Thursday, July 03, 2008

Please mom and dad, we promise to be careful

It's time for our benefactors in the legislature to change Oregon's fireworks law. My argument is the classic "but Timmy's mom lets him play with cool fireworks."

What makes our friends just to the north so much more capable than us to use fireworks that "fly more than three feet off the ground or explode"?

Stop protecting the stupid from themselves. Stop treating us like children.


Anonymous said...

what about protecting you and me from the stupid?

Anonymous said...

you can't fix stupid!

Robin said...

you know, it wasn't until I got a job that took me out of Oregon where I spent most of my life that I realized just how backwards and dumb that Oregon can be at times.

There are states where it is normal to drive 75mhp on the freeway, where motorcyclists are not required to wear helmets, and where you have the choice of pumping your own gasoline. (definitely a bonus because normally the pumps are open 24 hours a day even when the stations are not.)

And there are states who feel that people are mature enough and responsible enough to use real fireworks.

But not Oregon.

We had to fight just to get our 65 mph speed limit on the interstate, and there are those who would like to get it back to 55 because of the few idiots who are not mature enough to even be on the freeway in the first place. they say that "traffic deaths are caused by driving too fast", personally I feel that most are caused because someone did something stupid.

Being a motorcycle rider myself, I was and still am against the helmet law. I always wear a helmet when I ride. Just like seat belts, I would like it to be my choice. (yes I due agree that seat belts and helmets should be required for ages 16 and under)

As for fireworks… Just like lawn mowers, if you don't have the common sense on how to use one safely… then you should not be using one at all. oops, bad example, the manufactures had to add toe guards, extended the length of the handle and added automatic engine shutoff's when you release the handle and removed the throttle so that you don't have a choice of the engine speed. why? because a few people were too stupid to safely run a lawn mower and got hurt.

so it is an annual event for the "we need government to protect us from us" crowd to ban fireworks because we are too stupid to use them.

next they will be lobbing to remove the stick from Popsicles because someone gaged on one.

Bob said...

When I was a little boy, you could go to Woolworth's, and buy proper, blow-your-hand-clean-the-hell-off M-80's for a nickle a piece.

Sure, some natural selection occurred, but it's not like those kids were going to be surgeons or anything.

Anonymous said...

Just call me one eye ! I poked my eye out with a Q-tip should we outlaw them also????????????????

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with the "let me raise myself" theory however you did get one point wrong not all of us in Washington State are allowed to shoot off fireworks, most towns in the north west part of this state have banned them and we can only do "safe and sane" fireworks. However the irony in all of this is if we want to go up to the Indian Reservations we can legally purchase the fireworks that go up in the air we just cannot legally have them in our possession. The motto in the town I live in is "IF IT GOES UP OR BLOWS UP IT'S ILLEGAL". Wow and you guys think you have it rough?

Have a Happy 4th of July even without the fireworks:)

Auburn, Washington

Scottiebill said...

Ignorance can be cured through education, but stupid goes on forever.

Anonymous said...

So Boy-stupid decides to set off illegal fireworks while on his camping trip resulting in a huge forest fire. Then "moron" Daniel will complain that said forest fire is being fought by Mexican fire fighters, who, of course, are ALL illegal and NONE of them can speak English, thereby putting the English-speaking fire fighters at risk (utter bullshit, I know, but Miglavs did whine about this last summer and famously got his but kicked by two actual fire fighters).

Respect for law? Nope, not when little Danny Miglavs doesn't like the particular law.

Lo, the never-ending whine-fest of a cluster fuck that is Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

PS: I think it should also be legal to toss your cigarette butts out the car window.

Anonymous said...

Scottiebill - don't talk about Danny that'll hurt his feelings...

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the "Respect for Law" act anyway?

beakeer said...


Anonymous said...

Daniel, the law's the law. Have you no respect for the law?

Your hypocrisy is showing. Again.

Bobkatt said...

To you anonomorons thinking a law is dumb and wanting to change it is hypocrisy. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Sugar, Spice and everything Nice.

Oregon is a Woman's and Wimps World where everything and everybody . . . is Safe from harm.

Well it can be if we all just pretend.

Greg said...

I love some of these comments.

We keep enacting laws to protect the stupid, and the stupid continue to breed like rabbits. Stupid people make stupid babies, which of course perpetuates the situation. The more stupid people there are, the more laws we make to protect them.

Perhaps instead of making more and more laws to protect stupid people from themselves, we should do away with the ‘stupid’ laws and raise the average intelligence level of this country. Attrition can work on more than just criminal aliens.

And for those that can’t distinguish between a good law and a bad law (typically signing their posts – Anonymous), we should do our level best to obey all laws, but when a law is poor, unjust, or just outdated we should work to change or delete it.

