Friday, August 29, 2008

Support American auto workers... buy a Honda?

There was a lot of "our jobs are going overseas" stuff from the Obama rally last night. An autoworker actually said that it started with Bush.

It starts with the consumer. How many Toyota Prius' were in the parking lot of that DNC event? Insisting that you want a product to thrive for the purpose of creating jobs and then buying a competing product is insanity.

Obama can't make you buy a GM vehicle and he didn't ask you to. Some unexplained method was going to be used to "keep jobs from going overseas." If you are worried about jobs at Burger King then stop eating at the McDonalds next door.

But while I'm on the subject, how about the workers who lose their jobs to illegal aliens? How about the firearm manufacturers who Obama would like to put out of bussiness with lawsuits? What about Kahr and Kel-Tec who make handguns for concealed carry that he would like to outlaw? What about StagArms which makes AR-15 rifles that he would like to ban?

Would those workers be featured at the next Repulican convention in four years?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't live in fear... unless you are criminals

Michelle Obama speaks to Hispanic caucus
Michelle Obama told a Hispanic caucus to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday that they should not have to live in fear of raids by immigration agents.

Being Hispanic is not against the law... is she talking to illegal alien delegates?

Obama told delegates that her husband, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, wants to reform immigration policies and provide 11 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

How does amnesty for illegal aliens benefit Hispanics? Depressing wages?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I hope he gets boo'd

The RNC Meets to Draft Their Platform: Sparks Fly on the Issue of Illegal Immigration
All eyes may be on Denver this week, but the Republican National Committee began their meetings to draft an election platform today ahead of next week’s convention. Sparks flew when delegates got into debate over illegal immigration, which reflected where John McCain originally stood on the issue, but has now taken a more conservative stance.

Two delegates wanted to harden the language surrounding the issue of amnesty. The draft read, “We oppose amnesty.” But, delegates from North Carolina and Colorado wanted to include opposition to “comprehensive immigration reform” because they believe it is a code word for amnesty. This sparked a heated discussion between members with a delegate from Washington DC who said that the Republican Party is a “not a xenophobic party, not an intolerant party. We are a compassionate party that follows the rule of law and endorses federal law,” said Bud McFarlane.

This is what happens to Republicans when they let democrats define us. The spineless among us start to use the dems lingo ("intolerant") and use it when they don't have a logical argument.

Imagine: "We are a party who follows the rule of law but think that we should reward lawbreakers... no wait, you're just intolerant.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The land of make believe

Breaking news: I had sex with Larry Sinclair and Barrack Obama. (Daniel wonders to himself if he should put a "this is false" disclaimer so that Sinclair doesn't sue me with his suspended attorney)

We also used concaine together. Larry Sinclair snorted it off of my thigh.

Back to reality...

For some bizzare reason Sinclair seems to think I'm someone named "Gumby" and is now obsessed with me. Sorry Larry, I don't know you, don't care about you one way or the other and other than your obsession with me, (which I find facinating) I think you need to find a hobby.

Denver kooks

Monday, August 25, 2008

These are "frequently asked"? *explicit

Multnomah County has some strange folks in it but I do question the need for a government sponsored website that thinks the following questions are "frequently asked":

As gay/bi/trans men, we have the right to good physical, sexual health, relationships, and to have fun.

This "right" is found next to that one about abortion and never ever having to hear about God outside of a church.

If you have any of the following questions, this may be the site for you:

What are the risks of sucking a guy off or being sucked?

I use meth on the weekends, what should I know about it?

I am looking to have fun with other guys who do guys, where can I go?

Note to Lars: just because one government agency (Multnomah County) wants to use "hip lingo" here to describe certain sex acts doesn't another government agency (the FCC) will let you read on the air what the previous government agency puts on the internent.

Back to the frequently asked questions. (because I know I was very curious about where I could "have fun" with other guys on the weekend while using meth)

To fist or not to fist?
Fisting means receiving a hand or fist up the butt and into the rectum. For those fisting, we recommend using latex gloves. If you are being fisted, we recommend you use loads of lubrication.

I’m HIV negative. How safe is it to have sex with a POZ guy?
Deep kissing, watching porn or erotica, mutual masturbation, and massage are all safe sex.

That's what they recommend. Go watch porn with someone who has AIDS. Sorry, someone who is "POZ." (that's the hip way to say it)

Cock Rings and Cleaning Toys
If you use a cock ring, it should feel comfortable and not too tight.

