Tuesday, July 29, 2008

August comes in like a lion

Almost to August and there is so much to look forward to:

Aug 3 - NFL preseason (Go Colts)

Aug 5 - Texas exectutes illegal alien murderes (Go Texas)

Aug 15 - New Star Wars movie (Go Yoda)

And that's just in the first half of the month. Here's hoping for a big immigration raid or something like that for the second half.

Echo chamber

Due to high gas prices I am unable to do a blog post this morning. Please enjoy this "how to break the law" video for illegal aliens instead.

I especially like the "no matter where you are from this is your home now" comment. Sick people.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Don't shoot, I'm dangerous AND crazy

Officers weigh many factors in use of force

I'm going to stop at the headline. There is only one factor in the use of deadly force: does this person have the means, motive and opportunity to cause me serious injury or death and do I belive that is his intent.

When a Silverton police officer fired five bullets into an unarmed man who was charging toward him and defying orders to get down, he followed the basic premise of deadly police force: he shot to kill.

And this first sentence shows the bias in the media. Instead of saying "when a Sivlerton officer defended himself from and illegal alien who threatended him" they say "unarmed man" who "defied orders."

Gonzalez reportedly fired his gun as he was backing away from Hanlon, who was screaming, kicking and swinging his arms at the officer.

Despite the grand jury's finding of a justified shooting, Hanlon's family remains adamant that deadly force wasn't necessary. As they tell it, Hanlon was agitated on the night of the shooting and possibly in the throes of mental illness.

What does "possibly in the throse of mental illness" even mean? And how does that differ from "possibly in the throes of drug addiction" or "possibly in the throes of a murderous rampage" when an officer (or civillian) is threatened?

We can't ask our police to inquire if suspects who threaten them had a troubled childhood or are feeling a little crazy before making a decision that they think is neccessary to protect their lives.

If you have a family member that is mentally ill perhaps you yourself should make some financial or time sacrifice to get that person some help before you ask a cop to sacrifice his life.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tax dollars can't find illegal aliens work

Day-labor site falls down on the job
The new city-sponsored day-labor hire site, which opened last month, could already be a failure. Or it could just need more time.

The site – a fenced-in lot at Northeast MLK and Everett Street – now attracts 70 to 80 workers each morning, but only 25 to 30 of them usually are hired by the time it closes at noon. There simply aren’t enough employers driving in, organizers say.

But the sidewalk workers, in essence, are stealing the jobs. Fifteen men stood at the corner of MLK and Northeast Lloyd Boulevard last week, their eyes peeled on the traffic.

“That’s one of the challenges we have, competing with the corners,” he said. “We need to find a way to get them here. We’re talking with the employers and day laborers. But legally we cannot force people to be here.”

You can't legally force them there? Since when are you worried about what's legal? In Portland we have a government that doesn't let a little matter like "legality" get in the way of what they want to do.

Start rounding folks up and force them into the government labor camp. This would be a fitting tribute to the political atmosphere of Portland.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Too bad he missed his own vital organs

Children witness life-threatening knife attack on their mother
A couple's argument erupted into an attempted murder/suicide Sunday, as a man stabbed his girlfriend in the stomach and then held off deputies before stabbing himself multiple times.

Simon Orozco-Garcia, 28, used a 5- or 6-inch serrated kitchen knife to deliver a life-threatening wound to Maribel Sanchez, 25, said Ginger Alden, the woman's adopted mother.

Orozco-Garcia, already suffering from at least one self-inflicted wound, stabbed himself repeatedly before deputies could hit him with a Taser and take him into custody.

Perhaps the police could have taken a lesson from the "hate any possible use of force" crowd and not used the taser so quickly...

Orozco-Garcia also will face federal immigration charges, said Tim Counts, a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In December 2007, Orozco-Garcia was convicted in Marion County of fourth-degree assault and strangulation involving a different woman and was sentenced to 60 days in jail, court records show.

Orozco-Garcia was deported from the U.S. on June 25, Counts said.

