Friday, November 30, 2007

Socialism works!

Smith says Oregon vote not an argument against SCHIP expansion
The vote against a cigarette tax in Oregon isn't a good argument against a similar effort nationally to expand health insurance for children, Republican Sen. Gordon Smith says.

In "honest reporting world" that opener would have said "The vote against a socialized health care system to be funded by an increase in the cigarette tax..."

Oregonians were impatient that legislators hadn't handled the matter themselves, rather than putting it to a statewide vote, Smith said.

Yes, just do everything for us O wise masters from Salem. You are better than us, smarter, faster even. I have no patience with being able to have a say in turning a free market system over to state control. I don't even have patience to know why I am voting so I need Senator Smith to explain it to everyone.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ann Coulter column

NYT: An Undocumented Newspaper
Last week, in an article titled "Walking a Tightrope on Immigration," The New York Times made the fact-defying claim that the illegal immigration issue poses a risk for Republicans who appeal to voters "angry" about illegal immigration. (This is as opposed to voters "angry" that they spent good money buying a copy of The New York Times.)

In support of this assertion, the Times was required not only to ignore the stunning defeat of this year's amnesty bill, but also to proffer provably absurd evidence. I dearly hope Democratic politicians continue to look to the Times as an accurate barometer of voter sentiment.

It must be hard being the illegal alien loving media and trying with all your monolithic might to make America feel the same way you do with absolutely no effect.

And I don't think you would ever hear the end of it if there was a groundswell of opposition to victory in Iraq that approached the level of public outcry over amnesty for illegal aliens.

Study: liberals cause headaches

Ever notice how the day to day irritants in your life are all the result of liberal policies/big government? Your morning commute, liberals obsession with mass transit. High housing prices, liberals obsession with density. (could also apply to the commute)

The fact that your kids just came home and told you that they can no longer play dodge ball, liberals obsession with having no competition or having anyones feelings hurt. Not being able to use the word Christmas, liberals hate Christmas.

High taxes, high gas prices, high health care costs. If only you silly democrats would realize that the things that actually affect you in a negative way on an everyday basis are the fault of the idiots that you vote in.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ballot initiative

Coming soon to a webpage near you... Ballot initiative #112! The Respect for Law Act will be available for signing online! This new program starts in January and will be front and center here. Look for it and look forward to it.

Oregonians for Immigration Reform for more info.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Daniel

Got one duck this morning. Will be eating it (yes I know that it's a merganser) with the turkey tonight. Everyone be thankful!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Foreign government continues to subvert USA

Mexicans Jittery About Raids, Deportations
Panic has taken hold of the six million Mexicans who live in the United States without residence permits, because of the ongoing crackdown on "illegal aliens", which has involved an increasing number of raids and deportations.

The Mexican government has announced measures in defence of its citizens across the border, and insists that immigration reform is urgently needed in the U.S. However, the indications are that there will be no reform until 2009 at the earliest.

You can "insist" all you want but you have no bussiness dictating our domestic policy.

Consulates will also strengthen their legal assistance teams, who help defend immigrants when they face discrimination, and provide advice and support if they are detained with a view to deportation.

And to project a positive image of migrants in the U.S., the Mexican government will launch "direct media campaigns aimed at showing migrant success stories and raising awareness of the many contributions" migrants make to U.S. society, said Calderón.

You can do all the PR you want but when every day average citizens are continuing to "press 1 for English" you are fighting an uphill battle. We are all affected and puff pieces celebrating illegal aliens isn't going to help your side. I can't even imagine:

"Here is Juan Q. Noncitizen, a criminal alien success story because he has taken an good paying American job..."

Yeah, that will convince us.

Monday, November 19, 2007

People who support criminals commit crime

I know, after reading that headline I could know you over with a feather. Yes, the illegal alien lovers have, once again, stolen the "Illegal immigration is a crime" sign from my front yard. Yawn.

If only they had the power to take something important, like say, my drivers license. Yeah, it's just not clear who the current winner on this issue is these days:

I lose a (soon to be replaced) sign
Illegal aliens in Oregon lose their primary form of ID

It sure sucks to be me.

