Sunday, July 31, 2005

Catching up on news

Having been in a news blackout for several days while camping it was interesting to come back and hit some internet sites and read the Fishwrappers that were thoughtfully piled up in front of my door indicating that no one was home. Thank goodness I don't reside in that "super livable" city known as Portland or I would have been burglarized three times.

And with no crimes being solved the only justice I would get would be knowing that the burglars themselves probably got robbed just a few blocks away...

But anyways, I see that the Senate finally passed the gun manufacturers protection bill. About time. For all you litigious folks, there is still time to become the victim of a hammer or screwdriver related crime and sue Craftsmen.

I love how Mary Dalrymple (last name pronounced: liberal gun-hating hack) refers to the measure as something that "opponents said had been ordered by the gun lobby." I'm still waiting for a Fishwrapper to quote opponents of a government funding bill as saying that it "had been ordered by the unions."

I also enjoyed the picture of our esteemed governor sitting in his cardboard box. A real man of the people. The Fishwrapper engages in wild speculation about his future on the front page but no real news there. The guy is asleep at the wheel, he may or may not run for reelection. Ok.

I did run into a very refreshing column by Kathleen Parker that touched on the serious repercussions of gay marriage. HEY YOU SELFISH ADULTS, THINK ABOUT THE KIDS! The erosion of the nuclear family is causing so many societal woes I can't even list them. If you don't believe me then take a trip to your local jail/prison/rehab center and ask the inmates if any of them grew up in a traditional family.

The Fishwrapper's public editor, Michael Arrieta-Walden, talked about "letters to the editor" today. He said there was a problem with not enough of them getting published, then talked about what other Fishwrappers are doing about it but didn't say anything about The Oregonian doing anything different. Also, there has been no change in the "don't publish anything Daniel writes" policy. However, a letter from someone who insists that the ACLU is "not biased" makes the cut.

August 6th is coming up and a Rally for Obeying the Law is being scheduled. You would think that no rally for obeying the law would be necessary but with all the apologists for illegal aliens, including our presidente, it is.

I got about 20 emails from various groups talking about Frist supporting stem cell research. Sorry, taxpayer funded stem cell research. You know, the research that Fishwrappers keep saying will cure Alzheimer's even though that is a medically impossible fact. Funny how the media/democrat party is all concerned about the deficit when it comes to defense spending but when it's time for some worthless research grants to be handed out with taxpayer dollars not a word about the cost is allowed to be uttered.

In the breaking news department it seems that terrorist acts have been/are being committed around the world. Using my secret decoder ring and plastic law enforcement badge that I got from a crackerjacks box I have been able to find a common thread and description of future suspects: male, between the age of 20 - 35, and Muslim.

If airport screeners would focus on that group (without saying that they are focusing on that group) then the Fishwrapper would not have to whine about the TSA is reducing the number of airport screeners in Portland. (One of my all time favorite columns on this subject: Arab Hijackers Now Eligible for Pre-Boarding) Re-reading that column still makes me laugh out loud!

It's good to be back in the loop.

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