Why was this man deported when he clearly was in desperate need of a pathway to citizenship? His stabbing behavior is clearly just a result of horrible racist Americans splitting up his family. ("family" involves multiple women victims in this case)

Stay tuned to this blog for Orozco-Garcia's future exploits once he is deported again. We can only hope that next time Obama will have given him some sort of tax credit so he can afford a chain saw when he attacks himself.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

But don't eat the jalapenos

1. When I think "sanitation" I immediately think "I sure wish that I was drinking tap water from Mexico."

2. Criminals are clearly worried about signs that say "wash your hands" just like they are worried about signs that say "this is not your country."

With that being said I sure am glad to see tax dollars being spend to offer a Spanish Only Food Worker Class in Benton county.

Now let's pretend that you were born in America and you've reached the age where you can work in a restraunt or fast food environment. You can speak English. Granted it may not be proper English if you went to a public school in Portland but you could certainly take the class in English.

We could also pretend that you came here legally on a visa, speak Spanish and and now you want to... work at Burger King. Right.

It would require a willing suspension of disbelief to think that this class is not for illegal aliens.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday night rant

It's been a while since I've gone on a uncensored and discombobulated rant so here it goes:

I enjoy that so many of you hate me. I really do. The thought of hundreds of people waking up every morning to read what I write, scream epithets at their computer and then insult me brings a big smile to my face.

One of my favorite things I read is how you all describe "Miglavia" and I realize that this sounds like a wonderful place to live. Allow me to describe it.

In Miglavia:

1. English is the only language spoken. We don't even allow people in until they are fluent.

2. The "disadvantaged" are told to work twice as hard because "that's life."

3. Minorities are treated... exactly the same as everyone else. Imagine that injustice.

4. No lesbians are allowed to work for DHS or participate in court hearings regarding child custody hearings.

5. Lesbians aren't allowed to vote. (see number 5)

6. Women aren't allowed to vote, however they are allowed to let their husbands vote for them. Obviously lesbians don't have husbands.

7. The second amendment gets treated like we treat the first amendment in America. This results in small machine guns being mounted on top of most commuter vehicles. Road rage does not exist in Miglavia.

8. Abortion is legal and happens often. The term "death penatly" is replaced by the word "abortion."

9. There is a literacy test for voting. The test is: "do you read Daniel's blog?"

10. Wal-Mart becomes the number 1 provider of public education in the Miglavian free market system.

11. Spotted owls will be on the extra value dollar menu.

12. Public art consists of "art done by the public" rather than "art done by people who can't find anyone to buy their crap so the taxpayers have to pay for it."

13. The government of Miglavia will build the infrastructure around the needs and wants of the populace, not what we think will be good for you. Obviously this means everyone will drive a single occupancy vehicle.

14. All cultures will not be equal. Miglavian culture will be treated like the suprior system that it is. We will chuckle while the folks riding mass transit for three hours get to work look down on us.

15. A vegeterian alternative will not be offered.

16. People who cry "racist" every time a Miglavian law is enforced will be jailed.

Please help me with my semi-serious caricature. I want to know what other wonderful attributes Miglavia has to offer and thank you for hating me so much, it means a lot to me and my wife.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Easy as... uno, dos, tres

Looking for a job with the State of Oregon? Do you get a headache when you look at job listenings with a long list of duties? Then do us taxpayers have the job for you!

Child Care Provider (Spanish)
* Communicate with monolingual Spanish speaking clients
* Provide child care (ratio of 1 teacher to 4 children)

That's it. Just babysit the illegal alien kids.

Now I know what you are thinking: "doesn't a 1 to 4 ratio spit in the face if the 'overcrowded classroom' alarmists?" Not at all, you see the illegal alien kids need extra special attention while those of us with American kids need to be convinced to pass that extra school levy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Keep your trash in your own country

Texas still plans to execute killer despite U.N. order
Texas will go ahead with the scheduled Aug. 5 execution of Houston rapist-killer Jose Medellin despite Wednesday's United Nations world court order for a stay, a spokesman for Gov. Rick Perry said.

The UN's International Court of Justice's call for stays in the cases of Medellin and four other Mexican nationals awaiting execution in Texas came in response to a petition filed last month by the Mexican government.