You: engange in immature theft
Me: I do blog post about John Aguirre who subsequently goes on a statewide talk show (Lars Larson) to answer questions about his position and make himself look like an idiot.

You: can't seem to find a serious national candidate who will echo your position
Me: will soon have a fantastic ballot measure for Oregonians to vote on and can't seem to find a Republican presidential candidate who isn't (at least in words) adamantly opposed to illegal immigration.

Nursery Association cries about secure licenses

From CAUSAblog
“Creating a national, universal identification system through the driver’s license program is fundamentally flawed,” said John Aguirre, Executive Director of the Oregon Association of Nurseries. “The governor’s order creates more problems than it solves. We have to make sure our work force can get to work.”

It's "flawed" huh John? I guess that you will get to the details of these "flaws" at a later time. And your work force can get to work as long as they are legal workers John. If illegal aliens are making it to work then they are just breaking more laws. You don't want that do you John? Do you?

Listening to the other side tie themselves in knots trying to talk about his issue would be funny if it was so serious. I think that the OAN should be ashamed of itself and Republicans should politely show their lobbyists the door.

Friday, November 16, 2007

We'll see

In theory today is the day that Kulongoski will issue an executive order ending the practice of giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens. This directly contradicts the KATU story from yesterday that is linked in the below post.

But the boys at CAUSA seem concerned so while I can't find anything about this on the governer's webpage I'm going to assume that it will happen. It's about damn time.

NOTE: Illegal alien lovers, what does it say about your positions popularity with the public when your supporters have to keep taking positions that are espoused here?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ask Hillary what she thinks about Kulongoski's idea

Kulongoski poses with the (former) Mexican Consul to Oregon who says that rape is just part of Mexican culture.

Kulongoski still supports driver's licenses for illegal immigrants
Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski still supports giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, even though New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has backed away from a similar proposal.

Spokeswoman Patty Wentz said Kulongoski believes life would be safer for all if illegal immigrants had to go through the process of getting licenses.

The chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, Democrat Rick Metsger, said the consensus among lawmakers is that the public strongly opposes the idea.

He "believes life would be safer." Life is safer if we provide ID for criminals who otherwise wouldn't get it? I have an easier time believing in the tooth fairy. At least most of the lame-brains in Salem have realized which way the wind blows on this one.

Unfortunately the status quo is for illegal aliens to get this valuable ID and through inaction the legislature can keep this travesty going without generating a lot of public controversy like they would if they offered a "driving priviledge card." I think that we will be checking our ballots to solve this problem.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Coming soon to a ballot near you!

Respect for Law Act has three main components:

1. Requires proof of citizenship or legal status to qualify for an Oregon Driver license.

2. Election officials shall require satisfactory evidence of U.S. citizenship from any applicant who is registering to vote for the first time in Oregon.

3. No statute, regulation or order shall prohibit any law enforcement agency from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

This measure will be a slam dunk with the public. Thanks to Oregonians for Immigration Reform, as opposed to our worthless government, for bringing this about!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year

The air is crisp and kids are preparing their Christmas lists. That can only mean one thing: it's time for schools and other government offices to start hyperventillating over the fact that Christmas is a national holiday.

While I am sure we will get many great examples of government's (aka liberals) hatred of Christians this year let us revisit a conversation from Christmas past...

Board Discussion Regarding Christmas/Winter Break.

Ike Maness, Hillsboro Education Association President, asked the Board in April to reconsider the practice of naming the two week break in December and January Christmas Break. He believed it was exclusionary and insulting to non-Christian students.

Director Kathy Huntington also was disappointed that Ike Maness was not at the meeting
because she wanted to address his comment that if the practice of naming the break Christmas Break offends even one student, it should be changed.

Director John Peterson said the issue had absolutely nothing to do with religion to him. He
believes we have an American culture that has given names to seasons and to holidays, and was not interested in being “politically correct.”

Imagine the standard of "if it offends even one person" being applied to everything we do.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A big nothing

3 arrested in Tacoma, WA
Tacoma police arrested three people on suspicion of disorderly conduct and failure to obey a police officer today in a protest against the U.S. government's immigration policy.

About 50 people marched on Pacific Avenue. Many wore masks to hide their identities and identified themselves as anarchists.

