Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Mac Johnson column

Cape Wind, Cape Fear
All in all, the campaign of the Kennedys and the gilded-pitchfork waving mob of limousine liberals they lead against Cape Wind has been one of the greatest episodes of hypocrisy in modern memory. On Capitol Hill and in the auditoriums of universities, the talk of this crowd has been all green energy, all the time. But when they found out that the green energy they so love to preach to you and me might affect their views or endanger their next drunken yachting regatta, suddenly it had to be stopped.

So now the Kennedy Clan has discovered a horrible secret about green energy –it turns out it costs more than regular energy! Yes, millionaire Ted Jr. put on his best Ralph Nader impression in the frightening Halloween eve opinion piece and laid out a very rational argument against the poor people of Massachusetts having to pay higher utility rates just to support feel-good green energy.

“Cape Wind is a fiscal boondoggle — not a green-energy marvel,” Ted Jr. proclaimed.

Well, Shazam! Cape Wind isn’t even started yet and it’s already powering a tiny little light bulb over Ted’s head. If it never does anything else, the world will owe Cape Wind an eternal debt for this ultimate green energy marvel: it has taught economics to an environmentalist!

Go read the whole column then consider how we can translate this success to other liberal positions such as forcing the elites to send their kids to public schools.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Religion of peace strikes again

19-year old arrested on attempt of a Car Bomb at Portland Tree Lighting.
Stop. I'm already confused. Portland is just "lighting" some tree for no reason? Who is this headline writer?

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, who is a naturlized U.S. citizen from Somalia and from Corvallis was arrested tonight on charges of attemping to using explosives in connection with a plot to detonate a vehicle bomb at Portland's annual Christmas Tree Lighting.

Mohamud was arrested by the FBI and Portland Police Bureau around 5:40 p.m this eveining after he attempted to detonate what was believed to be an explosive full van that was parked near the tree lighting ceremony in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

[From the federal affidavit]
According to the affidavit, Mohamud responded that he was looking for a “huge mass that will . . . be attacked in their own element with their families celebrating the holidays.” Further discussing the attack, Mohamud allegedly stated, “…it’s in Oregon; and Oregon like you know, nobody ever thinks about it.”

So during the Christmas season where Christians everywhere are donating food to the hungry, ringing bells for the poor and giving blankets to the homeless the Religion of Peace is trying to blow people up.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Government is still the problem

Here is the official Daniel position regarding the TSA searches:

Get the federal government out of it. Would a TSA agent would be fired if a bomb makes it onto a plane? No. Will the TSA be sued for financial damages if a plane goes down? No.

I don't believe that the federal government has the right to search your person at will or as a precondition to using a private service but a private company certainly has the right to set conditions for use of their product or service.

My ideal solution would be to allow true market forces work and let each airline be in charge of screening their own passengers.

If you think that Southwest Airlines is too intrusive then fly Delta. If you think that security at Delta is too lax then fly Southwest.

The individual airlines have the greatest interest in protecting their passengers and their planes and would therefore do the best job of protecting them.

No airline would want to be the carrier that allowed a terrorist on board and no airline would want to be the carrier that made a bladder cancer survivor wet himself.

We don't need affirmative action government hirelings touching our junk, we need private sector ingenuity to devise the best systems to keep us safe from terrorists while valuing us as customers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's time to go green

I've accepted that human activity is causing the catastrophic destruction of the planet and will eventually exterminate all creatures on the planet. Only we can stop it. Therefore we must give up the following if we are truly serious about saving ourselves:

No Christmas lights. We can't be allowed to decorate when it kills polar bears.

No football games. Not just the NFL either, college and high school sports must be stopped because they generate lots of traffic going to and from stadiums. (women's basketball would still be allowed because it generates no traffic)

No movies. Our entertainment isn't worth destroying the planet. I can't even allow you to bike to the theater because the carbon footprint of the construction, production and showing of films is just too large.

No TV. Every time you turn on that carbon creating screen you melt a little bit of the polar ice caps.

If you really accept global warming, like I do, you will gladly make these sacrifices in the name of the planet.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday night quick hits

When people say "affordable housing" doesn't that just mean "houses that people can afford?" Who would build a house that no one could afford?

Is there another Mayor in America that proudly appears in the same video as transvestites and a guy carrying two blow up dolls? Is there another Mayor in America that would then proudly display the video on his official website?

You can't use "equal opportunity" and "affirmative action" in the same employment ad. They are opposing ideas.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I can do my Christmas shopping!

Portland mayor to announce gun buy-back event scheduled for December
As Mayor Sam Adams prepares to bring to City Council on Thursday five proposed ordinances to stem shootings through gun-control regulations and stiffer juvenile curfews, he's expected to also announce today a gun buy-back event scheduled for the second week in December.

The mayor said on Friday he'd announce the exact date and location today. The December date, Adams said, should draw plenty of gun owners who may looking for extra shopping money for the holidays.

