Thursday, August 07, 2008

What pattern?

I'm looking at the "Most Wanted" list from the DEA (drug enforcement aministration) for our area. (the Seattle branch) Let me go down the list in alphabetical order for a bit... I will stop when I hit an American born person.


Special note: "Identified as a load driver, believed to be a construction contractor/laborer"
Please pick this hardworker up at the local day labor site.


POB:Dominican Republic


POB not listed (so I'm sooo sure it's America)

CONG, Huyen Thi


CROY, Kurtis Ray
POB not listed but says Canadian citizen

CRUCEY, Eladio
POB:Dominican Republic

Ok, I honestly don't know when I will find an American in the bunch so I'm going to stop. Please check out the huge list for yourself and notice the names.

We can only hope that Obama or McCain will amnesty our good illegal friends so that future DEA most wanted candidates who have a Place Of Birth other than America will not be deported.


Anonymous said...

Okay, genius. Let me help you with this one.

They're fugitives, meaning that the DEA hasn't been able to track them down. Chances are, they're not in the country anymore, hence, still WANTED.

There is no shortage of American-bred criminals...our jails are busting at the seams with them. Lacking a country to which to flee back to, they are easier for the DEA to track down, given that the US is their jurisdiction, and all.

So, if you used your noggin for a second, is it surprising that the foreign-born dominate the most wanted list? No. They went back home to avoid arrest. Is this your long-sought proof of immigrants' disproportional criminality? Hardly. No criminologist worth his salt would make such a claim based on this sort of hack research.

Nice try. Keep digging.

Maliengus said...

What's your point Daniel? That American citizen's character and morals are too high to push drugs, therefore only Hispanics do it? Or are you lamenting yet another job sector taken over by illegal immigrants?

Miglavs: If our government ever does get around to doing something significant about illegal immigration and there's nary a foreign-born drug dealer to be found, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of Anglo "American-borns" waiting in the wings to fill the empty positions. You know it and I know it.

One can only deduce by your silly, ill-conceived "all thinking ends at your nose" post, that you would be happier if all drug dealers were American born. You only have a problem with the foreign ones. Because they, um, took your job? Oh, yeah....that's right, they did!

Rick Hickey said...

The OREGON State Prison Ice Hold(not adding Counties or Cities) lists over 1,065 Illegals in OUR prisons.

Over 150 are in for MURDER!
Most others for Sex Crimes!

A PREVENTABLE Crime. i.e secure border and enforcement of current immigration laws.

Check out the FBI's Most Wanted as well for many cities, Too many of 'em are Illegal Aliens!

Point is? People are DYING & Being Sexually Abused that would NOT if these Illegals were not here.

Why in the Hell do you Libs/Democrats/Progressives/etc.
keep making excuses and start demanding a stop to this instead?
How many more people have to live with the serious Trauma of needlessly losing a loved one or the mental torture of being Raped, for the rest of their life.

For a perspective of how bad this really is remember that you have to committ a Horrific crime or many many many crimes and get caught many times before you land in a State Prison, so the numbers of Victums is much higher than this.

Maliengus said...

Trickey Rick Hickey:

Please tell me where I said I am an illegal immigration sympathizer?

Miglav's critics don't support
rapists and murderers and you know it. That's a crock of shit that you throw out there that has no basis in fact whatsoever. It just sounds good, so you use it, knowing full well it's an absolutely ludicrous assertion.

Anonymous said...

Please check out the huge list for yourself and notice the names ...

Because in Miglavia, one can identify an "illegal alien" simply by a person's name.

There is nothing racist about this, of course.

Nothing at all. ;-)

MAX Redline said...

Because in Miglavia, one can identify an "illegal alien" simply by a person's name.

Yo, Genius! Did you notice that little POB designation? POB = Place Of Birth, rocket scientist.

And while I know a fair number of legal immigrants, I don't know of any who have committed any sort of crime. They spent too many years jumping through all of the hoops and the reams of paperwork to be inclined toward criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

You socialist phaegs need to go suck an AIDS-infected cock.

Anonymous said...

I found an American.
I took awhile, but I did it. It was tough.

DAVE01 said...

maliengus, Daniel is pointing out the fact the most of the most wanted are criminal aliens. He is trying to prove a point that these were preventable crimes. Would you PREVENT a rape and murder of a person? We have enough of our own US born citizen criminals. We don't need to import extra ones.

Anonymous said...

Here's a sure fire way to prevent a preventable crime: get rid of the almost always white meth junkies who buy the shit in the first place. Sale prevented.

Anonymous said...

Google "wanted american fugitives." Yup, takes a while to find one, for sure Anon 11:33. Especially the ones wanted for sex crimes, namely pedophilia. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Miglavs did not say to check the POB. He said:

"Please check out the huge list for yourself and notice the names."


Anonymous said...

Isn't that what the Nazi's went by? The names?

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys are really grasping at straws. You totally ignored what Daniel said in the FIRST paragraph of the post as well...

"I will stop when I hit an American born person."

