Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Never say die AKA we just don't get it

The Basic (Special) Rights blog, you know, the one that doesn't allow comments, has an interesting post on Mary "I went to a strip club to support abortion" Nolan's attempt to revive SB1000. House Bill 3508 is the new version where Nolan tries to give "reciprocal benefits" to "everyone" but still give some special rights to just the gays. Sorry, the gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgenders and questioning and queer and confused and whatever else they have now.

Basic Rights gives the usual blather about "democracy" and "Minnis is an extremist" (*cough* 57% of your fellow Oregonians are extremists in your view *cough*) and the "this is only fair" whining.

To be honest I'm just tired of it. WE SAID NO YOU IDIOTS. You are treated no different than anyone else, you aren't "discriminated against," in fact you are celebrated in many circles. And your positions on "transgenders" and "gender identity," which aren't known to the public at large, are so crazy that no mainstream media outlet would print them because it would sabotage your movement for decades to come.


Sailor Republica said...

May I point and highlight a certain post that was made by yours truly in response to the Daily Emerald's editorial.

Maybe Roey Thorpe can get it through her thick skull that IT AIN'T HAPPENIN'!

Daniel said...

The Daily Emerald just gets worse and worse. Today it has the two almost naked guys rubbing on each other right there front and center.

Don't "pride" and dignity usually go hand in hand?

MAX Redline said...

>"Minnis is an extremist"<

I was visiting as well, and one of the posts referred to her as "anti-gay".

So I replied, innocuously enough: "What? Karen's anti-happy?"

Never got published for some reason - I suspect they are too self-important to have a sense of humor.

jwalker said...

I personally thought the left-wing was a little too quiet when we first voted on the definition of marriage. They knew then, in this political climate, it didn't matter. They were going to get what they wanted, one way or another. Welcome to the new norm in America, especially in Oregon.

Daniel said...

It's definitely going to be an incremental fight. Our strategy should be: Don't concede anything. Nothing.