Friday, August 15, 2008

Par for the course

Portland is a hub for the car-free and care-free
Blah blah blah, car free nirvana and then
Their agenda: Climb aboard one of the light-rail MAX trains that crisscross the metro area, get off at the Oregon Zoo, and careen downhill on souped-up kiddie bikes. Bruises and broken speed limits — not to mention the occasional intoxicant — are par for the course.

So USA Today finds broken speed limits and drunk biking to be laudible.

Along with the MAX trains that whisk visitors from airport to downtown in 40 minutes, a sleek, tourist-friendly spoke of Portland's public transportation system is its expanding network of streetcars. Launched in 2001, the Czech-made cars run every 12-15 minutes and cost $1.75 to ride all day. They link downtown with such neighborhoods as Northwest/Nob Hill, home to a gaggle of high-end emporiums and restaurants, and newly developed South Waterfront, where a $4 aerial tram ride delivers million-dollar views of the Willamette (rhymes with "dam it") River, Mount Hood, and the downtown skyline.

It's an Orwellian descritption of travel in Portland. How far did this reporter have to drive to find their "hip" couple, presumably with no luggage or children, who don't need a car when visiting Portland?

And seriously, how many times can you describe something as "hip" in a single article? I think it would be "hip" if we simply gave Portland to Cuba.


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Anonymous said...

There are plenty of people that come here for a visit and go car-free. If you are in Portland and take advantage of bike, rail and bus, why couldn't you be car-free. People live that way in Portland everyday. About 2/3 of the people I know don't own a vehicle and they do just that.

The thing you need to distiguish between is what works for people and what you hate. Hating something doesn't equate to it not working. It actually just makes you look like a fool. All I know is I have cut my automobile usage by more than half and I get around just fine. The other half is me driving out to The Dalles, east and beyond on business. Oregon hasn't installed a reliable rail system to cover those areas. Once they do that, I will throw my car away and buy a second bike.


Anonymous said...

yes we in the outer regions pay for the free rides on trimet downtown.
let me tell you that I walked and rode the bus for about two years in st johns.
it was horrible - to get to nw portland took 45 minutes and there was no service on sundays or to st helens or to sauvies island.
anywhere I wanted to go took hours out of my day. sure i walked - I had to . to get to any bus was a good 7 blocks and try using the bus in 100 degree weather .
Sorry but i was would rather limit driving then go without a car.
carrying groceries for 7 blocks - it was all bad.
I hate trimet

Tasha said...

Daniel- Cubans are allowed unlimited immigration as long as they arrive by land, so they come through Mexico.
another brilliant idea brought to the People by congress and the state department

Anonymous said...

Godd God Daniel. You never run out of things to whine about, do you? I wonder what you'll be whining about tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Nothing highlights Miglavs' total pettiness more than his bitching and moaning about mass transit and bicycles. Nothing. To listen to him, you'd think cars were on the verge of being outlawed. I'm sure he fancies himself some sort of modern day Swift, but in fact Miglavs comes off like a snotty 7 year-old in the body of a thirtysomething year-old-man. He's a liability for every cause he associates himself with. Gas prices through the ceiling, mass transit and bicycle use soaring, but Daniel, fucking idiot that he is, wants to celebrate the gas-guzzling lifestyle. And if there are any people who actually believe that Portland or any other city can be literally "car-free," then they're as deranged as Miglavs. Idiots at opposite ends of the political spectrum ... you deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:09
I live out past gresham about three miles past city limits.I own four cars my self , 1 is a work truck .The other three burn lots and lots of gas . Also everyone that I know owns at least two cars. Its good for you if you can get by without one , But your 2/3s of the peoplenot owning cars
took max to the zoo 2 weeks ago , travel time there 2hours 12 min. back home 2hours 37 min.
my time is worth more than that!
MAX sucks big time!

Scottiebill said...

Daniel referred to the nutty activity known as Zoo Bombing" in his first paragraph. Apparently all these Daniel-bashers have conveniently neglected that part of his posting just so they could continue their never-ending slaps at him.

But, because of the ridiculous times it takes to get from one point to another, I will never ride the MAX. In fact, the last time I rode a trolley in Portland was back in 1948 when the street cars ran on NE Belmont in front of my grandmother's house. Back then, muggings on the trolleys were unheard of. Nowadays, it seems to be an almost every day occurrence.

Scottiebill said...

One other thing: Tasha, could you explain how immigrants get to Cuba by land? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

soon the Pres. of the Cezch Republic will be in Portland. To talk about the Myth of human caused Global Warming and the Horrors of the Far Left Democrats Socialist lifestyle.

He should know, he was raised with it and now enjoys Capitolism and Freedom, instead.

Hope you LIBS show up and learn the facts and open your narrow minds and stop pushing cradle-grave Government programs/control.