Medellin, 33, was condemned for the 1993 killings of Jennifer Ertman, 14, and Elizabeth Pena, 16, who stumbled into a drunken midnight gang initiation rite at T.C. Jester Park in north Houston.

What really sickens me is that "what happened" according to the Houston Chronicle is that the girls "stumbled into" something. If you have the stomach for it, you can read what these subhuman vermin really did HERE.

I'm glad that, at least in Texas, they still know what soveriegnty is and they are willing to punish these hardworking immigrants who McCain, Bush and Obama would all love to have mowing the lawn of your local middle school.

No law enforcement needed

"When nursing mothers are torn from their babies..."

Is it enough to excuse any crime as long as you are nursing or have kids coming home from school or just immigration crimes, labor crimes, purgery and ID theft?

Attacking law enforcement for doing their job while excusing criminal acts is a recipie for anarchy.

Monday, July 14, 2008

DMV: dept of marijuana

Dear Libertarians,

I know that some of you have an obsession with drug legalization, especially when it comes to marijuana. Some of you may be thinking of supporting the Oregon Canabis Tax Act ballot initiative. Don't.

Smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom is the libertarian creed. The OCTA violates two of those principles immediately and that's assuming that smoking pot is a "freedom."

From Oregon NORML:

"OCTA will raise money for the general fund..."

"...to sell cannabis, one must apply for an OLCCC license and one may only sell to the state liquor stores."

"The OCTA initiative does not designate a percent taxation on pot products, those numbers will fall to state regulation". (WWeek quote)

If there is a libertarian battle to be fought here it's to make the argument that the OLCC should be abolished, not to give them more authority to tax, regulate and sell products.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Without ID theft, Oregon will suffer

Nursery and restaurant lobby say immigration rule could cost Oregon thousands of jobs
The “No Match” rule, created by the Department for Homeland Security, would require employers to electronically verify the status of their workers to determine if their social security number is on record with the Social Security Administration.

In a nutshell: the restraunt and nurery industries say they want people to be able to work using YOUR social security number which causes YOU a bunch of financial problems.

Kathy LeCompte, owner of Brook’s Tree Farm near Salem, said that she has followed the undocumented workforce issue for nearly 15 years and that the proposed federal rule as it stands now, leaves her and other business owners with an unsure future. She doesn’t know if she should expand her business or invest in equipment because she is not sure how long her employees will be around.

Man Kathy, I feel about as sorry for you as I do for the drug dealer who is "not sure if he should expand his territory" because his illegal grow operation could be discovered and burned. Kathy says that her employees are criminals using other people's social security numbers! She admits that she is breaking the law by hiring them! And we are supposed to feel sorry for her as the victim here!

You can contact her with constructive critizism here office@brookstreefarm.com

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Portland icons oppose Peterson's

The Portland City Council plans to evict Peterson's Convenience store from their city owned retail location for "attracting a bad crowd." Why is the council doing this? I have obtained secret "friend of the council" briefs from several Portland notables that may have influenced their decision:

Dear Portland City Council,
Please close Peterson's Convenience store. We feel that it is attracting a lot of bums.
Dignity Village

Dear Portland City Council,
Please close Peterson's Convenience store. We feel that it is attracting a lot of criminals.
The taxpayer funded day labor site

Dear Portland City Council,
Please close Peterson's Convenience store. We feel that it is attracting a lot of freeloaders.
Fareless square

Dear Portland City Council,
Please close Peterson's Convenience store. I feel that it could be attracting child predators.
Neil Goldshmidt

Dear Portland City Council,
Please close Peterson's Convenience store. We feel that it offers a place for the homeless to use drugs.
The 24-hour city hall bathrooms

Dear Portland City Council,
Please close Peterson's Convenience store. We feel that it is attracting a lot of intravenous drug users.
The taxpayer funded needle exchange program

Dear Portland City Council,
Please close Peterson's Convenience store. We feel that it is attracting a lot of violent people.

Dear Portland City Council,
Please close Peterson's Convenience store. I don't think you should allow something to remain in a public place that is causing a spectacle.
Tre Arrow

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

You need to stay away from my children

"You need to make sure your child can speak spanish." - Barack Hussein Obama 2008

Myopia at it's best

As near as I can tell I am currently doing this blog "due to high gas prices." When I finish the post it will because because of "soaring gas prices." And the breakfast I am going to eat will happen "despite high gas prices."