Yeah, you guys really showed your parents, I mean those authority figures, I mean society that you can't be controlled. Only fifty people huh? That must have been a let down. Not enough folks to make you feel brave enough to start smashing up the starbucks. So sad.

But thanks anyways for gumming up traffic and reminding people about the illegal immigration issue! It's a big help!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Boy Scout motto: be prepared

Tuck in your shirt... not sure what they do about backpacks.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The amazing race

Race race race. I don't understand how we are still so obsessed with race. When talking about schools people tell us what percentage of blacks are doing this and what percentage of whites are doing that. (we don't EVER mention the Asians though) Didn't we integrate schools? Can't we just give an overall dropout rate?

And for the record: Mexican is not a race. It is a nationality. Baby Gabriel is not "half-Mexican." He is half-hispanic. And maybe I'm 1/56 Irish but that doesn't give me any cultural ties to Ireland. Why do we count percentage points when it comes to racial background? Half this, quarter that, how about 100% American? (American is not a race as they don't let me check that on my census form.)

Attention opponents of illegal immigration: please do not preface your opposition to lawbreakers by stating that "this isn't about race." That would be like me prefacing anything I said about football with "this isn't about flying saucers." If the two have nothing to do with each other then it's a complete non-sequitur and doesn't need to be said.

You may think you need to be on the defensive against the charge of racism but only if you also you think you need to be on the defensive against the charge that you have seen UFO's when talking about football. (I sure am glad that my political party isn't having issues with that one)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Government schools gone wild

Teacher sex abuse in Oregon: More common than you might think
The commission annually posts on its Web site a list of teachers who are disciplined. In the years 2001-2005, a total of 360 teachers were disciplined. Besides sex abuse, offenses ranged from concealing arrests on applications for jobs or licenses, theft and abusing students in ways other than sexual. Drug and alcohol abuse were common.

Its investigative files, however, are sealed by law.

Break the unions, offer vouchers and give more public disclosure. It's time to protect our children.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

4 years of ceasless propaganda pays off

Measure 37 bad.
Measure 37 bad.
Measure 37 bad.
You were too stupid to know what you were voting for.
Measure 37 bad.
Measure 37 bad.
Oregon is ruined.
Measure 37 bad.

It only took four years of repetition but the mainstream media and ruling elite convinced the sheeple of Oregon that they were in fact too stupid to know what they voted for the first time. Sorry, first two times.

My vote NO vote on 49 had nothing to do with the number of houses you could or couldn't build, it had nothing to do with transferability, it had nothing to do with farmland and fields.

I voted on the underlying principle that it is Un-American for government to intrude on people's lives and infringe upon their private property rights. I believe that is what people voted for in Measure 37, subdivisions or no subdivisions.

Unalienable rights shouldn't be subject to the specifics such as "it's ok for 3 houses but not for 15." Either we accept the intrusion by government or we don't. Apparently Oregon voters have accepted it.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday morning off

Got a couple of ducks this weekend. During my drive back I saw a kid holding one of those "come to our store" signs and doing a little dance on the street corner. I was at a stop light and noticed that there were numerous folks in their cars laughing and shaking their heads at the guy.

I wonder how many of those same folks who hand out money to a bum on the freeway onramp? As far as I'm concerned there is dignity in any type of work and good for this kid for being out there.

Speaking of employment, BOLI has put something in the Register Guard to help employers with their questions. Questions like "how can I verify if my employees are legally entitled to work" are covered. No wait, it's "These posters are available in English and Spanish." Silly me.

In the arena of Spanish speakers, most of Oregon wants to deport the illegal aliens from this country, DHS wants to deport a 2 year-old American citizen. Is Janet Reno the new acting director for this state agency or what?

In Fishwrapper-speak the home where the boy will be going is going to also be home to his father:

"Martinez had been scheduled for release from prison last month after serving time for a drug-related crime. The attempted rape convictions involved a teenage girl."

Drug related crime? Did he have a joint in his pocket or was he cooking meth in the nursery room? Of course, if you are a DHS spokesmouth then Martinez here constitutes a "safe and loving" situation.

And finally, if anyone has private fields they hunt geese in and want to invite me...