Wednesday, July 09, 2008

You need to stay away from my children

"You need to make sure your child can speak spanish." - Barack Hussein Obama 2008


Anonymous said...

Don't fret none Miglavs. Your kids are probably so fucking messed up about hearing any other language spoken but English that they probably turn and run like little 'fraidy cats whenever they hear a single syllable spoken in any other language.

Keep your frickin' kids with their various neurosis the fuck away from mine.

As for what Obama had to say about learning other languages -- it went clean over your shaved head. Your stupid and your kids are going to suffer for it. You are raising them to fail in a world they won't have a prayer of understanding, and I don't mean language-wise.

Sandy said...

Before I comment, I want to make one thing clear: I am not voting for Barack Obama, and I am not a Democrat or liberal of any stripe.

What Mr. Miglavs' post does not call attention to is the other remark Obama made: That immigrants need to learn English.

What Obama is calling for, ultimately, is an educated citizenry, and that is all. I have to wonder why Miglavs objects to this. It is one thing to be apathetic about education ... it's quite another to be hostile toward it.

For all intents and purposes ... at least, for all economic intents and purposes, which is what ultimately drives people's lives, national borders in the Americas no longer exist. They ceased to exist thanks to NAFTA and GATT. I doubt that Miglavs was among those protesting NAFTA and GATT in Seattle years back. I doubt that he has ever taken part in any protest of these trade agreements, and I strongly suspect that, given an opportunity, he would ridicule those who do, and that he's voted for politicians who made those agreements happen in the first place.

Economic life in the 21st century has been globalized, period. There's no going back. It is a fact of life. It's part of the reality-based universe. It is a product of the economic system that Miglavs, unless he's a closet communist, supports.

Disparaging those who take the time and trouble to learn two or more languages does nothing more than reveal Miglavs' contempt for students' personal initiative and education. The ability to speak multiple languages in a globalized world ought to be a virtue. I am not necessarily of the view that it should be required, but it should certainly not be discouraged.

Miglavs, you are an ignoramus. Please stay away from MY schools (assuming you even have any interest in straying near one) and away from MY children.

Bobkatt said...

If you myopic assholes would take off your Daniel-hating blinders for a minute you just might see what a condescending mother-f****er Obama really is. First of all, no one is discouraging learning other languages like you twits suggest. The real issue is that we are fighting the North American Union. Unlike Obama we are not ashamed of America or remotely interested in giving up our sovereignty to the U.N. or any world body.
Obama's insistence that our children learn Spanish only illustrates that in his mind the NAU is a done deal and we need to accept it. Well good luck with that one!
As far as being successful in the global economy I would suggest that your children learn perhaps Chinese or Russian because we are bound to either be more involved with those markets or at war with them.
It's just a guess but I would imagine that if you went to France you would probably have more success speaking English than you would Spanish. But that's just a guess.

Anonymous said...

The reality: Children wishing to graduate High School are now required to take two years of a foreign language. My kids had to take two years. In fact they took four years. That was MY REQUIREMENT.

Really, if you uneducated jingos don't like it that is one thing. The fact that it is already a requirement at most, if not all high schools, is another. The way I see it, too bad for you whiners. Maybe it will make you leave Oregon for greener pastures. All the better for us who want properly educated children. BYE!

Anonymous said...

BTW: Bobkitty, you are nothing but an idiotic kook. Loosen up the straps on your tinfoil hat and you will see that.

Anonymous said...

...A second language should be something chosen not required. If your child wants to learn Spanish go right ahead but it should be a choice. When Europeans come here many of them know English because they chose to not because they were forced to.

sandy said...

Bobkatt, I don't disagree with you: Obama is condescending. But I do not "hate" Daniel. Why would I? I don't even know him. All I know is what he writes, and based on that, my criticisms stand.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

As predicted, Miglavs is on track to pull the lever for McCain in November. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Think again BobKatt. Your own personal myopia limits your vision to whatever part of Miglavs ass you happen to be kissing today.