To clean your sex toys, use a bleach-containing solution of one part bleach to nine parts water for a 1:10 solution. This should be fine for the toys and keep you safe and healthy. Usually toys come with cleaning directions, you can follow those too!

To be fair here, the "cleaning of the sex toys" solutions was probably just copied from the Oregon Department of Educations recommendation to schoolchildren on how to clean their dirty meth needles.

I'm thinking that before Multnomah County asks for more taxes they might consider cutting whoever has the job of doing the FAQ about fisting.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Random Sunday musings

I just came from Back to School shopping at the Woodburn Walmart... I've never ever wished harder for a drink and a uniformed border patrol agent. (and I wish for those things quite frequently)

Which do you think encourages criminals to endanger civilian lives more:

Telling them that if they go X miles an hour on crowded streets the police will break off the chase.


Telling them that if they go X miles an hour on crowded streets that when the police catch them they will be maced and beaten with billy clubs.

I'm still waiting for the day when police can stop giving Miranda warnings but are required to tell people: you have the right to own firearms. You have the right to purchase firearms from a private seller. Any firearms you own do not need to be registered with the government.

Brett Favre is a crybaby.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Groups forms to give Paris Hilton publicity

Group finds voice for gay law students on campus
A group of law students focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender legal issues will offer law students the first ever diversity-based moot court competition on campus this year, along with a host of other services.

"Really the purpose (of Outlaws) is to encourage diversity understanding within the school population and encourage awareness," Farrell said.

When Outlaws recently asked the ASUO for money to attend the conference and organize the moot court competition, the groups' proposal said the events were needed to compensate for a lack of gay-friendly programs at the law school.

"The UO School of Law currently has little programming that includes diversity-based Moot Court competitions, and the students have been dissatisfied with diversity programming at the law school in general because they feel underrepresented," the proposal stated.

It's like my old joke about "BlueOregon hates black people. It must be true because I keep saying it." People who choose to have homosexual behavior are so overrepresented in our society today it's sickening.

A Google search of for the word "gay" brings up 4,230 hits. They have an concern committee, a resource center, an alliance social hour and on and on and on. But if they keep whining that no one loves them then they seem to get more attention.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Skools break the law

Imagine walking into a government owned polling place (school) on primary election day (last night in Washington) and finding a display promoting one candidate. (Obama)

It happened last night and Orbusmax has the story and photos!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Judge fines colonists for Boston Tea Party

Day labor center protestor convicted, fined $500
A man charged with blocking the entrance to Portland's new day labor center in a one-man protest was convicted Monday of disorderly conduct.

Tom Wenning wanted his day in court to make a point that the city of Portland is subsidizing illegal activity with its day labor center.

The hiring site, located at the corner of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Northeast Everett Street, opened in June thanks to a $200,000 grant from the city.

Libspeak translation: "Grant from the city" = "your tax dollars"

The judge said that this protestor "didn't know" that the potential hires were illegal aliens or not. With no respect due to "his honor"... EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ARE ILLEGAL. But hey, why ask me? I asked them! (this was in Cornelious)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Appealing to the sheeple

You know we are approaching election time because democrats are prattling on about "working families" and running commercials showing the nice suburban house with the picket fence.

Democrats hate the family and they sure as heck hate the white picket fence:

Remember when Metro Councilor (and former head of 1,000 friends of Oregon) Robert Liberty said “Ozzie is dead, and Harriet is a working mom,” Liberty said. “What we need are homes for single-parent families who want to live near where they work, shop and go to school.”

The Sexual Diversity Bibliography: Pre-K to 5 enjoys such titles as:
Zack’s Story: Growing Up with Same-Sex Parents
One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dad.

and of course:

The Dear One.
Feni is a 12-year-old African American girl whose mother has taken in an unwed pregnant teen. A lesbian couple is part of their circle of friends and family who support Rebecca.

Why don't the dems run commercials featuring unwed pregnant teens and lesbians? They push this stuff on our K-5th graders when no one is looking but come election time it's about "working families?"

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's Saturday, I've done my chores, can I have my allowance Ted?

It's a discouraging that while preparing for the upcoming hunting season I run into the "Wildlife and Habitat Adaptation Sub-committee of the Oregon Global Warming Commission" on the ODFW website.

I take a quick break from learning what Daddy Government sets forth in terms of new bird regulations this year to see how many Sub-Committees there are in the Global Warming Commission.

