Sunday, July 31, 2005

New label, same bad idea


Pro-choice Groups May Drop 'Choice' in Abortion Debate
The Democratic think tank Third Way - run by the same strategists who moved the party to the center on the gun issue - is crafting new message and policy ideas to help Democrats appeal to Red State voters on abortion, Newsweek reports in the current issue.

Lakoff advised focusing on reducing unwanted pregnancies and suggested that the groups talk about "personal freedom," a phrase intended to evoke unpopular government intrusion into matters like the Schiavo case.

Other suggestions that came from this meeting:

Murder will now be called "Involuntary Heaven attendance."

Prostitution will be called "I'm a single mother supporting my children."

Drug use will be called "Reducing the amount of narcotics on the market."

And theft will be called "Supporting those less fortunate."

This is Democrat strategy, when their position is unpopular with voter they don't change it, they just change the way they market it. Killing babies as birth control is not something that you can make palatable with some slick packaging, we still know it's wrong.

Catching up on news

Having been in a news blackout for several days while camping it was interesting to come back and hit some internet sites and read the Fishwrappers that were thoughtfully piled up in front of my door indicating that no one was home. Thank goodness I don't reside in that "super livable" city known as Portland or I would have been burglarized three times.

And with no crimes being solved the only justice I would get would be knowing that the burglars themselves probably got robbed just a few blocks away...

But anyways, I see that the Senate finally passed the gun manufacturers protection bill. About time. For all you litigious folks, there is still time to become the victim of a hammer or screwdriver related crime and sue Craftsmen.

I love how Mary Dalrymple (last name pronounced: liberal gun-hating hack) refers to the measure as something that "opponents said had been ordered by the gun lobby." I'm still waiting for a Fishwrapper to quote opponents of a government funding bill as saying that it "had been ordered by the unions."

I also enjoyed the picture of our esteemed governor sitting in his cardboard box. A real man of the people. The Fishwrapper engages in wild speculation about his future on the front page but no real news there. The guy is asleep at the wheel, he may or may not run for reelection. Ok.

I did run into a very refreshing column by Kathleen Parker that touched on the serious repercussions of gay marriage. HEY YOU SELFISH ADULTS, THINK ABOUT THE KIDS! The erosion of the nuclear family is causing so many societal woes I can't even list them. If you don't believe me then take a trip to your local jail/prison/rehab center and ask the inmates if any of them grew up in a traditional family.

The Fishwrapper's public editor, Michael Arrieta-Walden, talked about "letters to the editor" today. He said there was a problem with not enough of them getting published, then talked about what other Fishwrappers are doing about it but didn't say anything about The Oregonian doing anything different. Also, there has been no change in the "don't publish anything Daniel writes" policy. However, a letter from someone who insists that the ACLU is "not biased" makes the cut.

August 6th is coming up and a Rally for Obeying the Law is being scheduled. You would think that no rally for obeying the law would be necessary but with all the apologists for illegal aliens, including our presidente, it is.

I got about 20 emails from various groups talking about Frist supporting stem cell research. Sorry, taxpayer funded stem cell research. You know, the research that Fishwrappers keep saying will cure Alzheimer's even though that is a medically impossible fact. Funny how the media/democrat party is all concerned about the deficit when it comes to defense spending but when it's time for some worthless research grants to be handed out with taxpayer dollars not a word about the cost is allowed to be uttered.

In the breaking news department it seems that terrorist acts have been/are being committed around the world. Using my secret decoder ring and plastic law enforcement badge that I got from a crackerjacks box I have been able to find a common thread and description of future suspects: male, between the age of 20 - 35, and Muslim.

If airport screeners would focus on that group (without saying that they are focusing on that group) then the Fishwrapper would not have to whine about the TSA is reducing the number of airport screeners in Portland. (One of my all time favorite columns on this subject: Arab Hijackers Now Eligible for Pre-Boarding) Re-reading that column still makes me laugh out loud!

It's good to be back in the loop.

Back from camping!

Took my family camping and we had a great time. Me and the boys caught a lot of fish. The tank-top tan is gone... replaced by lobster red sunburn. Regular posting resumes.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Our public officials at work: worried about Wal-Mart

Oh no, our public servants have identified a great threat to society. An invasion of sorts. Is it terrorists? Is it meth cooks/dealers/users who spend less time in jail than you do at the DMV? Is it illegal aliens? No, this is something much more sinister.

And like our founding fathers we must take up arms and fight this evil, this despicable entity known as... Wal-Mart.

Yes, Sam Adams is horrified that Big Box Stores that may want to bring jobs and developement to Portland and then provide citizens who choose to shop there with goods and services at a low prices. Always.

Thankfully our fearless leader is opposing the free-market with any and all tools at his disposal. With the residents of The Pearl on his side he will no doubt be able to silence the less affluent who would like to save $1.37 on their laundry detergent.

Read his post where he asks for our "thoughts" on this invasion.
Controlling the Big Box Store Invasion

Oppose ________________ 's extremist views

Iowahawk has a hilarious post that everyone should read. Remember, all great parody is funny because it is rooted in truth.

He or She Is The Wrong Man or Woman For The Court

We are NOT a role model

Washington should not go the way of Oregon
It's often said that you learn more from your mistakes than from your successes. True enough. But it's also possible to learn from other people's mistakes. That's the case with Oregon.

While most public employee pensions pay out about 60 percent of a worker's final salary after 30 years on the job, Oregon school employees who retired from 2000 to 2004 got pensions averaging 107 percent of their salaries. They are entitled to collect that amount, with cost of living adjustments, for the rest of their lives.

Bringing Oregon's benefits into line with the national average would free up an additional $500 million a year for Oregon's school children. But school employee unions oppose any efforts to reduce benefits.

But... but... I really though that the unions were looking out for the kids? I'm so dissilusioned.

This article is all about the debacle of out-of-control pensions/benefits for public employees. There is no question that public "servants" are better compensated than their private counterparts, although here is a post from a blogger with a slightly different point of view.

But our state's largest Fishwrapper, who always sides with government has done studies showing that public employees average pay is higher than the average pay of your average Joe. And their more recent study shows that PERS pays out 55% higher than the national average which is eating up our schools money faster than we can throw it at them.

Now the state of Oregon is the prime example of how NOT to handle public employee benefits. For too long the unions and employees with working job titles like Social Marketing Coordinator, Bilingual Customer Service Representative, Bicycle & Pedestrian Facility Specialist, Benefit Consultant - Bilingual Spanish, and Assistant To The Northwest Oregon Area Director have been in charge of things in Salem. The union asks, the legistlature giveth. At some point it has to stop.

New immigration survey

Numerous people have sent me the link to a new immigration poll that will be sent to Senator Frist. Take a minute and make you opinion count as well.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bush builds coalition for illegal aliens

Watch (Courtesy American Patrol Report)

The above is a Lou Dobbs piece on Bush's latest tactic to convince the American people to commit suicide. As far as I'm concerned his "coalition" doesn't amount to much, a former RNC chief, a democrat, and Dick "I'll run a red light" Armey aren't having any clout with me.

As for Armey's "red light" analogy, he is just a small step away from stealing a loaf of bread "to feed my family" then stealing, err "downloading" pirated music because "they charge too much for CD's." It's all relativism and excuse making for criminal behavior. What a bunch of crap.

Then we have the various Hispanic advocacy groups who don't seem to be reading from the same talking points, first it's jobs American's won't do, then it's "these are great wages with upward mobility" but we don't have the workers.

This message is just plain silly. Is our unemployment rate at 0%? If these are such great jobs then why should they go to Mexican illegal aliens when Americans are looking for work right now?