If you went to France speaking Spanish you would do far better off than speaking English. I know, I lived there. There are huge communities of Spaniards living in France and most French speak Spanish pretty well just because of their proximity to Spain and Portugal.

As a tourist, if you speak only English, you'll get by pretty well, but as a former resident, Spanish is way more common in everyday settings. In addition, as any language teacher will attest --French is much easier to learn if you study Spanish first.

Most language teachers agree that if one is to learn a second language, Spanish ranks at the top. It's a root language and learning it first facilitates learning other Latin languages with relative ease.

Miglavian disdain for all things "Spanish" is evident whenever the topic of language comes up. Invariably, someone in Danny's fan club mewls about learning Russian and Chinese over Spanish. Of course, there's nothing wrong with learning either. But it's crystal clear what agenda drives them to assert that Chinese and Russian are supposedly "superior" choices
for childhood language learning. They're not. Any language teacher will tell that. Spanish is the almost always the first choice for early language learning for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the ease with which most people can learn Spanish. For a child, providing a simple and enjoyable language as their first "experience" is preferable. Saddle them with a complicated and difficult language to learn and you're likely to leave them with an aversion to learning other languages. The reality is MOST (not all, but most) kids will grow up, attend college, and move on to careers in the geographical area in which they grew up. This is true for most Americans. A relatively small percentage of us go on to live lives of international mystery. Most of us stay pretty much right where we're at, generally speaking. That is a fact, and as such, Spanish makes sense and will ultimately prove more useful.

Sandy is right. We are now living in a global economy and, barring any sort of worldwide catastrophe, it's here to stay. There's no putting Pandora back in her box. As parents, it is up to us to raise our children to be successful in thier new world, not our old one. If you think that Spanish-speaking countries are not going to emerge as major players in this new global economy you are dead wrong.

Daniel -- love the way you completely left out the fact that Obama also says that immigrants need to learn English. Why do you have a problem with the WHOLE truth? You seem to prefer just the bits and pieces that suit your agenda, leaving out key pieces of information that put things into context.
Next thing you'll be doing is doctoring up photos ala Fox News, right?

Daniel said...

Your stupid and your kids are going to suffer for it.

It's "you're stupid" genius.

Anonymous said...

next he'll insist our children learn science. what a fucking elitist snob.

Anonymous said...

I took 4 years of French in school. What Obama isn't suggesting is that we learn a second language for the educational aspect. He's saying we should specifically learn Spanish because we have so many illegal immigrants here. He's catering to the Mexican illegals and you all know it. If he wasn't, why not suggest we all learn Chinese? You're all fooling yourselves if you think this is about anything than pandering to Mexican immigrants and their illegal counterparts.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, it is painfully, excruciatingly, spectacularly obvious that your "response" responds to absolutely nothing of substance. So I have to ask: Unwilling, or unable?

as it is said...

My child has to take 2 years at the highschool. It is a requirement for graduation. They also have to pass a test in the language they are taking. What Obama brought up is a non-issue. It is already a requirement.

Scottiebill said...

Two points: Obama said that we should require our kids to learn Spanish. He did not mention any other language. If the kids want to learn a language other than Spanish, would Obama consider them second-class citizens?

Second point: Will Obama require his two kids to learn Spanish? And what happens if they choose not to learn Spanish and instead chose French or German or Arabic or Swahili?

Scottiebill said...

At least he did say that the immigrants, be they legal or illegal, should learn English.

Anonymous said...

Fluency in multiple languages is one indicator of an educated and enlightened mind. Look at John Adams ... the man was fluent in English, Latin and French. You didn't see him stomping around like a goddamned idiot pouting, "English only!"

Then we have Miglavs, determined to see that his fellow Americans settle for the absolute bare-ass minimum level of education ... and NOTHING MORE!

MAX Redline said...

To the folks who raise Europe as an example of the importance of learning other languages:

It's a much smaller place. Here in the USA, a tv or radio transmission from New York can be understood by folks in the Midwest, the South, the Rocky Mountain states, and even Alaska because we all speak the same language.