How about you stop being critical and try some critical thinking for a change? You really are sounding pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Why don't YOU try thinking? If nothing else, Daniel Miglavs means what he says, and says what he means: Notice the names. That is what HE said. Those are HIS words. Think about what the words mean.

Anonymous said...

This nation was founded by WHITE people!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Crime? There is NO Crime done by Illegals, we need more of this cheap labor, Vote for Hussein Obama for more Gangs to help the economy...

Palm Beach Post
Feds arrest 321 suspected gang members in South Florida
Federal immigration agents announced today they arrested 321 suspected members of street gangs in South Florida — many of whom are immigrants. -- According to the U.S. ICE, those arrested operated from Lake Worth to Miami and were associated with gangs including MS-13, SUR-13...

Anonymous said...

On the premise that crimes committed by illegal aliens are PREVENTABLE crimes that would not have happened had illegal immigrants not been affored such easy entry into America, I agree with Daniel. On the racist crap that he serves up on the side, I completely disagree. "Going by the names" is racist. Period. It makes sweeping judgements of all people within an ethnic group and it's WRONG. Unfortunately it is at the heart of how many people think about illegal immigration, as illustrated quite clearly by many people who frequent this blog (whom Bobkatt never seems to have a problem with).

Anonymous said...

2:12 -- So?

Anonymous said...

Immigrants are turning this country into a cesspool!!

Anonymous said...

Ag & Illegals, Great for the economy...

Associated Press sc
Drug dealers buy Washington vineyards to hide pot
Wapato, Wash. -- Across central Washington’s fruit bowl, farmers are buying vineyards, hoping to establish roots in the area and capitalize on the booming wine industry. -- Authorities believe some of the buyers are living in Mexico and their vineyards are producing tens of thousands of illegal marijuana plants...

Anonymous said...

ICE had a moment of glory, if you will, when they raided Fresh DelMonte a year or so ago and deported some 160 illegals back to Mexico. Since then, NOTHING! Isn't it about time for them to come back and gather up the illegals who are congregating at the Portland City Hall Illegal Day Labor Center on MLK? And why aren't they arresting Mayor Tommy and the Toadies for aiding and abetting this illegal labor center? After all, they are the ones who conceived of this thing, funded it out of monies badly needed for other, much more important things the city needs, and got it built and in place to cater to day laborers, legal and illegal, mostly illegal from what I've read.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of whiners. Don't you have something to do?

DAVE01 said...

Anon 4:14
You said: ""Going by the names" is racist.
I would say you are wrong. The Italians have put their military on their streets because of their "immigrants". I'm sure their immigrants have different last names than the current population. Is that a racist act or simply protecting their citizens because they have realized the truth?

If Daniel is stating that hispanics are among the most wanted, is that statement false? No. It can be proven a fact. Political correctness (which is communist) says it is racist.

If Daniel pointed out that the most wanted had blue eyes and blond hair, would you call that racist? Probably not. What this points out is that there has been a tsunami over our southern border. The crimes they commit because they initially do not respect our immigration laws is many times the "native" population. This is a racist policy because those people can simply walk across our border. What about the millions of Africans, Asians, Europeans, and others that want to come here? Why are they not being given the same consideration as hispanics from south of our border? Hispanics from south of our border are being given preferential treatment over all other races.
THAT IS RACIST! Clear thinking is required in current times.

If our country identity and culture changes to that of mexico, what will our future hold? We will no longer be the worlds leader. We will become another third world hell hole. I'm not politically (communist) correct. I deal in facts and the truth. One must learn to shed their biases against facts and the truth.

anthony delucca said...

I see that quite a few posters are bringing up the "Americans are criminals too" argument. Well, you're simply making the point that we have enough criminals of our own to deal with.

The fact that our open borders are letting additional criminals in do commit additional crimes, creating additional victims in this country, is the very reason that the borders should be fenced.

Criminals are coming into this country to craete opportunity for additional criminal activity at the expense of the American citizen both as a victim, and as a taxpayer who has to foot the bill to investigate, pursue, capture and inarcirate the criminal who should not have been able to get into the country to begin with.

It's time to fight back. Time to cast a vote with the open borders being a main priority in your decision.

Anonymous said...

Immigrants are turning this country into a cesspool!!

Nope, no racism here!

P.S. Dude, you forgot the "illegal" part.

P.P.S. An ideal opportunity for Miglavs to speak out and denounce this sort of bile. He won't. Why denounce what you agree with?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:35 AM, where did anon 8:05 AM mention any race? You must read and understand ENGLISH to be able to comprehend what the hell people are talking about. It seems as if you are an idiot when you cannot bring anything intelligent to the conversation. You must be the racist since you are the only one bringing up race. I will bet your education was stolen by an illegal alien.

Anonymous said...

Why is it always the Hispanic immigrants committing these horible crimes? Never the white ones, as far as I can tel.

Anonymous said...

Anon 443: Are you living under a rock? Watch the fucking news.

Anonymous said...

The Miglavian known as Anon 3:17 would have us believe that the Miglavian known as Anon 8:05 was actually talking about the tidal wave of Canadians flooding down from the north.

Sure, right. Whatever you say! ;-)