Perhaps these advocacy groups who say these jobs are so great could hook up with the unemployment department and help some unemployed Americans.

Not a "protected class"

Liberal Media Lashes Out at Christians
This bulletin just in: The culture wars have turned nastier than ever. And if conservative Christians are offended by being called insane, stupid, sinister -- or even the next incarnation of fascist storm troopers -- they'd better get used to it.

Bill Maher, host of HBO's live commentary show Real Time With Bill Maher, seems to have a deeply-rooted disdain for religious folk in general. On MSNBC's Scarborough Country, he told host Joe Scarborough: "I think religion is a neurological disorder."

For some in the media, the words Christian and dumb seem to be synonymous. CBS' 60 Minutes' professional grouser Andy Rooney is quite open about this. After the 2004 election, Rooney -- a self-professed atheist -- told a group of students and faculty at Tufts University that he thought religion is "all nonsense." According to The Tufts Daily newspaper, he added that he thought Christian fundamentalism was the result of "a lack of education. They haven't been exposed to what the world has to offer."

AgapePress chronicles some of the classic examples of Christian bias in the media and why the religious VS secular fight is so important.

Never say die AKA we just don't get it

The Basic (Special) Rights blog, you know, the one that doesn't allow comments, has an interesting post on Mary "I went to a strip club to support abortion" Nolan's attempt to revive SB1000. House Bill 3508 is the new version where Nolan tries to give "reciprocal benefits" to "everyone" but still give some special rights to just the gays. Sorry, the gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgenders and questioning and queer and confused and whatever else they have now.

Basic Rights gives the usual blather about "democracy" and "Minnis is an extremist" (*cough* 57% of your fellow Oregonians are extremists in your view *cough*) and the "this is only fair" whining.

To be honest I'm just tired of it. WE SAID NO YOU IDIOTS. You are treated no different than anyone else, you aren't "discriminated against," in fact you are celebrated in many circles. And your positions on "transgenders" and "gender identity," which aren't known to the public at large, are so crazy that no mainstream media outlet would print them because it would sabotage your movement for decades to come.

Embracing diversity

2005 Lane County Diversity Action Plan
What can we do:
Approve funding for diversity initiatives;

Hold those they supervise accountable for
supporting diversity initiatives;

Ensure ongoing diversity and cultural competency
training for all employees.

Become culturally competent and
knowledgeable about diversity principles;

Communicate effectively across cultural
differences. (AKA speak Spanish)

Lane County as an employer:
This is the first thing on their county employment website:
Diversity is a key to the future success of Lane County. We who work for Lane County government are charged with providing effective government services for everyone. Diversity, and the respect for and understanding of the integrity and worth of all culture, peoples and lifestyles is today and will continue to be simply good business (Diversity Policy LM 2.390).

If you are interested in joining us as we endeavor to provide and improve services to all our diverse communities in ways that are sensitive and responsive to cultural differences, including accessibility for persons with disabilities, we urge you to apply for this position.

It is then helpfully translated into Spanish. Most bussinesses start off with "we are looking for hardworking, ethical people who aspire to do their best..."

Some ways to accomplish Lane County's "diversity in employment" plan:

Increase the referral process through Human Resources for “extra help”
(temporary) positions as a way to increase opportunities for diverse applicants to
become part of the County workforce.
This means that when a manager/supervisor doesn't see enough of the right skin color they will rush out and hire "temps" with your tax dollars. They refer to this as "extra help" but these people will not have any real job or duties other than to increase diversity.

Educate and train supervisors and managers as to the appropriate application of
“merit and fitness” as outlined in the Lane Charter, so applicants are screened against
a broader definition that may address the County’s ability to increase workforce
This simply means that work ability doesn't apply to people with certain skin color. Terms like "merit" aren't relevent in today's "diverse" society. But rest assured, just because your tax dollars are paying for incompetent boobs to run our government agencies you will probably not see a decline in service.

Develop diversity/cultural competency standards for performance evaluations for
Lane County employees, including directors, managers, and supervisors.
God help the Christians. Better keep those beliefs to yourself...

Determine how the County’s interview process might unintentionally favor people
from dominant cultures (cultural bias) and provide recommendations to hiring
supervisors for overcoming any problems identified.
Yeah, like how the interviewers speak English. That favors the "dominat culture." We are rapidly moving towards all Spanish interviews for Lane County job openings.

Lane county as a service provider:

Increase recruitment, retention, and promotion of bilingual and/or bicultural
The bicultural term is a new one to me.

Evaluate intake and assessment tools used by departments in providing services, for
cultural validity and improve tools as required based on assessment results.
At my job, before I put my name on a piece of paper I always check it's cultural validity.

Some definitions:

Culturally Appropriate Services: The provision of County services that are sensitive and
responsive to the cultural differences that exist in particular cultural groups. Also, the provision of services that are effective because they are meaningful to recipients based on their culture.
Example: A 27 year old illegal alien got a 14 year old pregant and now she wants county services. Lane county will respect that in Mexico this kind of stuff is normal. Not the government having any services, 27 year old men having sex with young girls.

Disadvantaged: A descriptive term referring to those individuals who because of sex, disability, age, religion, race, color, or national origin which under particular laws, may not be considered as a basis for an act of harassment or discrimination (intentional or not).
Example: A Christian is being ridiculed in the workplace for believing that there is a God. His co-workers call him a Bible-thumper and intolerant. Under Lane counties plan... this is probably ok.

Disparate Impact: The tendency for a test, job qualification, or other employment practice to
screen out, or otherwise limit, the employment opportunities of people of color, women, individuals with disabilities, or older individuals at a greater rate than others. It also describes the inequitable distribution of services.
Example: They will hire that stupid black/gay/hispanic woman before they hire the much more qualified white guy.

Disparate Treatment: Employment practices such as the use of tests or educational requirements which are fair and neutral on their face, but which are applied or administered in an unfair manner.
Example: These things are fair "one their face" but the county doesn't like the actual outcome so they claim the process is wrong.

Gender Identity: A person’s actual or perceived sex; includes a person’s identity, appearance, or behavior, whether or not that identity, appearance, or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the person’s sex at birth.
Example: That freak who thinks that he is really a woman.

Institutional Privilege: The social structure that gives some groups an advantage and some a disadvantage in competition for social resources (e.g. jobs, finances, power, etc.), which may cause on group to hold a disproportionate number of positions of wealth and power.
Example: Whitey, specifically males.

Protected Class: A group of people of the same race, sex, color, religion, or national origin who
have equal protection rights according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Other laws also protect areas of physical and mental disability, age, and Vietnam era veterans.
Example: Not me. But don't worry, I have a gun.

Monday, July 25, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Dying To Be Martyrs
As best I can tell, there was no tactical necessity for the London bombers to die.

No, the four men that died voluntarily in the blasts did so simply because they aspired to be egg timers. It was, apparently, the only role in the attack that they could imagine for themselves in which they got to die. And a glorious death was the goal around which everything else was planned.

Mac Johnson looks at the culture that creates homicide bombers and has some pretty good ideas on how to combat that culture.

Interesting column

This was an interesting column that I read in today's Fishwrapper.
The Savage Nation vs. the Bushbots
Al Franken and the other liberals are probably still wondering why they had such little luck in their efforts to start a talk-radio network to bash George Bush from the left. They didn't consider the obvious explanation. George Bush has his left flank nicely covered. It's on the right that he's weak.

"Bush is melting down our borders and making us into a polyglot nation in which no one speaks the language," says Savage.