Compare those distances with those in Europe, and you begin to understand the selective advantage which favors multilinguistic capability in those small countries. By contrast, add in Canada to the USA spectrum, and there is simply no other place on Earth in which one language (English) is so completely dominant.

While I agree that learning another language can be helpful in some cases, it is for the most part completely unnecessary in the northern portion of the western hemisphere.

Frankly, I see no reason why Obambi or anybody else should insist that anybody take Spanish or French. It's not as though any significant degree of innovation comes from Spanish or French speaking countries or provinces. Indeed, it can be argued that such speakers in general are poorer in terms of economics and backward in terms of culture (cock-fighting, bullfighting). They bring little to the table.

Presently, I'm paying for my high-schooler to take college-level courses in reading and writing Japanese. It was the kid's idea, but I fully support it because the Japanese are not only important allies and trade partners of the USA, they're also technologically superior to the French and the Spanish-speaking world.

Anonymous said...

The reality: Children wishing to graduate High School are now required to take two years of a foreign language. My kids had to take two years. In fact they took four years. That was MY REQUIREMENT

two years of foreign language has been the requirement for maybe 60 years. I took German because it is my heritage not spanish. Why shouldn't we have Welsh and Gaelic and Icelandic and medieval Norse as the language to learn. This La Raza bullshit has got to stop and I agree hussein obama is really a pompous ass that will be hated quickly enough by everyone.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we all learn ebonics?

Anonymous said...

Fuck that mother fucker. I speak Spanish because I decided I wanted to learn the language. Now when those mother fuckers try to talk any shit on me, I fuck 'em.

Me entiendes Mendez, o te explico federico?

Haha, dumbfuck Obama supporters!

Anonymous said...

Let's see. There's over 47 million Hispanics in this nation who were either born here either from current generations or from families who were here before Oregon was even a fricking State, or who have achieved citizenship through naturalization.

As of two years ago, Hispanic citizens make up the largest minority in the nation and growing. Pandering to illegals? Hardly. Spanish is a "common sense" (remember that?) choice on a multitude of levels, some of which have already been touched on previously...

A) It is the perfect
"introduction" language for young
students. It is phonetically simple and children learn it with ease. Learning Spanish first is recommended by many language teachers as it paves the way to learning other Latin-based languages (French, Italian, etc....)with ease. A positive introduction to languages via an easy and fun language such as Spanish helps keep the young student interested in going on to learn other languages.

B) Geography suggest that if a child learns to speak Spanish he's likely to actually USE it. Not so with one writer's suggestion that children be offered such wacky choices as Gaelic, "Icelandic?"
or medieval Norse (ROTFLMAO). How
about Klingon?

C) Another writer suggests that Japanese makes sense because of all the trade we do with them. Um...isn't Mexico our SECOND biggest trading partner? While the Japanese may outdo Mexico technologically, they have NOTHING on Mexico with regard to natural resources. Mexico leaves Japan in the dust on that. Anyone can manufacture a widget, a carburetor, or a DVD player. You can't "manufacture" oil and minerals.

Miglavs -- what is it that Anthony "Imaginary Numbers Are My Friend" Delucca has to say about spell checkers? Apparently, that would be you. How lame. Spell check your own shit. I see two errors on your home page template and more than just a few on your posts this month. Can you find them?

You're not just stupid Miglavs, your scary stupid. You can't think deep enough to "get" what Obama is saying. You're all about surface and false patriotism -- a throwback to book burning thugs. Thank God you, and people who think like you, are currently on a irreversable fade out.

Anonymous said...

Forget it, Jake. It's Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

Keep your frickin' kids with their various neurosis the fuck away from mine.

WELL I TOLD THE "REVERRRRAND Jackson what you said, and you know what he said about OBAMA, I'd stay away from black dudes with sharp knifes if I were you.

Anonymous said...

That immigrants need to learn English.