Every news outlet looks for the "gas price" angle. Marketing companies have figured out that sheeple are willing to buy a $10,000 product if it gets them $100 in "free gas." And casual conversation around the water cooler seems to have drifted away from the weather and now obsesses over a $0.02 increase per gallon. (that's an extra $0.40 cents on a fill-up if you have a 20 gallon tank, woohoo)

The irony is that the people who seem to complain the most are the same people who:

1. know the least about basic economics
2. spent $1,000 on fireworks
3. are holding a 12 oz Starbucks that cost them $4.50

Please, make them stop.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Things to do on taxpayer funded time

1. I will continue to expand my experiences and interactions with diverse individuals and groups.

2. I will access DHS resources on cultural competency and diversity in order to expand and develop my knowledge and skills working with diverse individuals and groups.

3. I will continue to research and read about diverse cultural groups and their needs.

4. I will attend workshops, trainings, and lectures about diversity and cultural competency.

5. I will participate in a book club or study group related to diversity and cultural competency.

6. I will advocate for time in staff meetings for sustaining the learning on cultural competency.

7. I will maintain an open mind and a willingness to learn through all of my experiences with diverse individuals and groups.

8. I will not deport young American children to third world countries or allow parents to kill their children while a caseworker reads the newspaper.

Wait a minute, number 8 isn't really on the list. As you reflect on your workday today just remember that those Oregon income taxes they took from the paycheck that you earn went to pay the salary of Marita Baragli, DHS Diversity Coordinator, so she could come up with lists such as this one.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Men do not have fallopian tubes

I'm starting to think that a good portion of the world's media folks need lessons in basic biology. The nonstop press coverage of the Oregon woman who pretends to be a man having a baby this weekend is getting sickening.

Every news outlet refers to a "man" having a baby. (These are the same "scientists" who insist on global warming by the way)

Here is the story as reported by Daniel:

A incredibly selfish woman, who couldn't care less about the baby she is bringing into the world, has made a media spectacle of herself by pretending she is a man. Obviously if this were a man he wouldn't have the neccessary plumbing to give birth but the transgender supporters are willing to ignore that fact.

They might as well be reporting that a dolphin has just given birth to a human baby. Congratulations on being selfish enough to involve a child in your self-destructive lifestyle.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Please mom and dad, we promise to be careful

It's time for our benefactors in the legislature to change Oregon's fireworks law. My argument is the classic "but Timmy's mom lets him play with cool fireworks."

What makes our friends just to the north so much more capable than us to use fireworks that "fly more than three feet off the ground or explode"?

Stop protecting the stupid from themselves. Stop treating us like children.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another "Oregonian" makes the news

Man arrested in Oregon in 13-year-old Newburgh killing
A 36-year-old man is being held in the Orange County Jail in Goshen following his arrest in Oregon and his return to the county.

Jesus Rosas Fuentes is accused of the September 29, 1995 shooting and killing Elpidio Guerrero, 19, in the Washington Heights area of the City of Newburgh. The incident, which is thought to have been a case of mistaken identity, was believed to be gang related.

City Police Lt. Charles Broe said Fuentes was arrested in Oregon last Wednesday by agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and flown to Stewart Airport where he was taken into custody by Newburgh officers.

But it gets better. You know those "raids" that "frighten immigrant families" so much? Well it would appear that Fuentes was detained by ICE during one of those raids and only afterwards was it discovered that he was a suspect in the killing.

Check turns up warrant for 1995 Newburgh slaying
City police Lt. Charles Broe said Fuentes was taken into custody in Oregon Wednesday by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

A computer check turned up a 1996 warrant in the Guerrero slaying — signed by now-retired Orange County Court Judge Pano Patsalos — and the next thing he knew, Fuentes was on a plane landing at Stewart International Airport, escorted by U.S. marshals.

Imagine that, arresting criminals for being here illegaly and once you find their proper identity it turns out they are wanted for... more crimes!

ICE raids should be stepped up. The "community" of criminals should live in fear of being caught every minute of every day.