Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The death of the Fishwrapper

I quick glance around the internet news sites and the blogosphere at 6:10pm last night demonstrated why "thousands of guys in their pajamas" have made Fishwrappers irrelevant.

Sites were updated instantly with the breaking news that John Roberts was the nominee for the Supreme Court. Minutes later you could find a plethora of information about the man, analysis of how his nomination could affect the makeup of the court, and either thankful or angry ranting depending on which sites you visited.

There is nothing I can read in today's Oregonian that is not already out there. And readers of blogs don't have to worry about their "letters to the editor" not being printed, anyone is free to comment on most sites. (BlueOregon does not apply, they have banned certain visitors from commenting, but hey, that's the left for you)

Sure, I'll read my Fishwrapper today so I can see their spin on the issue, but that's the point. Many people look down on the websites because of their "partisanship" or "sloppy" reporting but if you look at the Fishwrappers "corrections" page it is full of misprints, misinformation and errors everyday. They always will put their pro-tax, pro-abortion, pro-government spin on every news story whether it's on the front page or the editorial page. It's no different than what some "guy in his pajamas" might do.


Robin said...

being frustrated about the local fish wrapper not printing any of my editorials is what got me to consider starting a blog. it seems like you are guaranteed to have your letter printed in the register guard if you mention something about God or that you're in favor of increasing taxes.
However, if you mention something controversial like the State of Oregon wanting to put GPS system in cars, it will never make the paper.

blogs have actually become an important integral part of society. News media and political analysts constantly refer to blogs as a way to get a sense of public opinion.

And thank you Daniel for all the effort that you're put in to this one and for doing such a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Dead Fish-wrapper is good for one thing, and one thing only: The comics page.
If it weren't for "Pearls to Swine" and "Get Fuzzy", I'd have absolutely no reason to read that rag. Blogs like this one, plus internet news sites like OrbusMax, World Net Daily and others are my source of "printed" news.

Daniel said...

Thanks for nice comments!

Blogs are definitely emerging as an increasingly important medium.

I have actually been frustrated the last couple days because I have been unable to research/post as much as I like to because of a home project. I almost feel like this is a second job...

Anonymous said...

You should spend your time and money at this site rather tham the fishwrapper:
They have most of your favorite comics and more and the fishwrapper doesn't get a dime.