Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Denver kooks


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you standing up for freedom of speech, Miglavs. What will you have to say when heavily armed government officers square off against the right-wing "kooks" who protest outside the McCain party and haul them off in cuffs?

Anonymous said...

birth control is the answer/ get the world population down by 5 billion and there wont be any extra people to have these kind of marches.

Gumby said...


I tried to warn you about Larry Sinclair. I understand he called you today.

If you'd like to email me, my email address is:



Gumby said...

Here's what I've been telling you about, Daniel....


This Larry Sinclair dude is a complete nutjob.

He is stalking you.

Gumby said...


Not only is Larry Sinclair stalking you, but he's now libeling you by calling you an Obama supporter.

That's gotta hurt! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Miglavs and Sinclair: two real kooks who deserve each other in Blogosphere Hell.

Anonymous said...

Those "kooks" are sure a hell of alot better looking than the scum bag greasy biker filth that seems to occupy the anti-immigrant fringe of the Repubicant party.

Anonymous said...

Shit, negro. That was nothing. That was a lot tamer than what we get to see in Portland. Gotta like the Denver resident who had some sense of the situation. And who was the fool trying to start his racist crap about the Denver police mistreating elected officials?

Personally, I'd like to billyclub these mother fuckers myself. lol

7:16 - freedom of speech has nothing to do with it. It's called, Time, place and manner restriction. When the cops tell you to move the fuck out of the way, you move the fuck out of the way. Those assholes wanted to block shit. They did that on purpose. We know the fucking drill, don't we? And these same fucks will show up at the Pub convention as well. It would be kind of fun to watch the neo-Nazis get into a fight with the socialists, communists, and anarchists of the Far Left. I'd like to see that.

Hey gumby, SHUT THE FUCK UP already.

5:24, you are a dumbass. If you like Buckwheat in a headlock, that is your fucking business, but give the rest of us a fucking break already.

Gumby said...

Just one more thing....

The best website to find anti Larry Sinclair info and hours of free entertainment is:


Larry Sinclair is a flaming faggot ex-con and he has a warrant from Pueblo, Colo currently open:


He is a con-man extraordinare!

Anonymous said...

Hey, dumby, you are the fucking phaeg. Shut the fuck up already, you fucking moron.

Gumby said...

Anon 7:00 pm,

I'd have to say you sound like a flaming faggot, too.

Do you hang out at The Embers?



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't know what you are talking about, you dick-sucking phaeg. Watch out for those AIDS-infected cocks; apparently they are everyway in Gayland.

Anonymous said...

When the cops tell you to move the fuck out of the way, you move the fuck out of the way ...

Well that's very interesting. It just so happens that Daniel made a video a while back in which a cop asks him to do the very same thing at one of his Cornelius "protests." (Harrassing and intimidating Latino workers.) Not using that language, of course, but the message was clear. Daniel objected, stood his ground, and insisted he wasn't breaking any laws.

So it's okay for Miglavs to protest where and when he likes, but not the "kooks" in Denver?

I got two words for you Anon 5:52. The only two words you deserve.

Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

10:47, you mother fucking idiot. Aside from your dumbass little fuck you comment, as if that would even bother me, I would agree with you. If a cop tells you to move, fucking move. It ain't worth the battle with the cops to prove any fucking point. You want to prove a fucking point, then fucking do it in court.

At any rate, I see I am getting to you left wing fucknuts. Good. Go suck your momma's dick already, you fucking phaegs. lol