Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ann Coulter column

NYT: An Undocumented Newspaper
Last week, in an article titled "Walking a Tightrope on Immigration," The New York Times made the fact-defying claim that the illegal immigration issue poses a risk for Republicans who appeal to voters "angry" about illegal immigration. (This is as opposed to voters "angry" that they spent good money buying a copy of The New York Times.)

In support of this assertion, the Times was required not only to ignore the stunning defeat of this year's amnesty bill, but also to proffer provably absurd evidence. I dearly hope Democratic politicians continue to look to the Times as an accurate barometer of voter sentiment.

It must be hard being the illegal alien loving media and trying with all your monolithic might to make America feel the same way you do with absolutely no effect.

And I don't think you would ever hear the end of it if there was a groundswell of opposition to victory in Iraq that approached the level of public outcry over amnesty for illegal aliens.


BEAR said...

Ann usually gets it right. The nyt and the beltway bozos are to news, as tommy "pointless" potter is to street naming.

Anonymous said...

The “illegal-loving” media? Compared to what? To “illegal-alien” hating Republicans? Hmmm … I thought the official line on this sort of thing was, “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” So in the case of “illegal aliens,” you not only hate the crime, you hate the sinner, too. But you’re not bigoted. Gotcha. It’s all clear now.

Anonymous said...

And NY Times reader #'s DROP again to less than a million daily because they know what they are talking about and so many agree?

They & the Libs do not havve a clue into what Americans want, obviously.

Yes Democrats trust the NY Times PLEASE!

and keep claiming that Republicans hate immigrants, no one is falling for the lies anymore.

Anonymous said...

Since the 2000 Census America has over 30 mliilon more people yet newspaper sales and alphabet channell news #'s are lower?
Their support of illegal immigration ain't selling most people is it?

Anonymous said...

Yes Democrats trust the NY Times PLEASE!

... and the rest of us can trust the Miglavians. Like the mighty Anthony "INS/FBI Statistical Report" DeLucca.

Polish Immigrant said...

There is a very interesting piece in Daily Mail that talks about Polish (legal) immigrants to UK and how their reproductive appetites threaten the government-run health care.

This story is interesting on many levels.

First, these are legal immigrants. Poland is part of EU so anybody can move there and work there.

Second, the UK welfare system encourages many natives not to work so Poles can easily find jobs. Just read the comments the readers left. Many say that they don't blame Poles for doing what's right. They blame natives for being lazy and taking advantage of the UK social net system.

Third, by the US standards even Poland has a very low birth rate. So hearing UK officials complain about the high birth rate of the Polish immigrants is ludicrous. The biggest danger UK faces is from the ever increasing Muslim population.

Fourth, given our situation, would you like to have government-run health care with millions of multiplying illegals?

Read the whole thing at

"MSM" REPORTER said...

Better an "illegal alien loving media" than a "pedophile and sex offender infested political party" like the GOP you belong to. With the continual raping of children, I think Republicans qualify to be deported over those that actually keep America running.

Simon Templar said...

What the NYT, and a majority of those who are left, fail to realize is, that the majority of the United States Population is either Center, or right of center when it comes to political beliefs. Now of course, it may not seem that way here in the Portland Metro area where the left is a HUGE segment of the population, but get away from the cities that are overwhelmingly left, and you'll find that most Americans think the same way about illegal immigration that I do: It's...well....illegal. And ANY crime that is allowed to become rampant without recourse will damage the country. In the case of illegal immigration, it was tolerated and allowed to flourish to the point where 20 million people took advantage of the situation. Now, it's become a problem big enough, that it has become a pivotal issue in the Presidential election of the most powerful nation on the planet. ANY candidate (right or left) who is stupid enough to publicly come out and say that they support amnesty for illegal immigrants, has just commited political hari-kari. Those who publicly come out in support of tighter restrictions, border enforcement, border fencing, employer verification laws etc.. will be supported by a silent majority of the American people in the up-coming elections.

R Huse said...

>What the NYT, and a majority of those who are left, fail to realize is, that the majority of the United States Population is either Center, or right of center when it comes to political beliefs.

So True

This is otherwise known as the John Kerry effect:

"Awww Gee, how could Kerry have lost? Everyone I knew voted for him. Hey, wait a minute, REPUBLICANS STOLE THE ELECTION!!!!"