"I can't stand listening to people who want me to be a lapdog for Bush," he told me. "We're supposed to be watchdogs, not lapdogs."

I agree with what some of this column says. I listen to Rush in the morning for two hours but I don't particularly like him to be honest. I don't think that his show has much substance. When he was busted for being a drug addict and the liberals went beserk to find some quotes where he had discussed narcotics they could only find a reference when he talked about Kurt Cobain. All those years on the radio and he never talked about drugs? Isn't that an issue inmportant to Americans, conseravtive Americans? He has some interesting sound bites and analysis but he is certainly no debater. I'm not saying that I disagree with what he does say I'm just saying that he doesn't say much.

I listen to Hannity for an hour a day and while he has great guests he does not always press the issue with them if they are Republican big-wigs. He may ask a good question but then accepts a canned answer.

Savage, while over-the-top sometimes has the very basic premise of "language, borders, culture." I like to hear his critizism of Bush when Bush deserves it. It does us no good to elect a Republican and have him not act like one.

If I got to meet the president, which I would consider a great honor, and got to ask him one question on national tv, it would be "why are you allowing/encouraging illegal aliens, who are criminals, to invade our county, destroy our culture, sap our public resources, and victimize our communities?"

I know Savage would ask the same question, Rush would toss him a puff piece.

The talk show host who has the best of all worlds is definitely Lars Larson. During interviews with any and all public officials no matter how big or small he will bring up illegal aliens and then follow through when they give a canned answer. He actually covers issues that affect us here, today, and now rather than argue in the abstract. And he will always break the issue down with flawless logic and examples that any idiot, except liberal idiots, can understand. If you don't understand it's because you don't want to.

You mean bussiness doesn't like high taxes?

Oregon loses bid for $3B Intel plant to Arizona
In a blow to Oregon, the state's largest employer Intel Corp. said Monday it will spend $3 billion to build a factory in Arizona and another $105 million to convert an inactive Arizona plant into a temporary test facility.

There was no immediate comment Monday from Oregon leaders on Intel's decision to build in Arizona. Intel currently employs 9,000 people in Arizona.

The Arizona Legislature this year enacted a tax relief measure that was intended to entice the new Intel plant and other major business investments in new or existing plants.

State Rep. Steve Huffman, a Tucson Republican who championed the tax measure in the Arizona Legislature, said the change was "absolutely critical" to Intel's selection of the Arizona site though not the only factor.

"When you make intelligent decisions to encourage business investment, it pays off every time," he said.

This is the polar opposite of Oregon where we make the "intelligent" decision to regulate, tax, regulate, attempt to forcibliy incorporate into city property, regulate, tax, then impose draconian land use rules, then have legislators insist that the bussiness isn't doing "their fair share."

Congrats to intel for having the plant in America though. And they are a great Oregon employer. All my computers have intel chips and will continue to in the future.

New Lars website

Lars has a new website with more info, a store, and a nice format.

Check it out:

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Our next president!

Tancredo talk too offensive? Too bad, says congressman
"Many critics of my statements have characterized them as 'offensive,' and indeed they may have offended some," writes Tancredo in a guest commentary in the Denver Post. "But in this battle against fundamentalist Islam, I am hardly preoccupied with political correctness, or who may or may not be offended. Indeed, al-Qaida cares little if the Western world is 'offended' by televised images of hostages beheaded in Iraq, subway bombings in London, train attacks in Madrid, or Americans jumping to their death from the Twin Towers as they collapsed."

No apologies. This is so refreshing it makes me smile just reading it. He is saying what the average American is thinking.

This is in contradistinction to the "average" person that the media usually uses for quotes: an illegal alien homosexual who is attending a war protest. Really, FOX12 just asked two "average" guys about using civilians to augment the border patrol and they were both against it. Using flawless logic like "the tighter you grip the more slip through, you make more want to come here illegally" and "as long as we are all aware of our surroundings... something something that made no sense and didn't deal with the issue at all."

To their credit they did highlight an illegal alien who was deported twice last year and was busted just today with almost a pound of meth. No word on whether or not the Democrats and PCUN will condemn the report as racist.

Tancredo Website

The Fishwrapper's "Father of the Year"

Mobster's heartache
New York mobster Kevin Granato sits in a prison cell amid the green hills of Yamhill County -- the victim, he says, of his own remarkably successful effort to smuggle his sperm out of a federal penitentiary.

His scheme -- which produced a daughter, Gianna, who turns 6 next month -- generated headlines like "Mafia Sperm Baby" and "Mob Sperm Bust" in The New York Post.

The Granatos claim prison officials retaliated: Granato's wife isn't allowed to visit and although his daughter can visit, two years ago he was transferred to the federal pen in Oregon. Regina Granato, 42, who lives on Staten Island, says she can't afford to fly to Oregon with her daughter. Granato hasn't seen either of them since August 2003.

He said he trumped the prison system and now he's paying for it by serving his time at Sheridan in the Willamette Valley.

Read that last sentence again. THAT is what is wrong with America today. To this guy everything is all about him. He doesn't care about the child that he helped bring into this world who is growing up in a household with no father and that the "father" that is her male role-model is sitting in prison. No, he thinks he got screwed in this deal.

Adults now seem to put more emphasis on what feels good to them rather than what is right for their kids. Gay couples adopting, divorces, addictions, all these things involve parents putting themselves first.

And apparently our state's Fishwrapper sympathizes with this convicted mobster. They seem more concerned with his "heartache" than the young girl who was conceived by adults who knew that she would have a screwed up childhood.

...Ellen Corcella, who prosecuted Granato for racketeering and murder and is now a lawyer in Indianapolis.

She said Granato was involved in a half-dozen murders, playing various roles in the crimes. He was the lookout, was the driver and hid bodies. "They dumped bodies in Staten Island a lot," she said.

No word from the Fishwrapper on whether or not the victims or their families experienced any "heartache."

Regina Granato said she wasn't about to let her husband's incarceration stop the couple's dreams of having a family.

"What am I supposed to do?" she said, "Go out and have a baby with just anyone? I am not that kind of girl," she said.

Yeah, you're a real stand-up mother. You obviously wanted to give your daughter the best, a father in prison and national fame by having her be artificially inseminated while he was in prison. Again, just a selfish adult.

The bottom line: if you want to choose where you live then don't go to prison, if you want to "raise a family" then don't get someone pregnant while you are in prison. And if you do, don't expect anyone other than to feel sorry for you.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Support Bob Tosh!

Groups decry local GOP member's quotes as racist
A Columbia County Republican Party resolution against "illegal aliens" has immigrant rights groups furious, Democrats eager to score political points and the new state GOP chairman trying to set the record straight that his party is the party of all people.

The "groups" decrying the local GOP member consist of:

A) The Oregon Democrats

B) PCUN, the union for illegal alien farmworkers

C) Vance Day, the Republican party chairman

D) Colleen DeShazer, the Columbia County Republican treasurer

Bob Tosh's offending comments:
"We see more and more crime articles in the paper with Gomez, Martinez, Ramirez and whatever Hispanic name you might see."

For a little perspective, this is from the PCUN website:
HB 2313
Allows longer sentence upon conviction of crime if defendant is a street gang member
PCUN position: OPPOSE

It's laughable that PCUN opposes longer sentences for gang members (Hispanic) then cries "racisim" when someone points out that a disproportionate number of news stories with arrests have people with Hispanic surnames. (I'm sure that the Fishwrappers have all received the memo at this point to not report on any arrests of Hispanics now.)