Anonymous said...


Well, that one flew clean over your head. What we "anonymi" identify as a hypocrisy is the fact that Daniel abhors those who thumb their noses at the laws of the land -- illustrated by his advocacy of the "respect" for law act, yet he shows little respect for the laws he doesn't personally agree with.

Some laws don't just protect the stupid from themselves. Some laws protect us from the stupid. Drunk driving laws certainly fall in this category. "Please mom and dad, I promise I'll only have one beer." Think. You bunch of whiny dumb asses.

I am anonymous because it's a pain in the ass to post any other way. There's no other reason. We're all anonymous, essentially, "Greg." Greg who?

Anonymous said...

Dumbasses (you know who you are):

Should we let "Boy-Stupid" and his equally stupid buddies play with illegal fireworks in Daniel's back yard, i.e. Sherwood? I say yes!

How interesting it would be to see who would be the first in his neighborhood to point his greasy finger in their direction and squeal "PUNISH THEM TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW!" Want to take a gander who that might be?

Let's say Boy-Stupid and his buddies got shit-faced and decided to have some fun -- oh, how 'bout up around Trillium Lake and Timberline Lodge? A forest fire ensues, costing millions of Miglavs' hard earned tax dollars to extinguish, and then millions more tax dollars to restore Timberline, camp grounds, and other facilities commonly found in our Federal parks. Guess who would mewl and snivel the loudest? Right again! Miglavs.

How about prime hunting grounds? I say let's go have a fireworks party there! Let's go ruin some habitat! Where will Danny hunt? Who cares! Restore it with taxpayer money so Danny can go hunt there again? HELL NO!!! But again, I wonder who would protest the loudest, particularly if Boy-Stupid ended up being a firecracker wielding Mexican? Who do you think?

How about Boy-Stupid's brother who gets on a motorcycle with no helmet and ends up in an extended-care facility for the rest of his life at tax payer expense because of a head injury. Brother No Helmet is left in a permanent state of drooling stupor, but occasional lucidity dictates we can't just let him die. Who do you think would whine the loudest about millions of tax dollars being spent on keeping Brother No Helmet alive for 40 years?

Rare occurance you say? Visit any residential care facilities lately? There's two guys who fit this description to the "T" at my Grandmother's residential care. Both in their early 30s and I bet they'll both live another 30 years. Guess who's paying for their care? Walk into any residential care facility and you will find an example or two of the No Helmet Brothers I speak of.

Laws protecting us from the stupid? By all means yes. They should be collectively referred to as Miglav Laws.

Unfortunately, there isn't a law against actually "being" stupid, hence the little Danny Miglavs of the blog-o-sphere.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Anons most of the time but Anon 255 does have a point Daniel! I think if we knew how much taxpayer money is spent fighting fires caused by "stupid" and his fireworks or paying for decades of permanent nursing care for "stupid" after head trauma from riding a motorcycle without helmet, we would probably not like that much either!

Personally, I think I will refrain from bitching too much about fireworks and helmet/seatbelt laws from now on now that I am viewing it from a taxpayer perspective.

Scottiebill said...

Anon 332: I really shouldn't dignify your remark by replying, but I will. I was not referring to Daniel when I posted my comment here. I was actually referring to all you anonymouses who apparently come to this blogspot for no other reason than to bash Daniel for his views on things that he posts about. You anonymouses prove my point every time you sign on here and continue your endless, mindless blathering against him. If you don't agree with him, fine. But Don't continue your diatribes like a bunch of lefty liberals bashing and blaming Bush for everything that happens, or is said or done, or whatever.

Again, you knotheads prove my point. Stupid goes on forever and so do you. It and you are incurable.

Anonymous said...

I'd like everyone on this blog to follow the Larry Sinclair story.

The man has been telling a specific detailed story of doing drugs/having sex with Obama for 6 months.

No response from Obama's camp, zero.

Sinclair has been false arrested,
death threats have been made, and
he had contact with Donald Young,
a " friend " of Obama's who was

Webster Tarplay follows this story

Anonymous said...

LOL anon 8:12. Oh, by the way, I'm selling the Hawthorne Bridge - do you have any desire to purchase it?

Anonymous said...

Scottiebill -- I thought it was all Bill Clinton's fault. Your story goes both ways, my friend.

You have a problem with the Anons who come here. What would you prefer, a blog full of yes men. What would be the point? If you don't like people disagreeing with your little friend, perhaps you should advise him to quit blogging. Daniel eats this shit up. He loves it. That's why he does it. Another source of attention for his poor disappointed self.