It appears that the Oregon Department of Energy is now a giant "let's not use any energy" department think tank.

Their mission, as tasked by Ted, is to among other things "examine the feasibility of, and develop a design for, a load-based carbon allowance standard for Oregon."

Now I'm wondering if having my computer on all day is going to exceed the energy allowance that Daddy Government gives to me...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Par for the course

Portland is a hub for the car-free and care-free
Blah blah blah, car free nirvana and then
Their agenda: Climb aboard one of the light-rail MAX trains that crisscross the metro area, get off at the Oregon Zoo, and careen downhill on souped-up kiddie bikes. Bruises and broken speed limits — not to mention the occasional intoxicant — are par for the course.

So USA Today finds broken speed limits and drunk biking to be laudible.

Along with the MAX trains that whisk visitors from airport to downtown in 40 minutes, a sleek, tourist-friendly spoke of Portland's public transportation system is its expanding network of streetcars. Launched in 2001, the Czech-made cars run every 12-15 minutes and cost $1.75 to ride all day. They link downtown with such neighborhoods as Northwest/Nob Hill, home to a gaggle of high-end emporiums and restaurants, and newly developed South Waterfront, where a $4 aerial tram ride delivers million-dollar views of the Willamette (rhymes with "dam it") River, Mount Hood, and the downtown skyline.

It's an Orwellian descritption of travel in Portland. How far did this reporter have to drive to find their "hip" couple, presumably with no luggage or children, who don't need a car when visiting Portland?

And seriously, how many times can you describe something as "hip" in a single article? I think it would be "hip" if we simply gave Portland to Cuba.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Executive bias

Governor Encourages State Contracting with Minority and Women Owned Businesses
Governor Kulongoski today announced he sent a letter to state agencies accompanying Executive Order 08-16, directing agencies to adopt aspirational targets to increase opportunities for minority and women owned businesses that are competing for state contracts. The executive order identifies agencies that have contracting needs that are a good match with existing certified minority and women owned businesses.

The executive order also creates a new Promoting Diversity Certificate of Excellence program to recognize outstanding efforts by agencies to include minority and women owned businesses in their contracting efforts.

A normal person who looks at this would have to conclude that Kulongoski thinks minority and women owned businesses are inferior. Either that or he just has a racial and gender preference.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Man discovers fire

Latino immigrants suddenly avoiding the DMV
The number of Spanish-speaking people taking Oregon’s driving test plummeted in February, just as Gov. Kulongoski’s executive order took effect requiring test-takers to provide valid Social Security numbers.

State officials can’t think of any other reason to explain the pattern besides the governor’s order, said David House, DMV spokesman.

It is August 13 today and the Forest Grove News Times has this breaking story. Old news but I thought I would do a little poke in the eye here for the illegal alien kissers:

ICE raids on the rise
No more drivers licenses
No more carousel of information

And the victory for the criminal supporters is...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Next: chemisty class to visit pharmacists, both legal and illegal

UO course takes trip to border for up-close look at immigration
A University class on immigration is spending the week at the United States-Mexico border learning first-hand about the experiences of those who seek to enter the United States both legally and illegally.

The class, founded by education professor Edward Olivos, left for San Diego Saturday for an intensive week of hands-on training with a local non-profit organization devoted to helping Latino immigrants.

Fischer said the 15 students in the class, which began meeting last week for some preliminary discussions, all feel that the borders should be opened.

"We're all pretty like-minded," she said. "We're against regulating immigrations and the new immigration laws. I don't think we should close our borders."

This taxpayer funded illegal alien help class is a prime example of why "higher education" doesn't need more money from the public. If you want to go help criminals break laws that's your business but don't ask us to pay... wait a minute, IT'S NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Society says that you can't help criminals break laws.

Read the whole story, have a barf bag handy.

Todays skools: reading, writing, helping illegals.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My public service to jobless artists

***PUBLIC ART OPPORTUNITY, Gresham, Oregon***

The Regional Arts & Culture Council in Portland, Oregon, invites artists/teams residing in the United States to submit qualifications to create multiple freestanding sculptures for the new Center for the Arts Community Plaza in Gresham, Oregon.

PROJECT BUDGET: The art budget is $175,000 including all related costs for design, fabrication and installation.

Power, water and drainage will be provided to the location of the art. The use of these utilities is at the discretion of the selected artist and should not be viewed as an expectation or requirement.

