Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Keep your trash in your own country

Texas still plans to execute killer despite U.N. order
Texas will go ahead with the scheduled Aug. 5 execution of Houston rapist-killer Jose Medellin despite Wednesday's United Nations world court order for a stay, a spokesman for Gov. Rick Perry said.

The UN's International Court of Justice's call for stays in the cases of Medellin and four other Mexican nationals awaiting execution in Texas came in response to a petition filed last month by the Mexican government.

Medellin, 33, was condemned for the 1993 killings of Jennifer Ertman, 14, and Elizabeth Pena, 16, who stumbled into a drunken midnight gang initiation rite at T.C. Jester Park in north Houston.

What really sickens me is that "what happened" according to the Houston Chronicle is that the girls "stumbled into" something. If you have the stomach for it, you can read what these subhuman vermin really did HERE.

I'm glad that, at least in Texas, they still know what soveriegnty is and they are willing to punish these hardworking immigrants who McCain, Bush and Obama would all love to have mowing the lawn of your local middle school.


Anonymous said...

Daniel: I read this whole story:

What you have here is just some "mis-understood" oppressed youths. who need a mulit-million dollar basketball court donated to them with an apology posted om the billboard out front.

We( gringos) beg your forgiveness for the sins of oppression we have caused you, please take our virgin daughters as a gestute of our total sorrow for our not understanding your cultural needs.

Now all of you who support these animals....PLEASE DIE!

Anonymous said...

Really, Daniel, can't you at least try to hide your bigotry? I mean, to hold Jose Medellin -- a convicted rapist and killer -- up and in one fell swoop equate him with "these hardworking immigrants who McCain, Bush and Obama would all love to have mowing the lawn." What else can we possibly deduce from that other than that you believe that "these hardworking immigrants" are ALL rapists and killers? Or, that they are somehow predisposed to commit these very same crimes because they immigrated here illegally? Automatic linkage: Cross the U.S.-Mexican border, and reveal yourself as ticking time bomb who will perpetrate terror on our women and children.

How can you POSSIBLY (with a straight face and any hope in retaining a shred of credibility among fellow Republicans, friends, family, and children) post rancid bile like this and insist that you are not a bigot? Are you insane?

Oh, and to the idiot Anon 7:47, please take my above criticisms to mean that I would like to personally adopt Jose Medellin, give him a big hug and a glass of warm milk, and introduce him to my teenage daughter. That's what I'm really trying to say, you fucking idiot moron piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

He's doing no such thing, dumbass. What he is saying is that we are not subservient to the U.N. Texas doesn't give a fuck what the UN says, and frankly, neither do I. If Medellin gets a stay because of the UN, what does that say for our citizens? We execute our citizens but Mexican nationals get a pass? Think we'd get the same consideration if the roles were reversed? No, we wouldn't. Fuck the UN. If the dude did the crime, he can pay the price. And if he doesn't like it, he should have thought about the penalty before he did that shit. Texas doesn't play. I should know, I used to live there.

OFIR is Racist said...

And just think Danny, they will ALL be given amnesty soon enough. With all the anti-immigrant repubes losing their seats AlleyPackers and OFIR Racists will be powerless to do anything about it. A McCain or an Obama Presidency will assure that.

Anonymous said...

If Mexico were about to execute one of our citizens, what would we do? It's an honest question, and I think one worth asking.

But here's what I'm really wondering:

How can you right-wingers simultaneously denounce the UN and everything it says, while at the same time advocate for our country's unwavering support for the state of Israel? The nation of Israel did not exist until it was installed by fiat of the same United Nations that you all seem to abhor.

Imagine that you're a Palestinian in 1948 and all of a sudden your land is decreed by the UN as within the newly established state of Israel? What do you think your reaction would be?

It seems that you are having it both ways when it comes to the UN: blasting it when you think it runs counter to U.S. interests, ignoring it's role in creating the state of Israel, and thereby fueling the bloody history that is the Arab-Israeli conflict.

I'm not saying Israel shouldn't have the right to exist. I'm just pointing out that they were established by fiat of the same institution you all would like to see dissolved. It seems that they should be able to stand on their own two feet. Our support does nothing to help bring peace to that region, in my view.

As for Danny's original post, sorry I drifted off topic a bit. It gets tiring responding to the same old crap from him. I did notice that he implied that the offenders were all immigrants when in fact only one was. Funny also, is that the perp's accomplice was Danny O'Brien. I won't hold my breath for a post from Daniel pissing and moaning about those rapacious Irish.

Miglavs: You are a pathetic human being...and you know it.

Anonymous said...

What is the status of the "Respect For Law" act? Daniel? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and to the idiot Anon 7:47, please take my above criticisms to mean that I would like to personally adopt Jose Medellin, give him a big hug and a glass of warm milk, and introduce him to my teenage daughter. That's what I'm really trying to say, you fucking idiot moron piece of shit.


OOOOOOOH! Did I hit a sore spot?