Stupid is as stupid does. Some people really are so stupid that laws to "contain and control" them really do become not only necessary, but pragmatic. I don't want taxpayers money to pay for the results that Danny's proposition would produce: fires, fires and more fires, all fought with our tax money. Again, who would be the first to scream? Per usual, Daniel's ideas are not very well thought out.

Anonymous said...
37 injured in Iowa fireworks misfire

hmmmmm.... I'm sure Daniel will also have a kneejerk reaction when some of those families sue the shit out of the promoter of the fireworks show.

Anonymous said...

more from that article

Police in Riverside, Ohio, said a man lost part of his leg when fireworks went off inside his parked sport-utility vehicle, blowing the windows out.

A 6-year-old girl in Bayville, New York, suffered second-degree burns when fireworks landed in her lap, police said. Investigators said it wasn't immediately clear who launched the fireworks but said the child wasn't at a public pyrotechnics display.

A 3-year-old boy in Leominster, Massachusetts, suffered serious burns after his father shot off fireworks that went awry, authorities said. The 37-year-old man will probably be charged with illegal possession of fireworks, police said.

In Port Huron, Michigan, a 51-year-old man was critically injured when he was struck in the face by a mortar-type firework, the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department said. Officers said the man was placing the firework in a tube when it ignited.

The Cheezer said...

I can't believe how many idiots attack Daniel for questioning a law. Not one did he say he broke the law, just that he thinks it's idiotic. As for you that whine about forest fires, how about not fighting them for a few years and letting them burn themselves out. This happens naturally in nature and is better for the environment and the health of the ecosystem. World wide forests have burned themselves out for longer than man has been around. Get over it, fires happen and when we build homes or businesses in fire ripe areas, we deserve what we get (just like flooding in flood planes). Should we also require all water to be thickened at the tap so nobody chokes while having a drink of tap water? I know, lets put a big roof over the city so nobody has to worry about being outside too long and getting a sun burn or adding the extra risk of skin cancer. Lets just put everyone in a medically induced coma at birth with feeding tubes etc so no one has worry about ever being a risk to themselves. Or lets elect more stupid morons to create more laws so they can control our entire F'ing lives! Oh yeah, we live in Oregon and we already have!

Anonymous said...

So fireworks, seatbelt, and helmet laws really have a profound
"controling" effect on how we live our lives? Melodramatic much?

Anonymous said...

Scenario A: Daniel Miglavs protests that laws prohibiting mortar fire in Oregon neighborhoods on the Fourth of July are unjust, and wants them repealed.

Scenario B: Daniel Miglavs does not protest laws that prohibit an individual walking from Mexico to the United States to work, and regards those who say that American immigration laws are unjust as anti-American libs.

Worst case Scenario A: American child gets blinded for life by a bottle rocket fired by a Mexican celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Woodburn.

Worst case Scenario B: Lazy American teenager loses job flipping burgers at McDonalds to a Mexican who will work his ass off.

Welcome to Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

I propose that the area in a 10-block radius around Daniel Miglavs' house be used as a test site next July 4 for "cool" fireworks.

Afterwards, Miglavs can testify about how "cool" it is to have his street turned into a war zone. Hopefully, there will be no injuries or deaths. I'm sure that other parents there, along with seniors, war veterans, etc., will enthusiastically endorse this "cool" idea.

Anonymous said...

OK libs that hate Daniel no matter what he says, I like Fireworks and don't think Big Brother should be telling me to drive to Vancouver, taking much needed biz revenue out of state, so that my family & friends can have some fun that has never hurt anyone.
Stupid Oregon government lost hundreds in money spent for us 6 to go to Washington amd eat, get gas, $400 on fireworks.

Posting stories of people hurt by fireworks? Dumb. Want to hear about the lady who spilled coffee on her lap at Mcdonalds and got millions for her idiocy?
I,ve never read of a forest fire in wa. cause by foreworks but some idiiot could start one with anything else anyhow.

My favorite comment today? "Sure some natural selection occured, but they weren't going to be brain surgeons"...

Anonymous said...

and of the 3 firework stands we went too, 4/5 of the cars had OR. plates.

hmmm...just 20,000 car loads go to wa. for stuff for 4th of july times $500 each = $10 Million not spent here.

Democrats really want no one to spend money here don't they?

Anonymous said...

You Miglavians are hysterical ... you'll scream and pout about an anti-war march because it creates a "disturbance" and blocks streets, and yet you want the right to fire off "cool" fireworks that basically turn residential neighborhoods into firing ranges. Unbelievable. You think THAT should be legal, while growing a pot plant in your backyard should be illegal. Fucking insane. Thank God you people are so right-wing that so few of you can actually get elected.

Anonymous said...

driving to vancouver to pick up fireworks and then bringing them back here and shooting them off is violation of several state and federal crimes. but hey, it is about respect for law, right?