Anonymous said...

I stopped using my car 6 months ago. Dusted off the bike, got a basket on the back, and I ride it to work and everywhere. I've lost 15 pounds, I've saved literally hundreds of dollars from not buying gas. My social life has even improved, being able to stop instantly and chat with folks on foot and on their bikes. I've actually met more of my neighbors. My mode of transportation puts less wear and tear on tax-supported roads. Also: I enjoy it. I like riding a bike.

So Daniel Miglavs, for the benefit of myself and others who find themselves in the same frightful position as the one described above, I would like you to tell me why I should go back to using my car.

I look forward to your answer, which I'm sure will be thoughtful and enlightening.

Anonymous said...

Good to know Trasha. I know several Cubams that are looking to come to America. I will let them know. So I bet you are really scared that whites will be a minority in a short few years.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:03 AM, you said you live in Gresham, better known as the armpit of Oregon? That 2/3 quoted is Portland residents. Now, how do you account for increased butt-to-gut ridership on Max and bus? If you don't like Max or bus or bike don't ride 'em. Buy your $4.00 gallon gas and shut the F up. There are plenty enough people that use the system which works for them--or they would't use it, brainiac. As for "downtown free ridership", that is false. Fairless square doesn't exist anymore. And you know what? The Max is packed more now than it ever was.

Anonymous said...

Scottieshill, The fact that you "rode the trolley back in 1948" shows how old and over the hill you are. I bet all the fangle contraptions from the max to buses to bikes confuse the hell out of you. You and Grampy McCain are like two peas in a pod.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 2:08

You ridicule someone because he's old?? What a shallow, pitiful excuse for a person you are.

Anonymous said...

"all the fangle contraptions from the max to buses to bikes confuse"

The weak selfish mind of the conservative is confused by everything that brings progress. If it was left up to them, we would still be riding around on horseback. They opposed the automobile and rail saying it would ruin America.

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it, Daniel. Portland is a great vacation destination - for FAGS!

Anonymous said...

909: 2/3s of the people you know don't have cars? That's because you are all a bunch of fags. There are, in essence, two car-free cities in the US where you can survive without a car on a daily basis. First and foremost is NYC. Secondary to NYC would be SF.

Gayland, OR is neither one of these cities, so the "car-free" thing is merely an illusion and is created out of thin air by those who can contrive it.

10:59, regarding the outlawing of cars. Sure, that's not on the horizon - yet. But I had to make a trip today along the 26 and 84 freeways. On both freeways, the advisory sign was lit: Smog alert - limit driving. Those signs began to cause a backup. Other than fags like you who might actually let the government tell you what to do, it didn't seem to keep anyone off the road. Nevertheless, I am sure some asswipe government employee or social activist is thinking about a way to ban cars from the roads, at least on smog days. Maybe we'll ban even-number plated cars.

1:12, no one here gives the first fuck about whether you want to use your car or not. Why do you need our opinion on it? Wake up, no one gives a shit about you but you. All we want is for you mother fuckers not to tell us that we can't use our cars or that we are bad people because we have to do so or choose to do so. At times, I have to transport 6 people, some of whom can't transport themselves. How the fuck do you suppose I do that without a car? Don't answer, because your answer is fucking irrelevant to me. I am a free person, are you? I doubt it.

2:00, what is your fucking problem? So the dude can't make an observation about his experience on MAX? You have to tell him to STFU and go buy his gas? I got news for you, ass-jockey, that is exactly what he wants to do - buy his gas without harassment from asswipes like you. You want to use the choo choo? Use it all you want. Just STFU and let us buy our gas, idiot.

2:08, where's your respect for your elders? Oh yeah, that's right. It doesn't exist. Maybe you'd just like to kill old people so that you can shut them all up. Anyway, I am LMFAO because if you tried to fuck with the old man, he'd probably blow you the fuck away, thus doing us all a favor. So if the old man won't say it, I'll say it for him: FUCK YOU and go choke on a dick already!

Anonymous said...

anon5:27, Oh, a gaybasher. What's wrong baby, still in the closet? I know, you are ashamed to admit that you love gay bathroom sex. Seems most conservatives are--until they get caught that is. It must make you secretly happy that the lawsuit by the anti-gay scumbags got thrown out? Looks like gay marriage stands. There is hope for you yet.

Roger Doger said...

Liberals, Immigrants and Queers, Oh My! Looks like anonymous 527 is still smarting over Sam Adams being elected mayor of P-Town. The fact that Sam is the first gay mayor elected in Portland and pro-bike, pro-mass transit to boot must be driving you crazy. Look buddy, Mayor Adams will have you out of that car soon enough. I am sure you can find a large rickshaw that you can pull your six friends in.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you fags got it all wrong. Gays don't bother me, fags do. There is a difference in my mind, but maybe not yours. Most gay people I talk with are fairly cool about shit, but throwing out the fag here gets a lot of you fags all up in arms, which is great. Thank you for indulging. Now a hearty fuck you to you all. lol

Live free or die mother fucker. Ha.