Did you miss your mommy as did the nice muslim "youth" who killed a real hero?

You one day will have your "YOUTUBE" moment, in an orange jumpsuit sitting on a floor in front of some really scary dudes in black masks with knives.

But by the time that happens they will be fighting the LA RAZA crowd on a cage match tv show.

At least then,they will be spilling their blood instead of mine.

I hope to adhere to my old Marine sniper motto. "don't run, you will only die tired!", before they get to me.

Wait a minute, better you then me.

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S what I call an illuminating post.

Bravo, anon 10:30, bravo!!

By the way, how many hours per day do you spend watching FOX news and playing violent video games?

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- Um, with regard to your last paragraph: don't you mean hardworking "illegal" immigrants? You left that part out. Oh yeah, that's right. You don't make that distinction when it comes to hispanics. They're all rapists and murderers. Right? All of them. Even the lawn mowers you speak of. How about your wife?

Moondoggie said...

Everyone's a former Marine sniper on the internet. I am an international spy. ROTFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

10:30's jumpsuit is white with really long sleeves that tie up in the back. He types his posts with his nose between drools into his cup.

Anonymous said...

What is the current status of the "Respect For Law" act? Daniel? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Oh please with your "virgin daughters" crap Anon 747. Cultural needs? I suppose your refering to the so-called "cultural thing" Daniel likes to drag out with regarding Mexicans and pedophilia. Cultural norms? America doesn't have a face to talk. Up until just recently, many of our states had consent ages ranging from between 12 and 14. You think white guys have the moral high ground when it comes to messing with your little virgin daughters? You mean the cutie-pie innocent little 13 year olds posing in their wet tee-shirts on their My Space pages? ROTFLMAO. Get real.

dchamil said...

Those who are executed at last will die painlessly after having enjoyed an extra 15 years of lifetime. What a pity they won't be raped with a broomstick and then strangled -- you know, the way the girls died.

Anonymous said...

you know what's funny is how much fabrication takes place on this blogspot.

For instance, dchamil claims to have a phd in physics. Got a web presence there doc?

I would expect a phd to have a somewhat more sophisticated and contemporary view of the justice system than the barbaric, old testament-style view you espouse.

It's also funny how much in common these right-wing neanderthals have in common with radical muslims like the taliban.

The government should be a theocracy.

We should wage violent war on those not adhering to our view of the world, etc, etc.

dchamil said...

I received my PhD from University of California, San Diego in 1965, specializing in experimental superconductivity, under Bernd T. Matthias. Some of my work was summarized in "The Position of Lanthanum in the Periodic Table" Am. J. Phys. vol. 33, 637 (1965). Lately I've been studying finite fields and algebraic geometry. I don't have a website devoted to physics.

Anonymous said...

dchamil, you can use facts to prove almost anything. Facts shmacts.

hahaha, that anonymous unemployed burger flipper got pwned.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I can't quit you...

Anonymous said...

Indeed dchamil seems to be legit. I looked up the journal and there it was.

Props to you professor Hamilton, assuming that is indeed who you are.

Your eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth sense of justice however, has no place in modern society. How is state-sanctioned murder anymore ethically justifiable than the murder of one private citizen by another?

This is similar to the debate over whether our prisoners in the so-called war on terror are entitled to due process and habeas corpus. These are at the core of our legal system and the inalienable rights of all men (and women) who are supposedly created equal. If we're so confident that our system of governance and justice is the best of all possible systems that we are willing to invade a sovereign nation in order to "bring democracy to its people", then why are we unwilling to extend to all people, even those susspected of crimes, those same rights that we hold to be the inalienable rights of man?

Seriously, it makes no sense.

Calhoun said...

anon 9:50 PM said : "Funny also, is that the perp's accomplice was Danny O'Brien. I won't hold my breath for a post from Daniel pissing and moaning about those rapacious Irish."

1. O'Brien wasn't "the perp's" accomplice. He was one of the perps. He raped the girls. He strangled one of the girls.

2. O'Brien isn't Irish, he's of African ancestry.
Take a look :
Derrick O'Brien. Why would you make an assumption about someone's race based on their name? Isn't that just like something you accuse others of doing?

And the rest of the child-murderers :
Peter Cantu
Efrain Perez
Jose Medellin
Raul Villarreal

And judging by their looks, I'd say most of them look pretty much Caucasian. (Do I have to explain it? Yeah, probably do have to. Spaniards are Caucasian; people of Spanish ancestry are Caucasian.)

Anonymous said...

We cannot extend the same judicial rights to these terrorists because they have not bought into the social contract inherent in the system. Without this, there can be no law or order. What makes no sense is why people like you can't see this.

Anonymous said...

"midnight gang initiation rite"

I bet you know alot about those midnight gang initiation rites. don't you Daniel?

Anonymous said...

Calhoun -- Pretty slippery slope that your on but I admire you for taking it.