What's more laughable is that the Republican leadership will stab a party member in the back as soon as some Democrat or left wing group makes the "racist" charge. Especially when I believe that a good majority of all Oregonians, let alone Republican Oregonians, agree with what Tosh stated.

But Vance Day and Colleen DeShazer got their mention in the paper and all they had to do for it was sell their souls.

This is a letter I sent to Day, I will post his response if/when he sends one.
Dear Mr. Day,

I was very disappointed, but not surprised, to see your denunciation of Bob Tosh's remarks concerning illegal aliens. Disappointed because what he said was absolutely accurate, important for the context of the illegal alien resolution passed, and not racist in any way. Not surprised because it is standard fair that a Republican says something, the democrats or some left wing group screams "racist" and then the media waits for the Republicans to line up to denounce him/her and get some press time.

Who exactly are you trying to impress by telling the Oregonian that what Mr. Tosh said "was absolutely wrong."? If you want to admonish party members then please do it privately. We don't need to pander to the likes of PCUN and we certainly don't need to respond to the Dems who will continue to use this name-calling tactic because Republicans continue to allow it to be effective.

And if I lived in Columbia County I would make it my mission in life to see that Colleen "the resolution goes too far" DeShazer would not have her post as treasurer. It's bad enough that we can't get any Republican officials to stand up for a fellow party member when they get the "racist" charge thrown at them, but people like DeShazer offer great sound bites for election time commercials run by the opposition.

Please do us Oregon Republicans a favor and explain to me exactly what was factually incorrect or inappropriate about Mr. Tosh's comments. I would suggest for some comparison that you turn to the Fishwrapper's editorial page and look at the cartoon by Jim Borgman with the "white male perspective" comment and the "Could I be any Whiter" writing.

I also would like to see the Columbia County resolution on illegal aliens become the Republican's statewide position on the issue.



Friday, July 22, 2005

What's in your school's library?

Arkansas Parents Uncover Volumes of Vile Literature in School Libraries
(AgapePress) - An Arkansas mother who succeeded in getting three sexually explicit books removed from Fayetteville school libraries says she has found there are more than a hundred books of that nature in the school district. Now a mental health counselor is recommending a parental audit of all the books in the city's school libraries.

According to a search conducted by Fayetteville mom Laurie Taylor, out of 502 books listed under "sex" in the city's middle, junior high, and high school libraries, there are 66 books on sex instruction, and 32 of those are on child sex instruction. Another 75 of the books deal with homosexuality, 23 fall under the category of lesbian fiction, 16 are on rape, 9 on incest, and there are even some books on bestiality.

Is it time to check your local school libraries book selection? I think so. Parents have a moral obligation to supervise, protect, and control their children's environment, but for 5 days a week, 3/4 of the year we let the government have control of what our children are exposed to.

We already know the schools agenda when it comes to things like abortion, abstinence and homosexuality. Do we allow the school to put those values on our children?

Another book to which Throckmorton took especial offense was Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez, which features a threesome of boys who believe they are homosexuals. "One of them has unprotected sex with an adult that he met through a Gay-Straight Alliance [club]," the mental health counselor says. And these kinds of books, he points out, "are touted as being recommended books by groups like the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, or GLSEN. And they're in these libraries. I don't understand what educational purpose [books like] this could possibly have to be in a school library."

Gay groups such as GLSEN are ripe for abuse. Warning flags should go up any time adults want to get together with minor children to talk about sex. But because of "diversity" the schools not only allow it, they encourage it.

Fishwrapper: Meth cook gets sense of "pride"

Garden gives inmates sense of pride, purpose
Gardening provides a daily escape from captivity for convicted methamphetamine maker Tim Morrison.

"When you're out here, you're away from everything in there," the 41-year-old Salem prison inmate said. "You forget about your surroundings. I like it because I can drift off into my own little world."

Morrison and Roe agreed that it's a soothing, self-esteem- building kind of labor. They also savor eating what they grow, citing blueberry pancakes, strawberry shortcake and produce-laden vegetable trays as favorites.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for prison inmates working and doing something productive with their time. What I want to highlight here is yet another newspaper story where inmates are described in glowing terms. The meth cook enjoys his "strawberry shortcake." No mention of whether or not he had kids in the house he cooked in and if they were starving or not when he was caught.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dems and BlueOregon cry "racism"

The Democrat party of Oregon and the blog site that has banned me from posting comments are all in a titter about the factual statements of Bob Tosh, a Republican from Columbia County.

Here is the post. Keep in mind that the elitists who run this site don't want opposing views posted.

These are the offending comments:

"We see more and more crime articles in the paper with Gomez, Martinez, Ramirez, and whatever Hispanic name you might see."

Perhaps I could direct the quick to judge dems to the letter "M" section of the Marion County Jail. There are 33 people with the last name Martinez! That's one name. I'm not willing to count all the Hispanic surnames but I think that I've made my point. Bob Tosh made a factually correct statement. I know that Democrats are fond of the truth or "facts" so rather than look up the numbers they just scream "racist!"

"All of us who are Caucasian Americans are descendents of ...immigrants, "he said." But with legal aliens, you know who's here and that they're not some criminal that came from Mexico, escaped from jail there and came over here and is raping 5-year-old babies."

I'm not sure what the problem is with this one. We ardescendantsndants of immigrants, legal immigration is fine, illegal aliens aren't because they come here and rape babies, nuns, teenage girls, and women. What is the problem? Kudos to Bob Tosh for telling it like it is.

I am so sick of the apologists for illegal aliens anhypocritesocrits who see no problem with setting aside contracts for people with a certain color skin but cry racist when you point out that a citizens of one country break the law by coming here and then repeatedly break other laws.

The original story appeared here:
Columbia County GOP blames illegals for meth epidemic

For the record, I don't blame librarians, football players, telephone linemen, circus clowns, chefs, masons, or that guy named Jim for the meth epidemic... I blame the illegal aliens who smuggle it into our country, the illegal aliens who sell it, and the illegal aliens who use it!

And to you Oregon dems: With the exception of Portland, the rest of the state thinks that you are a joke. The rest of the country thinks you are a joke. People laugh at Oregon because of you Portland elitist nutjobs. No one takes you seriously except yourselves. Sorry.

A non-violent response from Tom Hastings, PSU teacher

Good comments on the last post, but the discussion is not complete until one of the subjects discussed has had a chance to sound of. Tom Hastings of the "I have been arrested... many times" fame sent me an email in response:

hi Daniel,

Sounds as though you may have a few issues with me. I appreciate your contact and hope I can help you resolve some of them.

No one ever took my lunch money, either in grade school or in prison. I wasn't nonviolent as I grew up~~just a normal hockey-playing Minnesota boy who gave and took punches and other normal hits. I kind of like contact sports, actually, though I don't think much of inflicting pain.

Nonviolence is a way to get the job done. It worked for Gandhi, for King, for Chavez, for the Philippines, for the Velvet Revolution, and so forth. It seems as though one or more of these classes might benefit your perspective and I would happily share my bibliography with you if you are interested.

The violent method of responding to conflict is now absolutely discredited by the so-called War on Terror, which has created many more terrorists. I admit nonviolence is not an intuitive response, but we are decidedly hated in more and more of the world thanks to our violence.

There is another way, Daniel.

best regards,
Tom H. Hastings

While I very much appreciate his thoughtful dialogue I don't think that he addressed the main issue that I had with him. This was that he tells his students, through his bio at least, that he is proud of crimes that he has committed. And they were crimes. You don't go to prison unless you are convicted of a crime.