Scottiebill said...

Anonymouse 208: I am 73 and retired. But know this - with the rotten attitude you have toward anyone you don't agree with, you don't know, and have no life other than bashing anyone and everyone who posts here on Daniel's blogspot, you will not make it to my age or accomplishments or capabilities because, like Anthony said, you are a poor, pitiful piece of crap that I am very proud to have never known. Or would ever want to.

Anonymous said...

I understand Daniel's issues with illegal immigration. I don't agree with him. I do not share his concerns or what I see as unreasonable paranoia. I think he is a bigot. I think he is disingenuous in his arguments, sleazy in his strategies, and in general makes a fool of himself when he discusses the subject. But I at least understand, from his point of view, what his issues are. I understand his arguments, even if I think those arguments are bullshit.

I do NOT, for the life of me, understand his animosity toward mass transit and bicycles, and the people who use them. Words fail me. I don't know what to say. I can understand that he might have a personal preference for using a car, but what in the name of Christ is his beef with those who have other preferences? With people for whom it makes economic and/or logistical sense to NOT use a car? Particularly since this actually frees up space on the road for ... HIM!

Why, or how, does this even concern him? Why does it even interest him? WTF?

Does anyone know if Daniel is developmentally disabled? Is that what's going on here? Is he, literally and biologically, retarded?

Raja said...

Hey Scottieshill (I like that) if you are so proud of what you have accomplished, why do you post anonymously? Just a question.

Tour de Fat said...

Now this ought to make you bike haters happy. Today is the Tour De Fat at Waterfront Park in Portland. Looking at your little anti-immigrant pep rallies, it appears many of you are just that, fat and ugly too, but we will leave that for another thread. Traffic will surely be backed up so bring your bike and leave the car at home.

Here are the details:
Tour de Fat
August 16th, 2008

Ride Registration

Ride Times

Revival Times

Benefitting: Bicycle Transportation Alliance
Benefitting: Portland United Mountain Pedalers

Performances by:
March Fourth Marching Band
Paper Bird
The Sprockettes

Ride your Bike!

Tour de Fat will once again be meandering and pandering through 11 western cities spreading the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle. Costumes and decorated bikes reign supreme as the participants come to ride in the bike parade, then gather in the merriment of good music, entertainment, and tasty beer. Amid the hoopla, Tour de Fat raises money – $806,000 to date! – for local charities, increases awareness for reducing your waste stream, signs people up for Team Wonderbike, and culminates in a Car Bike Swap, where the winner gets a custom Black Sheep New Belgium Commuter bike.

And here is the website:

Now get down to the waterfront on your bike and leave that gas guzzling, global warming causing, piece of tin at home. See you there!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Daniel is developmentally disabled?

Good question. Actually, the possibility that crossed my mind when I've watched his ridiculous videos is: fetal alcohol syndrome. Have no evidence, I know nothing about his family, but he does sort of sound a little ... off. I mean, if you were a reasonably mature adult and had your mental faculties in order and you came off looking and sounding like that in a video, would you put it online?

Anonymous said...

Miglavs - I have a suggestion for you: Move!

All you do is bitch about Portland and how your tax dollars are being wasted on mass transit. But let me clue you in on something; people happen to like that. You see the way that a democracy works is that the electorate of a particular area elects local decision makers to plan things like transportation, etc. Sometimes things go on the ballot and the voters decide whether they will go forward.

I've been all around the world and whenever I tell people I'm from Portland, they rave about what a great, dynamic, and unique city it is.

If you hate it so badly, why don't you find someplace else to live?

Scottiebill said...

raja: I use the pseudonym "Scottiebill" for the same reason you choose to use "raja". I don't want some fathead like the anonymouse 208 to find my address and phone number in the phone book, then come knocking on my door or making phone calls here. Does that answer you unnecessary question?

BTW, "pseudonym" is like a pen name that a lot of writers and authors use. Would you begrudge Samuel Clemens the use of "Mark Twain", just to name one such author?

Yeah, you just might.

Anonymous said...

Love the lefties here. They keep coming back with the personal insults towards the blog author. Even the guy just above who says that he understands Daniel's point of view can't let it go at that. He has to end with a series of personal attacks.

All you fucking fags need to know is some of us can give it much better than you, which is why I'll be here. As for anyone who would try to find out one's identity here and go knock on a door to take this bullshit into real life, I hope you are met with a double barrel shotgun right between the eyes, and I hope the "victim" pulls the trigger until it goes "click." You stupid mother fuckers. lol

Anonymous said...

11:59 -- Your mommy is calling you. She wants you to pluck her chin hairs again.

