Saturday, July 02, 2005

Just me ranting

No link to a news story here, just a grumpy rant from me. Last night the wife and I borrowed a movie from a neighbor, "Napoleon Dynamite," this was an "MTV Films" movie and would arguably constitute "torture" if people who cut heads off and fly planes into buildings were forced to watch it at Guantanamo Bay. Really, this was the worst movie I have ever seen. (I have not yet watched Fahrenheit 9/11) I kept waiting for something to make sense but no plot ever materialized.

So after staying up pretty late watching that piece of garbage I woke up early on my Saturday morning to head to the local DMV. My wife had spoken to a DMV employee on Thursday who had said that Saturday morning would be a great time to come in. Pull into the DMV parking lot and it's empty. Walk up to the door (the one that says "Hours: Saturday 8:00am - 12:30pm") and it has a "closed" sign on it. No explanation, just a closed sign next to the print that indicates the place should be open.

Obviously I am an angry consumer at this point so I decide to take my business elsewhere... oh wait. Dammit!

So I come back home to have my breakfast and read the Daily Dead Fishwrapper. For those of you not keeping score, the new baby killing terminology is out: "Reproductive Rights." This is not a new term but since the O' Connor retirement the phrase seems to be all over the place.

I guess that "reproductive rights" does sound a little more palatable than "inserting a needle and sucking out the babies brains."

Then I read the disgusting news item HERE about those poor terrorists who defiantly stand up to the imperialist Americans by throwing urine and feces at them. The AP breathlessly reported that "one soldier delivered two blows to the inmate's head with a handheld radio," that the "inmate was covered in blood" and the soldier was dropped in rank. Of course the blows to the head were because the inmate knocked a guards tooth out and was biting and resisting.

I'm getting pretty sick of the media and democrats always taking the position that is least favorable to America. Who thinks we should search grandma instead of Mohammed at the airport? Terrorists, democrats and the media. Who thinks that "yelling" is torture at Gitmo? Terrorists, democrats, and the media. Who wants to give lawyers to people who kill civilians, don't wear a uniform, don't fight for a country, and cut peoples heads off? Terrorists, democrats, and the media. Who thinks that we should cut and run in Iraq? Terrorists, democrats and the media.

What do I think? I think that a conflict can be won by the guy who is willing to take it further. If I'm in charge then all dead terrorists are buried with pig intestines. All captured terrorists and housed at Gitmo except they are in a 5 X 4 cell, naked, and roomates with a pig. The pigs will be fed shredded Koran. (The religion of peace says that since pigs are unclean you might not get those 72 virgins if you come into contact with them) Terrorists who throw urine and feces would get two extra pigs in their cell while the guard would taunt them will calls of "where's your Allah now, bitch?"

All those thoughts went through my head during breakfast. (cheese omelet and toast, could have used some bacon though...)

Then I came across the "NewsFocus" section of the paper. I thought that this page, of all pages, would focus on "news" as opposed to the editorial position of the Fishwrapper. (did you know that measure 37 needs to be "fixed") But alas the story on the gods, err, supreme court justices, let loose the Freudian slip. According to the Fishwrapper, Anthony Kennedy's "shift on abortion saved Roe v. Wade" therefore doing women the favor of trading chastity, virtue, and chivalry for the ability to kill their babies.

Kennedy didn't "decide" or "swing" the vote on Roe, he "saved" it. I say he has blood on his hands.



Allen said...

Rant on, it does a body good.

It also helps me to know that I am not alone.

Anonymous said...

Here in "Libberville/vile, I haven't gone outside yet too get the "fishwapper".

My drag race Mustang is broken, its a perfect day for it, I'm depressed enough.

Daniel,thanks for being there.

Sue K. said...


You may already know this but DMV was closed yesterday because Monday is a holiday. Don't feel bad, I've done it too.

Daniel said...

It definitely is good to have an outlet. In addition to my blog my elected officials all get letters from me and I send a letter to the editor.

Sue, I did look on the DMV website and they do list July 2 as a day when they are closed but it didn't occur to me that a Monday holiday translates into Saturday off. I sure didn't get Friday off...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it hurt to have all that hate inside of you like that? Some people think that when you hate so much like that, it manifests into illness.

I am Coyote said...

Hate does manifest into an illness.

The disease is calle liberalism.

One of the first indications is that one tends to ignore all rational thought and gradually progressing to be blind and deaf in one's right eye and ear.

Eventually the poor soul is limited to feeding off of the hard work of others and must continually vote democrat too feed the disease that has rendered them virtually unable to fend for themselves.

Which is probably why the democratICK party is full of the most hatefull people on the planet.

Daniel said...

Sorry anonymous, I am feeling fine...