One should never make assumptions about race or citizenship based on surnames, skin color or the language one chooses to speak -- something that's been proven time and time again on this blog but to no avail. Not surprisingly, Daniel and his little friends are some of the worst offenders.

Actually, anthropologists consider Mexicans and most Latin Americans without African ancestry to be caucasian as well.

As far as the citizenship status of these freaks, it's just as likely that they're actually American citizens, at which point, by Miglav's own standards, they are no longer "Mexican." They are simply Americans. Period. Right Daniel?

Calhoun said...

Anon 1:34, it's the pro-amnesty crowd and the Raza-ists who are promoting the idea that if you speak Spanish or have a Spanish name, you're not white. Because thay want to play the race card. Their game is to convince Americans that "illegal alien" is a non-white race, and if any illegal alien is unhappy about anything, it's because of racism.

Latin America is a multi-racial place. Latin Americans are of Caucasian, Indigenous, and African ancestry, and everything in between. "Latino" is a multi-racial category of people. And it's the pro-amnesty crowd who are lying about it, trying to make everyone think "Latino" is a non-white race. It ain't.
In the Ertman/Pena case, child-murderer/child-rapist Jose Medellin has asserted he is a citzen of Mexico. I noticed something funny on the page Daniel linked :
"... Jose Medellin claims that he should get a new trial because he is a Mexican national and should have been allowed to contact the Mexican consulate for legal assistance. However, he had lived in the US since he was six years old and had gone to elementary, middle and high school here."

All I can say to that is ... LOL.

Anonymous said...

Well, Calhoun -- I have to tell you that hasn't been my experience at all. I haven't met many pro-amnesty people, but my definition of amnesty might be a little different than yours. Regardless, your observation is not accurate in my interactions regarding people who are working for a solution, not even a little. Every Latino with Spanish blood in them that I have ever met is well aware that they are caucasian, for whatever it's worth.

Anonymous said... for the other three psychos who carried out this horror, it bears repeating that by Daniel's own standards, which he often repeats, they are Americans and only Americans.

There's no information indicating that they were born in a foreign country, that they were in America illegally, or that they are foreign nationals with immigration holds. One can only deduce that the other three were born here, are therefore citizens, and, according to Daniel's own lamentations are American and nothing but American. Period.

Anon 7:51 said...

Did I hit a sore spot?

Not at all, sir. But you did live down to my expectations. I particularly appreciate the way you attempted to raise the level of discussion: Did you miss your mommy? Classy.

I happen to have a tremendous amount of respect for Americans who have worn the uniform and served in combat. Liberal, conservative, doesn't matter to me.

Until they reveal themselves to be psychotic pricks like yourself. Do yourself and the company you keep a favor ... have a glass of warm milk, and use them to swallow your meds.

And honestly? If we're placing odds on which one of us is more likely to end up on TV in an orange jumpsuit?

Remember to smile. Your mommy might be watching.

Anonymous said...

What is the current status of the "REspect for Law" act? Daniel, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Dude, when are you going to figure out that Daniel does not answer questions? He just gets off on the fact that so many people try.

Anonymous said...

I'm well aware of Daniel's lack of desire to answer questions put to him. I just like asking it. A little twist of the knife for someone oh so deserving of it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:26, what are you saying? That the thing went down in a Miglavian fireball already? Did they not get enough signatures?

Guess that shows how engaged I am with the OFIR "lifestyle."

Anonymous said...

I think they missed the deadline --no one wanted to sign their name to the petition on the piece of pompous, nativist garbage.

Funny thing is, the so-called "Respect For Law" act that was supposed to "save" Oregon from the evil mongrel invaders went down with less than a whimper. Not a peep about it in the news, on OFIR's website, Lars Larson, TV news, newspapers or anything. Guess no one cared.

Next? The criminal Sizemore's ridiculous shitpile of a proposal.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Daniel never was violent when he was a gangbanger.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything on OFIR's web site about the "Respect for law" act ... no call for signatures or petitioners, no announcement that it's on the ballot, etc. Looks like the thing might have died on the vine.

That's odd ... I hear so much about the ocean-sized groundswell of support from "mainstream" Americans, you'd think this one would have been an slam dunk for the Miglavians.

Maybe not. :-)

Anonymous said...

And what ever happened to the "immigration candidate" for President?

Anonymous said...

You must be referring to Daniel's favorite Miglavian on the national stage, Tom "This will be my drumbeat" Tancredo.

Anonymous said...

Tom Who? LOL>

Anonymous said...

In Daniel's "mind," if Tancredo were to walk down the street of "mainstream" America (white, in other words) he would attract a crowd of the one that, say, gathered around Obama in Portland.

The Miglavian mind, in other words.

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

Moondoggie said...
Everyone's a former Marine sniper on the internet. I am an international spy. ROTFLMAO.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, no problem. I'm a former sniper too. It's tough when people don't believe me. I often feel demeaned and demoralized by people on the internet who don't believe me. So instead of shooting them where they stand, I call them juvenile names and shout in uppercase. Then I feel better.