While I'm sure that Mr. Hastings would classify his actions as "civil disobedience" but society has laws and we don't allow citizens to rewrite them on a whim to fit there personal agendas. Our written laws are not negotiable. Advocating for "peace" or "justice" in your own way is very different than glorifying criminal acts.

As for his views on war and peace:
He lists the names of people that nonviolence "worked for."

Here is a list of names that it didn't work for:
Nick Berg
Daniel Pearl
The people working in the WTC
The people in Bali
The people on the USS Cole
The two nuns (one of whom was killed) raped by an illegal alien
Bill Clinton (Somalia, where Bin Laden learned that America was a "paper tiger")
And Jimmy Carter (unless you consider a peace prize more important than our countries honor in allowing American citizens to be taken hostage for over a year)

He also claims that the war on terror has created more terrorists. As if a 27 year old guy had no violent tendencies in him whatsoever but one day woke up and said "Damn Americans in Iraq, I think that I will strap a bomb to myself and blow up kids." This is know as a "crime of opportunity." The tendencies where there the whole time, they just needed a convenient way to accomplish them. I would rather that Iraq be more convenient than Washington DC.

And I don't care if we are "more hated in the world." I teach my kids to do what's right even when it's unpopular. If every other kid, the "cool" kids, in the class smoke pot I still don't want my kids to, even if that makes them hated, uncool, or unpopular.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

PSU teacher resume: I've been arrested... many times

For those of you who missed today's Lars Larson show (you have no excuse) you didn't get to hear a PSU teacher, Amanda Bryon, who teaches "The Art and Consequence of Enemy Making" tell Lars and his listeners that she believes that America is a terrorist nation, terrorists "are people too" and that America has a fascination with making enemies.

She also said that she disagreed with part of my blog that Lars had quoted. This is reassuring because having this lady disagree with you is incontrovertible proof that you are an American patriot.

But, I decided to look at what other offerings that PSU was brainwashing our kids with using taxpayer dollars. Read on...

Tom Hastings is another teacher at PSU who indoctrinates, err, instructs students in various classes like "Nonviolent Response to Personal Attack" (yes, that was his lunch money you took every day) and "Environmental Conflict Resolution" (Burning SUV's isn't technically violence)

On his official PSU bio his personal statement includes this "I've been arrested for nonviolent resistance to militarism many times and have gone to jails and prisons for these convictions. I regard Peace Education as one essential in creating a culture and ecology of peace and justice."

That's right, you saved and scrimped and sacrificed to send your kids to college so that they could be taught by a convicted felon who is proud of his prison time! I'm also not sure if his second sentence is even proper English. But he does have a lovely picture of a man behind bars with a bird (free spirit?) flying outside. Nothing like motivating students to become prison inmates...

Other course titles offered under the "conflict resolution" umbrella:
World for All
Creating a Peace System
Peace Journalism
Multicultural Competence in Organizations
Environmental Conflict Resolution
Red/Blue Values Conflict
Social Liberation

PSU also offers the class Chicano/Latino Studies. Some course titles:
Latinos & the Law
Media Bias & Latinos

Perhaps Latinos have different laws than the rest of us, I'm not sure though, I haven't taken the class.

But my perennial favorite is "Women's Studies". I mean, how much do women have to study cooking, cleaning, laundry and submitting to their husbands? Some course titles:
Theater of the Oppressed
Women, Activism, & Social Change
Lesbian & Gay Literature
Feminist Philosophy
Feminist Analysis
Intro to Queer Studies
History of Sexualities
Global Feminisms
Feminist Theory

For those of you wondering, ecofeminism is the practice of cooking vegetables for your husband while he watches football.

At what point do we cut these people off from their public funding? They don't support "open minds" or "diversity" as they claim, try being a conservative on campus. Try telling your fellow students in your feminist theory class that you oppose abortion. These are institutions designed to indoctrinate our children with the disease of liberalism.

My idea of conflict resolution can be found here:

New Ann Coulter column

John Roberts, Another Stealth Nominee
As I’ve said before, if a majority of Americans agreed with liberals on abortion, gay marriage, pornography, criminals’ rights, and property rights, liberals wouldn’t need the Supreme Court to give them everything they want through invented “constitutional” rights invisible to everyone but People For the American Way. It’s always good to remind voters that Democrats are the party of abortion, sodomy, and atheism and nothing presents an opportunity to do so like a Supreme Court nomination.

Coulter doesn't see why conservatives should accept anything but and out-and-out idealogue, and makes a good point.

The death of the Fishwrapper

I quick glance around the internet news sites and the blogosphere at 6:10pm last night demonstrated why "thousands of guys in their pajamas" have made Fishwrappers irrelevant.

Sites were updated instantly with the breaking news that John Roberts was the nominee for the Supreme Court. Minutes later you could find a plethora of information about the man, analysis of how his nomination could affect the makeup of the court, and either thankful or angry ranting depending on which sites you visited.

There is nothing I can read in today's Oregonian that is not already out there. And readers of blogs don't have to worry about their "letters to the editor" not being printed, anyone is free to comment on most sites. (BlueOregon does not apply, they have banned certain visitors from commenting, but hey, that's the left for you)

Sure, I'll read my Fishwrapper today so I can see their spin on the issue, but that's the point. Many people look down on the websites because of their "partisanship" or "sloppy" reporting but if you look at the Fishwrappers "corrections" page it is full of misprints, misinformation and errors everyday. They always will put their pro-tax, pro-abortion, pro-government spin on every news story whether it's on the front page or the editorial page. It's no different than what some "guy in his pajamas" might do.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Supreme Court pick

Bush Picks Roberts for Supreme Court Nominee
WASHINGTON — President Bush has picked Judge John G. Roberts Jr. (search) to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (search).

Roberts, 50, is a conservative who currently sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. A former clerk to Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, his name has been floated for months as a possible Bush selection for the high court.

Relevant info can be found at the FOXNews website. (above link to story) More on this later tonight.

Hillary's village includes illegals

Clinton says the government isn't doing its part for Latinos
Without mentioning the president by name, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told leaders of the nation's Latino community Monday that the Bush administration is not doing enough for their families.

''You are doing your part,'' the New York Democrat told 2,000 delegates to the annual convention of the National Conference of La Raza (The Race) in Philadelphia. ''But I don't know that your government is doing its part right now.''

...the senator spoke in favor of several bills now pending before Congress...

One would help children of illegal immigrants go to college by encouraging states to let those children pay in-state tuition rates where they live.

Clinton also called on the federal government to do more to reimburse hospitals that provide free health care to immigrants.

So Clinton, speaking at the Klan meeting for Latinos, said that we are not doing enough for Hispanic families. Why Hispanic families should be treated any different than other families is beyond me but I think that what she is really talking about is illegal aliens.

In a classic example of "not doing enough" the state of Oregon is hiring for the following bilingual positions: (BILINGUAL CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE) and (OREGON HEALTH PHONE BANK-SPANISH SPEAKING). Clearly though, taxpayer funded health care and government workers who speak your language are "not enough."

I'm also very confused by the contradictory "in-state tuition" bill. I though illegal aliens only came here to do the jobs that "Americans won't do?" Wouldn't a college degree mean that they are pursuing jobs that Americans would do? (Note: My personal belief is that Americans will fill any job either with a worker or with American ingenuity.)

But hey, I hope that Ms. Clinton continues to support the lawbreakers. Make it a campaign slogan: Vote Clinton in '08! Perfect record on supporting criminals!

Monday, July 18, 2005

That rise in health care costs? Here it is.

Employers pay a steep subsidy for programs
Oregon employers and workers that carry employer-sponsored health plans subsidized the Medicare and Medicaid systems to the tune of 14.4 percent, or $634 million, in 2004.