What makes this public art so special is that with the use of water and power it can waste our taxdollars long into the future.

I'm sure that the citizens of Gresham are very excited to get this sculpture. Maybe they can ride the crime infested MAX to go view it. It's not like that $175,000 could have hired a couple law enforcement officers to actually improve the livability of that city.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

What pattern?

I'm looking at the "Most Wanted" list from the DEA (drug enforcement aministration) for our area. (the Seattle branch) Let me go down the list in alphabetical order for a bit... I will stop when I hit an American born person.


Special note: "Identified as a load driver, believed to be a construction contractor/laborer"
Please pick this hardworker up at the local day labor site.


POB:Dominican Republic


POB not listed (so I'm sooo sure it's America)

CONG, Huyen Thi


CROY, Kurtis Ray
POB not listed but says Canadian citizen

CRUCEY, Eladio
POB:Dominican Republic

Ok, I honestly don't know when I will find an American in the bunch so I'm going to stop. Please check out the huge list for yourself and notice the names.

We can only hope that Obama or McCain will amnesty our good illegal friends so that future DEA most wanted candidates who have a Place Of Birth other than America will not be deported.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another one bites the dust

As of 21 minutes ago:

Mexican set for Texas execution after appeal denied
The U.S. Supreme Court denied the last-ditch appeal of a Mexican national on Texas' death row late Tuesday, paving the way for him to be executed for a pair of brutal slayings, state corrections officials said.

Get the popcorn because this one will be better than Tookie. This execution is especially important because so many people wanted to stop it. (not just the usual liberal claptrap) Thankfully:

A) We told the world government to take a long walk off a short pier

B) Texas told Bush to hold hands with the world government for the aforementioned walk

C) We told our good friend Mexico to get a piggy-back ride from Bush... again for the same walk

If they weren't both on the campaign trail I have no doubt that both Obama and McCain would appeal for this scumbag. We already know that Bush has.

EDIT: As of 8 minutes ago our country stinks just a little bit less.

Randy Ertman, who lost his daughter in the attack, said Medellin's supporters were misguided.

"Mexico has a big yard down there full of filth and murders and gangs and drug cartels and they're not mentioning anything about that," he said. "There's where they need to start their work."

Monday, August 04, 2008

I rode my bike to this blog post

Protest on Morrison bridge

You can thank the eco-nuts from the Convergence for Climate Action who would like us all to ditch the ipods, air conditioning and heated pools for cold showers, hot summers and a diet of brussel sprouts.

Keep your laws off of my standard of living.

EDIT: Here are some other eco-nut photos from this event.

Wake up, read Pravda

Federal bill may increase Oregon housing supply
Oregon home buyers and renters will have an expanded supply of housing as a result of federal legislation signed by President Bush last week.

It's not new home construction that increases the supply of housing, it's the federal government.

Measure 37 new houses = bad
Government new houses = good

Although attention has focused on the bill's much-debated mortgage relief for 400,000 U.S. homeowners and potential financial rescue of the nation's two largest home-mortgage insurers, Oregon's top housing official said the bill also will enable the state and private investors to pay for additional housing.

"state and private investors to pay" = "taxpayers to pay"

The private investors simply take tax dollars to finance their housing projects. This worked well with the bun cake shop in Portland.

The state credit is used to leverage bank loans for affordable housing at lower interest rates, typically 4 percentage points below market.

I love when the state is able to "leverage" things.

He said though the federal help is welcome, the state still is providing housing to only a fraction of eligible households.

What a way to start my Monday. I swear that I am reading from a state owned newspaper. Every comment in this article was from a government bureaucrat and the focus was on how this bill "benefits the state."

I'm almost positive that myself, as a homeowner who pays my mortgage on time, will not find any benefit here.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Save the planet, recycle this blog post

The "going green" fad is getting worse. My only consolation will be how much more foolish it will look in restrospect the more people pile on.

We went to the beach this last week and the hotel we stayed at had "biodegradeable" keycards and signs in the bedrooms and bathrooms indicating that you could choose not to have your sheets and towels washed "to save the planet."

Of course at the local state park they had some "solar powered" exhibits... that didn't work. Not enough power I guess.

At least during the August Recess (I believe that congress is the only group who get more days off than teachers) I don't have to worry about the libtards mandating cold showers, no lights after 8pm and a moratorium on fast food restaurants. At least at the federal level.