Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Going the extra mile for criminals

Teachers cross borders for Oregon’s migrant students
When Carmen Gamino walked into her migrant summer school classroom at Butte Creek last month she knew she had a lot of work to do to restore the cultures each child had left behind in Mexico.

This summer, seven teachers from Jalisco, Guanajuato, Oaxaca and Sonora, Mexico teamed up with Butte Creek’s migrant summer school as part of the Binational Migrant Education Program to restore identities and give migrant children a better education.

“We remind the children here about their cultures, their background and their history,” said Maria Guatalupe, an elementary teacher from Jalisco, Mexico. “I’m here because I want to exchange experiences and knowledge with the students.”

Whether in Mexico or the United States, children have the right to continue their education.

This is the slogan that drove more than two-dozen Mexican teachers, like Gamino and Guatalupe, across the border to teach in migrant summer schools throughout Oregon this month. Seven of them are teaching in the Silver Falls School District.

I have a slogan for you: If the immigration status doesn't fit... you must deport!

Ok, I'm not as smooth as a lawyer who thinks that the constitution requires him to make sure that guilty men go free but it still works. The purpose of this "program" is to help the illegal alien children retain their Mexican roots rather thank assimilate into our culture.

Some of these children are American citizens. Their parents (ok, usually a "dad" who is a sperm donor to multiple women and then takes off) came here illegally but the children were born here. But instead of teaching these kids to be Americans we are teaching them to be Mexicans. Why? Is their culture better than ours? I sure don't see thousands of Americans emigrating to Mexico...

Things like Mexican flags, the Mexican anthem, and Mexican state seal have no place in our government schools. These kids grow up thinking that they are "Mexican" when they aren't and they have a loyalty to a country other than the one that they are born in and that has given them so much opportunity.

I say that if American citizens want to identify as "Mexicans" then they can go live there for a while. Maybe then they will appreciate our shining city on a hill.


Allen said...


Embrace Diversity = Ignore Invasion

Daniel said...

No no, they just want to teach us their culture, make us speak their language, teach their kids, embrace their values, support their traditions, fly their flag in place of ours... hmmm, you may be right.

MAX Redline said...

No,no,no...You guys have it all wrong.

Yeesh! What does it take to knock it into your fat heads?

You're supposed to celebrate diversity! That means forgetting about all this "melting pot" nonsense. The cool thing now is to point out everybody's differences, and accommodate those differences.

What we need to do is to put all the road signs up in Spanish, Russian, and half a dozen other languages. Yup, that's the ticket!

We also need to put fold-out labels on every can in every grocery store, printed in a myriad of languages, so that nobody will feel offended or left out.

Oh, and that term, "political correctness"? You can't use that anymore, as it may be offensive to politicians.

Diesel said...

Should the teachers just ignore these kids then? Should they just refuse to do the jobs given them by their bosses?

Your headline, "Going the extra mile for criminals", seems to say that the teachers are at fault for trying to do the job they were given. Maybe I'm reading it wrong...

Sailor Republica said...

Teachers are at fault. Specifically these asshatted teachers.

Sorry if I'm jaded, but I think I have a damn good right to be after the quality of education I and my peers have had.

And these punks think they can keep their heritage. Wait until they die in the desert because they didn't want a cheeseburger. Ha.

Daniel said...

Should they just refuse to do the jobs given them by their bosses?

You know who I consider their bosses to be? Taxpayers. You know, the people who pay their salaries. These are public schools meaning the public is in charge.

The teachers in this story happen to be Mexican teachers (although I could argue that our tax dollars pay their salaries indirectly since many illegal aliens send their tax "refunds" down to Mexico) but these are our schools and we certainly don't have to let them in and our teachers went to Mexico to learn their culture to better teach the Hispanic kids in America to be Mexicans.

Diesel said...

You know who I consider their bosses to be? Taxpayers. You know, the people who pay their salaries. These are public schools meaning the public is in charge.

Ok, call me biased (I'm a teacher in Oregon), but here in the real world, I would be fired by my principal, or the superintendent, or the school board. That's who I report to, not "the public".

I understand your meaning, that the public should be in charge, but that is just as unrealistic as living in a direct democracy, yeah?

Daniel said...

but that is just as unrealistic as living in a direct democracy, yeah?

But you don't honestly believe that we elect our representatives to ecourage Americans to identify themselves as citizens of other countries do you?

Our reps should reflect the will of the people who overwhelmingly oppose illegal immigration and this multicultural nonsense.

Diesel said...

Daniel, I agree with you.

But the article you posted, and your subsequent headline, lay the blame on the teachers for merely doing the job they are given. That job is: teach everyone that walks through those doors and make them learn something, regardless of citizenship, socioeconomic status, intelligence, etc, etc etc. You get my drift.

Those teachers are doing the job they were given. They are given the "multicultural edicts" by the Reps that we elect (Castillo, The Gov, the School Boards).

Daniel said...

Those teachers are doing the job they were given.

This post is about the Mexican teachers but previously (and covered in a previous post) US teachers went to Mexico to learn how to teach Mexican kids and Hispanic kids the Mexican culture in American schools. This is not "walking in the door" this is going to another country. (I would assume you are not assigned this duty but volunteer) This is definitely a case of "going the extra mile" in my opinion.

I would have total respect for any teacher who, during requests for volunteers for this lunacy, stood up and said that they would never participate in a program like this. If all teachers did this then the program would die.

Diesel said...

But, realistically, a teacher can't say, "Well, I'm opposed to this program because "diversity" is a crock". Trust me, that's something that MANY teachers think, but can't say. Any teacher that put that idea out publicly would 1)Villified in every local rag, 2)Canned. Period.

As the above commenters have pointed out, "diversity is all the rage now."

Robin said...

restore identities and give migrant children a better education

this is an insult if you think about it. It would be like me claiming that I totally lose my identity if I go visit your house.

I have yet to understand why we have to constantly bend over backwards and change our culture to accommodate somebody else's culture and totally "lose" our culture in the process.

I agree, embrace your culture, but do not ask us to give up our's in place of yours.

Anonymous said...

Oh please.

Anonymous said...

Get a hobby. There are plenty of other things in our great nation to be gripping about than some Mexican kids going to school. How about guns in school?