Payment shortfalls from Medicare totaled $399 million, according to Brown's data, and Medicaid shortfall was $235 million from Medicaid.

While Medicare and Medicaid rates are non-negotiable, hospitals have more leeway in charges to private insurance. "When you have three customers, and two routinely pay less than the cost of doing business, the third payer becomes critically important," said Kevin Earls, vice president of finance for the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems. "Without the money you make up from [private insurance] you can't make up the losses you incur treating Medicaid and Medicare patients."

So government health care doesn't feel like paying the full price so hospitals make up the difference by charging private employers extra. We see this price in increased premiums, higher deductibles and bigger bills from the doctor.

Now what would happen if government wasn't two out of three payers but was the only payer a la plan Hillary? How would that difference be made up? Less service, less care, less doctors. Government has proven time and again that it can't provide a product or service better or cheaper than the private sector. Health care is just one example, another would be Amtrak and Greyhound.

I don't like going to the doctor as it is. Knowing that when I take my kid in for an ear infection and it costs me $412 it could cost $354 instead (14% less) makes it worse. The only thing that could be more infuriating is if going to the doctor was like going to the DMV...

They don't have a home but they have a great website...

Welcome to Dignity Virtual Village
On December 16th of the year 2000, a group of eight homeless men and women pitched five tents on public land and Camp Dignity, later to become Dignity Village, was born...
This was back when public officials were saying they would only be there for a few months. Four and a half years later...

After hearing the conversations today about the homeless on today's Lars Larson Show I decided to highlight some of the "successes" of Portland's homeless solutions.

As pictured HERE the residents of "Camp Dignity" are capable of stealing grocery carts, just not getting jobs.

The residents of Dignity Village also prefer the safety of large numbers and anonymity when committing "acts of civil disobediance." For those of us in the real world, this means they break things that other people actually paid for. Also known as a "crime." The "Dignites" have no empathy since they don't actually experience any feelings of ownership. See PICTURE.

Sometimes hungry "Dignites" eat the lice from other resident's hair... PICTURE

Rest assured that if you were to try this without a permit on your own property the city would shut you down pronto. PICTURE

A great aerial shot to really give you perspective. PICTURE

These people are living on ODOT property, that is, property owned by the taxpayers. They have ramshackle buildings that are fire hazards and not up to any building code. They are provided with a source of electricity and water at taxpayer expense. Some of the individuals here obviously could get work, they simply choose not to.

At what point to we tell these people that they can't live by their own rules? Why is there a double standard for the hardworking citizens when it comes to building permits, regulations, and the use of public lands? If you park on the street 5 minutes too long you get a ticket. These people have been parked for more than four and a half years. Utter nonsense.

New Mac Johnson column

Chuck Schumer Has Questions
SCQ: Once the right to privacy has been found – as in Griswold and Roe – under what circumstances should the Supreme Court revisit that right?

HA: Where was this right before it was “found” --in the couch cushions of the Constitution? “Made up” and “found” are not synonyms. This decision should be revisited just as soon as 5 Justices realize that A) The Constitution makes no mention of this “right,” which is why it had to be “found,” and B) Their job is to enforce the limitations placed on government by the actual Constitution. Remember the Constitution?

Chuckie has questions, the Mac has witty answers.

Mac Johnson Homepage

They are better at "diversity" than they are building roads

Oregon Dept Of Transportion Kicks Off Workforce Development Initiative
PORTLAND, Oregon - A statewide workforce development initiative designed to boost diversity in employment, increase apprenticeship participation, and increase training resources and opportunities for highway construction jobs debuts in Portland next week.

Representatives from these groups will attend Tuesday's meeting. Speakers include Warner, Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner, ODOT Highway Division Executive Officer John Jackley, ODOT Diversity Manager Michael Cobb, and ODOT Region 1 Manager Matthew Garrett.

The Workforce Development Plan has three critical elements: (my emphasis)
* Increasing apprenticeship targets from the current 5 percent to 20 percent during the next 18 months.
* Boosting participation in transportation construction projects in the Portland tri-county area to 14 percent employment for women and 20 percent for minority workers.
* Taking steps to ensure that a qualified and diverse labor pool is ready to meet contractor needs for federally and state-funded transportation projects.

Apparently fixing cracked bridges is not as critical as increasing employment based on skin color.

So we have various ODOT managers meeting at the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepeneurs to discuss the racist plan. No word on whether Dr. King will be hired by ODOT based on his skin color rather than the content of his character.

And for those of you who are wondering why Michael Cobb has a job it's very simple, without a Diversity Manager who would supervise the "Civil Rights Liason"? I know, I know, the HR person handles all that nonsense at my work too.

But a look at the tapestry that is ODOT's management flow chart reveals all... LINK

Various jobs such as "Proccess Improvement Manager" and Bussiness Performance Analyst" could probably be eliminated since, based on roads not built and bridges not fixed, the proccess is not "improving" and neither is "performance."

Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Worries"? It "worries" us? How about outraged, furious, and feeling abused!

Immigration worries Republicans
Republican congressional members' constituents care more about immigration and border security than any other issue, according to a new congressional insiders poll.
You're damn straight we do, unfortunately our elected "leaders" are dumber than rocks, rocks that are high on crack, and will continue to ignore us or insist on "dialogue" rather than fix the problem.

Seventeen of the 37 Republican House and Senate members who responded to the National Journal's survey identified immigration as the issue "most on the minds of your constituents these days." That easily topped the next closest issue, the economy, which gained 10 votes, followed by gasoline prices with four votes and terrorism with three votes.
Come time for the primaries, for any office, I intend to vote for whichever candidate takes the strongest stance against illegal immigration. Of course, knowing our politicians the "strongest" stance will probably be ecouraging "dialogue" on the issue.

Read this whole article. Then take a look at some other blogs. A few good local bloggers Gullyborg, Robin, Coyote, Sailor, and Don Diesel all do regular posts on this problem. And you certainly won't have a First Amendment Friday on Lars Larson's show without a good portion of the callers talking about this issue.

Ordinary citizens at town hall meetings talk about their outrage at illegal aliens being able to access social services, drivers licenses, and get registered to vote.

I write my elected officials all the time on this issue and generally get back the form letter about how "immigrants have a rich history of contributing to our society" which has nothing to do with people breaking our laws.

And Bush, the big cheese himself, doesn't just abdicate his responsibility to protect our country from these people, he wants to reward them for breaking the law. Unbelievable.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Another one?!?!?!?!

A couple weeks ago I got a letter in the mail from an optomotrist I see. The letter explained that their office had a break in and computers were stolen. This created the possibility of identity theft and they recommended I put out a fraud alert on my credit report. This was an easy step, you can also get an additional free copy of your credit report this way in addition the the one free report you can get a year.

Today I get another letter, this time from my tax preparer, saying that they had a break-in and identity theft was a possibility and that I should put a fraud alert on my credit report.

Ahhhhh. Is there anywhere that we can be safe? Was this burglary committed by a guy that Multnomah County just released from jail because they would rather fund public art, needle exchange programs, and pay a library director $130,000 a year?

I choose not to live in Portland. I don't even go there if I can help it. I go to the Sherwood branch of this particular tax preparer but it was a Portland office that had the burglary. What I'm saying is, we are all affected by that communist cesspool that we call Portland. I want to have a say in there elections. The electorate that is there is obviously getting nuttier as the normal people wisely move to the "evil suburbs" to get away from that mess.

Many of you have probably heard the saying: A Republican is just a Democrat who's been mugged.

