special interest groups that will actually stand up for Americans. Here are some suggestions:

"You Can Have My Christmas Tree When You Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands Association"

"National Organization for Women Belong in the Kitchen"

"American Molesting Children Is NOT A Civil Liberty Union"

"People for Eating, Wearing and Sitting on Animals"

"National Association for the Advancement of Straight White Christian Males"

Feel free to post your suggestions.

Another "Oregon only" boondoggle

Oregon Cultural Trust grows out of its challenging infancy
There was a time when people thought the Oregon Cultural Trust would have about $80 million socked away in an endowment by now and given away nearly $40 million to the state's arts, heritage and humanities organizations.

The reality has turned out to be something more modest: There is but $5 million in an endowment originally projected to reach $200 million by 2011.

And instead of nearly $40 million in grants, the trust has given out about $3.76 million.

But proponents of the trust, a landmark initiative still unmatched in any other state, still have something to crow about.

I love how our local media describe things that only Oregon is stupid enough to do. The Cultural Trust simply takes dollars that could otherwise go to public safety or schools and gives them to people who without government grants would probably be homeless. Can't imagine why no other state has a cultural trust.

What would we do without public art like this?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Nutjob two-fer

Rep. Cynthia McKinney Introduces Bush Impeachment Bill
In what was likely her final legislative act in Congress, outgoing Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney announced a bill Friday to impeach President Bush.

The legislation has no chance of passing and serves as a symbolic parting shot not only at Bush but also at Democratic leaders. Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has made clear that she will not entertain proposals to sanction Bush and has warned the liberal wing of her party against making political hay of impeachment.


Germany Condemns Iranian Plan to Host Holocaust Conference
Germany condemned a planned Iranian conference on the Holocaust and summoned Iran's charge d'affaires to the Foreign Ministry, saying that attempts to question the Nazis' murder of Jews were "shocking and unacceptable."

The conference, scheduled for Sunday and Monday, was organized by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called the systematic killing of some 6 million Jews a "myth" and "exaggerated." Some 67 foreign researchers from 30 countries are scheduled to attend the two-day meeting.

The Iranian president has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map," and the Tehran conference appeared to be part of Ahmadinejad's public campaign against the Jewish state.

Hey Iraq Study Group: you have suggested that we work hand in hand with the new Hitler. You have emboldened him, encouraged him and now you want to give him a massage. Future generations are going to look back at you in disgust knowing that you allowed whatever future atrocities that the new Hitler is going to bring to the world.

I guess "never again" doesn't mean anything to the pompous, self-righteous, self-serving, worthless politicians that we send to Washington.

Friday, December 08, 2006

He speaks for everyone I guess

Native teen speaks out to spur sensitivity
A 17-year-old member of the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz on Thursday asked that the Oregon Board of Education require high schools to avoid mascots offensive to Native Americans

Hold it right there. Are all Native Americans (a loose term in my book) offended by the same thing? Every single one? Or does this kid want mascots that offend him banned?

Brad Victor, an Indian Education Programs specialist with the Oregon Department of Education, said he admired Butler's "courage to personally face the state board of education." Victor said 16 Oregon schools use Native-themed mascots whose behavior and dress are offensive.

Thankfully we have Victor at the ODE to step in a qualify what's offensive. So that's two people...

Do these people not realize that naming a team the "Braves" is actually a compliment? A symbol of strength and power could only offend the sissified "boys" that our public schools have created.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm going to miss my rapist excusing nemesis

Mexico's Oregon envoy
[Fernando Sanchez Ugarte] takes Cabinet post Mexico's consul general in Oregon has accepted a Cabinet position under new President Felipe Calderon.

Sanchez has served as consul general in Portland since October 2004.

Fernando has provided many hours of amusement for me. The look on his face every time he sees me at a protest gives me a warm, squishy feeling inside. It's a look of "not him again..."

But even though he was on the other side of the illegal alien issue I think that he helped us out. Who can forget the time when he suggested that rape was just a "cultural clash." (profile in pictures at that link)

We all should wish him well at his new post. Email him at and make sure you tell him I said "hi" and that I look forward to causing his replacement many headaches.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Maybe when illegal aliens take teacher's jobs...

Looking at the September unemployment numbers (most recent available on the website) two things stick out.

First you have this:

"Oregon’s seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll employment rose by 3,900 jobs in September."

"In September, two major industries – government (+2,500) and professional and business services (+2,400) – had seasonally adjusted job gains of more than 2,000."