Ceasefire Oregon hosted 15 annual gun turn-in events since 1994, but had to discontinue the event two years ago because lack of donations. For each firearm turned in, residents receive a merchandise gift certificate.

I would like to see gun shoppers stand across the street from this event and offer the "turn in rate" +20% to buy people's guns! Let's make this a successful event!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Robbing the Americans that Americans won't rob

Charge(s) Bail Status
ORS.163.235 - KIDNAPPING I $250000
ORS.164.405 - ROBBERY II $250000
ORS.164.225 - BURGLARY I $50000
ORS.000.003 - IMMIGRATION HOLD no bail
Total $550000

Columbia Chairwoman Targeted In Home Invasion
An armed man who police say broke into the West Linn home of Columbia Sportswear figurehead Gert Boyle was arrested late Wednesday night.

Police say Boyle opened her garage just before 6 p.m. and found the man inside. She managed to hit the panic button on her alarm system before he tied up her hands, they say.

Jail officials say Caballero is being held on an ICE immigration hold due to questions about his immigration status.

That's the news story. The other part of the story is what this dirtbag did when not robbing an industry icon.

Creativa Advertising Agency
"Your doorway to the Hispanic market"

Caballero is listed as the contact for this ad agency on the Hispanic Metro Chamber of Commerce.

I would also like to take a moment to thank Tim and Mary Boyle for their contribution to Ducks Unlimited and the Steelman lake project on Sauvie Island. I hunt over there (as does Mr. Boyle) and their support is very much appreciated!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monday, November 08, 2010

Taxpayercare: providing taxi service

Program # 40026 - La Clinica de la Buena Salud
Executive Summary
La Clinica de Buena Salud (The Clinic of Good Health), provides comprehensive primary care and behavioral health services to the diverse, poor, underserved residents in the NE Portland Cully Neighborhood. NE Portland is the most racially diverse area of Multnomah County and the clinic was strategically placed to provide culturally competent care to a population that otherwise may not have access to medical care.

You can really feel the pity that the Multnomah County elites have for the unwashed people of northeast Portland.

Program Description
La Clinica provides culturally competent, comprehensive primary care, preventive health and enabling services such as transportation, translation, case management and health education which address the needs of the whole person.

Although La Clinica was initially intended to serve the Latino community, the program has expanded to include culturally-specific services for Somali immigrants and refugees, and Russian speaking families in the Cully neighborhood and beyond.

And you thought that treating a broken bone would be the same regardless of ethnicity. I guess you didn't take into account the taxpayer provided transportation service.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

But they can't afford to prosecute crimes

Diversity and Quality Capacity Coordinator (Limited Duration)
Salary: $23.62 - $29.04 Hourly

Multnomah County Health Department is seeking a Diversity and Quality Capacity Coordinator to serve in Human Resources, on the Diversity and Quality Team (DQT).

The mission of the Health Department's Diversity and Quality Team (DQT) is to ensure that the department's core values of diversity and quality are integrated into daily work.

Government's obsession with their concept of "diversity" now takes precedence over everything else. Countless hours and dollars are spent on paying tribute to the flawed idea that the following two people are completely different and should be treated as such:

John Smith
Age 28
2 kids

Juan Smith
Age 28
2 kids

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ask not what your government can do for you...

CAUSA invites Governor-Elect Kitzhaber to partner in Legislative Agenda
CAUSA's Legislative Agenda for 2011 is as follows:

Healthy Kids Program: Allow all children in Oregon to have access to healthcare by eliminating barriers to enrollment.

There are no "barriers" to get access to healthcare any more than there are "barriers" to get access to a pizza. Unless by "barrier" you mean "I want someone else to pay for my slice of pizza."

In the case of CAUSA they mean "we want illegal aliens to have full and complete access to all things taxpayer funded."

Capacity Building: Maintain and increase state funding for safety net clinics and community clinics, amplifying their ability to serve more uninsured families across Oregon.

Taxpayer funded goodies.

Driver's License: Restore access to an Oregon state driver's license. CAUSA will advocate to eliminate unnecessary barriers for individuals to legally drive or purchase insurance and subsequent unintended consequences in our communities created by the Oregon Legislature in 2008.

Drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

Increase farmworker housing funding: create a set-aside funding pool at the Department of Oregon Housing and Community Services for farm worker housing.

Taxpayer funded goodies.

I am so thankful that the legislature will meet every year so that they can concentrate on things like the legislative priorities of CAUSA.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election coverage

What I don't like about most media election coverage is that their focus is always on "which party did this help" or "how does this affect Obama."

How about "how is this best for Americans and their liberty?"

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Keep Portland weird

Looks like Oregon is going to buck the national trend and stay with "big government, limited freedom and personal responsibility." Way to go public employee unions.

I'll continue to stockpile food and ammo while waiting for the inevitable collapse.

Attempted rapist David Wu still represents Oregon-1. Hopefully he will continue his crusade against klingons and leave the rest of us alone.

Get out and vote