Maybe when Dianne Linn has her identity stolen and has to spend 3 hours a day on the phone with financial institutions, credit bureaus, and government agencies, and then still does not have the issue resolved a year later but the guy who did it is walking the street, maybe, just maybe, we will get a change.

BussinessWeek gives a hug to lawbreakers

Embracing Illegals
Inez and Antonio Valenzuela are a marketer's dream. Young, upwardly mobile, and ready to spend on their growing family, the Los Angeles couple in many ways reflects the 42 million Hispanics in the U.S. Age 30 and 29, respectively, with two daughters, Esmeralda, 8, and Maria Luisa, 2 months, the duo puts in long hours, working 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., six days a week, at their bustling streetside taco trailer.

But Inez and Antonio aren't your typical American consumers. They're undocumented immigrants who live and work in the U.S. illegally. When the couple, along with Esmeralda, crossed the Mexican border five years ago, they had little money, no jobs, and lacked basic documents such as Social Security numbers. Guided by friends and family, the couple soon discovered how to navigate the increasingly above-ground world of illegal residency.

This is the cover story on the current issue of BussinessWeek. They point to the illegal alien "community" as a huge marketing demographic for banks and cell phone companies. To me, this is like marketing condoms to rapists.

The wishy-washy stance on enforcement of the law by BussinessWeek is almost comical. When they say "millions of people who technically have no right to be in the U.S." I wonder if they would apply the same status to bank robbers who "technically have no right to make that withdrawal."

The best part though is where they say that with an increase in the number of people breaking the law "crime could decline, too."

More undocumented immigrants paying income and property taxes would help ease the taxpayer strain for the schools, health care, roads, and other services illegals use. Crime could decline, too.

Perhaps this rag of a magazine is unfamiliar with our immigration LAWS which are being broken. And I've gone over the whole illegal aliens paying taxes so many times but let's do it again:

Illegal aliens come here to do "jobs Americans won't do" which are presumably low paying. If you make less than $30,000 a year then you pay NO federal income tax and a minimal amount of state tax. When you file your tax return you then get a child tax credit and earned income credit so that the federal government actually gives you a refund of more than what you had taken from your paycheck for taxes during the year. This is if illegal aliens bother with an ITIN. Many just use a false SSN and then claim the maximum number of dependents so that no taxes get taken out during the year. They don't care because they won't file a return anyways.

As far as I'm concerned, business who market explicitly towards illegal aliens are accepting blood money.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

New Lars Larson column

Lars: Legislators took a lot of time to do ... nothing
Larson: I guess that I should be thankful that the Oregon Legislature has spent the better part of the last six months accomplishing precisely ... well, nothing. The 90-odd (and that term applies doubly so in some cases) liberals, progressives, anarchists, bomb throwers and the few remaining conservatives have arranged themselves in self-canceling coalitions incapable of increasing taxes, limiting land use rights, disarming the citizenry or otherwise making a nuisance of themselves. That's the good news.

It's about time Lars got a column in a Fishwrapper. Now I'm just waiting for that book I heard him mention once...

Lars' writing style is great, combining some biting wit, numerous stories and a mention of... me! Thanks so much for the kudos Lars!

Make sure you email Editor Bart Smith, and tell him you want them to continue to publish Lars' column.

Thursday night rant

A rant about all things Oregon tonight. Cruising various government sites I can't help but notice how many agencies, commissions, departments, divisions, branches, councils etc that government has layered on us. Two that we could eliminate immediately in Multnomah County are the Public Art and Portland Multnomah Progress Board which does "important" things based on "indicators (named benchmarks)" and apparently this board then acts as a "catalyst" to improve the communities "goals."

I was under the impression that locking up meth dealers was a top priority for the community. The simplest way to accomplish that would be to fire every idiot at the progress board and give the money to the sheriff. But that's just the evaluation of a simpleton who does not have the benefit of "indicators" or a PERS pension...

Thankfully for the three stoners who are able to get out of bed before noon to go to work the ACLU is fighting to keep them employed regardless of whether or not they can pass a drug test. Unfortunately for the ACLU they are losing this fight. This incredulous statement from their website: Despite ACLU opposition, the Oregon House of Representatives approved HB 2693 A-Eng. This bill would allow employers to fire an employee because he or she is a medical marijuana patient even when there is no evidence of impairment on the job.

Can you believe that? The house acted despite ACLU opposition! Don't they know that the ACLU is in charge now? As for the "evidence" of impairment, that's called a drug test. Otherwise we would have to fire people for stuffing doritos in their face while giggling about last nights episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

Do I have to hyphenate my last name like the public editor of the Fishwrapper to get my blog listed on the Oregonlive blog list or what? Or maybe if I started advocating for the "rights" of a homeless transgender drug addict or something like that they would list me... They have never responded to my repeated requests and their list is almost exclusively liberal.

They also don't publish my letters to the editor anymore. I always enjoyed the floodgates of denunciations of my views/beliefs/character after one was published. Now I only get called "ignorant" and "racist" on my blog.

The Portland "kill us last" Peaceful Response Team is gearing up for an action packed weekend. They start with this:
Saturday, July 16th, 2005 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM - ANTI-MILITARY RECRUITING ACTION! Money for Jobs and Education, NOT FOR WAR AND OCCUPATION!
then proceed with their weekly
Friday, July 15th, 2005 5:00 PM - PPRC Friday Rally and March

Here's a rational statement from the moonbats:

“We are profoundly disheartened by Tony Blair’s speculation that the murderers in this
case carried out these crimes in the name of Islam, just as we are when the crimes of
Bush and Blair are linked to their Christian faiths or to their support for Zionism,” said
Seaman. “We must look beyond the superficial self-serving explanations offered by
politicians and the hate-mongers of talk radio if we are to discover the deeper roots of
these acts of violence, to understand why people commit these monstrous crimes, and
how we can act to end the violence.”

I guess that they want to look for some nuance among the dismembered bodies. For me, anything that "profoundly disheartens" this group is something that any red-blooded American should support.

Even though the DHS Diversity Development Coordinating Council "Represent[s] DHS in all diversity development initiatives," I still think that our tax dollars would be better spent on public safety. Not that "represent[ing] DHS in all diversity development initiatives" isn't super important or anything...

The Daily Emerald makes some absurd statements in their op-ed advocating the passage of SB1000. With typical liberal denial of the fact they say "Even if the majority of Oregonians do not want gay marriage legalized (a sentiment which we hope will prove malleable)"

"If?" Was the vote not conclusive enough for you idiots? And I know that it was sooo long ago but guess what, we haven't changed our decision. I guess our minds aren't as "malleable" as a college student's is when faced with constant indoctrination.

They then talk about that "equality for EVERYONE" bill with this argument: Surely the religious right can agree that civil unions (which ensure fair benefits for certain types of life partners) are the best way to create functioning couples and families for which marriage is not an option.

At least, I thought it was for everyone. Freudian slip, but the Emerald reveals that this bill benefits only "certain type of life partners." How equal...

Challenge I issue to liberals: When you are commenting on this post try to be more creative. No use of the words "racist, ignorant, stupid, or extremist."

That is all.

New Ann Coulter column

Mission Implausible
Karl Rove was right. The real story about Joseph C. Wilson IV was not that Bush lied about Saddam seeking uranium in Africa; the story was Clown Wilson and his paper-pusher wife, Valerie Plame. By foisting their fantasies of themselves on the country, these two have instigated a massive criminal investigation, the result of which is: The only person who has demonstrably lied and possibly broken the law is Joseph Wilson.

So the obvious solution is to fire Karl Rove.