So government was the biggest "industry" that was hiring and it taxpayers are funding more than half the new hires in the month of September. Nice.

The other number from September is this one:

"In September, 90,938 Oregonians were unemployed..."

Rewind to earlier in the year and we have the same guy who prepares the unemployment reports saying this:

"While we don't have data at the city level, we have been able to estimate that 70,000 to 88,000 unauthorized immigrants were working or looking for work (i.e., in the labor force) in Oregon in 2005."

Now forgive my public school math but 90,938 > 88,000 right? So our fellow citizens are looking for work but can't find it because they are squeezed out by enough illegal alien workers that they amount to more than our unemployed.

Maybe if we call them "guest workers" it will help our fellow citizens get jobs.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Saturday protest pics

I wasn't able to make the day labor protest this last saturday since I had some prior commitments with the scouts but I do have pictures and video! (which I will spread out over several posts since I have lot's of CD's to go through.

I will fill in narrative and comments but keep in minds that I wasn't there.

Sign that talks about "trust"... check.
Mask to hide identity... check.
No sense of irony... check.

Quite a crowd. The National Lawyers Guild (communist organization) really knows how to turn them out. They are the ones in the green hats.

Ok, blogger have some serious problems uploading pictures. Will try some more this evening once I have had a chance to really go through them.

We don't like the competition

Oregon Library Introduces Therapy Dogs to Help Children Read
The Salem Public Library in Oregon has launched a unique initiative this month. Amidst the rushing around and stress that typically accompany the holiday shopping season, parents and caregivers can take their children to the pet-reading program at the library.

However not everyone is excited about the new reading program. "We believe that if you support these mutts then you are helping to ruin public education" said OEA president Larry Wolf. "Instead of focusing on the fact that we can't seem to get kids to read at their grade level in public schools why don't you just give us more money?"

But parents are cautiously optimistic. "My child has been going to public school for 6 years and all he ever came home with was lice. We're glad that finally our child will have someone help him to read who doesn't have approximately 1/3 of the year off."

Governor Kulongoski was quick to denouce the reading program as "ineffective" saying that "I believe that finding a stable funding source for the teachers union is the best way to teach childrent to read."

When asked about this picture Kulogoski attempted to distance himself from Hershey the dog by saying that they had a "working relationship" but he "doesn't support his political views."

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Musings so random you'll think I've gone nuts

Love the new website. Especially the pink tones... really makes you look effeminate Teddy.

Of course front and center is an "Enjoy the holiday choirs at the Capitol" story. Can't say Christmas, no sir. Unfortunately the webmaster seems to have some sort of politically correct terrets syndrome since when you mouse over the picture of the Christmas tree the caption actually calls it a Christmas tree! How offensive.

Even funnier, the actual file name of the picture calls it a "december tree."

Now with absolutely no sense of irony the Oregon Department of Education has showed us what they really see when they look at a school house:

The actual file name from the ODE website it moneyhouselarge. Now all we need is little dollar signs representing children walking around outside...

We can call this "the house that unions built."

In other "they spend out tax dollars so well" news I'm glad to report that DHS has created "diversity badges" for their receptionists.

"These magnetic backed badges are worn by bilingual reception staff to identify them to clients who do not speak English or would rather speak in their native language."

If you would rather speak in your native language then why don't you go back to your native country?

Moving on, I'd like to point you to a great website where they share my sentiments about the Imams threatened boycott. Please, Muslims, boycott the airlines, we won't try to stop you.

Sometimes you have to be legal... sometimes

Note: Certain programs at OHCS may have more limiting definitions of a farmworker than that above, such as a requirement of being a citizen or legal permanent resident, or excluding aquaculture work.

This statement is evidence that Oregon's "regular" definition of farmworker does include illegal aliens. Only "certain programs" require actually being here legally.

This would be like saying that when you owe taxes they require a "payment" and in this case the limited definition of "payment" means that the money can't be counterfeit. It's just nonsensical.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's happening as I type so hurry down!


Now we have even more PROOF of Unions hiring Illegal Aliens on purpose. To replace YOU!

Where? Portland-Burnside & 6th, East side, just off the Bridge, Plaid Pantry on corner.

When? Saturday the 2nd of December. Time? 7-Noon. It will be SUNNY, bring Sunglasses.

Carpenters organizer faces prison, deportation
In a case that has brought immigration controversy to the heart of a local union, a Portland-area labor organizer is facing prison and deportation, stemming from the fact that he was in the United States illegally.