Anonymous said...


You are a pathetic representative for the the conservative principles that, I, for one, espouse.

I'm an avid listener of Lars Larson and member of the libertarian party. I've been reading this blog for the past two weeks and the degree of racism and homophobia expressed on your site is simply horrendous. That you have not condemned this ugliness one time is inexcusable.

Please stop calling yourself a conservative. Let those of us who really believe in equal rights for all (affirmative action is unnecessary) - the core of conservative principles - carry that banner.

You disgust me more than the liberal swine who post here.

Anonymous said...

All you fucking fags need to know is some of us can give it much better than you, which is why I'll be here

What Anon 11:59 AM? You can give it better than the "fags"? See, I thought I detected from your comments that you were gay. Only you are gay in a sort of Greasy Biker-Prison Convict way. The type that can't get a woman so instead have to rape another man. Tsk, Tsk, Sad, very sad.

Anonymous said...

2:56, you are clearly a fag

5:55, claiming I am gay really doesn't do anything for me. I am not a homophobe nor insecure about myself. As I stated above, there is clearly a difference, in my mind, being gay or being a fag. Gay dudes are relatively harmless (except for the whole AIDS-infected cock thing), fags are just, well, er, fags. Spineless fucking jellyfish, etc.

So if you want to keep after me with the gay attack, go ahead. You are wasting your time. So do us all a favor and quit being a fucking fag about it.

Anonymous said...

All you do is bitch about Portland and how your tax dollars are being wasted on mass transit.

The irony is that Miglavs (as far as I know) does not even live in Portland. He lives in Sherwood, which, as far as I know, does not have a MAX train going through it, and isn't exactly known for being a pedestrian-friendly city.

Miglavs is constantly on the prowl for wasteful and outrageous expenditures of his precious tax dollars. Curiously, he has an amazing knack for ignoring the elephant in the living room: the war in Iraq, and the accompanying price tag.

Anonymous said...

So what if he lives in Sherwood. There are some nice bike lanes down there and the place falls within Metro's control. Since Portland dominates Metro, I think he has a right to complain. Since Portland tends to dominate the state, anyone state-wide has the right to complain about some or more of the things Portland and Multnomah Co. does. Also, Sherwood is in Washington Co., which is heavily involved in MAX, so he has a right to complain about that as well.

Anonymous said...

Anyone has a right to complain about anything ... that's a straw man argument, as so many of Daniel's arguments are. Demand for mass transit and bicycle lanes is soaring, and will likely continue along that trajectory ... who gives a rat's ass if Daniel uses neither? Frankly, the total bankrupcy of Daniel's "position" on mass transit, if it can even be called that, is illustrated beautifully by his refusal to address the excellent questions by Anon 1:12. He has no answer, and he knows it. With illegal immigration, he can at least cite immigration law as a fig leaf to justify his positions, but on transportation, Daniel Miglavs has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to say. He seems to have the attitude that if he does not personally use it, then "his" taxes shouldn't pay for it, a perspective that exhibits the intellectual and political maturity of a 4-year-old. I've never had to call the fire department to my house, so why don't we just abolish my local fire department? Why should I have to pay for it? Shit ... that's the level of Daniel's "musings." Is there any sane and rational person who visits this blog who doesn't laugh out loud at virtually everything Miglavs writes? He doesn't even rise to the level of a clever jokester ... about the only thing he's good at is unintentional self-parody.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, you have a reading comprehension problem. I basically laid out the case that the people of Oregon are within their right to complain about things happening inside the state, which would include the Portland metro area, which is distinctly impacted by public transportation projects. At any rate, the whole state is inevitably impacted as state transportation is looked at as a whole, not just piecemeal.

It looks to me that you don't want Daniel to have an opinion because his doesn't agree with yours. Well boo effin' hoo, dude. Get over it. It's called America and it's called free speech. Think about how often people like you complain about California, and you don't even live there. So maybe you ought to shut up. That said, I doubt any of us care if you complain about California or Daniel. You are just going to have to deal with it because there is nothing you can do about it.

Single said...

anon 1:12 - you want to know why you should/will go back to using your car? Tell me your mode of transportation come January or February.

anon 9:24 - I know where the animosity towards mass transit and bikes comes from. Actually, I don't think that Dan has too much animosity towards buses, they can be routed anywhere and you can put as many (or as few) of them on a route as ridership dictates. However, that said, light rail is a fiasco. I wouldn't mind it quite so much if they would charge as much as it takes to run the pathetic system. But they don't, they just keep taxing the hell out of businesses regardless of if light rail (or any type of mass transit) is anywhere near your business. As for bikes, we hate the way they ignore traffic rules and don't pay for the use of roads or are required to carry insurance and aren't required to be licensed. Yeah, I think that summarizes it.