The Ann Coulter explanation for the mass hysteria by the media over Karl Rove's "crimes" or transgressions or Bush's promise or trust or whatever the moving target is at this moment.

Oregon student wins racist pageant

Miss Teen Oregon Latina United States wins the title of Miss Teen Latina United States 2005
Vania Corona, Miss Teen Oregon Latina United States, has won the national title of Miss Teen Latina United States 2005.

Vania is currently a full time college student. She also spends her time doing volunteer work, especially in the Latino community. Although she has a busy schedule fulfilling her duties as the reigning Miss Teen Latina United States 2005, she finds time to do the things she likes best: modeling, sharing time with her friends and dancing.

Imagine if I said that I do volunteer work... especially in the white community. It's interesting how there is a pageant for one ethnicity, a television network for people with one skin color, and taxpayer funded "advocacy" groups for a specific gender, but by making a list of illegal aliens who are in jail (a list that does not single out skin color, ethnicity, gender, but judges people on their behavior) somehow I'm called the racist.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Washington County logo = bullseye

Firearms Policy for Washington County employees
Except as provided in this policy, employees are prohibited from carrying any firearms while on-duty and are prohibited from carrying firearms on County property at any time. This includes employees who have obtained a concealed weapons permit.

This Policy is designed to compliment the County’s ‘Violence in the Workplace Policy’. The intent is to minimize the risk that use of a firearm may result in accidental or intentional harm and minimize the potential for intimidation caused by the presence of firearms.

So if you are a disgruntled employee you can rest easy knowing that yours will be the only gun in the building. This is another example of government being hostile to our constitutional rights. When you allow them any power, any say in the matter, or any jurisdiction, they will take your guns.

While I have no issue with private employers saying no guns a public agency is different. Governments were instituted among men to protect our God given rights, not to limit or outright take them away and Washington County is doing just that.

This actually is a small example of a larger issue: government shoving liberal politics down citizens throats. As heard on Lars today, if Portland gets it's dirty socialist hands on PGE then we will all be buying expensive wind power. (and probably be in the dark a lot) I'm sure that PGE employees would have to leave their guns at home too.

From my cold dead hands...

The great debate: Logic & Facts VS. You Dummy

Blogs are a great way to disseminate news (read tomorrow's Fishwrapper stories today) but also to have an open dialogue. There are a regular group of people who comment here whose contributions are very much appreciated and usually I respond in the comments section, but today I am going to break down the typical liberal argument made by one reader, "Christian," regarding my post of illegal aliens that are in the Washington County Jail. Here is his comment:

Daniel, you racist son-of-bitch! Just because child-molesting kidnappers are overwhelmingly middle-aged and white, I don't go around assuming that every middle-aged white guy is a twisted fucking child molester. In parallel, an estimated 30 to 39 percent of the foreign-born in Oregon are here without proper documentation. Not all foreign born are Hispanic, and not all Hispanics are foreign born. Rather, the overwhelming majority, 96%, of undocumented immigrants participate in the labor force.

You are generalizing the bad actions of a very small proportion of a group to an entire population. Your project here is nothing more than a sad and desperate attempt to deal with your xenophobic fears. Get over it and debate the bigger issues.

What the hell do any of you care about "the efforts of people who come here legally" when you engage in such hysteric and ugly cultural stereotyping. What the fuck do you know about other cultures? Get off your asses and go experience something and stop trying to blame others for your problems. Is this non-pc enough for you?

Liberals always start their arguments with an accusation. More often than not it is an accusation that you are prejudice or racist. Liberals employ this argument because it usually puts people on the defensive. For liberals it is worse to be a "racist" than it is to be a child-molesting drug addict. I simply disregard the name-calling.

Most likely if the liberal accuses you of being racist they will follow with an irrelevant comparison using the "white male" as a potential stereotype "victim." Christian's specific argument in this case is not valid for several reasons:

First, as a father, I do assume that everyone is a child-molester. Do not have that attitude is dangerous and I am responsible for protecting my kids.

Second, my original post had nothing to do with stereotypes. I simply listed all the Washington County inmates who had an ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) hold. These are people who have broken the law, not simply rounded up because of their skin color, ethnicity, or cultural background.

So Christian's argument attempted to redefine my original point which was that illegal aliens continue to commit crimes disproportionately more than the general population. That most illegal aliens are Hispanic is a fact but did not factor into my list. I took all applicable names.

Christian then rattles off several "statistics" that did not seem to support any argument he was making. Presumably he was making the point that "only" 30 - 39% of foreign born people in the US being illegal aliens is far less that the percentage of "middle-aged white guys" who are child molesters. Even I am not so jaded as to believe we have that many perverts.

The liberal will usually realize that he must throw in a factual (and non-debatable) statement in around now so Christian makes the non-point of:

"Not all foreign born are Hispanic, and not all Hispanics are foreign born."

I would assume that the above statement goes without saying. But by saying something that is true and also keeping the argument focused on my "racism," Christian feels like he is making progress.

Christian then points out that not only have these illegal aliens broken our immigration laws but that 96% of them violate our employment laws as well. I'm not sure how this helps his case (I don't care if the illegal alien had a job when he got pulled over for that DUII) and his number is suspect anyways.

A liberal then will attempt to source his information by naming some ridiculous group/poll who agrees with them. HRC will always say that homosexuality is great and you are "born that way" while AFA will say otherwise. Both groups have various "reports" (scientific and otherwise) to back up their conclusion.

Example statement from Urban institute homepage: Broader access to public health insurance programs has kept the number of Americans without coverage from skyrocketing in this economic downturn. Urban Institute health experts explain why.

Real nonpartisan...

Since the original accusation of "racist" does not always work the liberal may follow up with a more sophisticated name, in this case "xenophobic." This is simply a change from "dummy" to "imbecile." It is basically the same thing but now Christian feels more sophisticated.

Christian leaves us with a hilarious comment referring to "any of you" in a general way (presumably referring to myself and people who read this blog) and then accusing "us" of generalizing people. This is to make me the issue rather than what we were originally talking about.

"We" are then told to go "experience something." I'm not sure what the last comment has to do with drug dealers, child-molesters, murderers, and drunk drivers who are in our county illegally but that is my point.

Any time you debate a liberal they will call names, redefine the issue or re-frame the question, make false comparisons, cite liberal groups as evidence, make more personal accusations, then make you the issue before coming up with a "get over it" or some other silly comment that they think should be the end of the conversation.

The important thing is that you realize that liberals are wrong about everything and that you don't hurt your head banging it on the wall when talking to them.

Top heavy

There are currently 302 State Job Announcements Posted

The jobs are listed by category. Guess which category is hiring the most with 52 openings: MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATIVE, AND SUPERVISORY. With job titles like FORMS AND TRAINING MANAGER, TRAINING COORDINATOR, AREA 3 MANAGER and PROGRAM MANAGER, SPECIAL MANAGEMENT UNIT (that last one is all one title, they need a manager for their "special management unit") it seems like they might be micromanaging things just a tad. I understand having a branch manager or a unit manager but you probably don't need 20 managers in the same department in the same building each making $6,342 a month.

And while I noted this before you will be excited to know that the state of Oregon, the same state that gives out layoff notices to state police in the forensics lab, is still hiring for a music, art or recreational therapist! So all of you out there with your art therapy degrees apply now! You certainly aren't going to find anyone else stupid enough to hire you. As for solving the latest murder or rape with DNA evidence, art therapy for drug addicts is much more important, and besides, the crime was probably committed by an illegal alien who is on his way back to Mexico right now.