Friday, July 22, 2005

What's in your school's library?

Arkansas Parents Uncover Volumes of Vile Literature in School Libraries
(AgapePress) - An Arkansas mother who succeeded in getting three sexually explicit books removed from Fayetteville school libraries says she has found there are more than a hundred books of that nature in the school district. Now a mental health counselor is recommending a parental audit of all the books in the city's school libraries.

According to a search conducted by Fayetteville mom Laurie Taylor, out of 502 books listed under "sex" in the city's middle, junior high, and high school libraries, there are 66 books on sex instruction, and 32 of those are on child sex instruction. Another 75 of the books deal with homosexuality, 23 fall under the category of lesbian fiction, 16 are on rape, 9 on incest, and there are even some books on bestiality.

Is it time to check your local school libraries book selection? I think so. Parents have a moral obligation to supervise, protect, and control their children's environment, but for 5 days a week, 3/4 of the year we let the government have control of what our children are exposed to.

We already know the schools agenda when it comes to things like abortion, abstinence and homosexuality. Do we allow the school to put those values on our children?

Another book to which Throckmorton took especial offense was Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez, which features a threesome of boys who believe they are homosexuals. "One of them has unprotected sex with an adult that he met through a Gay-Straight Alliance [club]," the mental health counselor says. And these kinds of books, he points out, "are touted as being recommended books by groups like the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, or GLSEN. And they're in these libraries. I don't understand what educational purpose [books like] this could possibly have to be in a school library."

Gay groups such as GLSEN are ripe for abuse. Warning flags should go up any time adults want to get together with minor children to talk about sex. But because of "diversity" the schools not only allow it, they encourage it.


Anonymous said...

Freedom of choice to pick the books you want to read and not be held to some arbitrary standard set by some wingnut like you.

Diesel said...

Freedom of choice is different in a school, especially an elementary, middle, or jr. high school, than it is in a public library.

If "freedom of choice" was all this was about, then there would not be stink about the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas video game, then there wouldn't be "ratings" on movies, games, music, etc.

Freedom can be taken too far.

Daniel said...


Then how come we don't have The Bible in school?

Terry said...

I think K12 public school libraries should be subject to different content standards than public library stacks for adults. The books in school libraries are picked by the librarians in the schools and I've never noticed being asked for public input on what gets shelved. What's wrong with giving parents a choice in what is available in school for their children to read?

I have long suspected there are a lot of lesbian librarians out there, so carrying a bunch of lesbian fiction in a school library doesn't surprise me. (A lesbian classmate worked in the local public library before going to college to become a corporate librarian. She later got an MBA and became a corporate hotshot. At least she didn't go into the public school system.)

Terry said...

Even public libraries have standards for what goes on the adult stacks and what goes on the juvenile stacks. Adult material simply shouldn't be in public schools.

But if this stuff is getting into public schools, I bet it's probably getting into the juvenile stacks now too. (Worth looking into.)

Daniel said...

I am checking on what books our schools here in Oregon are stocking. Will be a future post.